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8 Exciting Things to Do at St Lawrence Parks: Must Try Once

The largest and most attractive tourist attraction in the region of Ontario is St Lawrence Parks, which offers a variety of outdoor recreational activities for tourists of all ages. St. Lawrence Parks provides a variety of activities for visitors, which includes camping trips, hiking trails, historic sites and breathtaking scenery. So, there are many exciting Things to Do at St Lawrence Parks you should explore.

St. Lawrence Parks are a group of parks, campsites and recreational facilities that run the length of the St. Lawrence River in eastern Ontario. A genuine jewel in this area is St. Lawrence Parks which has over 10,000 acres of land and 30 miles of shoreline, attracting millions of tourists every year.

St. Lawrence Parks is the ideal location whether you’re searching for a leisurely weekend vacation or an exciting excursion. In this article, we’ll look at some of the fun activities available in the St. Lawrence Parks which will include camping, hiking, historical tours and animal viewing.

 1. 8 Exciting Things to Do at St Lawrence Parks

 Here is a list of activities that you can enjoy at St Lawrence Parks:

1.1 Camping 

Camping is one of the most well-liked pastimes in St. Lawrence Parks. St. Lawrence Parks provides a wide range of possibilities for campers of all types, with more than 1,000 campsites spread throughout nine distinct campgrounds. Finding the ideal location for your upcoming camping vacation is simple because every campsite has its own personality and provides a variety of facilities.

On a beautiful island in the St. Lawrence River, MacDonnell Island is one of the most well-liked campsites in the St. Lawrence Parks. With amazing views of the river and surrounding islands,  the island provides a tranquil and serene camping experience. There are a lot of hiking paths and picnic spots to explore as well as campsites for tents, trailers and RVs.

Things to Do at St Lawrence Parks
Source: St Lawrence Parks Website

1.1.1 Camping in St. Lawrence Parks: An Unforgettable Experience in Nature

The opportunity to camp in St. Lawrence Parks offers tourists a unique opportunity to connect with nature and escape the strains of daily life. It is simple for guests to locate the ideal campground for their requirements because the parks provide a variety of campsites, from basic tent sites to fully furnished RV sites.

1.1.2 Types of Campsites Available at St. Lawrence Parks

In addition to tent sites and RV sites, St. Lawrence Parks also provides cabin rentals. While RV sites provide all the amenities of a home while travelling, tent sites are ideal for those who want a more natural setting. With facilities like power and running water, cabin rentals provide a more opulent camping experience.

1.1.3 Choosing the Right Campsite in St. Lawrence Parks

Visitors should think about their requirements and preferences before selecting a campground in St. Lawrence Parks. While RV sites provide additional facilities like power and water connections, tent sites are ideal for travellers who seek a more private camping experience.

Visitors who wish to enjoy both the outdoors and home comforts might consider renting a cabin since they offer a more pleasant experience.

Source: St Lawrence Parks Website

1.1.4 Making Plans for a Camping Trip in St. Lawrence Parks

Visitors who want to go camping in the St. Lawrence Parks should make themselves prepared by bringing all essential supplies and equipment such as a tent, sleeping bag, and cooking utensils.

The laws and regulations of the park, such as pet policy and fire safety, should also be known to them. In order to guarantee availability during the busiest season, a visitor should reserve their campsites in advance.

1.2 Gorgeous Landscapes

Some of the most beautiful scenery in the area may be found at St. Lawrence Parks, which also offers a range of panoramas and natural treasures to discover. The Thousand Islands Parkway, which offers amazing views of the Thousand Islands section of the St. Lawrence River, is among the greatest spots to see spectacular beauties. With its many vantage sites, picnic places and hiking paths, the parkway is great for a day vacation or a leisurely drive.

The Landon Bay Centre, which is situated on the St. Lawrence River’s southern bank, is another well-liked vacation spot for wildlife enthusiasts. Over 500 acres of forests, marshes and shoreline can be found at the facility, along with many hiking paths and a boardwalk for birdwatching. Renting a boat or kayak allows visitors to explore the local islands and bays.

Parks in st Lawrence
Source: St Lawrence Parks website

1.2.1 Discovering St. Lawrence Parks’ Beauty: Beautiful Scenery Overview

Beautiful natural scenery, including woods, lakes, and rivers, can be found throughout St. Lawrence Parks. On foot, on the bike, or by boat, visitors may explore the natural splendour of the parks and take in stunning vistas at every turn.

1.2.2 Thousand Islands National Park

A must-see place in St. Lawrence Parks is Thousand Islands, National Park. Over 20 islands, each with a distinctive geography and abundant natural beauty can be found in the park. Visitors may explore islands and take in breathtaking vistas of the St. Lawrence River by boat.

