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Bars in Austin: 5 Amazing Places To Visit

Bars in Austin

 The capital city of Texas, Austin, is situated inside the state, close to the Hill Country. Austin is well-known for its historic clubs, artisan brewers, and cocktail bars, all of which make it a great place for late-night dining and a lively bar experience.

Live music in Austin, Texas, is famous for its wide range, especially in the genres of country, blues, and rock. It also houses the main campus of the University of Texas. Due to its breathtakingly lovely temperature, fantastic nightlife, and outdoor-oriented culture, Austin is among the best places to visit.

The region attracts tourists from every corner of the world because of its amazing parks, mouthwatering cuisine, and thrilling music. There are many different bars, restaurants, breweries, and distilleries in Austin, Texas, which is well known for this.

These locations in East Austin range from warm neighborhood bars to chic, upscale lounges, but they all share one trait: they’re ideal for those who adore happy hour.

The most luxurious hotels in Austin have rooftop bars and upmarket lounges that are positioned above skyscrapers in the heart of the city, offering a stylish ambiance and picturesque views fit for Instagram.

The city is filled with innumerable bars where you and your friends may savor the best drinks and craft cocktails. Everything from absinthe bars to pubs that used to garage provide a selection of drinks.

Even though you will adore its Tex-Mex cuisine, Austin, Texas, is one of the best cities in the US for great bars. Austin’s bar scene is serious with Argentinian speakeasies, retro pool parties, and specialty drinks served in the parking garage.

This city has several top-notch bars and eateries that serve the best-frozen drinks and offer lively nightlife. You’ll undoubtedly attend several outstanding live music events, hidden bar themes, and performances throughout your trip to Austin.

1. Here are The 5 Famous Bars in Austin

1.1. The Roosevelt Room

The Roosevelt Room is an up-and-coming and contemporary pub that can be found in the center of downtown Austin Texas.

It is well renowned for its wide variety of craft beers, all of which are produced in Texas using only natural ingredients. It can be located in Austin, Texas, at 307 W 5th St., 78701, in the United States.

The Roosevelt Room

The Roosevelt Room is a favorite intimate bar among locals and visitors alike for its extensive selection of classic cocktails.

The Roosevelt Room in the industrial neighborhood of downtown Austin has a broad selection of cocktails. Inventive artisan drinks are served in an open, industrial-chic setting with a comfortable upper lounge.

The bar flawlessly combines modern ambiance with classic Texan charm to create a distinctive and welcoming ambiance. In addition to its extensive beer selection, the cocktail menu features appetizers, sandwiches with locally sourced ingredients. The Roosevelt Room’s elegant and opulent atmosphere is the perfect place to unwind while travelers enjoy happy hour specials on beverages and snacks.

The Roosevelt Room is a pub and restaurant that first opened its doors in 2015 and can be found in the well-known Warehouse District of Austin. This award-winning cocktail lounge is known for its always warm welcome.

1.1.1. Why This Bar is a Must-Visit?

The Roosevelt Room is an award-winning cocktail bar and event space. The lovely drinkware is available for all mixed beverages, but try one of their wilder handmade cocktails, such as the Run the Jules. They provide a substantial beverage selection downstairs in addition to a dining room with table service.

There is happy hour every day from 3 to 7 p.m., with discounted prices on classic cocktails, beers, wines, and appetizers including parmesan popcorn and a sizable charcuterie and cheese plate.

It is highly recommended to make reservations because everyone enjoys the lavish setting and careful service, including large parties and couples on dates.

They provide a wide variety of drinks, including non-alcoholic options, house-made creative drinks, and classic cocktails. Try the renowned Roosevelt Room martini for a smooth, refined beverage. The best place to buy excellent craft cocktails.

The bartenders are true artisans who make fantastic drinks. The Roosevelt Room has a beautiful atmosphere. It’s warm and comfy. An excellent setting to begin a romantic evening.

1.2. The Firehouse Lounge

The Firehouse Lounge provides a welcoming atmosphere that makes it a great spot to go out for drinks where you can unwind and enjoy jazz music. It is situated at 605 Brazos St, Austin, Texas 78701, in the United States.

A craft cocktail bar and contemporary hostel lodgings are located in a fire station from the 1880s. The bar Firehouse Lounge is located in the center of Austin’s business district. The oldest fire station in the city serves as its specialty cocktail lounge.

