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17 Best Mexican Restaurant Toronto to Explore

It’s understandable why Mexican food is a favourite among many people. Mexican food is colourful, flavorful, complex, and wonderful.

Best Mexican Restaurant Toronto: 17 Amazing Options

Even though it is far from Mexico, Toronto has a thriving Mexican culinary culture. You won’t stop returning to Toronto for more food because the Mexican cuisine is unparalleled.

We’ve chosen the best Mexican restaurants in Toronto, based on their reasonable pricing, welcoming environment, use of fresh ingredients, and the delectable food and beverages they offer.

Best Mexican Restaurants in Toronto

Let’s look at the best Mexican restaurants Toronto has to offer!

1. Fonda Lola

Image by Nevena Mikec from Pixabay

You will appreciate the thought that has gone into each dish at this restaurant, which has a menu full of fresh recipes. The beverages may appear pricey, but they are worth it!

Visit this cozy, homey cantina on Queen West for delectable, modern Mexican cuisine crafted with sustainably sourced and regional ingredients.

You’re in luck if you’re craving a margarita because these are Fonda Lola’s specialty drinks. They offer a variety of margaritas, including the Spicy Margarita and the Hibiscus Margarita.

They also provide a selection of Mexican-themed cocktails, beers, and spirits! You can also get one of the Agua Frescas or a bottle of Jarritos if you don’t feel like drinking.

2. Como En Casa

This Mexican restaurant in Toronto has been operating for a while, & the food never disappoints. The constant use of fresh ingredients greatly enhances the flavour.

Source: Como en casa

Their hybrid burrito having chipotle sauce on top is a favourite; it’s so good that even after just one mouthful, you’ll want more.

You can’t go wrong with ordering a strong or a light drink here, but the hibiscus margarita strikes the spot. Additionally, the employees were courteous enough to make me feel at home today.

3. Mad Mexican Restaurant

Mad Mexican Restaurant is a Mexican eatery with various Mexican cuisines. It is situated close to Jane Street & Dundas Street West.

They have a lot of furnishings in wood tones and a roomy, welcoming interior.

Source: Mad Mexican

They provide delicious and savoury tacos, piping-hot street corn, tortas & burritos, among other things.

Of course, they also serve margaritas. We advise ordering no greater than one nacho platter if you want to experience their nachos because one is substantial and may serve 3–4 people.

4. Campechano

If you enjoy hot margaritas and amazing fish tacos, head to Campechano.

Source: Campechano

Their food is delicious and flavorful with a substantial serving, including Aguachile, “Sopes,” a traditional Mexican snack, and their cauliflower & mushrooms tacos, a terrific vegetarian alternative.

They also have a lovely and cheerful crew that provides excellent service.

5. La Carnita

This chain is already well-known for dinner and drinks thanks to its east side and downtown locations.

Source: La carnitas

All of La Carnita’s iconic dishes have relocated uptown. Still, a selection of daily specialties created exclusively for this location joins the Voltron-sauced tacos, Mexican street corn, and ceviche tostadas.

Most of the Cerveza options are regional, but there are also some Mexican (Dos Equis) & Hawaiian options available on tap ($7.50).

Modelo Especial, Tecate, and Negra Modelo are just a few of the Mexican imports available in bottles and cans (starting at $7).

6. Pambazo

Image by JaimeAP from Pixabay

Pambazo is difficult to find at other Mexican restaurants, but it is accessible at El Charro.

At the restaurant, you may have frijoles, steak, shrimp, pork tacos, grilled chicken, and chorizo, a Mexican sausage.

Outstanding customer service, desserts, & imported Mexican beverages are also offered. However, please be aware that there is no parking available on the restaurant’s side, so you better walk or hail a cab.

7. Z Teca Mexican Eatery

At Z-tech Mexican Eatery, you may get fresh and delectable Mexican food for a fair price.

Additionally, the restaurant offers top-notch clientele service and a friendly staff that will suggest the best dishes to sample.

z-teca Burrito and Esquites
Source: Z teca

In addition to many other delectable delicacies, the restaurant serves quesadillas, nachos, salads, & crispy chicken burritos.

You should have the grilled chicken salad bowl, which will satiate you, and pay extra for guacamole.

Please remember that lineups may form during lunchtime and on weekends; thus, arrive early to guarantee a seat.

8. El Nahual Tacos

The best tacos in town can be found at El Nahual Tacos, which has a welcoming staff and a calm ambiance.

Barbacoa Taco
Source: El Nahual Tacos

They offer delicious Mexican fares like fish tacos, carnitas & beef tacos, homemade nachos, and tortilla chips, & a vegan taco presented with gluten-free tortillas, each dish is presented beautifully.

9. Mexicanos

The residents like the variety of Mexican food served at this restaurant in the city’s center.

