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Where Was Game of Thrones Filmed: A Comprehensive Guide

The gorgeous location of Game of Thrones makes many people wonder “Where was Game of Thrones Filmed?”. But before I get into this topic let me give some glimpses about the famous worldwide Game of Thrones.

The HBO series Game of Thrones has exploded in popularity since its debut in 2011. It has meant so much more to many people all across the world than just a TV program.

The 2019 season finale came dangerously close to breaking the hearts of millions of viewers, the fans hate the last season of Game of Thrones and I’m not exaggerating.

The popularity of the television series Game of Thrones extends well after its finale and there are many reasons why Game of Thrones is one of the best TV series ever. Whether it be filming locations, actors and actresses, plotlines, or specific episodes, the franchise contains a lot of components that will be talked about and remembered for a very long time.

One of Game of Thrones’ most remarkable things has been the locales used for filming. The results of each filming location being carefully and delicately chosen have been stunning.

Where Was Game of Thrones Filmed?

The filming locations contributed to creating the magical world that we have all come to know and love right before our very eyes. The show’s production team has effectively used real-world locations to create a mythical world complete with dragons, unicorns, and Kraken.

While the TV production crews constructed the visual world for our eyes, George R. R. Martin wrote the narratives for us to picture in our imaginations. That is just amazing.

I desire to honor this incredible accomplishment by emphasizing more on the particular filming locations that make up Game of Thrones. In order to provide you with the most comprehensive list of Game of Thrones filming locations, I put a lot of effort into creating this blog.

I have categorized the locations in GOT according to country due to the vast number of locations used in the series. This should make things easier to grasp for everyone. In order to spy on your favorite show’s filming locations, keep reading!

1. Northern Ireland

Image by xia wang from Pixabay

The first nation category on our list is Northern Ireland. Northern Ireland served as the location for a sizable section of the production, where Game of Thrones was filmed most of the time.

The locations included here are all lovely and unusual depictions of Northern Ireland, a little country with a big heart.

The entire country now provides tours with a Game of Thrones theme since the show has become such an important part of Northern Irish history. I would recommend seeing out some of the fantastic ones there if you are ever there.

The following is a list of the main locations used to film Game of Thrones in Northern Ireland.

1.1. The Ballintoy Harbour

Ballintoy Harbour in County Antrim serves as a metaphor for the Iron Islands in Game of Thrones. It is a small coastal area on Northern Ireland’s northern coast that has received official designation as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

The Iron Islands are one of Westeros’ nine regions in Game of Thrones. They are made up of seven little, distant islands. The islands are governed by the House of Greyjoy, and scenes here frequently include members of the clan.

The Iron Islands provide the perfect backdrop in Ballintoy Harbour thanks to its beautiful, untamed surroundings; we’d say this was a match made in heaven.

1.2. Castle Ward

The Stark family’s residence, Winterfell Castle, may be seen in the first episode of the series, which also features Doune Castle in Scotland. The principal castle was omitted from the later episodes in favor of pictures from Castle Ward in Northern Ireland.

With Castle Ward functioning as the perfect stand-in for the dismal and dark castle, this location was mostly used for exterior shots and courtyard sequences.

The important location of Winterfell in Game of Thrones has been given new life by the show’s popularity. This National Trust property is offering a terrific Game of Thrones location tour that is guaranteed to satisfy and wow many fans of the show. Even a little archery practice with a theme can be incorporated.

1.3. Tollymore Forest Park

Not far from Castle Ward lies County Down’s Tollymore Forest Park. In these immense woods, several intriguing and beautiful scenes from Game of Thrones were captured on camera.

Most fans will remember when the Starks found six abandoned dire wolf pups in the forest and when the White Walkers first appeared on television. Both of these captivating scenes were filmed in Tollymore Forest Park.

