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Are Food Trucks a Good Idea? 6 Important Things

Want to be independent by establishing your own business or are you looking to initiate a good startup plan? If so, there are many options that you might opt for, but one of the most efficient options you can consider is food trucks. Thinking of starting a food truck business plan is such an interesting idea, and you should go for it.

Now, you must be wondering, “Are food trucks a good idea” or not in terms of business and profits? To find out the answer, read the whole article; not only the answer to this question but all the necessary things, whether positive or negative, related to a food truck business are mentioned below. Let’s start with the introduction.

1. An Introduction to the Food Trucks

A food truck is a large vehicle in the shape of a van that people use to sell food items to customers. The food truck’s structure looks like a van from the outside but is completely different from the inside, as it contains a kitchen where food gets prepared, some equipment that is used to make food, a fridge, a gas oven, and all the necessary accessories that are required for making food items.

It is a setting where food is prepared and served. It resembles a little restaurant more since clients can choose from a variety of food items on the menu to suit their tastes and preferences. The distinctive quality of food trucks is their portability and ability to shift locations. The term ‘food truck’ is used interchangeably with the terms ‘mobile kitchen,’ ‘mobile canteen,’ ‘roach coach,’ and ‘catering truck.’

The proprietors of these food trucks choose to move them to locations where they can sell more food and earn a profit; therefore, their current location is not permanent. The food truck industry is more popular in the United Nations than it is in other nations. One of the best things about having a food truck is that its location changes every day.

2. Where in the World are Food Trucks the most Popular?

Food truck
Photo by James Frid from Pexels. Copyright 2019. lists several locations where the food truck industry is flourishing, including Bangkok, Thailand; Austin, Texas; New York; London, England; Melbourne, Australia; and many more. Due to their success in exceeding client expectations, the food truck industry has grown in comparison to the prior year. The food items are worth it in terms of quality, quantity, and price, which is why the mobile food industry is experiencing significant growth.

2.1. Does the Food Truck Menu Look the Same Around the World?

The menus of the food trucks are prepared according to the location and preferences of their customers. Some food trucks sell breakfast dishes, some have lunch items, and some have dinner items on the menu, but “fast food” is common in all food trucks. Overall, the menu of the food trucks is based on their customers’ demands.

3. Are Food Trucks a Good Idea?

It’s a terrific idea to want to work in the food truck business because eating is a basic need and we all enjoy savory, spicy, and crispy foods. Because there is a far bigger likelihood of losing money with a food truck than with a traditional restaurant, they are preferred. You ought to think about getting a food truck for many reasons.

3.1. Reasons Why You Should Think About Starting a Food Truck:

Food truck business
Photo by Kampus Production from Pexels. Copyright 2020.

3.1.1. Low Investment Business

One of the small enterprises in the area and a cheap investment is a food truck. It is a successful business, and you may switch the location if it fails. If we’re talking about cooking, most food truck operators are also chefs, so all you need is some cooking gear.

Starting a food truck is a good concept, and the initial costs are minimal as well, but you will undoubtedly need to spend money on promotion.

3.1.2. Own Boss

They don’t typically have to report to anyone because food truck owners act as their supervisors. The results, of course, are up to the diners, but any cook or chef is allowed to experiment with adding some flair or imagination to the menu items.

You can hire people for work when your food truck business succeeds and you gain popularity. You also have the chance to open other locations, just like restaurants, if you so desire.

3.1.3. Profitable Business

Customer's queue
Photo by Anthony Fomin from Unsplash. Copyright 2020.

Everyone enjoys learning about and trying new things in life, so having a creative menu may boost the likelihood of attracting more consumers. Additionally, people thought the prices of the goods were very reasonable, and who would turn down the chance to buy wonderful products for less money? More customers also imply greater profits.

Due to the ability to change locations if the first one is not profitable, there is less chance of losing money in this business.

3.1.4. New Experiences

In a food truck business, shifting sites will expose you to new opportunities, such as meeting individuals in various settings who have various personalities and giving you the ability to communicate with them. You can try them because different locations have various culinary tastes. This increases the food truck vendors’ capabilities.

Since operating a food truck is one of the most successful enterprises in the world, it will also expose you to new business opportunities.

3.1.5. Easy Cleanups

Since they don’t need big spaces, food trucks are easy to clean, and the majority of them use throwaway plates. So, no one has to wait for a staff member to clear the table or plates.

A simple order should be placed, picked up once it is ready, and then discarded. When it comes to cleaning, they only have to clean the kitchen, which is a small task.

3.1.6. Expanding Business

Food truck business expandation
Photo by Mischa Frank from Unsplash. Copyright 2021.

The food truck is not only about selling food items in different locations but is also a solid business plan as you can take orders for weddings, birthday parties, or any other functions.

You may also receive offers to cater private events, allowing you to meet some of the top business owners and offer them an investment in your small business to help it grow. Running a food truck is a great business plan.

