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Liquid to Matte Lipstick: 8 Ways to Apply

Uses of liquid to matte lipstick aside from applying them directly to your lips. Have you been applying your liquid Lipstick like a regular one? You may achieve a full-coverage makeup look with simply liquid lipsticks if you follow some simple techniques that we have for you.

Changing the color of your lips is one of the simplest ways to transition your appearance from “office professional” to “romantic date” to “Saturday night party.” On the other hand, this often results in us purchasing excessive lip cosmetics.

On the other hand, if the sheer quantity of liquid lipsticks that are only half used that you have stashed away in your cosmetic drawer is making you feel overwhelmed, we have some liquid lipstick tricks that will help you.

Your liquid Lipstick collection may be used for various purposes outside just applying it to your lips. Don’t trust us? If you keep reading, you’ll see the evidence for yourself.

1. Liquid to Matte Lipstick: Ways to Apply

1.1. As an Eyeliner—to Make Your Eyes Stand Out

liquid to matte lipstick
Image by KaterinaDalemans/ Unlimphotos/ Copyright

The greatest way to gratify the cosmetic experimenter inside you would be to put your black eyeliner to the side. Use colorful eyeliners to draw attention to your eyes and let them do the talking. This style may be mastered with the use of matte liquid Lipstick.

With these formulations, you’ll be able to apply eyeliner easily, and as it dries, it will have a matte finish that will remain in place until you remove it. Applying some liquid lipstick on the back of your hand is the best way to ensure you get the perfect flick when using liquid Lipstick.

After that, paint your wing with an angled brush pointed sharply. Applying a little dusting of translucent powder to the liner will help it to maintain its position.

Try using a half-lined eye instead of a full-on wing if you’re concerned about seeming over the top. You can also make a fantastic ombre look by mixing your typical black gel liner with a little colored lipstick. This will give the appearance of a gradient.

1.2. As a Touch—Providing a Little Extra Heat

liquid to matte lipstick
Image by Fabrikasimf/ Unlimphotos/ Copyright

Utilizing your rosy and pink shade lipsticks as blushes will allow you to get the most use out of them. Do you want to know how? It’s fairly straightforward.

Apply the liquid Lipstick to the highest point of your cheekbones and blend it out using either a makeup blender or your fingers. We all like the dewy sheen that it bestows on everything!

Mix some primer into your Lipstick before applying it to your cheeks if you find the matte liquid Lipstick too strong for you or prefer a more sheer hue and your blush a shimmery appearance by including a drop or two of liquid highlighter in the formulation.

1.3. To Add Some Dimensions—Use It as a Contour

The queen of contouring herself, Kim Kardashian, revealed this fantastic tip that makes contouring much easier. If you, like many others, are unsure about the pigmentation or consistency of the contour cosmetics you use, your preferred nude or brown Lipstick may be the solution. Choose a contour shade a few shades darker than your natural skin color for a dramatic effect.

Draw a three down the side of your face, past your cheekbones, and then around the bottom half of your face to her chin, beginning in the middle of your forehead.

It would be best to repeat this technique on both sides of your face. If you don’t mix the ingredients well, you won’t receive the results you were hoping for.

1.4. Hide Those Dark Circles While Acting as a Color Corrector

Yes, the liquid Lipstick you own can also be used to correct the color of your lips. Use Lipstick in red to cover up lip circles and bags under the eyes.

Because the dark circles under our eyes are typically blue or green, using a color that is either red or orange is the most effective way to cover them up. Apply a tiny quantity of the product to the dark circles under your eyes, ensure it is well distributed, and wait one minute.

After the product has been allowed to dry completely, you can conceal any imperfections using your usual method. By blending it properly, you can ensure that the red Lipstick is visible.

1.5. As an Eis eyeshadow—to Achieve a Glamorous and Fashionable Appearance

liquid to matte lipstick
Image by antpkr/ Unlimphotos/ Copyright

Lipstick may be rubbed over the eyelids to produce the appearance of matte makeup, which is very much in style at the moment. If you want to mimic the trend of shiny eyelids, add a bright loss on them or of your preferred eyeshadow hue. This will give you the same effect.

