A Guide to Uluwatu Beach: 12 Beautiful Beaches

Uluwatu’s beaches rank among Bali’s best. They are accessible, tidy, not overly crowded, and, most importantly, stunning.

The seashore of Uluwatu Beach should be visited for a variety of reasons. The thrill of riding some of the most iconic waves in the world will undoubtedly excite surfers the most about visiting. But everyone will be capable of enjoying Uluwatu beach, whether they’re on a luxury retreat, family holiday, or camping trip.

1. Uluwatu Beach

So how do we begin? Which Uluwatu beach and sandy stretch should we visit first?

If you want to enjoy some sun and have the chance to actually relax, these are the greatest spots to visit. Together with some insider information, you will be given a variety of activities, such as eating, paddling, and surfing.

On Bali’s Bukit Peninsula, in the southwest, is the picturesque and steep region known as Uluwatu Beach. Although Uluwatu Beach in Bali is called after a well-known temple located on the cliffs, there are many other things to see and do there as well.

Blue waves, white sandy beaches, striking sea cliffs, excellent surfing, and upscale beach clubs are some of the attractions in this region.

Everyone will find something here, and you can drive from Kuta, Canggu, & other good tourist destinations in Bali, Indonesia, to the Uluwatu beach area in approximately an hour.

For a complete list of things to do in Uluwatu Beach Bali, see this travel guide.

1.1. Beach Nyang

This is, without a doubt, Nyang Nyang Beach, which is hidden away on the southern coasts of the Bukit Peninsula, is almost ideal; it is lovely, long, and, most impressively, empty.

Nyang is around a 10 to 15-minute drive away. Turn left rather than right as you approach the temple from the main thoroughfare. You’re almost there when you see the “Nyang Nyang” signage.

Avoid stopping at the Nyang Nyang parking lot. The opposite end of Warung has an unpaved road that you can use to travel a little further down and get closer to the beach.

Uluwatu Beach
Photo by Galih Putro on Unsplash. Copyright 2022

To reach the actual beach, you must do a short climb. With a sturdy pair of sandals or more durable travel shoes, you may do this task in 10 to 15 minutes, depending on where you parked.

You will be astounded by how beautiful Nyang is when you arrive. The beach is incredibly fine, and the sea is a stunning shade of cerulean. There is some excellent swell in this area as well, so you will see a lot of surfers.

1.2. Suluban Beach

At the base of the notorious Blue Point Resort sits Suluban Beach, also known as Uluwatu Beach. This beach is also frequently referred to as Blue Point Beach, but for the time being, we’ll just call it Suluban.

There are various reasons why Suluban Beach in Uluwatu is a very cool spot to visit.

For starters, the surf is incredible as well as the waves can be up to four or five metres high. Second, the stroll down to the beach is quite unique. You’ll ultimately reach sea level as you descend the cliffside and pass by the several precariously situated bars. Innocent individuals would have no idea that the beach is actually concealed on the opposite side of this cave.

Last but not least, watching the sunset while enjoying a sundowner in one of the numerous cliffside pubs is practically a tradition in Uluwatu. Whenever you visit Uluwatu Beach, normally do this first and bring guests here thereafter. But make sure to grab one drink at affordable bars located around the beach

1.3. Thomas Beach

This beach has been referred described as the “genuine Padang Padang Beach” by some locals. Thomas Beach appears to be nice enough to merit a separate visit, though we have no idea if this is the case or not.

The view of Thomas Beach from the parking lot is rather spectacular and you’ll have a clear view of the beach &, as a bonus, enough space to shoot a photo. You won’t have to compete for space at this beach because it is much less crowded.

Uluwatu Beach
Photo by David Gor on Unsplash. Copyright 2022

White sand, a few nearby warungs, and a sparse number of lounge chairs make up the beach’s excellent features. You shouldn’t have any trouble locating the ideal location, given the beach’s length (about 200 metres).

These factors contribute to Thomas Beach’s overall “lazy feel.” You can see that most visitors to this place were just interested in sipping Bintangs and getting massages from the natives. Although there aren’t many surfers here, there is still some respectable swell.

