Beaver Lake – 10 Best Spots to Visit!

Whenever in the mood for a relaxing day in nature’s lap, Beaver lake will never disappoint you.

Beaver Lake is an artificial lake in midst of the Ozark Mountains located in Northwest Arkansas formed by a levee across the White River.

With towering limestone scars, natural grottoes, and a wide variety of trees and unfolding shrubs, it is a popular sight-seer destination managed by Beaver Water District.

Spots to Visit Around Beaver Lake

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1. Beaver Lake State Park

Beaver Lake State Park is one of the twelve developed parks in the area and provides an escape from the adversities of everyday life, offering a comforting atmosphere in an isolated out-of-door sitting next to a quiet lake.

The demesne offers primitive as well as modern camping facilities and three camping cabins for those wanting to stay and enjoy for a little bit longer.

Park guests will find plenitude to enthrall their time. From studying the park’s marvellous history, taking advantage of breathtaking water sports, hiking, mountain biking, fishing or just relaxing in the shadow of an American environment.

2. Monument Trails- Hobbs State Park

The first of the Arkansas State Parks Monument Trails, these trails both give you a wonderful touch of nature and also make the path motorbike safe in the demesne.

The multi-use trails are meant for everyone including mountain bikers, trampers, and trail runners.

3. Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge

Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge is one of the largest sanctuaries for the roaring animal, Tiger.

The non-profit USDA pukka retreat was founded in 1992 and it has grown ever since to come one of the Top 10 lodestones in Arkansas and the most popular refuge in Eureka Springs.

Lions, cougars, leopards, tigers, and bears are displayed in large natural homes girding the main enclosures and gift shops. It also has many species of birds surrounding the refuge.

4. White River Bridge

The White River Bridge was erected in 1929 in midst of Mount Rainier National Park as a following path of Yakima Park Road design.

The road was planned to open up the entry access to the northeastern portion of the demesne.

5. Inspiration Point

The stirring outlook of nature in Arkansas lets you see for miles and miles of beauty that can calm your heart and mind.

From Hawksbill Crag to our numerous mountains, Arkansas has no deficit of stirring overlooks. still, this particular bone is downright inspiring.

Alleviation Point near Eureka Springs makes you feel like you are standing on the highest hill.

6. Underground Eureka Tour

Town Eureka Springs comes alive on the Downtown- N- Underground stint.

Our literal characters come to life and secrets come out throughout the stint, you need to take the tour if history is your gem.

sunrise at beaver
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7. Lake Leatherwood

Lake Leatherwood City Park is a place of natural habitat spread over 1610 acres of land which includes a spring-fed lake on 85 acres of land.

The lake is built by one of the humongous hand-carved native limestone heads in the country. The levee and several demesne structures were constructed in the early 1940s.

There are many fishing tournaments organized at the lake’s edge where water skiing, boating and swimming are also allowed.

Lake Leatherwood Kayak
Source: Eureka Springs

8. Ozark Mountains

The Ozarks is a physiographic region in the U.S. states of Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma and Arkansas.

The mountains provide a lot of tourist activities such as hiking, ziplining, camping, scuba diving, and many more. There are many magical waterfall locations in the mountains as well.

Source: beaver lake resort

9. War Eagle Cavern

War Eagle Cavern features a beautiful natural entrance right before the props of Beaver Lake.

The delve is friendly even for specially challenged people and great for all periods. Experience all that the Cavern has to offer any time you desire here!

According to their staff, Indians inhabited the delve hundreds of years ago even before the first settlers entered the area.

The vacuity of fresh water from the underground spring that dwells through the delve made this an ideal home for hundreds of families during the Great Depression.

10. Beaver Dam

A beaver levee or beaver imprisonment is a levee erected by beavers to produce a pond which protects against bloodsuckers similar to bootleggers, wolves and bears, and holds their food during downtime.

These structures modify the natural terrain in such a way that the overall ecosystem builds upon the change, making beavers a cornerstone species and ecosystem masterminds.

They make prolifically at night, carrying slush and stones with their forepaws and timber between their teeth.


Beaver Lake, Arkansas is a very beautiful spot for camping, hiking, or even a simple day out.

It has a lot of places famous for tourism, with a lot of fun sports to play like fishing, hiking, skiing and many more. It provides you with a heartfelt touch of the beauty of nature.

Have fun exploring!


1. Can you swim in Beaver Lake Arkansas?

Visit Beaver Lake for a day outing where you may picnic, and go boating, diving, tubing, and swimming!

Bass fishing at Beaver Lake is so well-known across the country that it has even emerged as a popular location for fishing competitions.

2. What is at the bottom of Beaver Lake?

The remnants of William Hope “Coin” Harvey’s Monte Ne settlement are buried deep below the shores of Beaver Lake.

3. How big is Beaver Lake in Arkansas?

The lake is about 50 miles long, spans about 31,700 acres, has 483 miles of coastline, and rises about 1,120 feet above sea level.



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