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6 Amazing Facts about Edmonton Dino Park

The amazing Edmonton Dino Park is a haven for the memory of the past, an ode to that long-passed age of the dinosaurs, a true place to be if you can’t have your fill of the fine beasts who roamed the Earth long before we humans did. Let’s be honest, most of us have at some point had a thing for big man-eating creatures ever since we saw Jurassic Park as a young child, the movie which we all can never forget. Since the release of the new movies, our interest in dinosaurs has returned. Fortunately, there is a prehistoric Jurassic forestland close to Edmonton that is packed with animatronic dinosaurs and don’t worry they most likely won’t make a snack out of you either. You can have a walk at the interactive learning center with informative exhibits when you get to Edmonton Dino Park’s Jurassic Forest. Further, you may also engage in exploring and climbing around on rocks; and riding on the back of a Triceratops. Kids can even dig for fossils!

As a visitor to the park, one also has to keep in mind the regulations in place as well as conform to the park rules. Most important of such rules is that it is not permitted to feed the dinosaurs, given they aren’t real but only life-like. But this is also more so out of a warning. If humans were to have co-existed with dinosaurs it would be standard procedure to follow that if you ever see a giant dinosaur, it’s lesson number one, run for your life! Additionally, one might also find that there are café tables and picnic seats all around the play area in the amazing Edmonton Dino Park. This place is a total treat for anyone planning to enjoy a day out with friends and family and collect a lot of memories. The amazing Edmonton Dino Park, here we come!

1. History of the Origin of Edmonton Dino Park’s Jurassic Forest

the amazing edmonton dino park
By: WikiImages/ Pixabay. Copyrights 2012

Edmonton Dino Park’s recreational and educational facility- Jurassic Forest– came around into existence in the year 2010. The attraction initially included over 40 animatronic dinosaurs in all, along with a semi-academic/educational center, refreshment stand, fire pits, and a gift shop when it first opened. A pretty impressive setup if you ask me. It showcased the variety and diversity from its very beginning and genesis. The building of an expanded concession area, and playground area, and the inclusion of three interactive educational exhibits within the explanatory complex have accentuated not only the overall effect of experiencing the Edmonton Dino Park but also tend to reserve in memory the dopamine rush that gets people to come back and experience everything again. Moreover, the Spinosaurus, a rather extraordinary and gorgeous dinosaur life-size replica, is placed in the North Discovery zone gets the blood rushing with excitement. Three additional Pachyrhinosaurus as well as a Troodon were reportedly added to this splendid montage in 2012, which marked the start of a new journey for Edmonton Dino Park. The North and South trail expansions, which were completed sometime around 2013, extended the discovery trails’ growth even further.

2. Interesting Things in the Jurassic Forest

The Jurassic Forest extends for several acres, covering a vast expanse of land and wilderness, in a bid to retain and imitate the habitat reminiscent of the one in which the dinosaurs lived in pre-historic times. There are a host of places that can serve to entertain and engage.

2.1. The Golfing Situation

A community of gigantic dinosaurs within dinosaur parks creates the relevant atmosphere. Despite being life-sized, extremely convincing, and occasionally esoteric, these are not real. One can visit these dinosaurs on a two-kilometre plank route to see the extinction mini-golf area. The amazing Edmonton Dino Park enables a massive walk-through around carnivorous dinosaurs like the Tyrannosaurus (the all-time favourite T-Rex) and also places the fascinating vegetarian dinosaurs like the Triceratops grazing in the pastures.

You’ll be reminded of the extent to which large these dinosaurs were as you explore underneath their life-like replicas. For the journey as though you are actually in Jurassic Park, not much imagination is required. Who knows what might be present in the real thickly vegetation-covered forest land of the primeval time? The not-knowing is what brings real joy. It’s here that you can play a round of prehistoric preserve mini-golf to relax after intermingling and engaging with nature. Mini-golf, which was created in the old-growth forest, is widely acknowledged as the most well-liked dinosaur sport out of the variety of activities and spaces organized in Edmonton Dino Park. Because the animatronic models of T-rex had such forearms that were too short to manage to strike the ball, they required a device to help them, which is why golf clubs were created.

2.2. Active Learning Park

Active learning park really hits the spot if you want to engage both your mind and body. There are many exciting obstacles and challenges with an 18-hole outdoor course, including dinosaurs that will stop at nothing to block your path. Here you may review a sizable active learning park with a ton of dinosaurs and take part in family-related learning activities for kids and adults.

3. A New Beginning for Dinosaurs: Animatronic Models

Animatronic models of dinosaurs are replicas that are life-size and bear a strong resemblance to the actual anatomy of the dinosaurs. These animatronic models of dinosaurs are the lifeblood of the amazing Edmonton Dino Park. If it weren’t for these animatronic renditions of these legendary fiery and dangerous beasts, the Edmonton Dino Park would not exist.

3.1. Animatronic Dinosaurs at Edmonton Dino Park

Jurassic Forest of the amazing Edmonton Dino Park serves as a seasonal tourist region situated just north of Gibbons, Alberta. With so many animatronic dinosaurs in their natural life habitat, the facility is present in a beautiful expanse of habitat as well as life-like models and replicas of the beings that once inhabited it. There are wheelchair-accessible trails and all-season adaptable pathways that highlight an element of the attempt to be more inclusive in arranging this recreational feast which is the Jurassic Forest.

Over the years more than 70 life-sized animatronic dinosaurs have been added to Jurassic Forest near Gibbons, Alberta, owing to consistent demand and manufacturing, over time.

the amazing edmonton dino park
By: intographics/ Pixabay. Copyrights 2016

4. How and When to Book the Tickets

For taking part in the activities of Jurassic Park associated with Edmonton Dino Park, it is advised to get tickets in advance through online services because there is no assurance that they’ll be accessible on the day of the event. Due to venue space and distance requirements, bookings are restricted, so remember to make every second count. There are different price ranges for adults and children. One very interesting and useful piece of information regarding the Edmonton Dino Park’s ticket pricing policy is the combo or family discounts and packages. These are definitely worth a look.

5. Jurassic Festival

Edmonton Dino Park is famous for its dinosaur celebrations. Ideally, several ancient animal caricatures and replicas arrive in Alberta as and when they are commissioned, manufactured, and transported. Further, the amazing Edmonton Dino Park also is well-known for featuring animated dinosaurs that are able to walk, breathe, blink, and roar. They are put on display at the much revered Jurassic Festival that is held at the Edmonton Dino Park.

The Jurassic, Triassic, and Cretaceous stages of prehistory will be composed of three layers for the event. On the premises may also be a relic exhibition, family-friendly and creature-themed events, a playroom, and entertainment attractions.

the amazing edmonton dino park
By: SPAVPM/ Pixabay. Copyrights 2015

6. Jurassic Forest: A Respite for Nature Lovers

When you take a short drive from Edmonton, Alberta,  and indulge yourself enough to go to the popular Jurassic Forest you are in for a treat. With more than 40 mechanical creatures in their native environment, the Jurassic Forest Museum’s location is a site to behold and cherish. Wooden pathways crisscross the forest, providing easy access to the dinosaurs. In terms of movement and options for mobility, the South Discovery route and the North Discovery trail constitute distinct walkways for people who want to enjoy and experience the amazing Edmonton Dino Park to the fullest.

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