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Cheapest Places to Live in Canada: Top 10 Options

Living in Canada could be expensive, especially if you choose to live in a big city. But Canada provides a number of affordable regions where you may live well without going over your budget. These cities are spread out across the country, in places like British Columbia, the Prairie Provinces, and Eastern Canada.

We’ll look at the ten cheapest places to live in Canada in this article.

1. Cheapest Places to Live in Canada:

1.1. Prince George, British Columbia

Image by Brigitte Werner from Pixabay

Prince George’s is a great location to reside if you enjoy being outdoors. It is both affordable and beautiful.

The city is bordered by stunning scenic views with lakes, peaks, and woods. There are many opportunities for trekking, hunting, skiing, and other sporting activities.

The city also boasts a thriving cultural scene, with a year-round calendar of festivals and events.

It is also home to the University of Northern British Columbia, which draws a sizable number of international students, enhancing the city’s diversity and vitality.

Prince George’s provides a variety of housing options to fit various budgets and interests. Depending on the location and facilities, rent for a one-bedroom apartment in the city normally ranges from $800 to $1,200 per month.

1.2. Capital City, Quebec

Image by Alain Audet from Pixabay

Québec City is frequently compared to European cities because of its charming cobblestone streets and well-preserved medieval architecture. Major tourist destinations, including the Citadel, Chateau Frontenac, and the famed Old Quebec, may all be found in the city.

Also, the city holds a number of celebrations and events all year long, including the celebrated Winter Carnival that draws visitors from all over the world.

Québec City has a small-town feel while being the nation’s capital, making it a great spot for families and anyone who prefer a slower pace of life. As most people in Quebec City speak French, it’s a great place to study the language because many people there are multilingual.

Major companies in industries including tourism, information technology, and public administration provide numerous career prospects in Québec City.

Québec City is a fantastic place to live if you’re looking for reasonably priced residences. Compared to other major Canadian cities like Toronto and Vancouver, the capital city offers accommodation that is cheaper. Affordable one-bedroom apartments may be obtained for around $800 a month, which is significantly cheaper than the national average.

1.3. Saint John, New Brunswick

Image by Graham Hobster from Pixabay

Over 67,000 people live in Saint John on Canada’s east coast. It is recognized for its beautiful vistas and well-known attractions.

Saint John is a popular tourist and residential destination since it has a large number of cafes, restaurants, and shopping centers. The Saint John City Market, the longest continuously functioning farmers’ market in Canada, and other local landmarks are clear examples of the city’s rich history. It has been in operation since 1876.

Many employment options are also available in Saint John in sectors including healthcare, education, and retail. Considering its many attractions, Saint John has a comparatively low cost of living, with a monthly average cost of about $1,800. It makes it one of Canada’s least expensive cities to live in.

In general, Saint John is a fantastic choice for people seeking a more sedate, more reasonably priced lifestyle in Canada.

1.4. Halifax, Nova Scotia

Image by Marina Hobbs from Pixabay

The Economic Centre of Nova Scotia is located in Halifax, the largest city in the province. It is highly known for its amiable residents, breathtaking scenery, and historical landmarks and is located on Canada’s eastern shore.

Halifax is one of the most affordable cities in Canada despite its size and significance, with an average monthly cost of only about $2,000 per person.

Halifax is a sprawling metropolis that, as a consequence of the existence of numerous institutions and hospitals, offers an array of work possibilities, which include the sectors of education, healthcare, and government. Halifax is also home to a number of significant employers, including the Atlantic Lottery Company and the Canadian Space Agency.

The town is additionally home to a vibrant cultural and artistic sector, with festivals like the Halifax Pop Explosion and the Halifax Jazz Festival occurring all year long.

Halifax, one of Canada’s largest cities, nonetheless has a small-town atmosphere, with hospitable residents and a close-knit neighborhood.

1.5. Winnipeg, Manitoba

Image by Brigitte Werner from Pixabay

Winnipeg, the state’s capital, is a booming metropolitan with a population of over 700,000. Famous for its festivals, variety of cultures, and fairly priced homes, it’s an internationally recognized city.

Winnipeg has one of the cheapest cost of living estimates in Canada, at about $1,800 per month.

In addition to being reasonably priced, Winnipeg provides a variety of employment options and cultural events. With various festivals held throughout the year, including the Winnipeg Fringe Theatre Festival and the Winnipeg Folk Festival, the city has a thriving arts culture.

Major enterprises like Manitoba Hydro and the Canadian Museum for Human Rights are based in Winnipeg, making it a fantastic place to work. The cost of housing in Winnipeg is among the lowest in Canada, both for buying and renting.

For those seeking a cheap city that nevertheless provides a high quality of life, it is a fantastic choice.