1.4. Glens of Antrim

The Glens of Antrim, also known as County Antrim in Northern Ireland, is comprised of nine distinctive glens. Understanding why it is yet another Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty is not difficult. Magnificent shoreline views, Rugged cliff faces, and Miles of lush landscape may be found at The Glens.

Given this lush environment, it is fitting that The Glens were used during the Game of Thrones filming as the Dothraki Sea, also known as the Great Grass Sea.

1.5. The Dark Hedges, Ballymoney

One of the most major Game of Thrones filming locations ever was The Dark Hedges in the vicinity of Ballymoney, Northern Ireland. Since this particular filming location became so well-known, the local authorities had to try to prohibit non-essential vehicles from traveling through the area to handle the number of people swarming the spot.

The Dark Hedges is a strange and mysterious place in Northern Ireland. The twisted trees don’t look like anything that happens naturally, rather, they may have been made to serve as the backdrop for a fantasy novel.

In Game of Thrones, Kingsroad, the “grandest road in the realm,” has found its ultimate location. It is obvious why they made this decision.

1.6. The Titanic Studios, Belfast

The Titanic Studios in Belfast have served as the show’s main studio and post-production location for each season. Both Belfast and Game of Thrones are quite proud of these studios, which are situated in the same area where the Titanic ship was built.

Now that filming is over, you may go to the studio to have a thorough Game of Thrones tour that includes the sets, outfits, and accessories. Here, more GOT artifacts exist than anyplace else in the world, without a doubt.

1.7. Mussenden Temple, Castlerock

Near Castlerock on the North Coast of Northern Ireland, there is a little ruin called Mussenden Temple that is perched on top of a cliff. It’s an amazing sight as it towers above the North Atlantic Ocean. Downhill Beach, another site in County Londonderry utilized in the episode, is the beach that is just below.

These distinctive locales served as the exterior of the Dragonstone set in the hit television series Game of Thrones. Here is where the ancient gods are set on fire and where the fiery Lightbringer sword is pulled. Magnificent settings with dramatic vistas. The method is effective!

1.8. Murlough Bay, Causeway Coast

Murlough Bay on the Causeway Coast serves as a stand-in for Slaver’s Bay in Game of Thrones when Tyrion and Jorah run across slavers.

In person, though, the gorgeous landscape is less frightful. It is a simple causeway area with breathtaking coastline views and Wild Atlantic Way winds that is well worth seeing if you ever get the chance. Put on your hiking boots before you start because just the beginning of the journey can be accessed by car.

The section of our blog dedicated to Northern Ireland is now complete. You have to admit that it’s a great place with some amazing locations and this is a country that had a significant role in the creation of Game of Thrones.

Let me tell you about the next country where Game of Thrones was shot.

2. Croatia

Image by Ma_Frank from Pixabay

Following Northern Ireland, Croatia has the second-highest number of Game of Thrones locations.

The charm and beauty of the European country have inspired a lot of fantastic film locations. Some of the situations described here don’t even seem like they would be possible in the world in 2022. They instead resemble scenes taken straight from mythology and history.

Let’s look at each Croatian site separately.

2.1. Old Town Dubrovnik, Croatia

King’s Landing was filmed in numerous places, including Split and Dubrovnik because it is an important location in Game of Thrones. However, the main location is Dubrovnik’s Old Town, which doubles as King’s Landing in the second season of the show.

King’s Landing, the capital of the Seven Kingdoms in Game of Thrones, needed a stunning real-world location to serve as its inspiration. The old splendor of Old Town Dubrovnik gave the on-screen scene just what it needed, along with a few studio shots to fill in the blanks.

2.2. Šibenik, Croatia

The Croatian village of Sibenik served as the inspiration for the fictional city of Braavos in Game of Thrones. Arya Stark receives her training to become a “Faceless Man” in this city. Different scenarios are played out in this Croatian city, and they all have happy outcomes.

One such location is the Cathedral of St. James, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You must visit there if you ever have the chance.