The restaurant offers courteous service, food created with fresh ingredients, and vividly coloured décor.

The restaurant offers a wide variety of protein-rich foods, including burritos, bowls, quesadillas, & nachos that taste handmade and are incredibly healthy, that you can personalize by selecting your base, proteins, and toppings.

10. El Catrin Destileria

The distillery district is home to this stylish, sophisticated, and artistic restaurant serving upmarket Mexican small plates and a selection of tequilas and beverages.

Source: El Catrin

The restaurant also offers gorgeous patios with cozy seating places and well-decorated interiors featuring colourful Calavera throughout.

And wonderful designs. The restaurant’s outstanding menu includes vegan ceviche, tortilla chips, creatively arranged esquites, sopes, and ceviche de atun.

11. Playa Cabana

One of the friendliest and most relaxed patios in town for eating Mexican food is provided by Playa Cabana.

The eatery provides some of the finest tacos, burritos, & salsas created with homemade tortillas and regional favourites.

Additionally, there are tequila-based beverages, helpful personnel who will help you with your orders, a beautiful atmosphere, and fantastic music, all of which are ideal for a leisurely summer day.

12. Chula Taberna Mexicana

Image by Marcos Marcão from Pixabay


On Gerard Street East, you can see this Toronto treasure thanks to its exterior paintwork in a vivid yellow colour.

The Mexican restaurant serves delicious Mexican food such as burritos & burrito bowls, fish tacos, “Carne Asada,” a grilled flank steak, and Enchilada Con Poli, as well as alcoholic drinks like Sangrias, mimosas, & frozen slushy with additional $8.5 charge for Ciroc.

Additionally, the restaurant has a sizable, cheerful terrace with a lovely backdrop that can hold up to 4 people due to existing constraints.

Try their great Mexican-style street corn, topped with avocado crème, cilantro, and lime, while you’re there.

13. Comal Y Canela

Every day of the week, Comal Y Canela serves authentic Mexican cuisine, including homemade tamales, sope, quesadillas, and birria tacos.

Much like in Mexico, homemade tortillas are prepared on a comal griddle. Almost every dish on the menu, from the smooth horchata to the enchiladas, contains Canela (or Ceylon cinnamon).

Comal Y Canela
Source: CC

The room’s character is more than made up for by the abundance of mementos from Mexico on the walls, as well as pieces of Talavera ceramics that the owner’s hometown of Atlixco hand-decorated.

Fresh Nixtamal corn is used to make the tortillas for tacos, quesadillas, and sope. The corn soaks in slaked lime for an entire night before being cleaned, ground in a lava-stone mill, kneaded and fried on the griddle.

The halal meat for the birria tacos is strained from the birria stew and placed on little round shells that are placed on a different portion of the grill.

14. Itacate

Itacate is a little, family-run taqueria that appears to have been imported directly from Mexico City.

What it lacks in size, it more than makes up for with real Mexican street food, which can be found within a butcher shop on St. Clair West.

Instead of the typical flat, limp pub food, quesadillas are cooked. The crunchy shell is filled with shredded beef, pork, mushrooms, and crisp lettuce. The flavours are cheesy, salty, savoury, and sweet together.

Dessert options include flan ($6) and tres leches ($6). Flan is dense & jiggly, sweet & lusciously caramel-y, while tres leches are rich, creamy, soaking, & topped with thickly sweet canned peaches that lend a homestyle pop.

15. El Rey Mezcal

Kensington Market has a mezcal bar called El Rey.

El Rey Mezcal Bar
Source: El Ray

The main attraction at the bar is the always-changing selection of mezcals, which are arranged by species and noted with their areas of origin and terroir-specific tasting notes.

About 35 batches of mezcal are currently available. Still, the collection is expanding as van Gameren interacts with mezcaleros, so taste & import one-of-a-kind, small quantities of this liquor.

Although the cocktail menu appears summery, it will probably change as the seasons do. For instance, The Mexploitation ($14) is a beverage similar to a Mai Tai served inside a tall terra cotta cup.

16. Playa Cabana

Playa Cabana is one of the more recent additions to Toronto’s Mexican restaurant industry. It is located on a quiet residential section of Dupont Street, just east of Davenport.

Playa Cabana’s name means “beach cabin,” and despite the absence of any visible bodies of water, the location’s natural, cottage-like ambiance helps it live up to its moniker.

You can enjoy great Mexican food, handmade tortillas, amazing tacos, pork stew, refried beans, fresh tortillas, Baja tacos, pulled pork, and so many Mexican eats there.

The hand-pressed corn tortilla chips more than made up for the watery salsa. Even while we now know that authentic Mexican burritos are normally eaten with a knife & fork.