Go directly down the beach if you intend to eat at Thomas Beach because the warungs to the left of the stairs are terrible, and you overpay for everything.

1.4. Labuan Sait Beach and Padang Padang Beach

Padang, one of Uluwatu’s busiest and most visited beaches is Padang. In addition to paying the price to enter, you’ll have to deal with bigger crowds on a beach that is already limited. Although some people might find these things annoying, we believe the beach is still worthwhile going to.

Although little, the beach itself is rather wonderful. Families are frequently sighted here, but many people also come for picnics or to enjoy a sundowner with friends.

We would advise going earlier in the day if you want to experience Padang Padang with some sort of isolation. You’ll have to split the sand with everybody else if you don’t. If you choose the latter, enjoy the atmosphere by grabbing a Bintang & some satay.

1.5. Beach Bingin

Long regarded as Uluwatu’s more sedate beach, Bingin, this beach is considerably less crowded than Suluban or Balangan for whatever reason, making it unusually laid-back for Uluwatu beach.

Because it takes a little longer to get here than in other places, Pantai Bingin might not be as popular. You’ll have to leave the bike in or near the village and afterwards walk from there because the parking isn’t directly on the beach itself.

Bingin Beach has undergone a respectable degree of development. There are a number of mid-range homes in this area, as well as a few respectable eateries. The beach itself is merely okay in my opinion, and if it weren’t so calm, going there certainly wouldn’t be worth the effort.

But, there is a great location not far from Bingin that is completely concealed. Its name is Pantai Cemongkak, and it is an excellent beach.

Without any tourists, Cemongkak looks like something out of Greece with its white cliffs and pebbled terrain. In pursuit of the most remote location to get a nude tan, you could spy one or two lone backpackers scuttling as crabs among the rocks.

However, they rapidly vanish. Bingin is worthwhile to visit just for this beach alone because it is one of Uluwatu’s top (secret) beaches. However, keep in mind that the waves and currents of the ocean can be very strong here, especially during high tide.

1.6. Beach of Dreams

Dreamland Beach’s quick expansion as a resort area has led to a reputation for being a little sterile. Even while it sometimes feels a little monotonous these days, we still think it’s attractive enough to be worth a quick trip. The trek isn’t too strenuous, and you’ll get to see Pantai Cemongkak, one of my favourite beaches in Bali (15-20 minutes).

When you arrive in Dreamland, an expanse of red Airasia Group umbrellas is contrasted with stunning blue water. The numerous brazen sunbathers and cocktail drinkers here add to the Copacabana-like sensations that pervade the area. The typical beach hawkers & masseuses may be seen pinballing around amongst all of them.

Uluwatu Beach
Photo by ALi on Unsplash. Copyright 2021

We understand that Dreamland isn’t for everyone, but I’d hate to write it off. Even while it’s still very crowded, it’s still not nearly as awful as some of Bali’s overcrowded beaches (like Kuta). Try Dreamland, and if you don’t like it, move on to the next Uluwatu beach.

1.7. Beach in Balangan

Everything you might desire from a beach in Uluwatu can be found on this tiny, stunning length of coastline, including ideal sand, a laid-back atmosphere, good warungs, and, most importantly, incredible surf. It’s undoubtedly among the best in Uluwatu Beach and ought to be on your hit list.

Balangan Beach is not a particularly big beach, but thankfully it is also not overly busy. There are a few beach bars where you can have a beer, and there are lots of umbrellas to recline under. The majority of warungs offer free entry.

While Balangan Beach is a wonderful area to unwind & enjoy for the day, there are a few walks close by that are equally wonderful. After sunset, you must visit the now-famous cliff viewpoint, which is situated on the beach’s northernmost point. It’s also kind of entertaining to stroll around the neighbouring new Kuta Golf course.

Balangan is a favourite among surfers due to its extremely long and swift waves. It can be a genuine joy to see the experts go for huge waves, which can occasionally reach lengths of 300 metres.

1.8. Beach Tegal Wangi

On the very northern tip of Uluwatu Beach sits this small, local beach. It takes a little while to get there—almost it’s like Jimbaran—but it’s a fun change of pace from Uluwatu’s typical beaches. The majority of people here are fishermen, and you may also see Balinese children playing and a photogenic sea cave.