Even though it is not as common as using Lipstick as blush, applying liquid Lipstick in this way can give the appearance of having come “straight off the runway” in a magazine.

You may opt for a soft, sun-kissed appearance by applying a light and shimmering brown, or you can go for a strong and surprising look by applying pink.

You’ll have a highly edgy style thanks to the bright pink color that you put on your eyelids, which is great for a party look. The style is a little dangerous, but putting yourself out there is by no means a sin.

1.6. As a Lipstick—to Create Your Shade

Do you want to make an already fantastic lipstick color even better? Makeup artists’ go-to trick for creating a personalized look—like an Ombre lip look—combines two tones of the same product. Why not give it a shot?

Bringing out your less-used colors may also be enjoyable when mixing two tones. After all, almost everyone has a pair of sunglasses that aren’t quite right laying around somewhere. To get a flawless blend of two (or more) lipsticks, follow these tips:

1.6.1 Getting the Canvas Ready

liquid to matte lipstick
Image by EdZbarzhyvetsky/ Depositphotos/ Copyright 2018

Ensure that your lips are in the finest possible condition before going all out with a new trademark color.

To get your lips ready, apply some lip balm, but avoid using anything too shiny. It is not the purpose of this process to generate a glossy surface but rather a lip that is primed and moisturized.

1.6.2. Beginning With Analogous Pairings

If you’re starting, you may want to try blending two different shades, free color family.

First, cover the whole of the lips with a bright or black foundation shade of liquid Lipstick, and then use a lighter shade to emphasize only the center of the lips.

1.6.3. Take a Chance on the Unexpected

liquid to matte lipstick
Image by  Fabrikasimf/ Unlimphotos/ Copyright

Have you ever pondered whether or not two brights make a good pair? Now is the moment to discover the answer. You may make a pinky nude lip by adding a splash of pink color to a nude lip, or you can create a coral lip by mixing orange and a pink shade.

Because applying makeup is an art form, you should not be afraid to express yourself through it. In a nutshell, muster up the courage, show some audacity, and go to work. You are going to be treated to a range of hues that are both stunning and unexpected.

1.6.4. Carry out a Trial Run

Have difficulties perfecting your mixing skills? Makeup experts recommend blending the hues on a separate surface before putti them on the lips to get the desired effect.

If you are unsure how the color will turn out, try it out on your hand first.

2. Do’s and Don’ts of liquid matte lipstick

It’s impossible to deny the fact that matte liquids are the newest trend in every industry. These saturated and matte lipsticks are excellent choices for whatever event you may be attending. Unlike the traditional lipsticks we all use, liquid matte lipsticks have a more vibrant and refreshing appearance.

On Instagram, we often find ourselves swooning over perfectly applied lip makeup. Do you ever feel resentment against the fact that you were not endowed with the rare gift of being able to apply the finest matte liquid Lipstick simply?

I’m sorry to break it to you. You and I are in the same boat. It may come as a surprise that the approach to getting the ideal pout is not by purchasing expensive cosmetics but by correctly applying lip products.

We are aware of all the challenges that you must overcome. In light of this, we have compiled a list of things you should and should not do when applying liquid matte lipstick.

2.1. Do’s Prep Your Lips

Isn’t it blatantly obvious? Lipstick is one of your favorite beauty accessories, but if you don’t exfoliate your lips before applying a liquid matte, it may dry your lips.

Because of this, it is essential to exfoliate your lips regularly and apply moisturizer to them. It won’t take more than a minute of your time, and the results will be instantaneously smooth and soft lips.

2.1.1. Apply Lip Balm

After exfoliating your lips, the first step in applying lip makeup is to apply lip balm to your lips. A layer of KOL Lip Balm makes it simpler to apply Lipstick and amplifies the product’s color.