17. El Catrin

Image by ALFONSO CHARLES from Pixabay


El Catrin, a recently opened Mexican restaurant in the Distillery District, has moved into the Boiler House’s former location while remaining owned by the same person.

Impressive drama and scale can be seen in Munge Leung’s main dining room design. Huge chandeliers with folk art-inspired designs and an enormous Oscar Flores painting with black lights are two jaw-dropping highlights.

One of the ceviches available is the Vuelve ($8). It’s an oyster shell with sliced shrimp, octopus, scallops, and oysters mixed with cucumber, jicama, and cocktail sauce that can only be eaten in three bites.

Although there are 85 tequilas on the bar’s menu, there will eventually be at least 140 different bottles available. You’ll have to make do for the time being with drinks that cost between $4 and $208 per ounce.

Most Popular Dishes of the Best Mexican Restaurant in Toronto

Best Mexican restaurant Toronto’s most popular dishes include:

1. Tacos

Traditionally constructed with corn tortillas & filled with meat, veggies, and cheese, tacos are one of the most well-known and well-liked Mexican foods.

2. Enchiladas

An additional well-known food, enchiladas are wrapped maize tortillas that are generally filled with meat, cheese, & beans. After that, a sauce is applied, and they are cooked.

3. Burrito

A burrito is a wheat tortilla stuffed with cheese, beans, rice, and meat. After that, it is folded up and put on a plate with various sauces.

4. Quesadillas

A quesadilla is a cheese-filled flour tortilla that is grilled. It frequently comes with salsa, veggies, and beef.

5. Nachos

Although they are Mexican cuisine, nachos are now eaten worldwide. They are made up of cheese-topped chips and additional toppings, including meat, beans, & salsa.

6. Pico de Gallo

The dish “pico de gallo” ingredients include chopped tomatoes, onions, chilli peppers, and cilantro. It is frequently used as a taco or nacho topper.

7. Guacamole

The ingredients for guacamole are avocados, onions, chilli peppers, and cilantro. It is frequently put on tacos or nachos or served with tortilla chips.

8. Salsa Macha

Salsa is a sauce comprised of cilantro, tomatoes, onions, and hot peppers.

9. Chimichangas

A chimichanga is a deep-fried burrito, salsa, guacamole, and sour cream are frequently added to it. Tacos that have been rolled up and deep-fried are known as falls.

These are only a few well-known dishes you may order at Mexican restaurants. There are undoubtedly a lot more delectable foods to try!

Authentic Mexican Food in Toronto

Mexican dishes are so widely available that it has assimilated into the global diet. Of course, the meal is frequently modified to suit local tastes, as with most cuisines.

This indicates that not many individuals have truly experienced real Mexican food.

They aim to give you a taste of some of the most popular, traditional foods that the nation has to offer in this post. There are several things to remember about Mexican cuisine before starting the list.

Mexican food, like numerous other national cuisines, tells a story of history and pride in one’s country. Dishes from the Aztec and Mayan civilizations are still often consumed today.

1. Chilaquiles

Mexicans frequently eat chilaquiles for breakfast since it is the ideal way to start the day. Corn tortillas that have been cut into quarters and fried make up chilaquiles.

Salsa, either red or green would do, is placed on top.

2. Chiles en Nogada

Not only is Chiles en Nogada a classic recipe, but it also has a strong sense of national pride.

There are several different stories about how the meal was created. According to local lore, nuns invented Chiles en Nogada to honour Mexico’s independence.

3. Enmoladas

Enmoladas is for you if you’ve ever thought enchiladas lacked something. Shredded chicken, cotija cheese, and corn tortillas make up enchiladas.

4. Pozole

Pozole is best described by picturing it as the meeting point of a soup and a stew. The Aztecs were the originators of this meal. Hominy, commonly known as maize or hulled corn kernels, is one of the distinctive ingredients of pozole.

5. Torta Ahogada

Astonishingly, the Torta Ahogada’s creation was unintentional, given how well-known it is—it is essentially a symbol of Guadalajara.

But the creation of decades’ worth of delectable sandwiches resulted from a fortuitous accident.

6. Elote

This is a widely available and well-liked street snack in Mexico. It is corn here on the cob with a completely different twist.

Salt, chile powder, butter, cheese, mayonnaise, & sour cream can all be used to season the previously boiled corn.

Final Note

Some of the most fascinating, colourful, and distinctive cuisine can be found in Mexico.

Mexican cuisine is one of the most well-liked cuisines for a reason, with dishes like ceviche and quesadillas.

The best Mexican restaurants in Toronto may give you a taste of the nation right at home. Mexican restaurants could help you sate your appetite for enticing Mexican cuisine!

You must go to the best Mexican restaurants in Toronto if you’re in the mood for Mexican, although, who isn’t?



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