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Wabamun Lake – 12 Important and Fun Facts

Visitors to Wabamun Lake Provincial Park will see a beautiful lake as well as some of the best views in Canada.

The park is located on the shores of Wabamun Lake and offers camping, boating, and hiking opportunities during the summer months.

1. Some Fun and Important Facts About Wabamun Lake

1.1. The Lake

With a surface size of 45 km2, Wabamun Lake is one of Alberta’s largest natural lakes. The lake’s water level has changed over time, and it has been higher than it is now since 2005. During the summer, it is not uncommon for it to totally dry up. (July through September). The region has a reputation for having excellent fishing when the lake’s water levels are high enough for fishermen to wade out onto a nearby tiny sandbar or fish from boats tied offshore in deeper areas of the lake. Walleye, northern pike, largemouth bass, bullhead catfish, and muskie are some of the fish species. In addition to these commonly encountered game fish, there are a few non-game species, such as muskrat, that can be encountered on occasion.

1.2. Picnic Spot

There are several places to picnic at Wabamun Lake, including playgrounds, fire pits, and picnic tables.

There is also a boat launch and public facilities. You can take your children there to swim or fish!

1.3. Wabamun Beach Club 

Swimming is encouraged at Wabamun Beach Club, which also offers a breathtaking view of the lake. It is situated on Wabamun Lake’s western shore. While temperatures seldom get over 30 degrees Celsius in the summer, the environment in this region is ideal for swimming (86 degrees Fahrenheit). Before swimming or boating near Wabamun, visitors should consult with Alberta Environment and Parks.

1.4. The Beaches

A year-round public beach is available at Wabamun Lake. This spot allows for both sunbathing and picnics with a blanket or chairs near the lake. There are facilities accessible but no lifeguards on duty.

1.5. Geology and Geography

Wabamun Lake is a glacier lake located in the Canadian Rockies, one of Alberta’s largest lakes. It is part of a network of rivers, lakes, and streams that begin in the Rocky Mountains. The name “Wabamun” is a Cree word that basically means “lake of many fish“. It has more than 100 recreational spots, which makes it a very popular recreational spot in and around. Also, it has many tributaries which join the North Saskatchewan River as it flows into Wabamun Lake. Furthermore, there are a lot more rivers and streams that pour into Wabamun Lake. It also receives water from minor tributaries such as Little Buffalo Creek (a minor stream) before reaching lake level and becoming known as “The Great Loop.”

1.6. Wabamun Lake Provincial Park 

Wabamun Lake Provincial Park is a provincial park located on the shore of Wabamun Lake. It is located north of Edmonton and west of St Albert. Furthermore, Wabamun is a small community in Alberta, Canada. It was originally called “Wapahkon” after Chief Wapahkon, who was born there in 1876 and died at age 39 years old in 1906 from tuberculosis. Wabamun Lake Provincial Park is one of the best places to go for other outdoor activities in Alberta. The park offers opportunities for many activities like swimming at a public beach, boating, and camping. The lake itself has many natural wonders, including:

1.6.1. Swimming at the Beach

Image by Foundry Co from Pixabay

This beach is open to swimmers of all ages who want to enjoy some time in the water without worrying about safety issues such as rip currents or strong waves. It’s also an ideal spot for beginners.

1.6.2. Boating

Boats with motorized engines (like jet skis) can be rented from local businesses and boat rentals near the marina. Visitors can take advantage of this unique opportunity while visiting Wabamun Lake Provincial Park.

1.7. Conservation

The conservation efforts at Wabamun Lake are focused on protecting the land surrounding it from development and preserving its natural beauty. This includes preserving wildlife habitat around the lake so that it remains healthy for humans and animals alike!

1.8. Permits 

Permits are required for camping, boating, and fishing. You can purchase your permit in advance or on the day of your visit to the park office. Fees charged for permits vary depending on when they’re purchased: advance (online), same day, or day of travel.

1.9. Accommodations

  • Camping
  • Cabins
  • Youth group camping (1–12-year-olds)
  • Picnic sites

1.10. Visitors Should Check with Alberta Parks 

  • Check with Alberta Parks before swimming or boating around Wabamun Lake.
  • Check the lake water quality to see if the water quality is good or not, weather forecast, conditions, and water temperature.
  • Check if there are any restrictions in place at this time (e.g., no fishing).
  • Make sure you know how to operate your boat before venturing out.

1.11. Parks & Forestry

Wabamun Lake Provincial Park is located on the shores of Wabamun Lake in Sturgeon County. It’s managed by Alberta Environment & Parks (AEP). The park is open year-round, 24 hours a day, and features a variety of activities for all ages. The park offers picnicking facilities as well as canoeing, kayaking, and swimming opportunities in its waters. In addition to being an easy access point for visitors looking to explore by boat or foot, it also makes for a great location from which to enjoy panoramic views from atop one of its hillsides!

1.12. History

Wabamun Lake Park is located north of Edmonton and west of St Albert. It was created in 1975 by damming the Wabamun River to create a man-made lake that covers over 9 square kilometers. Before Europeans arrived in Manitoba during the fur trade era, the region surrounding Wabamun Lake had been inhabited by First Nations people from the beginning of time (1760–1870). Today, a lot of tourists from Winnipeg travel here to enjoy camping while taking in the stunning views of Manitoba’s natural splendor! The park is home to many different species of wildlife, including waterfowl, birds, and mammals such as beavers and otters. The Western Canada Cooperator for Birds has classified it as an Important Bird Area, and it is situated in southern Alberta, Canada (WCC). Also, visitors can swim at a public beach, go boating, or camp alongside the river’s banks.

2. More Facts about the Lake

Wabamun Lake has plenty to offer, including fishing, boating, swimming, and more. If you’re looking for a place where you can get away from it all and enjoy nature with family or friends, then this place is for you! The lake itself has plenty to offer, including:

  • Boat ramps (they’re free!)
  • Swimming beaches with lifeguards on duty during the summer months (they’re not required, but they are encouraged!)
  • Fishing piers where you can rent equipment like rods and reels or buy them outright if that’s your thing!
  • Boating opportunities like motorized boats known as “canoes” can be rented at several locations around town located within easy walking distance.
  • Hiking trails throughout Wabamun Lake Park wind along its shores through various types of terrain.

3. A Visitor’s Guide to the Park

Image by JamesDeMers from Pixabay

There are many things to do at Wabamun Lake. Swimming, boating, fishing, and hiking are popular activities for visitors. Camping is another option because there are plenty of campsites with places to stay, such as cabins or private campsites.

Wabamun Lake Provincial Park is a popular destination for anglers, bird watchers, and campers. Located in the prairies of southern Alberta, it has an area of 18 square kilometers, with the lake as its main attraction.

The park offers numerous hiking trails through different habitats, including wetlands and grasslands as well as forests with trees up to 100 feet tall.

Due to the region’s warm climate throughout the year, you may even spot certain local kinds of birds, such as ducks, who have successfully adapted to live there (with temperatures ranging from -20 C during the winter months). The Blackfoot First Nation also considers Tsuu T’ina, five kilometers east of Wabamun Lake, home. It mainly lies along the Sturgeon River and is one of Alberta’s most popular tourist destinations around. To learn more about Wabamun Lake, click here or To learn more about such lakes in Canada, click here.



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