2.3. Klis Fortress, Croatia

The magnificent medieval stronghold known as Klis Fortress is located close to Split, overlooking the village of Klis. It is a place with breathtaking mountain views and a distinct feeling of character. Out of all the Game of Thrones filming locations on our list, this location is without a doubt the one at the top of my bucket list. The views that you can see from here are indeed impressive.

The fictional city of Meereen in Game of Thrones was modeled on Klis Fortress. Fans might associate it most with the Season 4 moment as Daenerys and her army invade the city to free the slaves. We encounter some breathtaking landscapes that no one will quickly forget when climbing into the fortress and while inside the grounds.

2.4. Krka National Park, Croatia

The Krka National Trust Park in Croatia delivers a sensuous and visually nearly unearthly experience. The park is really beautiful, with rivers that are both bright blue and green, tall green mountains, and wonderful trees all around. The site is very beautiful.

The Game of Thrones team filmed here to replicate the landscapes of Westeros for several different sequences, including the famous one when Arya Stark and The Hound cross The Riverlands.

This location fits the theme of Game of Thrones perfectly. It is simple to imagine this location as a genuine component of a mythical, fanciful world from the past.

2.5. Minceta Tower, Croatia

The House of the Undying in Qarth was represented by Minceta Tower in Dubrovnik on the Game of Thrones map. Another on our list is the 14th-century fortification, which is situated at the highest point in the Croatian city and offers amazing panoramic views of the environs.

At this moment in the television series, Daenerys Targaryen sets out to find her dragons, but warlocks kidnap her instead. The warlocks die when they come upon the one and only Drogon.

Our examination of the Croatian locales used for Game of Thrones production is now complete. Croatia ought definitely to be at the top of your list if you’re a Game of Thrones fan looking for a new vacation destination. Nowhere else in the world will you find landscapes or surroundings like this.

Let’s move to the next country!

3. Spain

Image by Manuel Blasco Martinez from Pixabay

The next country I’ll discuss is Spain, which offered some excellent Game of Thrones filming locations. While it might not be the first place that comes to mind when thinking about where GOT was filmed, it does not disappoint.

3.1. Real Alcázar Palace, Seville

Peter of Castile ordered the Real Alcázar Palace in Seville to be built as a royal home in the eleventh century. Its original name was Al-Qasr al-Muriq, and it is a palace of Muslim origins. The palace attracts visitors from all over the world who enjoy strolling around its grounds and gardens.

Over the years, it has absorbed the design and influence of several historical eras. The show’s envisioned Sunspear, the capital of House Martell and the country of Dorne, was represented by the Spanish palace as a stand-in for the Water Gardens.

These moments were set against the beautiful Arabic architecture of the palace. It is a stunning work of architecture and design that sets a higher standard for the quality of the scenes in Season 5.

3.2. The Roman Bridge, Córdoba

The oldest location on our list, this Game of Thrones filming location was built in the first century BC across the Guadalquivir River in Spain. In the fictional city of Volantis from the television series Game of Thrones, this amazing historical artifact functioned as the Long Bridge of Volantis.

The brothels, marketplaces, and pubs that often feature throughout the series are housed on this enormous bridge. The scenes are what they are due to the basic architecture of the real Roman bridge, even if CGI was used to make the bridge appear longer so that it could incorporate all of these structures.

3.3. Bardenas Reales Natural Park

Emilia Clarke, who plays Daenerys Targaryen’s role on Game of Thrones admired the Bardenas Reales Natural Park, and to be honest, everybody’s so mad about Daenerys Targaryen. In this region of Spain’s semi-desert, The Mother of Dragons filmed scenes for several episodes of the show that featured her adored scaly creatures.

This desert landscape is so uncommon that using it as a filming location is almost a given. How could you refuse a place like this to film a fantasy series full of dragons and magic?

With this particular location, the list of Spanish additions is complete. Spain deserves more recognition as a Game of Thrones filming site since it is an underrated setting for the Seven Kingdoms.