1.2.3 Upper Canada Migratory Bird Sanctuary

With more than 200 bird species reported in the area, the Upper Canada Migratory Bird Sanctuary is a birdwatcher sanctuary. Many paths and observation platforms are available in the park, making it simple for visitors to view many bird species in their natural environment.

beaches and parks
Source: St Lawrence Parks website

1.2.4 The Power of Water: Witnessing the Beauty of the St. Lawrence River

One of the park’s most breathtaking features is the St. Lawrence River; visitors may experience its strength and beauty in various ways. Visitors may enjoy a lovely walk along the river’s banks or take a boat tour of the river to get a closer look at the Thousand Islands.

1.3 Historical Tours

Various historic landmarks and buildings in St. Lawrence Parks provide a window into the area’s colourful history. The Fort Henry National Historic Site, located in Kingston, is a well-known historical location. The fort, which was constructed in the 1830s to stave against a potential American invasion, now provides guided tours, in-person exhibits, and recreations of 19th-century military life.

Near Morrisburg,  Upper Canada Village is another well-known historical monument. The village is a living history museum that depicts a Canadian community in the 19th century. In addition to interacting with costumed interpreters and seeing the model buildings, visitors may learn about conventional trades and crafts.

Source: St Lawrence Parks Website

1.3.1 Exploring the History of St. Lawrence Parks: Historical Tours Overview

Several historic sites, like the Lost Villages, which provide tourists with an insight into the area’s history, may be found in St. Lawrence Parks. Historical tours are a well-liked approach to discovering the past and legacy of the parks as well as the customs and culture of the surrounding areas.

1.3.2 Fort Henry National Historic Site: A Journey Through Time

History aficionados should not miss a trip to Fort Henry National Historic Site. The fort was constructed in the 1800s and was helpful in protecting Canada during the War of 1812. The fort may be toured by those interested in learning about its significance and history.

1.3.3 Upper Canada Village

Near Morrisburg,  Upper Canada Village is another well-known historical monument known as a living history museum. More than 40 historic structures may be found in the town which includes a running gristmill, a blacksmith shop and a general store. Additionally, visitors may get their hands dirty by creating candles or baking bread.

1.3.4 The Lost Villages: A Historical Reminder

The Lost Villages are a group of towns that were submerged in water in the 1950s when the St. Lawrence Seaway was being built. Visitors may visit abandoned settlements and discover more about the previous inhabitants.

St Lawrence Parks
Source: St Lawrence Parks Website

1.4 Wildlife Watching

Wildlife of many kinds, including turtles, beavers, birds, and deer, may be found at St. Lawrence Parks. The Upper Canada Migratory Bird Sanctuary, which is close to Morrisburg, is one of the greatest areas if you want to see wildlife. More than 200 different bird species may be found in the sanctuary, with several hiking routes and bird-watching observation towers.

The St. Lawrence River itself is another well-liked location for wildlife viewing, where guests may see a variety of fish, turtles and other aquatic species. The river and neighbouring lakes are home to a number of different species of fish, making fishing another well-liked pastime in St. Lawrence Parks.

1.4.1 Getting Close to Wildlife: A Guide to Wildlife Watching

Deer, beavers and turtles are just a few of the many species of animals which may be found in St. Lawrence Parks. Visitors may get up and familiarize themselves with the local animals while learning about their habitats and behaviours.

1.4.2 The Long Sault Parkway

A variety of bird, animal and reptile species may be seen living along Long Sault Parkway which is known as haven for wildlife. The parkway’s picturesque journey allows visitors to see wildlife while taking in the scenery.

1.4.3 Macdonell Island

Multiple bird species nest on Macdonell Island, making it a very popular spot for birdwatchers. The spectacle of tens of thousands of nesting birds may be seen when taking a boat tour of the island.

1.5 Cycling

A vast network of bike routes in St. Lawrence Parks is suitable for cyclists of all skill levels. The routes wind through marshes, woodlands, and shorelines; some have breathtaking vistas of the St. Lawrence River. With more than 20 kilometres of paved track and various viewing locations, the Long Sault Parkway trail is one of the most well-liked biking routes.

1.5.1 Exploring the St. Lawrence Parks on Two Wheels: Cycling Trails Overview

With more than 200 km of bike routes, St. Lawrence Parks is a great place for cyclists. Visitors may go along magnificent canals through historic landmarks and through stunning natural settings on trails. All skill levels can choose from among simple to difficult tracks.

Source: St Lawrence Parks Website

1.5.2Popular cycling route: Long Sault Parkway Trail

Visitors may travel through the park’s stunning landscapes on bicycles via Long Sault Parkway Trail, the well-known path. The Lost Villages, a collection of towns submerged during the St. Lawrence Seaway building, may be seen along the 11 km long paths, which also pass through other historical monuments.

1.5.3 Tips for Cycling in St. Lawrence Parks

Visitors who intend to bicycle in the St. Lawrence Parks should bring the necessary equipment, such as helmets, water bottles, and food. They should also be informed of the bicycle policies in the park. For those who don’t have their own cycle, for them renting bikes is available at many spots throughout the park.

