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Does Warm Water Burn Fat: 8 Health Benefits

Everyone knows that drinking warm or hot water has many health benefits. But the question is does warm water burn fat? does it really enable losing kilos? Here we look into some detailed facts about the same.

Good health depends on water. Water and other drinks help your body absorb nutrients from food. Constipation can also be prevented by drinking water, which makes stool softer. If possible, choose water over sugary drinks.

As we know, water is an essential element for the human body. Our body consists of 70% of water. But as it is said that drinking warm water helps in losing weight, is it helpful or just a myth?

Drinking hot or warm water has more benefits than weight loss. What are they? We will examine all its benefits in this article. Continue reading for more information.

does warm water burn fat
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1. Does Warm Water Burn Fat

Obesity is the most serious health challenge in the world today. We are often searching for better and faster methods of burning calories. Every year there are new diets marketed as better at losing weight.

The obesity epidemic is one of today’s leading public health crises. Fat burning is something we’re always looking for ways to make more efficient and effective. Weight loss fad diets are always being pushed, touting their superiority. Does warm water burn fat?

The number of diets and concepts available today makes reducing body fat seem confusing, but don’t worry! You may be able to lose that vacation weight you’ve been carrying around for two months just by drinking warm water.

Yes, to some extent! The hot water diet, which is quite similar to the warm water diet and requires you to drink one cup of lukewarm water in the morning and another cup of warm water just before a meal, will help you lose weight more quickly if you adhere to it religiously.

On the hot water diet, you drink a cup of hot water before a meal and a cup of hot water shortly after you wake up. You must check the water’s temperature before drinking to ensure it is not too hot lest it burns your mouth. Additionally, the water temperature shouldn’t be too low because that won’t have the desired result.

Drinking warm water can help you burn more calories while digesting the food since your body has worked harder to regulate its core temperature. National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine (NASEM) recommends that men 19 and older consume 3.7 liters of water per day (15.5 cups) and women 19 and older consume 2.7 liters per day (11.5 cups). But the issue here is whether it actually helps in burning fat.

You can burn extra calories as you digest cold water since your body must work harder to keep its core temperature constant. Water as a weight loss aid is not likely to be a powerful jump-starter. Your metabolism is sped up by warm water. Many people would suggest drinking warm water first thing in the morning as a result. Our body’ temperature adapts and our metabolism speeds up when we consume warm water.

Weight loss is aided by warm water. Body fat is efficiently broken down into molecules by warm water, making it simple for the digestive system to burn. Additionally, filling our stomachs with warm water before meals helps us limit our calorie intake. Six to eight glasses of warm water should be consumed every day.

It is the quantity of water that is necessary for your body, hair, and skin to stay hydrated. Add some lemon and honey to warm water to boost its effectiveness.

Weight loss
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2. Advantages of Drinking Warm Water

Drinking water at any temperature supports health and wellness, but hot water may also have health benefits. The world has a rich history of the consumption of hot drinks. Folk medicine is full of stories-telling stories about the health benefits and risks of drinking cold water.

Drinking water can promote feelings of fullness, aid in nutritional absorption, boost metabolism, improve taste buds, and help remove harmful waste from the body. Below are the advantages of drinking warm water.

2.1. Increases Metabolism

We know if we add any substance or object to boiling water it automatically melts or gets dissolved within some time. The same thing is applied to our bodies as well. It increases metabolism and aids you in losing weight. It helps in the digestion of all foods including meat or fish.

2.2. Reducing Weight

The most significant advantage of drinking hot water is to have it on an empty stomach. the very first thing in the morning must be to drink warm or hot water.  The reason is that our body temperature changes and subsequently start the metabolism rate after consuming warm or hot water. This process, therefore, helps in reducing weight. but yes, this is again a slow and natural process the difference can’t be seen in a day.

2.3. Reduce Stress Levels

Your stress levels can be affected by a number of things, one of which is dehydration. Your body won’t be able to function properly if you are dehydrated, which could eventually affect how stressed you are. Warm water can help you stay hydrated and improve the way your central nervous system works, which will help you feel less stressed.

