8 Most Popular Brazilian Restaurants in Toronto

Rodeo Brazilian Restaurants in Toronto

There are many excellent Brazilian restaurants in Toronto to pick from if you want to transport your taste senses to Brazil.

If you’re feeling experimental, these Brazilian restaurants in Toronto are worth checking out. Brazilian food is all about strong flavours, fresh ingredients, and plenty of spice.

Canada Hustle has selected eateries with a large selection of Brazilian cuisine, excellent pricing, high customer ratings, &, of course, delectable Brazilian flavour.

Source: Rio40 Restaurants

1. Brasileirissimo Steak House

Brasileirissimo steak house provides a diverse Brazilian beef menu for its customers. Steaks, chicken dishes, sandwiches, & grilled seafood are among these.

This restaurant offers black beans, sushi, drinks, and meat for those who love meat and are meat lovers.

The typical cost of a standard plate is from $24 to $30. One of the best dishes, the coxinha is a well-known delicacy made of shredded or chopped chicken flesh that is covered in dough, shaped into a teardrop, battered, and fried.

Overall, this is a fantastic, cozy place to hang out with friends & family and taste Brazilian steaks for lunch, supper, and snacks!

2. Copacabana Brazilian Steakhouse

Copacabana - The Best Brazilian Restaurants in Toronto
Image from Copacabana

Copacabana offers the extremely friendly 320-seat Brazilian rodizio for dining with loved ones and friends.

Every item on the rotisserie is tenderly cooked, juicy, and delicious!

The first-floor galleria, which serves a range of house-baked bread, spaghetti, salads, and side dishes, is available for vegetarian diners.

One of the best Brazilian Restaurants in Toronto, the busiest place with lively dancers wearing vibrant costumes, this location offers the perfect setting for a special occasion.

A card is placed at the table, and you must turn the “SIM” side up to tell the carvers to keep serving meat. Turn the card to “NAO” if you need them to stop the never-ending procession of meats.

3. Rio 40 Degrees – The Authentic Brazilian Cuisine

Rio40 Restaurant
Image from Rio40 Restaurant

Rio 40 Degrees is a restaurant that is a must-see for everyone who likes grilled meals. They have been in service for 13 years and are named after a large Brazilian city that experiences frequent temperature increases.

Their menu features classic Brazilian fare, including grilled meats & caipirinhas.

A terrific dish to share with friends or family, they only cost $6.50 for an order of three. The pan-fried sausages & onions with bread ($10) is a very typical Brazilian tapas-style introductory dish.

This restaurant offers some of the best Brazilian dishes and beverages, along with a gorgeous terrace and equally lovely decor.

In the list of Brazilian restaurants in Toronto, Rio 40 provides four distinct kinds of croquettes, with chicken being the most popular.

4. Brazil Bakery and Pastry

For a delectable egg custard tart, Toronto locals frequently visit Brazil Bakery.

They have a solid reputation for being skilled bakers, and they always appear to have fresh pastries on hand. Although egg custard tarts are their specialty, they also provide a variety of other sweet & savoury delicacies.

Birthday parties & other occasions are particularly popular for their catering offerings. Brazil Bakery is an excellent choice for foodies on a tight budget because of its affordable prices, which range from $2 to $7+.

5. Samba Brazilian Steakhouse

Brazilian street food is the focus at the quaint small Samba Brazilian Steakhouse, which is close to Yonge and Bloor.

The eatery, which takes its name from the well-known Brazilian dance, has vibrant murals depicting samba dancers.

They provide a selection of burgers, sandwiches, and pastels (deep-fried pies). We suggest the Carne pastel, which includes fried onions and creamy cassava chips.

The A Pizza ($6.45), which has tonnes of tomato sauce, and very stretchy mozzarella, is another fan favourite. The best part is that they include a spicy, creamy sauce that pairs nicely with practically all of their dishes!

6. Rodeo Brazilian

Our Dining Room
Source: Rodeo Brazilian steakhouse

Another restaurant that offers unlimited Brazilian BBQ is Rodeo Brazilian, which also serves amazing steak. Additionally, it is conveniently situated on the Danforth, across from Broadview station.

Start your lunch with the buffet, which has a large selection of salads, fish, cheeses, and meats to tantalize your palate.

A piece of advice: Rodeo’s buffet offers a diverse selection of hot sauces available if you want your food with a little extra heat.

After you’ve indulged in your side dishes, there will be an unlimited supply of meat and fish BBQ.

Highlights from the carving selections include their top sirloin, chicken, & garlic beef. Rodeo also offers bbq chicken hearts if you’re looking for something a little more adventurous.

7. Mata Bar – Unique Brazilian Restaurants in Toronto

The Brazilian cuisine & ingredients at Mata Bar are reimagined as sharing dishes, or petiscos in Brazil, incorporating Toronto’s multi-cultural cuisine.

Their Caipirinhas, which can be ordered with traditional lime, passion fruit, mango, or guava, are to be noticed.

One of the best Brazilian restaurants in Toronto, the lunch and dinner selections are enjoyable, diverse, and ideal for sharing among friends & family.

Both dishes may be ordered family-style and may be accompanied by a serving of cassava fries.

Guava Cheesecake & Açai Sorbet are two delectable dessert options that are just as entertaining. Mata Bar regrettably closes over the summer.

8. Uai Pizzeria

Uai Pizza
Image from Uai Pizza

Brazilian-inspired pizza, burgers, skewers, and traditional lunch fare are offered by Uai Pizzeria.

There are about ten different types of classic Brazilian grilled espetinhos ($4–$7), including salty, stretchy queijo, bacon-wrapped pork, succulent chicken hearts, and meaty picanha.

The most epic and expensive pizza, starting at $40, is called Divinopolis and is a prime example of how Brazilian pizzas are crammed with several toppings, particularly cheese.

Brazil is also known for its sweet pizzas, such as the Serra da Canastra ($23).

This is topped with fresh strawberry slices, which counteract the chocolate’s intense richness, and ice cream scoops, which elevate this bizarre dessert pie to a new level.

Final Note: Brazilian Restaurants in Toronto

Brazilian cuisine offers something for every palate, from the delectable staple, Po de Queijo, to grilled pineapple with cinnamon and mouthwatering steak.

African and European cuisines are mixed in the cuisine, which is evident in the variety of dishes.

You may sample these rich meals for yourself at some amazing Brazilian restaurants in Toronto. There is bound to be something on the menu that will tempt your taste buds, from rodizios to churrascarias.

So why are you still waiting? Explore the Brazilian dining scene in Toronto right away!

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