5 Best Bike Shops in Toronto

Best Bike Shops Toronto

In this age, when nearly everything is online, be it work or assignments, or food delivery when one does not need to go outside of the house, we have a higher chance of becoming unfit and unhealthy.

This situation calls for the need of the best bike shops Toronto.

The human body needs constant movement to keep the blood flow going and our joints and limbs flexible.

What better way to achieve this than riding a bike? It is safe for the environment, it saves time in traffic and it can do wonders for your health!

So without further ado, here are some of the best bike shops in Toronto that you can visit for the best deals and even better cycles!

Best Bike Shops Toronto

1. Sweet Pete’s Bike Shops in Toronto

Photo on Sweet Pete’s

Their Bloor Dale store is well-known for its broad range a wide selection of bikes and skilled, pleasant staff eager to assist you with your cycling and fitness goals.

They are a friendly group of bike experts that enjoy riding city/commuter, both mountain bikes and road bikes. They have knowledgeable staff.

A complete service division, a brand, a dedicated fit studio, and a huge assortment of Electric Bikes set this facility apart from almost all of Toronto’s bike shops.

Their 1204 Bloor St West Toronto location additionally offers cyclists one of Toronto’s best selections of cycling gear and apparel.

They have easy access on the northern side of Bloor, near Dufferin and Lansdowne.

(a) Bikes

Sweet Pete’s bike shop Toronto has several bikes for you to choose from! Like electric bikes, BMX, road, urban bikes Toronto, and mountain bikes that every mountain biker would be lucky to have!

(b) Parts

Bike parts are extremely important for the functioning and new or used bike and the safety of both, the bike and the rider!

So, with Sweet Pete’s bike shop Toronto, buy the best parts and invest in your future and safety!

(c) Accessories

Some stuff from this bicycle shop helps keep you safe while others improve the quality of your biking experience and make you look super cool!

Buy various apparel from Sweet Pete’s bike shop in Toronto as per your liking from their store!

They’ve got a great selection of bags, locks, chains, tools, and fenders!

2. Gears Bike Shops in Toronto

People on Bike
Photo on Gears

Cycling brings people closer to liberty, the natural world, and companionship in any city.

It encourages us to pursue wellness and joy by combining our hectic daily routines with physical activity, tranquility, and enjoyment.

Since 1988, GEARS Toronto has been connecting individuals with cycling. They have a set of knowledgeable and friendly staff.

They offer their consumers a welcoming and stress-free apparel and bicycle shopping experience.

They ask questions, listen, and spend the time to truly get to know you so as to match you with a bicycle and purchase a suitable bike.

From his mother’s garage, founder Kevin Wallace established an independent bicycle shop that also works as a maintenance company.

With a young man’s determination and tenacity, this small enterprise quickly grew into a neighborhood accomplishment, with Fifty bikes in Toronto filling the garage.

Kevin swiftly outgrew his garage and built a storefront in the historical Clarkson Weigh Station.

Gears was founded in this 400-square-foot building, and the company remained here until 1996.

(a) Bikes

They have a wide selection of various bikes such as Urban bikes, hybrid, road, off-road, and kids bikes!

(b) Parts

While they have all the parts you could ever want to fix or upgrade your bicycles, you don’t necessarily have to put it all together!

There’s silver lining for all you novices who are out there! They provide services for bike maintenance and repairs.

(c) Accessories

Besides the bikes and the parts, they also help you choose the best gifts for your biker friends! They have everything, from socks and shoes to smartwatches and training supplies!

So the next shopping time you wish to gift something to one of your biker friends or yourself, choose them and bask in the happiness you spread!

3. Fix Coffee + Bike Shops in Toronto

Photo on Fix Coffee

They have the bike you’re looking for if you need to travel between locations from point A to point B on an urban bike, travel to work on an electric bike, or hit the dirt roads for an enjoyable weekend on a gravel rig.

Their service crew team is accessible twenty-four hours per day a week to ensure that your ride is in good working order and that you are pedaling safely.