2.4. Reduce Toxins in the Body

We are all aware that our systems rid themselves of toxins either through the skin, the digestive system, or the urine system. They are either ingested, sweated out, or urinated out. This means that consuming enough warm water will keep your body hydrated and eventually help the three most prevalent processes for removing water.

2.5. It Induces Sleep

Drinking warm water will help your body unwind and calm your anxieties during meals, particularly dinner and right before bed. Thus, it may facilitate sleep. Additionally, it will help put an end to cravings at midnight and result in a morning feeling of renewal.

3. Other Health Benefits of Drinking Warm Water

Now that we are aware of how consuming hot water accelerates weight reduction, let’s examine some other advantages of consuming warm water.

3.1. Eliminating Constipation-

Perhaps the greatest and most natural laxative, which is also free and works better than any laxatives sold in stores, is warm water! It is simple, effortless, and doesn’t have any negative effects.

3.2. Clean Insides-

Warm water helps clean out all the oil, sauce, and masala that we Indians so adore but that is so detrimental to our health; it has the same effect on the intestines as it does on greasy utensils. Get into the habit of taking a glass of hot water after an especially heavy Indian dinner because it is the original and oldest detox beverage.

3.3. Increased Blood Flow-

Have you ever noticed how glowing your skin becomes when you have something hot, especially your face? Your skin will respond similarly to warm water but in a healthy way. It increases blood flow and maintains youthful-looking skin.

3.4. An Anti-aging Plan-

Yes, make a habit of drinking warm water throughout the day rather than shelling out a fortune on pricey anti-aging treatments. You can seem younger because warm water can eliminate toxins from the body more effectively than regular or cold water can.

3.5. Eliminated Dryness-

We all know that water is necessary for the correct hydration of the skin, but the greatest remedy for dry skin is warm water.

3.6. Throat and Nose are Clear-

When you have a cold or a cough, drinking warm water might also be beneficial in addition to inhaling steam. It not only calms the sore throat but also aids in clearing the nasal passages. Drinking warm water also addresses the surprising drying effect that colds can have on the body.

3.7. Relieving Period Cramps-

When menstruation cramps seem determined to destroy your day, many women are familiar with the technique of utilizing a hot water bag. However, drinking hot water is preferable to applying it to your womb. Let your inner magic shine through!

3.8. More Rapid Hair Growth-

As previously said, warm water increases blood circulation, which encourages the growth of hair. Most women’s hair growth is weak due to insufficient blood circulation (which in turn means poor nutrition for the scalp and hair).

warm water
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4. The Risk Factor

The major threat of drinking hot or warm water is being burned. A pleasantly warm liquid can still burn the tongue or throat even when it feels pleasantly warm at the tip of a finger.

It is always advisable to take a small sip of water before guzzling it down and avoid drinking water near boiling. Nevertheless, if you are drinking hot water in a covered, insulated cup it can reduce the risk of slopping the water and getting boiled or burned. 

It is also to be noted, that drinking caffeinated, coffee or tea may cause a person to become restless or overcaffeinated. Individuals can prevent this by altering the cups of coffee or tea they consume or replacing caffeinated beverages with plain hot water.

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glass of water
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5. The Bottom Line

Does warm water burn fat? Warm water is also a great substitute for all the readymade fizzy drinks and all those sugary beverages that have evolved as a regular addition to your day-to-day meals. It is also a relaxing addition to your morning intense workout session.

Although drinking hot water won’t heal any illnesses, the hazards are minor as long as the water is not scalding. As a result, individuals who currently appreciate hot water or who wish to experiment with a straightforward way for enhancing their health should be reassured that they are gaining from it.

In conclusion, there is mixed evidence to advise that consuming warm water alone increases the metabolic rate and burns calories. Even so, it stimulates the immune system and reduces satiety, thus reducing food consumption. Therefore, warm water should be a part of your weight loss strategy.

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