There is no straight route to Pantai Tegal Wangi, therefore the drive there can be somewhat perplexing. When you see the large shrine standing in front of you as well as a gated area to your left, you will know you have arrived at Tegal Wangi. An alleyway next to the temple leads to the beach, and there are frequent food and beverage vendors there.

Uluwatu Beach
Photo by David Gor on Unsplash. Copyright 2022

There are many lovely places to sit down and take in the sunset as you make your way to the beach. These seats will immediately fill up with locals anxious to see the light spectacle at the conclusion of the day, much like a movie theatre.

The actual beach is below. On the rocks, you’ll observe people playing with their kids and fishermen going about their business. There is also a fantastic sea cave nearby that is excellent for photography, if you can find it. The difficulty is getting a clear line of sight without having other people play or relax with you inside the grotto.

1.9. Beach Green Bowl

When it comes to the top beaches in Uluwatu, Green Bowl Beach is the picture of tranquilly. The very few individuals who do arrive at this beach are typically greeted by deserted sand with only the sound of the waves.

This is presumably because Green Bowl is situated in a more isolated area of the Bukit Peninsula, halfway between Uluwatu & Nusa Dua, which is not surprising. Although the route isn’t exactly well-marked, it’s a good idea to have solid directions or a navigation app on hand.

You’ll find the parking area at the destination split between a temple and a tiny market. On your right, there is a paved pathway that leads to the beach.

The actual Green Bowl Beach is a tranquil small cove with plenty of shelters and a sizable sandbar. You’ll see some interesting rock formations here that are quickly covered in green moss & vegetation, which is likely how the beach got its moniker, Green Bowl.

There isn’t much to do in Green Bowl because there are no pubs or eateries.  Farther out, there is also some nice surfing. Yet aside from these things, Green Bowl is just useful for relaxing.

1.10. Pura Uluwatu Beach Temple

On the very south of Uluwatu Beach Bali, there is a famous coastal pagoda called the Pura Uluwatu Temple that is perched on a cliff.

Due to its magnificent cliffs, sunset vistas, traditional Balinese “Kecak” fire dance, as well as the notoriously cunning Uluwatu beach monkeys who prefer to hang out nearby.

We would consider Uluwatu beach temple to be a must-do because it is conveniently located near Kuta and other well-known tourist destinations in Bali. Everything about the experience stands out.

This travel guide will outline the location of Uluwatu Temple, how to get there, the current cost of admission, the best time to go, when to avoid the monkeys, and all other pertinent information.

1.10.1. What to Anticipate at Uluwatu Temple

You don’t really need a guide to see Uluwatu beach temple. However, it doesn’t hurt to have one.

You can only view the pagoda from the outside while strolling along the cliffs; you cannot actually enter the temple or get too close to it. Although for some people that could be negative, we believe the views from the cliffs are still the best.

Seeing the waves break on the 75-meter (250-foot) high limestone cliffs of Pura Uluwatu as the sun sets so over the Indian Ocean is a part of the fascinating Bali magic. The location that the ancients chose for this pagoda is ideal.

By arriving earlier in the day, you can avoid a few of the crowds, But you then have to contend with the heat. Personally, we believe that in order to see the sunset, it is best to brave the throng.

Overall, it’s a must-see landmark in Bali and one of its iconic vistas.

1.10.2. Sunset at Uluwatu Beach Temple

Many tourists (and monkeys) swarm to Uluwatu Bali every evening to watch the sunset because it is one of the best places on the island to do so.

Even the monkeys look to be enjoying the pleasant ocean breeze as the sun slowly sinks below the horizon during the Uluwatu Temple sunset as the white limestone cliffs slowly become gold. It’s a lovely performance.

Even though they are both quite wonderful, yet, Uluwatu can get quite busy, and they often wish that more tourists would visit other of Bali’s lesser-known temples.

1.10.3. Monkeys of Uluwatu Temples

The Uluwatu temple grounds are home to a large number of wild monkeys, which are infamous for being cunning burglars. More than 400 monkeys dwell and call an 11-hectare forest that surrounds the temple home.