They provide amazing service in their bicycle shop in Toronto City.

They’re enthusiastic about bikes and customers and dealing with clients, so you can be sure you’re in good hands.

They carry bikes from well-known manufacturers and brands such as Brodie Bicycles, Kona Bikes, Brompton, Scott, State Bicycle Co., Louis Garneau, Fyxation, and Detroit Bikes.

Aside from these wonderful companies and their standard models, they also provide custom construction services for riders that want something tailored specifically to their needs.

Working within the constraints of your funds, they cooperate with you to build the best ride for you by combining a new bike, frame, components, and extras.

(a) Bikes

They have several bikes such as gravel, kids, BMX, city, commuter, and mountain!

(b) Parts

They have handlebar tapes, grips, wheels, bicycle pedals, and saddles for you! Customers can even get the parts customized as per their physical attributes!

(c) Accessories

Besides amazing coffee, they have stylish apparel for you to romp up your ride and be healthy but in style! They have baskets, bells, fenders, lights, and locks for your security!

(d) Coffee Bar

They’re delighted to serve exceptional coffee of the highest caliber, with an ongoing selection of blended, single origin, and decaf espresso, as well as drip espresso as well as a great selection of house-made cold-brewed beverages.

Each talented and inspired roaster creates coffee beans with particular flavors that they like brewing and drinking.

4. Bateman’s Bicycle Company 

bike shop
Photo on Bateman’s

Bateman’s Bicycle Shop, located at 960 Bathurst Street, Toronto is one of the best bike shops out there!

They provide all sorts of bikes to buy! They sell not only amazing bikes but also tires, parts, clothes, biking gear, wheels, and shoes!

So, now you can get a new bike in Kensington Market Toronto while touring locations and shopping in Dufferin st Toronto

They provide amazing service and fast responses, you can get your old used bike repaired and tuned up or get a completely new one but with certain modifications as per your personal requirements, and they will happily comply and assist you till the very end.

So, they repair and tune up your bike in their shop in Toronto.

(a) Bikes

They have various bikes like mountain bikes, road bikes, gravel bikes, commuter bikes, kids bikes, and cruiser bikes!

(b) Parts

They have various bike parts of the highest quality! Parts used in bikes, like bar ends, bottom brackets, brakes, cables ad chains are all important in the proper repair, functionality, and safety of the bike and the biker, and they have it all!

(c) Accessories 

They have several tinklings like bags, eyewear, bottles, and caps!

5. Bike Depot Bike Shop in Toronto

best bike shops in Toronto
Photo on Bike Depot

Bike Depot aims to be an all-encompassing resource for bicyclists of all skill levels and interests.

They wish to assist you if you’re a fresh cyclist searching for guidance and support or an experienced biker seeking the best bicycle goods online.

You can even get your old bikes inside the shops and talk to other customers and share your experiences about the great services provided!

They desire to see you someday at any of the company’s stores!

(a) Bikes

They have got various bikes such as road, mountain, cyclocross, commuter, comfort, cruiser, fitness, and hybrid.

(b) Parts

They have various parts which are all important for you, your safety, and the bike! Parts such as race frame, visor, and handlebars.

(c) Accessories

They have various accessories like bottles, fenders, locks, and lighting.

The Last Word

Biking is really important in these modern times, it gives you an excuse to get out of your home and get some sunlight!

In this new era of technology, one needs to keep healthy by continuously moving one’s body and the best way to do that is by biking. 

Besides that, it keeps your body moving, helping you exercise almost every joint and you save time because bikes are easy to navigate in traffic!

With all these aforementioned bike shops in Toronto, you can get your dream bike, the bike that is right for you, and live a healthy, better life!

You could bike all the way to a nice picnic spot in Toronto and feel nature with your loved ones!

These are some of the best bike shops in Toronto and they come with a reasonable price, options for tune-ups and curbside pickup!

So, what are you waiting for? Next time you are in Toronto, buy or rent a bike and become one of the greatest Toronto cyclists one has ever seen!

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