A low-key cocktail would be ideal at Firehouse because of its amazing drinks and laid-back atmosphere.

The fact that you have to go through a door hidden under a bookshelf to get into the pub is amusing; it gives off a serious speakeasy vibe and makes it all the more interesting. Although not inexpensive, drinks are moderate in price and of high quality, thus the cost is justified.

Even though it has been transformed into a contemporary cocktail bar, the building has kept a significant portion of its historic allure and notable speakeasy atmosphere. Guests and outsiders alike can take a trip back in time and relive the Roaring Twenties with vintage beverages and live jazz and blues.

For those who are hungry, the menu’s limited selection of large sandwiches and appetizers is available. The Firehouse Lounge is known for serving both traditional and specialty drinks that are delicious.

If you find that you are unable to drive home after partaking in their world-famous Gold Rush cocktail, you may rent a stay at the nearby Firehouse Hostel, which is close to Brazos Rainey Street.

1.2.1. What is This Bar Best Known For?

The Firehouse Lounge is known for its fantastic cocktails, young clientele, and entertaining atmosphere. For an individual who has outgrown the appeal of sleeping in bunk beds, they also offer a pair of more traditional suites with private bathrooms.

Standard and deluxe dorm options are perfect for large parties. Bonus points if there’s a cocktail bar with a hidden door that slides open to reveal a fake library.

1.3. Nickel City

The pleasantly simple cocktail bar that is Nickel City features traditional cocktails, unique variants of those cocktails, and a legitimate food truck in the back that is inspired by Detroit. It is situated at 1133 E. 11th St. in Austin, Texas, 78702.

1.3.1. When Does it Open?

Since its opening in the summer of 2017, Nickel City has served up some of the greatest cocktails in town in a casual setting. The food truck Delray Café is also stationed there, serving up Coney dogs, hamburgers, and other delectable pub fare.

The menu includes anything from $4 local beers to frozen beverages with NOLA influences, including the Frozen Irish Coffee, a chilly concoction of Tullamore Dew Irish whisky, coffee liqueur, and cream.

By Nickel City

Originally known as Longbranch Inn, this neighborhood tavern, Nickel City, has changed into a dive featuring tropical drinks and a pinball game.

The Nickel always has something going on thanks to weekly events like trivia and whisky flight nights as well as talented industry friends setting up shop in the little Cash Only bar in the back to test out new ideas.

It is a retro bar with a coney dog food truck, specialty cocktails, and a relaxed vibe. This is a pub that takes its liquor seriously, despite the unpretentious atmosphere inside that could make you think of a Milwaukee dive, according to Curtis.

On the menu at Nickel City are delectable hot dogs, cheddar fries, and tater tots. According to the thoughts of the visitors, coffee is fantastic. You might easily lose an entire day and night in Nickel City.

1.3.2. What Does This Bar Sell?

The pub specializes in selling cold beer, boilermakers, draught Pimm’s and Aperol Spritz, and long drinks, so you shouldn’t bother coming here if you’re looking for a gimmicky cocktail.

A menu for meals was available. The staff was helpful and diligent. If you want to view Austin from a different perspective. It is not too distant from the main drag. Seemed like a mix of residents and tourists.

Nickel City creates a friendly atmosphere with antique signs that have a nostalgic feel. Despite this, the dive bar beverages are great craft cocktails with both traditional flavors and contemporary ones that have creative twists.

1.4. The White Horse

The White Horse is a well-known honky tonk pub in town, and it features a food truck in the parking lot in addition to nightly live performances. It is situated at 500 Comal St in Austin, Texas, 78702.

The White Horse is a classy eatery and bar that provides an innovative menu and an exceptional wine selection. The bar’s distinctive charm is enhanced by the old western decor, which includes cowboy hats and boots.

1.4.1. Why to Go This Bar?

The White Horse is home to a bar that offers full service, a rooftop deck with a smoking area, entertainment seven days a week, two pool tables, a Bomb Tacos taco trailer, a big dance floor, a charming small photo booth, a shoe shine station, and whisky on tap. This trendy, lively honky-tonk is expansive and offers live country music.

Outside, a taco truck is also present. The White Horse Saloon, which is situated on Comal Street, is among the most fascinating places to visit in Austin. A wonderful time will be had by everybody thanks to the well-stocked bar and whisky on tap. Drinks are as inexpensive as they come.