4. What are Its Pros and Cons?

No doubt, the number of food trucks is increasing day by day, but starting any business has its risks. Whatever your business strategy, you will face challenges in every aspect. There are several pros and cons attached to everything, and the same is true with food trucks.

To run a successful food truck business, you should prepare yourself for all the profits and losses.

4.1. Pros:

Low investment business
Photo by Arturo Rey from Unsplash. Copyright 2019.

I) Low- Investment Business

The food truck business is superior to the brick-and-mortar restaurant business, and the chances of taking risks are lower, as no one wants to take risks in their lives, especially financially. You can think of it as a step toward getting into the restaurant business, but most food truck owners prefer to stick with it because it is a low-investment business.

ii) Showcasing Your Skills

Having your own food truck business allows you to showcase your culinary abilities and skills. Apart from that, you can choose the menu, which can be creative or themed. You can add some homemade flavor to your food, which will set your dishes apart from those at other restaurants.

iii) Less Expenditure

All profits generated by this business will be yours, as it can also be run independently. You can keep employees if you want, but the number of employees will be reduced, requiring you to pay less.

You also don’t have to spend money on infrastructure; all you need is an appealing outdoor design or decor on the truck, and the rest of your money will go toward your ingredients.

Customers near food truck
Photo by Harry Gillen from Unsplash. Copyright 2021.

iv) Variety of Customers

The food truck business provides the owner with numerous opportunities to reach out to new customers. You can park it near office areas because employees will prefer to come to the food trucks during their lunch break.

Summer festivals, outside of any events, near any parks, or places where people need to work physically hard are all places where you can get new customers. They will become hungry or tired as a result of their physical labor, and these hungry customers will prefer to eat at their nearby locations.

v) Less Experience Required

Starting a food truck doesn’t require much experience as compared to traditional restaurants, and this is one of the best things about opening a food truck. You’ll get direct and honest customer reviews about your dishes and can work on them where needed.

If the customers love your dishes, they’ll also recommend them to their friends and family.

4.2. Cons:

I) Increased Competition

People are increasingly adopting the food truck concept, and the food truck community grows stronger each year, so competition in this market is fierce. Most people prefer it because it is less expensive and provides quality food, and nowadays, young entrepreneurs want to start their businesses by opening food trucks. As a result, the market is competitive.

ii) Less Space

The working space will be small, and you can’t make it largely because of the size of the food trucks. Most of the spaces will be captured by the kitchen setup, and you’ll get only a small space for your work. If you are a person who can’t sit in one place for a long time or if you are claustrophobic, you’ll surely face difficulties, and this business won’t be suitable for you.

iii) Finding a Place to Park

As a food truck is a mobile business that is also known for changing locations every day, many food truck owners still face parking problems. Each city has some restrictions, so as a food truck owner, you need to have parking permits and should follow all the regulations of that particular place.

Sometimes, you need to have the license of the parking place, so the food truck owners need to plan for the place much earlier to avoid food truck parking problems.

iv) Cost of Repairing 

Owning a food truck for small business owners is not easy, as they need to spend a lot of money on repairing the truck, and if you have purchased a second-hand food truck, you have to spend even more on it. The cost of fuel should also be added to it. So, you need to keep some money aside for the repair because God knows when you’ll need it, and arranging instant money will be difficult for a small business owner.

v) Affect of Weather

Food truck sales are also affected by the weather. Rainy days have a high chance of affecting sales, and after starting a food truck, you must change the menu based on customer demand and the weather. According to, some food truck owners take a break during the winter because customers don’t want to leave their homes.

5. How is the Food Truck Business Different from the Restaurant Industry?

are food trucks a good idea
Photo by Joenomias from Pixabay/ Copyright 2016

There are many distinctions between a food truck and a restaurant business but one thing they have in common is serving food to customers. A lot of people compare both of them and ask which option is better, but honestly, there should be no comparison between them as both have their profits and losses.

There are, however, some differences between both, as listed below:

5.1. Order Size

Order size is one of the most significant differences between a food truck and a restaurant, as brick-and-mortar restaurants receive large orders from each table, resulting in high revenue. However, in the food truck industry, orders from each person are small, so revenue is low.

5.2. Maintenance

Maintenance costs a lot in restaurants, but not in food truck operations. A restaurant is a posh location where small gatherings, events, and parties can be held, and customers are drawn in by the infrastructure. The interior and exterior decor are required because they must be unique and appealing.

Because food trucks are vehicles, they must be serviced regularly, just like commercial vehicles. The rest of the time, you can decorate the exterior of the truck and add some flair to the menu card. As a result, both fields require maintenance, but the cost is determined by their income.

5.3. Customers

Customers in restaurants may be permanent, but this is not the case with food trucks because they frequently change locations. They will suggest trying the place with their close ones whenever they plan to eat outside because they are regular customers.  You can plan your dates as well as any function or gathering in restaurants.

