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Is Buying a House Without Down Payment Possible in Canada?

In Canada, a down payment is an inevitable requirement for every mortgage. But is it possible to obtain a mortgage with no down payment? Is it wise to obtain a mortgage with really no down payment, as well?

All there is to know about mortgages with no down payment is in this essay. “Can you buy a house without a down payment in Canada?” can be the big question. But first, a word of caution: Getting a mortgage with no down payment is typically a bad plan. It is definitely worthwhile to first talk with a certified mortgage broker if you are considering one.

1. Can You Buy a House Without a Down Payment Canada?

Kind of. Even though the Canadian government prohibited mortgages with no down payment in 2008, it is still feasible to obtain a mortgage by borrowing the required down payment.

The only method currently in use, dubbed Flex Down, needs you to borrow your required minimum down payment, which ranges between 5% and 10%, using a credit card or other line of credit. Such debts are risky and more costly than conventional mortgages, as you might expect.

Depending on the purchase price, the down payment requirements vary from 5% to 20%.

2. Should You Get a Mortgage with No Down Payment?

If you’re presently giving away a sizable part of your earnings to lease a place to live while attempting to save for your first home, the no-down payment contract may be an excellent choice. However, you must consider whether this financing choice is the best course of action for you at this time in your life before being seduced by the idea. Before you contemplate a no-down payment mortgage, you should satisfy the following requirements:

  • Steady money.
  • Exceptional score.
  • Being capable of paying a monthly mortgage bill as well as other costs.
  • Being able to withstand a drop in or loss of revenue financially.

A no-down-payment mortgage is, in fact, a good idea and you could seriously benefit from it if all of these circumstances apply to your current financial situation. Just keep in mind that even though you may believe you can handle it, a provider still must determine whether or not they concur.

A no-down-payment mortgage is unfortunately not a good option for you right now if none of the aforementioned scenarios apply to you and your financial situation. Instead, we advise that you keep saving while reconsidering your present savings and spending strategies.

3. The Reason Why You Might Lack a Down Payment

There are many factors why you might want to purchase a house but not have the necessary funds saved for a down payment.

After all, obviously, you could simply not have taken the time to put away one, but the majority of individuals in that circumstance aren’t looking to obtain a mortgage with no down payment.

The more probable scenario is you had a down payment accumulated and were ready to purchase a home, but something unexpected happened and quickly used up all of your savings. Unfortunate but real circumstances like a family disaster, an unplanned pregnancy, or a pandemic could force you to search for a mortgage without a down payment.

4. How Can You Increase Your Odds of Getting a Mortgage with No Down Payment?

Image by Jens Neumann from Pixabay

It can be difficult to get accepted for a mortgage with no down payment. Nevertheless, there are a couple of things you can change to increase the likelihood that your application will be accepted.

4.1 Credit Score

Credit score: Although every lender has a different set of requirements, in general, lenders prefer that you have a decent to excellent credit score. You must therefore have a credit score of no less than 650. Additionally, you should ensure that you haven’t missed any payments regarding any of your credit goods in the previous year or two.

4.2 Employment

Employment: A lender considers three factors when assessing your job.

4.3 Income

Income: Your take-home pay in relation to the amount you want to acquire.

4.4 Stability

How long have you been in your current employment and how stable is it?

Loss is income: Would you nevertheless be capable of making your payments if your salary dropped?

4.5 Closing Fees

Closing expenses – Cash payment for closing costs is still necessary. It usually costs between 1% and 2% of the price of your new house. You must therefore have that much money on board.

5. How to Obtain a Mortgage With No Down Payment?

Continue to be eager to obtain financing with no down payment. This is what you need.

5.1 Flex Down Lender

Finding a company that offers Flex Down mortgages is necessary because not all mortgage companies do. The majority of mortgage agents can assist you in finding one.

5.2 A Very Good Credit Score

A credit score that is significantly higher than the typical borrower is required to be accepted for a mortgage with no down payment; ideally, your score should be north of 680.

5.3 Excellent Credit History

Excellent credit history: Your potential lender will also want to see evidence of years of flawless repayment history in conjunction with your credit score. That indicates no late payments!

5.4 Sufficient And Stable Income

You must demonstrate that you have both enough money to meet all of your obligations and a past of consistent income. Your odds of being approved increase with the length of time you have worked full-time.

5.5 Strong Debt Ratios

Strong debt-to-income ratios: Your lender must be confident that you can easily pay off your other obligations, including the debt you owe for borrowing the down payment, as well as your mortgage. These are determined by your debt-to-income levels.

6. Funding for a Down Payment: Pros and Disadvantages

Image by Nattanan Kanchanaprat from Pixabay

While taking out a loan to cover the deposit has its benefits, there can also be a number of drawbacks.