1.6 Swimming

Excellent swimming choices are provided by the St. Lawrence River and the several lakes in the park, both of which have approved bathing areas and beaches. Brown’s Bay Beach on the Long Sault Parkway is a well-liked swimming destination with its crystal-clear waters and sandy beaches. A playground, picnic spots, and restrooms are also available along the beach.

1.6.1 Beaches and Swimming Areas: Where to Take a Dip

Brown’s Bay Beach, Woodlands Beach, and Mille Roches Beach are just a few of the swimming spots and beaches that can be found in St. Lawrence Parks. These locations are ideal for resting with loved ones, swimming and tanning.

1.6.2 Lifeguards and Safety: Staying Safe in the Water

Lifeguards are present at specified swimming sites because St. Lawrence Parks takes safety seriously. To guarantee a secure and pleasurable swimming experience, visitors should always swim within the specified zones and observe safety recommendations.

1.7 Exploring the Parks

Over 20 beautiful parks and recreational areas make up St. Lawrence Parks, each with special attributes and attractions. The Long Sault Parkway, a picturesque 11-kilometre drive that connects various islands in the St. Lawrence River, is one of the most well-known parks.

The parkway is a great location for boating, fishing, and picnics and provides spectacular views of the river.

Long Sault Parkway
Source: St. Lawrence Park Website

Another well-liked destination in St. Lawrence Parks which is situated along the St. Lawrence River is the Lost Villages Museum. Ten communities that were submerged in the 1950s while building the St. Lawrence Seaway are recreated in the exhibit.

The model structures can be explored by visitors who are interested in learning more about the history of the Seaway’s construction and the vanished settlements.

1.8 Zip Lining:

Visitors may enjoy an amazing zip-lining adventure at Sky Wood Eco Adventure Park. Numerous zip lines can be found at the park, including Canada’s longest and fastest zip line, which extends over 1,500 feet and has a top speed of 60 mph.

The park also features a number of aerial courses that test visitors’ ability to cross tightropes, cargo nets, and hanging bridges. Visitors of all ages and skill levels may participate in the courses because of their variety in difficulty.

1.8.1 Sky Wood Eco Adventure Park: A Destination for Adventure Enthusiasts

Sky Wood Eco Adventure Park is a well-liked venue for those looking to enjoy zip-lining. The park has many zip-lining choices, including the Mega Zip, Ontario’s longest and fastest zip line. The park is located on 100 acres of woodland and provides a variety of other activities, including tree-top treks, aerial courses, and more.

1.8.2 Zip Lining

Riders on a cable hanging between two points, usually trees or towers, engage in the outdoor adventure sport called zip-lining. Users glide down the line utilizing gravity while wearing a harness that fastens them to the rope. Zip-lining is a thrilling and exhilarating way to enjoy nature and get a fresh perspective on the park.

1.8.3 A Thrilling Experience: Zip Lining at Sky Wood Eco Adventure Park

At Sky Wood Eco Adventure Park, ziplining is an exhilarating activity. Participants get breath-taking vistas of the park as they soar past the forest canopy and through the trees. There is something for everyone at the park thanks to its selection of courses, which range in complexity from beginner to intermediate.

1.8.4 Safety Guidelines and Requirements for Zip Lining at Sky Wood Eco Adventure Park

At Sky Wood Eco Adventure Park, security is of the utmost importance. Before beginning the training, participants must undergo a safety briefing and be given the essential safety gear, such as helmets and harnesses. The park has tight weight and height restrictions for zip-lining to protect everyone who participates.

Farran Park Campground
Source: St Lawrence Parks Website

2. Conclusion

To sum up, St. Lawrence Parks is unquestionably one of this area’s most popular tourist spots. Anyone who wants to enjoy the splendour of nature and learn about the area’s rich history should visit due to its stunning scenery, historical landmarks, and recreational opportunities. The diversity of camping areas and picnic areas offers excellent possibilities to relax and spend quality time with family and friends.

Hiking, motorcycling, canoeing, kayaking or just having a leisurely stroll are other ways that visitors may experience the stunning scenery. While the Landon Bay Centre and the Upper Canada Migratory Bird Sanctuary give opportunities to see a wide variety of species in their native settings, the parkway and lookouts offer some of the most amazing vistas of the St. Lawrence River.

Visitors may travel back in time and experience 19th-century life by taking historical excursions such as those offered at Upper Canada Village and  Fort Henry National Historic Site. A rare chance to study local history and the effects of the St. Lawrence Seaway’s development may be found at the Lost Villages Museum.

In conclusion, St. Lawrence Parks is a location that has plenty to offer everyone, from history buffs and outdoor enthusiasts to families and environment lovers. It is a great location to disconnect from the stresses of daily life and reconnect with history and nature. St. Lawrence Parks should thus be at the top of your list if you’re seeking for an action-packed and memorable holiday.

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