The next country is as follows!

4. Morocco

Image by Walkerssk from Pixabay

For our portion on Morocco, one of the much smaller portions on our list, only a handful of locations made the cut. However, these are still intriguing and important filming locations for the show, thus it is crucial to talk about them here.

4.1. Aït Benhaddou, Morocco

Benhaddou is another Moroccan walled town that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. That shouldn’t come as a surprise given how often the well-known place has appeared in films throughout cinematic history, including The Mummy, Gladiator, and others.

Game of Thrones used this well-known filming location to represent the fictional city of Yunkai, which Daenerys liberates from slavery in Season 3. Here, several truly amazing sequences for the show were recorded.

4.2. Essaouira, Morocco

In a previous chapter of Daenerys’ journey, she travels to Essaouira in Morocco to buy a powerful army of troops, which she also frees from their owners. Another iconic Drogon scene occurs as the dragon uses a fire breath to escape its restraints in this instance.

Essaouira is a small but picturesque city situated on Morocco’s Atlantic coast. Even while it may not be widely recognized, it is nonetheless worth seeing. Do you think that sometimes the best places are the ones that aren’t given enough credit?

This brief segment on Morocco comes to a conclusion at Essaouira.

5. Malta

Image by Magdalena Smolnicka from Pixabay

The smallest country on our list, Malta is a fantastic country. There were a few more Malta filming sites used in the series, but I only want to focus on one. The place in Malta that I want to discuss is both our all-time favorite from the series and one that is essential to the overall storyline.

Let’s examine it.

5.1. Azure Window, Malta

Malta’s Azure Window should be included on any list of Game of Thrones filming locations. It is one that, alas, has no future but a distinguished past.

Daenerys and Drogo’s wedding was photographed via a “natural window” created by a magnificent rock formation. Sadly, it wasn’t made to last, but it provided a beautifully dramatic backdrop for the emotionally intense portions of the performance.

Following the window’s storm-related collapse, the filming location was forever lost in 2017. Beauty is still beauty even when it is transient. And that’s all I am aware of at this time concerning Malta.

For our last set of locations, I am going to discuss a country with a distinctive landscape, climate, and culture. But someplace equally beautiful!

6. Iceland

Image by David Mark from Pixabay

Iceland is known for having stunning landscapes. Because of Iceland’s unmatched natural beauty, it is simple to understand why the actors of a fantasy television program would want to travel there to shoot. This country has a number of pre-made shooting locations.

Here are our two favorites from Game of Thrones.

6.1. Vatnajökull National Park, Iceland

In Game of Thrones, Vatnajökull was used to represent everything that was “beyond the wall.” The wide, mysterious, and frigid landscape represented the unknown territory beyond.

This national park is home to the largest glacier in the world, and the enormous expanse of ice that covers it conjures the sense of gloom that “beyond the wall” from Game of Thrones refers to. You can travel and explore the “end of the world” if you have the same amount of bravery as Jon Snow.

6.2. Kirkjufell, Iceland

Iceland’s Kirkjufell is vying for the coveted last spot on our list. With magnificent mountaintops and waterfalls in every direction, Kirkjufell is an amazing example of untouched nature. It is a genuine Icelandic treasure that gave many of the sets in Game of Thrones a lot of appeals.

The main scenes from this that fans may remember are when Jon Snow and the group defied the Night King in Season 7, as well as the flashbacks to the first White Walker. It’s a wonderful setting that produced some iconic scenes.

Final Words

I’ve finished writing my detailed blog about the best Game of Thrones filming locations.

I sincerely hope you found my list interesting and learned something from it. Due to the vast world of the series, even the most devoted fans may continuously discover something new about its tale and history.

Will you go to any of these locations yourself? In case you do, please inform me if you observed any dragons. A lot of Game of Thrones including me have been clamouring to know if they are real since 2011. Just kidding!

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