These famous Uluwatu monkeys & their distinctive custom of stealing souvenirs from visitors and then exchanging them for bananas have been the subject of study studies. You have to believe that these monkeys are more civilized than the ones at the Ubud Monkey Forest.

The Uluwatu beach temple monkeys particularly enjoy snatching cellphones and sunglasses, something they can do with ease because the safety fence near the cliff is at shoulder height because of all the tourists passing by holding their phones out.

Uluwatu Beach
Photo by Daniel Roodt on Unsplash. Copyright 2022

Be very cautious and keep an eye on your phone if you intend to take pictures at Uluwatu Temple. The monkeys have the ability to silently approach and quickly take your phone.

If you wear a cap, be sure it fits snugly; otherwise, they may try to take it as well. As cameras are too heavy for their tiny monkey arms, they should be safe.

When you lose possession of the Uluwatu beach monkeys, the temple employees may be able to assist you. They’ll attempt to trade them for bananas.

1.11. Hill of Batu Jaran

In south Bali, Batu Jaran Hill is a sizable cliff that offers unobstructed views of the surf smashing on the rocks below while being close to the well-known Uluwatu Temple.

The Uluwatu pagoda is visible in the distance, & also saw some sea turtles swimming in the water. The majority of visitors to Bali don’t appear to be aware of this exceptionally picturesque sunset location yet.

1.11.1. What to Expect from Batu Jaran Hill

This is a fantastic spot for a picnic where you can play your guitar and watch the sun go down. Less than five minutes of walking will get you to one of the two breathtaking cliffs overlooks on Batu Jaran Hill.

Be extremely cautious close to the edge of the cliffs because there are no safety fences, and the granite is eroding. The drop is 75 metres (250 feet) to the bottom.

Only two fishermen, along with a few monkeys, were around during the short hours we spent here. Although having some of the greatest views in south Bali, this location is still very much a hidden gem.

There isn’t a garbage can here, so please keep it tidy!

1.12. Melasti Beach

At Ungasan, south Bali (next to Uluwatu), Melasti Beach is a sizable stretch of white sand with a road built into the towering limestone cliffs, which provides a magnificent backdrop.

With numerous new beach clubs and all the amenities you require, this is a stunning beach to unwind on and is quickly rising to the top of the list of popular beaches in south Bali.

This travel guide will outline how to get there and provide all the information you require beforehand.

1.12.1. What to Expect at Bali’s Melasti Beach

Long stretches of white sand, a clear blue sea, and a wealth of amenities can be found at Melasti Beach.

In general, you dislike seeing previously undeveloped beaches become so developed, but I believe Melasti is finished. Though there is some trash present, overall, it feels remarkably clean. This is the southernmost part of Bali island, and there are a variety of distinct expensive clubs surrounding the beachfront: Minoo and Palmilla.

Melasti is quickly rising to the top of the list of south Bali’s most visited beaches, especially with residents and visitors from Asia. Visitors travel here to take pre-wedding pictures, see the Kecak dance, a traditional Balinese dance, and take advantage of the beach clubs.

About 1.5 kilometres (1 mile) of sand make up the entire length of this beach or about 2 kilometres if Karma Beach, which is adjacent to it on the west end, is included. There is also a little, beautiful Balinese-style gate at the entrance to Melasti Beach, where you may take pictures.

2. Clubs in Uluwatu Beach

Uluwatu naturally has a lot of clubs because the beaches & cliffs in the area are ideal for them. The beach is a little out of the way, but that prevents it from ever getting too busy. The brilliant green algae that cover the bowl gives it the name “Green Bowl.”

The location is wonderful for seeing the sunset, and it’s reputed to be one of the top surfing sites.  Definitely keep an eye out for the monkeys on the route and in the parking lot! If you approach them too closely, they can try to take your belongings.

3. Activities in Uluwatu Beach After Dark

Uluwatu Beach offers a number of enjoyable activities at night.

If you’re searching for a diverse culture, you may witness the Balinese “Kecak” (fire dance) at Uluwatu Temple after the setting sun, or you can go to one of the numerous beach clubs and cliff bars nearby.