5.4. Cooking Equipment

Both use high-quality cooking equipment, but due to limited space, food trucks can only have a limited amount of equipment. There is no space constraint in a restaurant, so you can have much more cooking equipment and appliances. The appliances help with food prep in a short amount of time, but they are expensive.

5.5. Staff

A man taking order
Photo by Kampus Production from Pexels. Copyright 2020.

A food truck requires fewer employees than a restaurant, which requires a larger group of employees. Food trucks can also be run by individuals, but they are not suitable for use in restaurants because they require different staff for different purposes.

The restaurant employs 3–4 other chefs in addition to the master chef, as well as a manager, helpers, a custodian, a watchman, and some waiters or waitresses.

In a food truck, the demands are low, so they don’t need much stuff, but still, if someone wants to keep staff, they can keep a maximum of 1-2 people, and their salary will be low as compared to the restaurant staff.

5.6. Menu

The names of the food items on the menu differ in both businesses, as all items on the menu in the food truck industry are street food, whereas, in restaurants, you’ll find the most authentic dishes. There are various cuisines available from breakfast to lunch.

6. What Things Should Aspiring Food Truck Owners Take Care Of?

Fancy Food Truck
Photo by Artem Saranin from Pexels. Copyright 2019.

Before stepping into any business, you should have enough knowledge about it, including its risks, profits, losses, market research, competition, etc., and the same is true in the case of a food truck.

So, if you’re an aspiring food truck owner, you need to be careful about some things that are mentioned below:

6.1. Food Truck

The most important aspect of starting a food truck business is selecting the right vehicle, as food trucks are not the same as standard commercial trucks. The food truck vehicle is specifically designed to only serve food to customers. Other trucks do not have a kitchen set inside, but food trucks do.

6.2. Permissions and License

To start a food truck, you will need several licenses, as each country has different requirements. In India, you must have a vehicle license, an FSSAI license, a trading license, tax registration, an infrastructure license, and many more. For alcoholic beverages, you must have a liquor license or risk being fined.

If you are planning to run your business as a food truck in the USA, you will need, of course, your driving license, a license to start a business, an EIN, a fire certificate, permissions from the health department, parking permits, a food handler permit, and so on. Like these two countries, each has its own set of rules, regulations, and document requirements.

6.3. Cooking and Handling Customers

Two man cooking
Photo by Rene Asmussen from Pexels. Copyright 2019.

Because everyone has different taste buds, you must know how to handle customers and prepare food according to their preferences. You should also be aware of which of your food items is most popular with your customers, and as a result, you should sell that item the most to profit.

Some people prefer spicy food, while others prefer less spicy food, so always ask your customers which they prefer. It is also skeptical in this industry to target the right customers.

6.4. Experience

There is no experience required in the food truck business, but gaining some work experience before entering this industry will be beneficial to you and your food truck business. You should think about working in a restaurant because you’ll learn how things work in the food industry and get a sense of what the menus are like.

You should also have some cooking experience, as you will need to practice preparing food quickly because no one likes to wait. Quick food preparation saves time for both you and your customers. Working with professionals before launching your food truck will be extremely beneficial.

6.5. Decoration

You did read that correctly. You must customize your food truck’s external components to make it appear more appealing, but don’t worry—you can do the decoration yourself, so you won’t have to spend a lot of money on it. If you don’t decorate your vehicle, it will look quite plain and could hurt your sales.

You might think about decorating your truck by painting it in a variety of vibrant colors. Simply use your creativity to give your truck a clean, sophisticated design. You are independent and to do whatever elegance you want.

6.6. Keep Online Payments

Online Payment
Photo by from Pexels. Copyright 2019.

People avoid carrying currency in their hands these days as the entire world is moving digital. To make the consumers’ payment process simpler, you should have both online payment options and a card-swiping device available in this scenario.

People frequently struggle to obtain change when making cash payments, but Internet transactions make this problem much easier because you can pay for the exact amount of food.

6.7. Marketing Strategies

You can hire any social media manager right nowadays to promote your truck because social media marketing is popular right now. You must be thinking that social media marketing will be expensive, but you’re mistaken, my friend, as it is both inexpensive and simple.

Giving customers a complimentary dinner is one of the marketing tactics you can think about and debate on social media. You can draw an enormous audience to your company’s website by posting a relatable meme on your page.


You should pursue your good alternative of starting a food truck business. It has dangers, just like any other business, but it’s also profitable. The capital investment required for this firm is also low, and you have the flexibility to relocate here. Nowadays, there are more food trucks everywhere, which is wonderful. Most youngsters are also interested in them, which is also nice.

You will become independent through the operation of a food truck, and as it grows, you can expand your business to new heights. You shouldn’t be concerned about entering this profession because competition is growing every day, of course. As I tried to address several important topics related to the food truck, I hope this article is useful to you. “Are food trucks a good idea?”

Now that your vision on this topic is all clear, I wish you the best of luck and hope your food truck venture succeeds in every way.

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