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Christmas Markets in Prague – 101 Guide

Christmas markets in Prague are undoubtedly a great opportunity to explore the local customs and culture during this festive season.

Advent ushers in the holiday spirit as the city is festively decked, and Christmas markets are set up all over, especially in historic squares. Additionally, the cultural selection is extensive and exudes a Christmas vibe.

The Christmas markets in Prague are a seasonal must-see attraction. The markets are hosted all around the city, including the Old Town Square, Tylovo Namesti, Peace Square (Námst Mru), Republic Square (Námst Republiky), and numerous more squares.

While perusing the festive stalls, visitors can eat traditional Czech fare, including roast pork, hot chocolate, gingerbread, and Tardelnk (a well-known Czech pastry).

1. Christmas Markets in Prague That Are Worth It 

Here are some of Prague’s best Christmas markets that you should check out.

1.1 Old Town Square Christmas Market

Only a few meters separate the famed Astronomical Clock and Gothic Tyn Church from Prague’s largest Christmas market.

One of the best Christmas markets in Prague can be found in the Old Town Square, which is a shopping paradise.

Here they are:

  • Several gift shops, snack stands and charming restaurants
  • Hundreds of artisans swarm the busy market.
  • A huge live Christmas tree that is lavishly adorned may be found at the Staromstské námst. The tree is lit each day at sunset to brighten Prague’s night sky.
  • Throughout the holiday season, there are nativity displays, plays, groups singing Christmas carols and live musical performances.
  • Another fantastic location for taking beautiful pictures of the twinkling Christmas lights is the observation bridge at the market.

1.2 Wenceslas Square Christmas Market

Prague’s second-most well-known Christmas market is about five minutes from Old Town Square. The recently rebuilt National Museum is just a short walk close to Wenceslas Square.

Even though there isn’t much live entertainment in this area, residents and visitors frequently attend.

The market is situated along the crowded Václavské námst Avenue.

  • Gift stores, cafes, and art galleries flank it.
  • Wenceslas Square booths serve traditional and regional cuisines that would appeal to foodies.
  • It has speciality stores where products made of wood and steel are sold.
  • The nearby petting zoo and Christmas tree would be a hit with kids.

Every afternoon at 5:00 PM, the Wenceslas Square market illuminates the tree.

1.3 Prague Christmas Market in Republic Square

Namesti Republiky is the Republic Square Market, one of Prague’s most well-known landmarks.

This square is the city’s centre and is between the historic and contemporary districts.

The location has:

  • A wonderful Christmas market can be found at Námst Republiky, which is close to Prague’s old city centre.
  • Compared to marketplaces in Old Town Square or other significant squares, Namesti Republiky’s Christmas market is less crowded and hence less touristy.
  • At this market, you may buy things like lace, beer mugs, wooden toys, vibrant prints of Prague, and Czech pashmina scarves.
  • The Palladium shopping area and the Old Customs House are close to Republic Square.

1.4 Peace Square

The Peace Square Christmas market is in front of the Vinohrady neighbourhood’s Church of St. Ludmila (Kostel sv. Ludmily).

  • This is typically the first holiday market of the year, and it opens around November 20.
  • It’s a tiny market with only about 60 vendors, and most of the time it offers cheap ornaments and decorations.
  • A classic Advent calendar, Christmas decorations for your home, stocking stuffer items like candles and soaps, and hand-painted decorations are all available here.

This is one of people’s favourite real Prague Christmas Markets because it’s not a very busy market.

1.5 Tyl’s Square

In the Prague neighbourhood of Vinohrady, there is yet another tiny market.

  • The locals enjoy going to this market since it is so laid down and mellow.
  • There are a few booths offering goods, often wooden toys and accessories, along with a few decorations.
  • The cuisine is the major draw to this Christmas market in Prague.
  • There are many various options for snacks.

2. Food and Drinks to Try at Prague Christmas Markets

If you are at the Christmas markets in Prague, you cannot miss out on the amazing food and drinks that are available here.

2.1 Russian Pelmeni (Dumplings)

Russian Pelmeni are dumplings that are usually filled with beef and served with fried onions and sour cream.

They are people’s favourites and are a special attraction in Czech Christmas Markets.

2.2 Grilled Sausages

In Prague, sausages can be found everywhere. You’ll smell them before you see them. Everywhere!

It goes without saying that if you enjoy hot dogs, you must sample some grilled sausages at the Prague Christmas Markets.

2.3 Prague Ham

Ham is almost as common in Prague as sausage, and you can find it roasting merrily at every Christmas market in the city.

It is undoubtedly a great snack, but it is best enjoyed with the company to prevent a ham coma.

To avoid falling victim to a notorious tourist scam known as the #HamScam, whereby they give you way too much and bill you for it, be aware that the price of this delicacy is typically given per 100g, and you are also charged this manner.

2.4 Fried Doughnuts & Pancakes

Image by piviso from Pixabay

Every Prague Christmas market features lots of doughnuts and pancakes for dessert, which will please your sweet tooth.

Palainky comes highly recommended. They are delicate pancakes that resemble crepes and are topped with things like fruit and jam.

Deep-fried doughnuts and pancakes are an amazing option if you’d want something more gluttonous.

2.5 Svařák

It is referred to in English as mulled wine, Glühwein in German, and delectable yummy Svaák in Czech.

No trip to a Christmas market is complete without a hot cup of this spiced wine, which is expertly mulled in an obvious attempt to taste like the holidays in a cup.

While exploring Christmas markets in Prague, be sure to pick up one to try!


In summary, the Christmas markets still provide enough entertainment for visitors to enjoy, even though they can be somewhat touristy and overrun with souvenir shops. Christmas in Prague (Czech Republic) is lovely.

It’s a lovely place to visit at Christmas, and going to the Christmas markets in Prague is most certainly a great opportunity to explore the local customs and culture during this festive season.



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