Candlelight’s Homage to Hans Zimmer in Nashville

If you are in Nashville and looking for a perfect way to spend your time, the Candlelight concerts have got you covered. Their concerts are just amazing. Therefore, you must surely attend the Candlelight concert which is a tribute to Hans Zimmer and will be held on 25th August 2023 at the Parthenon, Nashville. 

Hans Zimmer is a great German music composer and producer. He contributed some of the most amazing music pieces to the music industry. He has won various Oscars and Grammys as well. People love his work. 

1. Experience the Magical Candlelight’s Best of Hans Zimmer

Candlelight is known for organizing the best concerts. The artists of Candlelight always put up a great show and you will have a good time here.

The Best of Hans ZimmerFEVER

1.1. Use of Special Candles

Firstly, candlelight concerts are very unique and peaceful. Secondly, a very special type of candle is used in these concerts. These candles are not ordinary wax candles however they are battery-powered LED candles.

 The use of such candles keeps the venue safe from any accident or miss happening. 

Listening to your favorite music in such an amazing environment is something to look forward to. The brightly lit candles make the veneer all the more beautiful and attending this concert is one of the greatest ways to spend quality time in Nashville.

Unlike other concerts, the candlelight concerts are very peaceful and soothing. 

1.2. Other Details

The venue for this concert is the Parthenon. The Parthenon is a very prime location in Nashville and attracts a lot of tourists. 

The concert will be held on Friday 25th August 2023 at 7:00 p.m. as well as 9:00 p.m. The duration of this amazing musical concert is 65 minutes.

The venue has two zones. The ticket price for zone a is 65 dollars per person and for Zone B it is 55 dollars per person. 

Make sure that you are not late because then you won’t be allowed to attend the concert. Secondly, the doors of the venue open 45 minutes before the start of the concert. Therefore be on time.

The Parthenon
Image by Paul Brennan from Pixabay

It is also very important to know that there is an age requirement to attend this concert. People who are 8 or above years of age can attend the concert and if someone is below sixteen years of age then they will have to be accompanied by a guardian. 

This is also a good norm. Because it will maintain the decorum of the venue and you will be able to enjoy the concert nicely. 

1.3. Book Your Tickets Now

The easiest way to buy your tickets is to buy them from FEVER and the times of the two shows are 7 pm and 9 pm respectively.

And you can book the tickets according to your preferences. 

You can also book a private concert. But for this, the minimum audience must be at least forty people. 

2. Your Best Chance to Have an Amazing Evening in Nashville

  • What: The Best of Hans Zimmer Concert by Candlelight in Nashville.
  • When: 25th August, 2023
  • Where: The Parthenon, Nashville.
  • Time: At 7 pm and 9 pm.
  • Tickets: Quickly get your tickets from here.





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