There are numerous excellent locations to view Bali’s famed Uluwatu beach sunset. Visit Sunset Point Uluwatu for a more affordable choice or the Ayana Rock Bar for just a romantic dinner by the sea.

4. The Safety of Uluwatu Beach

Uluwatu Beach is indeed quite secure. As violent crime is uncommon in Indonesia, it is widely regarded as one of Bali’s safest neighborhoods.

But remember to put your phone away when you’re beside a major road with passing motorbikes to avoid drive-by cellphone snatchings, which do occasionally occur in some areas of Bali.

5. Accommodations in Uluwatu Beach

Although Uluwatu Beach is Bali’s centre of surfing, visitors are not required to be surfers in order to stay here. In Uluwatu, there are numerous accommodations suitable for all kinds of tourists, regardless of whether you’re a family travelling on vacation or a wild traveller looking for a cheap and great budget hostel near Uluwatu to crash out.

The majority of Uluwatu’s lodging is promoted to surfers and frequently uses phrases like “surfer’s lodge” or “surfer’s paradise.” You might anticipate receiving amenities like surfboard rentals & special lessons from a lodge friend if you reserve a spot like this.

Image by Daniel Morris from Pixabay Copyright 2018

You will be given a lodging recommendation for each place as you read this page and about Uluwatu’s beaches. To make things simpler, we’ve also listed a few of our top recommendations for Uluwatu beach accommodations right below!

5.1. SR Hostel Uluwatu is the Best Hostel in the City

Although SR Hostel Uluwatu is situated a fair distance from the beaches, for a great trip to Uluwatu beach, SR offers more than enough. Shuttles, pub crawls, scooter rentals, as well as a complimentary meal are all included. Such a deal is difficult to beat.

5.2. Best Hotel of Uluwatu Beach: Padang-Padang Inn

The Padang Padang Hotel offers a terrific position and for a cheap price because it is situated quite close to its namesake beach. The room itself is sleek, contemporary, and spotless. After a long day of swimming, surfing, and traversing the stairs to and from the beach, the on-site pool is a welcome break.

5.3. Alfiia’s House: Finest Guesthouse of Uluwatu Beach

Your stay in Uluwatu beach will be completely unforgettable, thanks to Alfiia and her husband, who are both wonderful hosts. They offer a sizable property with cosy lodging and loads of wonderful features like a pool, BBQ pit, and exercise room. My particular favourite part of the public outdoor cooking and coffee area was it.

6. How to Navigate Uluwatu Beach Bali

Since the Uluwatu beach region is large and dispersed, transportation is required if you want to see all the beaches & other attractions. Renting a scooter or getting a private car with a driver is the best method to navigate around Uluwatu beach. Arrangements for airport transfers from the Bali airport to Uluwatu can also be made through your hotel or online.

Uluwatu Beach
Photo by David Gor on Unsplash. Copyright 2022

For quick taxi journeys near Uluwatu Beach, Bali, ride-hailing applications like Grab & Go can be used; however, because the area is so large, there aren’t many drivers accessible. We hope that will alter in the future.

7. Final Note

Uluwatu’s beaches are quite spectacular! Uluwatu Beach is the kind of spot where it’s difficult not to channel your inner beach bum, with its laid-back attitude, spectacular cliffs, tropical ocean, as well as the softest white sand under the sun!

There are many Uluwatu beaches like Dreamland Beach, Tegal Wangi Beach, Pandawa Beach, Nunggalan Beach and many more famous beaches.

Uluwatu’s beaches provide a variety of activities, including baking in the sun, taking on world-class surf breaks, and playing in the sea.

Uluwatu’s beaches provide a variety of activities, including baking in the sun, taking on world-class surf breaks, and playing in the sea. It goes without saying that Canggu, Seminyak, & Kuta all have some fairly fantastic beaches, but if you truly want to stand out, you need to visit Uluwatu Beach!

Beautiful beaches are almost everywhere in Uluwatu! Uluwatu Beach is a beachgoer’s heaven, whether you wish to visit some of its most well-known beaches or unwind at its hidden beauties.

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