2.2.2. Apply a Lip Liner to Create a Border

Outlining is the single most crucial thing you can do while applying Lipstick. This will prevent your Lipstick from smearing while also assisting you in maintaining its position on your lips.

2.3.4. Put on Very Thin Coats

Applying many thin layers is preferable to applying one large coating. When applying the product to your upper lips, start in the middle and work to the edges.

Wait until the first layer has completely dried out before beginning work on the second coat. Locate the most effective matte liquid lipstick online and prepare to flaunt a beautiful pout.

3. Don’ts Start with Only a Little Coating of Foundation

Here is the secret to achieving a matte finish with liquid Lipstick that no one will ever tell you. There is no harm in applying a very little coating of foundation. It provides the ideal foundation for you.

3.1. Use Liner After Lipstick

Never go back over your Lipstick with a lip liner after applying it. This goes against the purpose of putting a lip liner first.

3.2. Take Away to Some Extent

Your lips are the softest portion of your whole body, especially when compared to other parts. It is necessary to apply it precisely, and it is also important to remove it accurately.

Just one or two swipes with a good makeup remover that contains oil should be enough to remove the liquid Lipstick completely. So, tell me, what exactly are you anticipating? The first step is to apply the Lipstick, so let’s get started.

4. Five Different Finishes for Liquid Lipsticks

There are many different lipstick formulations available for liquid lipsticks, including the following:

4.1. Creamy

Lipsticks with a creamy texture often include powerful pigments and provide complete coverage.

They also hydrate your lips and provide the appearance of fullness to your lips.

4.2. Gloss

Applying gloss liquid lipstick to your lips will cause them to seem fuller and more lustrous. Lipsticks with a glossy finish are moisturizing and will make your lips look like Lipstick.

Glossy lipstick may be transparent, have a very faint tint, or have a very deep tint; nevertheless, they need touch-ups more often.

4.3. Frosted

Frosted liquid lipsticks incorporate flecks of shimmer or glitter to make Lipstick lips sparkle and glisten.

4.4. Matte

A matte liquid lipstick is a pigmented lipstick that dries on your lips with a matte finish without shine.

A matte liquid lipstick is also known as a matte lipstick. Be careful to use lip balm before applying matte makeup since it can dry out your lips and extend the wear time of the product.

4.5. Satin Lipsticks

Also known as sheer lipsticks, satin lipsticks provide the appearance of fuller lips. Lipsticks with a satin finish tend to be hydrating and nourishing for the lips.

They have a natural appearance and have very mild pigmentation. Satin and sheer lipsticks, unlike matte lipsticks, do not have a long-lasting effect; thus, you will need to reapply them throughout the day.

5. What Makes Matte Lipstick Unique?

A matte lipstick speaks the (somewhat) obvious matte lip. Lipstick Matte lipsticks are usually highly pigmented and shine-free,” explains makeup artist and inventor Dakota Alexandra. “Matte lipsticks do not have a glossed finish.”

“Matte lipsticks are available in various formats, including liquid, pressed in a palette, or packaged in the traditional lipstick tube.” Because matte lipsticks do not have a finish that reflects light like satin or glossed does, Lipstick’s appearance lips are typically more monochromatic, saturated, and uniform.

Alexa Persico, who specializes in applying makeup, says that “all lipsticks have a combination of oil, wax, and pigmentation.”

Compared to other Lipstick, types contain less oil and moisture and do not produce a sheen on the lips like satin and sheer varieties. If you want your matte lipstick to look its best, ensuring your lips are well moisturized is essential in the preparation process.

“A sheer or satin lipstick may have a sheen and stay emollient,” observes celebrity makeup artist Judi Gabbay, “whereas a matte lipstick would feel drier on lips.”

And what distinguishes a matte lip from a satin or transparent lip? To put it more simply, it’s a mix of all of the preceding factors. Makeup expert Jacqueline Fraioli says that satin finish lipstick is often a bit creamier than matte finish lipstick and has some shade to the formula.