6.1 Pros

No more renting; when a down payment is required, it may take several years of accumulating already when you are able to purchase a home. You can start spending right away and increase your home’s equity by taking out a loan. Every payment you pay goes towards purchasing your house, saving you money on rent.

Prevent mortgage default insurance. You must buy mortgage default insurance (also known as CMHC insurance) if you put less than 20% down on a home. This insurance can be expensive. You won’t have had to add loan default insurance if you borrow the entire 20%.

Increase your wealth – A person’s home is typically regarded as one of their biggest assets. More the equity you can accumulate, which increases your net worth, the sooner you purchase it.

6.2 Cons

Falling home prices: A 20% down payment will usually protect you from paying more for your home than it is worth in the event that home values decline.

Lower Equity – If you want a HELOC, you won’t have enough equity because most lenders require at least 20% equity in your house.

Higher debt – By borrowing the down payment, you add to your debt load, which could result in higher monthly payments that could be extremely costly for many years. Additionally, it might have an impact on your debt-to-service ratio, which in turn might have an impact on how much you want to finance a mortgage.

Higher interest – The rates of interest attached to financing one down payment can be extremely high, and in some cases, they can even be greater than the rate of interest attached to your real mortgage.

Relationships could be at risk if you keep borrowing from relatives for a down payment but are unable to repay it on time or at all.

7. How to Put Money Aside for a Down Payment On a Home?

Even if you intend to purchase a home using a mortgage with no down payment, you will still require money to pay the closing charges. These straightforward actions will help you to save for just a down payment and/or settlement expenses.

  • Cut back on some lifestyle expenditures, such as pricey meal delivery services. Those restaurant deliveries to your home can really strain your budget.
  • Take into account the price of your conveyance. If you drive, consider if you truly require a car and all the expenses that go along with it.
  • Be disciplined and stick to your limit. It’s okay to treat yourself once in a while, but make sure you stick to your weekly budget.
  • Purchase a pass for a staycation in the near future. While travelling is enjoyable and memorable, the cost of lodging and plane travel will drain your wallet.
  • Organize your funds so that you’re automatically setting aside money each month for your new house.
  • Watch your credit score and figure out what actions raise it. Your chances of obtaining lower interest rates increase with your credit score, possibly saving you hundreds of thousands of dollars.

8. What Credit Score is Required to Purchase a Home With No Money Down?

Image by Foundry Co from Pixabay

In Canada, credit scores can vary from 300 to 900, and also most lenders will only approve down payment loans for borrowers with scores of 600 or higher. Remember that you will require two loans: one for the down payment and one for the financing.

Therefore, you must borrow money from two separate lenders. Are you capable of repaying two debts at once while also managing your other expenses? Lenders will be interested in knowing if you can handle the financial strain without going bankrupt.

And don’t forget about the closing expenses you’ll have to pay, including legal costs to complete the paperwork, inspection services, and provincially-specific land transfer taxes. You should budget for thousands of dollars in total expenses. The typical closing expenses range from one to four percentage points of the purchase price.

In Conclusion!

This was all about the “Can you buy a house without a down payment in Canada?” It’s a good time to consider the option of buying a home with really no down payment if you are presently trying to just save up for a home’s down payment but are struggling with how much time it takes. Making a decision early on will give you plenty of time to take your time, make all the required plans, and take all the necessary actions.

Just keep in mind that buying a house with no money available is a serious decision and that just because you qualify for a mortgage and then another loan to pay your down payment, it doesn’t necessarily mean that this is the best course of action for you. Take your time and weigh all of your options before making a decision.

Check this out if you want to know about tips for buying a family home.


Some of the most asked questions about buying a home with no down payment are listed below:-

Q1. How can someone purchase a home with no money down?

Currently, VA loans and USDA loans are the two categories of government-sponsored financing that let you purchase a house without making a down payment. You must fulfill a very precise set of requirements for each loan in order to be eligible for a nil mortgage.

Q2. Can you purchase a home without making a deposit?

You usually need a cash deposit that is no less than 5% of the home’s value when purchasing a home. Due to the lack of mortgages for 100 percentage points of the purchase price of a property, it is not feasible to purchase a home without a cash down payment.

Q3. Can I purchase a home without debt in Canada?

Yes. Undoubtedly, you can buy a house with cash. However, which doesn’t indicate it’s the best course of action, particularly if you intend to carry debt with a greater rate of interest than your mortgage.

Q4. Who is eligible for Canada’s first-time homebuyer program?

If you did not reside in a house that you, your current spouse, or your common-law partner possessed during the preceding four years, you are regarded as a first-time home buyer. Four-year era: The four years leading up to a home purchase are referred to as the four-year period.



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