1.6. London, Ontario

Image by Adrian Lang from Pixabay

For those looking for an extremely cheap place to live in Canada, London, Ontario, is an excellent option. It is among the lowest-priced cities in Canada to reside in, with one flat typically averaging under $1,150 per month.

The broad economy of the city is boosted by significant enterprises, including 3M, General Dynamics and London Life Insurance Company. Significant educational institutions in the area include Western University and Fanshawe College, and London places a high priority on both education and research.

The vibrant downtown district of London is one of its main draws. The city is home to a large number of eateries, coffee shops, and retail malls that provide both locals and tourists with a variety of alternatives.

The city is renowned for its lovely parks and gardens, particularly Victoria Park, which annually hosts the Sunfest International Music Festival.

Within a short commute of London are several tranquil towns and suburban communities for individuals seeking a more sedate way of life.

1.7. Kamloops, British Columbia

Image by James Wheeler from Pixabay

Known for its gorgeous surroundings, recreational activities, and affordably priced residences, Kamloops is a tiny town in the central region of British Columbia. With a little over 90,000 people living there, the town serves as an important transportation and commercial center.

The cost of living is $1,900 on average per month in Kamloops.

Kamloops is well known for its vibrant arts and culture scene, which presents events like the Kamloops Art Gallery exhibitions and the Kamloops Symphony Orchestra performances, in addition to its breathtaking natural settings.

The city also hosts a variety of festivals and events throughout the year, such as the Kamloops Cowboy Festival, Kamloops International Film Festival, and the Kamloops Powwow.

Major highways and railways link Kamloops to other cities in British Columbia and outside, making it a center for trade and transportation. Also, the city has a flourishing economy, with sectors including mining, forestry and agriculture significantly contributing to its expansion and advancement.

1.8. Nanaimo, British Columbia

A tiny city with a population of about 90,000 people, Nanaimo is situated on Vancouver Island. It is renowned for its lovely surroundings, pleasant climate, and low cost of living. Together with other significant employers, the city is home to the Canadian Space Agency.

Nanaimo is one of the cheapest communities on Canada’s west coast, with a monthly average cost of living of roughly $2,000.

With a variety of historical places and landmarks to discover, the city has a rich cultural legacy. A popular sight that gives visitors a look into Nanaimo’s early past is the 1853-built wooden fort known as The Bastion. The Nanaimo Museum, which features displays on the local First Nation people, coal mining, and other industries that have influenced Nanaimo’s growth, is another location that highlights the city’s past.

Vancouver Island University, the Canadian Space Agency, and the Nanaimo Regional General Hospital are just a handful of the major employers in Nanaimo, which is additionally a focus for commerce and innovation. The town’s economy is booming, and there are several opportunities for entrepreneurs and small businesses to thrive.

Nonetheless, Nanaimo is a warm and vibrant city that offers its residents a good standard of living. Because of its natural beauty, extensive history, diverse culture, and robust economy, it is a well-liked place to live, work, and travel.

1.9. Saskatoon

Image by james_nagarbaul from Pixabay

Saskatoon, the capital of Saskatchewan, is one of the most affordable cities to live in among those in the prairie states. The roughly 300,000-person city is well-known for its proximity to rural and agricultural areas and its vibrant arts and culture scene.

About $1,800 per month is the average cost of living in Saskatoon, which is less than the national average. Together with Prince George in northern British Columbia, it is one of the most affordable cities to reside in on the west coast of Canada.

Despite being the third largest city in the prairie provinces, Saskatoon still maintains a small city feel. It is often referred to as the “Festival City” due to its many cultural events and celebrations throughout the year.

1.10. Fredericton, New Brunswick

Fredericton, the provincial capital, lies in the province’s northernmost region. It is a tiny town with only a thriving job market, notably in public education and school management.

At an average cost of $900 for a one-bedroom home, the town additionally provides cheap homes.

Because it is a calm town with a suburban vibe, Fredericton is the best choice for anyone wanting a more peaceful way of life. The city is home to several parks and green areas, including the magnificent Odell Park, as well as numerous shopping centers and other tourist attractions.

The town’s theatre, music, and visual arts are regularly celebrated in a number of annual events around the city. Numerous individuals travel from all across the nation every September to attend the Autumn Jazz and Blues Festival, which features notable national as well as international artists.

2. Conclusion

People seeking cheap living costs will discover an array of cheap cities and towns in Canada. A number of options are available for individuals and households wishing to save money on rent and other living costs, from the bustling metropolises of Toronto and Vancouver to the less sedate villages of Fredericton and Prince George.

It is possible to find a place to call home that is both affordable and enjoyable to live in by considering factors like work prospects, rental costs, and the general cost of living.

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