“When it comes to a matte lipstick versus a satin finish lipstick,” Lipstick with a satin finish is less drying than Lipstick with a matte consistency. Sheer Lipstick has a higher sheen and luster, and it nearly creates the effect of a glossy wash of color. A sheer lipstick would be almost the complete antithesis of matte lippies.

6. Secrets to Applying Matte Lipstick Like a Pro

When applied to a battered face, lipsticks with a matte finish make a strong statement. If you know how to apply them properly, they are a matte, velutinous complement to your pout that can make your lips seem ten times better than they are.

Even though we adore our matte lipsticks, we know that they can sometimes develop a cakey appearance over time and accentuate the appearance of dry lips, which can cause the lips to appear cracked and messy.

Because of this, we turned to the owners of two of the most successful cosmetic firms that Lipstick of African descent owns to get their advice on how to get a clean, flawless appearance that won’t get patchy or fade away throughout the day (or night!). Below, you’ll find their secrets.

6.1. The First Thing You Need to Do is Choose a Reliable Recipe.

There are many distinct varieties of matte! “Look for the finish to be smooth and a velvety, richly pigmented color,” advises Ashunta Sheriff-Kendricks, the founder of Ashunta; this indicates it is a makeup artist.

She believes this indicates that your color will last all day and will not need reapplication at different points throughout the day. You should try out the Vegan Matte Lip Cremes offered by her business. They come in twelve different opulent colors.

6.2. Utilize a Lip Scrub in the Second Step

According to the creator of The Lip Bar, it is essential to remove any dead skin cells from the lips.

This may be done by exfoliating with a scrub, such as their Rockstar Sugar Scrub, or wiping the lips with a hot cloth. Both are excellent methods for removing dead skin.

6.3. The Next Step is to Apply Some Lip Balm

liquid to matte lipstick
Image by makidotvn/ Unlimphotos/ Copyright

“You want to make sure that your lips are soft and hydrated so that you have the most comfortable wear,” recommends Butler.

Before applying makeup, she suggests coating your lips with a teeny-tiny lip balm for a few minutes so that your lips may absorb some moisture from the balm and then removing any leftover oil with a tissue.

The lipstick that you omit the balm and instead use a comfortable liquid matte lipstick if you want the Lipstick to remain in place without smudging throughout the day or if you are seeking for it to be smudge resistant.

6.4. Applying a Lip Liner is the Fourth Step.

No, don’t skip lip liner! Using a liner, you can prevent your matte lipstick from moving about on your lips and seeping over the lip line.

“Pick one of your choices,” advises Sheriff-Kendricks, “whether it’s matching the exact color or applying a richer tone to create a lipstick.”

“Pick one of your choices” means either “matching the exact color” or “applying a richer tone.” According to her, both functions extraordinarily well and enable a single lip color to produce two distinct matte lip styles.

6.5. The Fifth Step is to Apply

The best way to apply tube lipstick is to start in the center of your cupid’s bow (top lip) and then go smoothly toward the corner of your mouth. Repeating the previous process on the other side of the upper lip is necessary to link your cupid bow. Continue in the same manner with your lower lip.

If you are applying liquid matte using an applicator brush, remove any excess lipstick that may have accumulated at the tip of the brush. Failing to do so may result in an application that is messy and difficult to control.

The next step is to apply the Lipstick to your lips by painting it on with even strokes, once again beginning in the middle of your lip, allowing easy product dispersion. Always remember to apply tube or liquid matte concealer within the lines of your liner, regardless of which type you use. Now blow an imaginary kiss to yourself in the mirror, then go out there and have fun!

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7. Conclusion

If you want to join the trend of matte liquid lipstick, you’ll need to know how to apply it correctly. Luckily, achieving this look flawlessly only requires a few easy steps!

Are you prepared to test the liquid lipsticks in your collection in various areas of your face? Or make a one-of-a-kind shade by mixing and matching various hues from your lipstick collection?

After implementing these tips, you never want to return to using liquid Lipstick in the same old way again.

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