White Horse is constantly crowded with students, yuppies, hipsters, and honky-tonks. There is live music playing on a little stage, a basic dance floor, and regular swaying.

When live music is played every night on the little stage, regulars hit the dance floor while newcomers feel at ease in the straightforward setting. In between sets, guests can relax in the picture booth, on the pool tables, or in the little yard with seating.

You will discover that the atmosphere and vibe are stress-free, cozy, and welcoming. The Bat Bar offers whisky on tap, but it’s known for its ‘bomb tacos‘, as well as its ice-cold beer, and its chilly drinks.

Additionally, The White Horse frequently hosts musical concerts that feature some of Austin’s top musicians. The White Horse calls itself the “Champagne of Bars” featuring live country music in a hip, lively, expansive dance venue with a taco truck outside. There will not be any line dancing, only the Texas two-step.

This, according to devoted customers, is what Austin is REALLY about. Bring both your hat and your dance boots with you. For ravenous bar patrons, there are tacos, hamburgers, and Mexican hot dogs (with bacon, onion, and pico de gallo). The al pastor taco is the best choice if you want reliability.

1.5. Tiki Tatsu-Ya

The new restaurant and bar in Austin, Tiki Tatsu-Ya, offers a unique take on the traditional tiki bar by incorporating elements of Japanese culture. Tiki Tatsu-Ya, one of the best tiki bars in the city, is the newest addition to the Austin bar scene.

It is located on the east side of the city. It is, however, much more than that. Think of the immersive bar as a theme park attraction where the story and design work together to create the perfect immersive bar experience.

1.5.1. Why This Bar is a Must Visit?

Tiki Tatsu-Ya is a contemporary, Japanese-influenced take on the Polynesian pop-culture phenomenon, and it can be found at 1300 S Lamar Blvd, Austin, Texas 78704 in the United States.

Through its decor, drinks, and food selection, the restaurant offers an immersive experience that instantly transports you to an island paradise. Its Polynesian and Japanese-inspired menu is ideal for sharing with loved ones or friends.

Tiki Tatsu-Ya is two bars combined into one. The “Nest Bar,” which is present on the unnamed dream island of today, which has evolved into a post-war surf/vacation haven, is upstairs under hanging fishing traps and boxes. Although less tic than the cave bar below, this Nest Bar on the second floor is no less rich in an intricate design.

A carved shisha that hangs over the bar stools frames the actual upstairs bar. It prowls over patrons at the bar in a Cheshire cat-like position.

In keeping with the theme, the Nest Bar also features an abstract sea dragon carving that is also illuminated by projection-mapped lighting.

This carving is located in an alcove that serves as the top of the fountain that flows into the Shisa statue in the cave bar below. Additionally, the shadowbox stained glass windows represent the island at dusk in a contemporary tiki bar design.

The menu is well-organized, and the feedback from customers indicates that the Polynesian meals are quite good. Among the foods to try at Tiki Tatsu-ya are good taro, crab rangoon, and saimin. Check out some delectable rum, whisky, or mai tais. Many guests place excellent coffee orders.

Customers enjoy themselves at this establishment because of the warm atmosphere. The prices are reasonable in the eyes of the visitors. More people will come in because of the lovely decor.

A themed amusement park can only provide the kind of immersed experience that the somewhat hyped restaurant does. Tiki Tatsu-Ya’s textured walls, which were only recently opened in October 2021, have a cavern-like appearance.

Visitors almost get the impression that they are in a cave where a pirate has hidden their wealth from prying eyes thanks to the rockwork, maritime features, and sounds of tropical birds.

At Tiki Tatsu-Ya, Port Light is a must-try beverage. As soon as you enter through the entrance, you are instantly taken to a tropical paradise. A lot of thought has gone into the decor and how the lighting change as different drinks are presented.

Excellent customer service, enjoyable drinks, and wonderful food as well. The staff is friendly, the beverages are outstanding in terms of quality and flair, and the ambiance is very unique.

2. Conclusion

This bars guide should have assisted you in choosing the ideal Austin bars. You will never be disappointed in visiting Austin, a popular tourist site.

Austin offers a variety of fantastic bars in addition to its stunning environment, mountains, best seafood, and Italian cuisine.

So visit the bars on the above list, sample their best wines, and satisfy your appetite for unique and modern cuisine. You will never be let down by these Best bars in Austin.

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