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14 Simple Ways to Do More of What Makes You Happy

What brings you joy? Why is it that some people, no matter what life throws at them, are always optimistic?

Even though some people have a predisposition toward happiness, it’s more probable that these people have simply found a great idea to do more of what makes them happy, enjoy life and provide long-term happiness and short-term happiness.

Do more of what makes you happy, your own happiness increases confidence which is wonderful news!

1. Do More of What Makes You Happy

Do more of what makes you happy with these 14 top tips:

A. Start With a Good Dose of Gratitude

Image by Avi Chomotovski from Pixabay

Being aware of your blessings might actually change how happy you are.

Every morning, take some time to reflect on all the things for which you are grateful. Before retiring to bed, keep a gratitude journal.

List three to five things for which you were grateful on that specific day. To help your brain absorb all that goodness, visualize these things clearly using all five senses.

According to one study, gratitude was the main predictor of students’ happiness among mindfulness, self-control beliefs, and gratitude.

B. Make Sure You’re Giving Back

Do you donate 10% of your money to your preferred cause or charity? The important thing is giving to others which will make you happy than overspending on yourself.

Giving has a way of making you eligible for additional benefits beyond the simple act of helping others. Giving lets the universe knows that you are confident that everything will work out for the best.

People felt happy when they gave enough money away which contributed to positive experiences, but only if they had a choice in how much to contribute, according to a 2010 study.

Giving back will also take care of your lives.

From those with very little to those with millions, it is evident that giving promotes happiness. You must give in order to get. When you achieve your goals, you’ll feel better as well.

C. Laugh Every Day (It’s Better Than Money)

Do you laugh frequently during the day? Do you look for humour consciously to find happiness?

Oxytocin and endorphins, two pleasant hormones, are released when you laugh. As we share our experiences with others, these hormones pump us up. You’ll feel better even if you just feel gratitude for the little things in life.

Get together with pals for a healthy dose of laughing and improved social connection because it is believed that laughter and joy release these hormones to encourage social bonding. You feel delighted when you do these different things.

D. Foster Good Relationships with Family and Friends

Image by Kris from Pixabay

People that are content don’t spend time alone. Spending time with the people you love and enjoy allows you to create supportive bonds that make you happy and feel better under pressure.

You develop bonds with other people through shared experiences, such as the highs and lows of life. They assist you to build a support system and increase the things that make you happy.

Most people are likely to get affected by loneliness and despair and don’t spend as much time with friends and family.

E. Take Some Alone Time

It is important to take a break and spend some time by oneself in order to cultivate self-care, as opposed to time with family and friends.

You can relax a little and renew your spirit. You may improve your outlook and mood by getting some alone time, and you can also learn what true happiness is all about.

Take advantage of this time to indulge in more of your favourite activities, work out, or simply unwind. Your short-term life happiness can be increased by doing something as simple as relaxing in the sun or listening to your favourite music.

F. Do What You Love

You may have heard the adage “Do what you love and the money will follow.”

Doing what you enjoy doing—and, even better, getting compensated for it—are effective methods to increase your happiness.

When work feels like recreation, you’re more likely to like other aspects of your life.

G. Volunteer Your Time

Your attention turns from your life to the lives of others when you volunteer your time or talents.

This can make you see that perhaps your personal issues aren’t all that severe. You invariably create new connections and feel your soul elevate.

Additionally, volunteering can keep you busy and give you a feeling of purpose while you’re not working. As you start to feel better about yourself and your place in the world, it will also boost your confidence.

H. Get Enough Exercise

Image by Irina L from Pixabay

Few things that make you happy have been studied as thoroughly as exercise. Exercise is beneficial to your body in numerous ways, so make time for it.

You’re first exerting physical effort, which is what it was designed for. The body works best when moving around since humans were made to move.

Additionally, when you exercise, a lot of feel-good chemicals are released. People may feel happier and less anxious as a result of these hormones.

According to one study, “Exercisers were happier and more content with their lives than non-exercisers at all ages.” The good news is that you can start experiencing exercise’s incredible advantages in as little as 30 minutes.

I. Avoid Regrets

We all make mistakes in life; it’s just part of being human. But with a little planning, you may try to steer clear of costly errors and put more emphasis on the positive aspects of life.

They still take place even then. When that happens, it is essential to practise forgiving both yourself and others because everyone is only trying their best to get through life.

J. Take Time To Meditate

By sitting down, lighting a candle, and engaging in deep breathing exercises for 10 minutes, you can relax your body and mind.

By doing this, you connect with your inner self and invariably gain a deeper understanding of your values and priorities.

That will increase your happiness and encourage you to do more of the things that make you happy.

K. Deal With Clutter

Do you have stacks of books and papers everywhere? There’s too much-unopened mail on the desk. Why not try to declutter your life by taking on a tiny chore every day for a month?

You’ll naturally feel less stressed and in better mental shape when you aren’t frantically searching for things you can’t find and when everything has a place.

When you’re rushing to get out the door on a Monday morning and you already know where the lunchboxes and the invoices you need to mail are, that’s a terrific place to be.

L. Get Enough Rest

Sleep is among the simplest and most natural things that make so many people happy. Have you ever noticed how irritable you get in the afternoon after just getting 5 or 6 hours of sleep?

The lack of sleep that many of us experience can increase stress and irritability levels.

Simply getting enough sleep “improves memory, increases people’s capacity to concentrate, strengthens people’s immune systems, and lessens people’s risk of being killed in accidents,” according to research.

After a restful night’s sleep, you’ll be more relaxed and focused when working on your daily tasks. It’s so much better than feeling awfully lethargic during that crucial meeting with your boss. Your body will also appreciate it.

M. Eat Healthier Foods

Image by -Rita-👩‍🍳 und 📷 mit ❤ from Pixabay

You are what you eat,” is a saying you’ve probably heard.

Healthy food can improve your mental health in addition to making your body feel wonderful.

If you often eat boxed noodles, canned dinners, or fast food, your body will let you know by making you gain weight, making you feel lethargic, and possibly developing a number of health problems.

How can you look and feel your best if the foods you eat are unhealthy?

When you eat properly, you’re not only taking better care of yourself but you’ll also feel more energetic and youthful. Your overall health will literally improve.

N. Don’t Compare Yourself To Others

This is undoubtedly easier said than done, but if you can train your mind to concentrate on the positive aspects of your life and actions, you won’t be inclined to worry about how others are faring.

Upward comparisons on social media are linked to poorer self-esteem, according to research on the impact of social media use.

2. Stop Doing Things That Make You Unhappy

When we were young, life seemed to be much easier. Do you not agree?

There were more things that could make us truly joyful than there were things to worry about.

It used to amaze us how little things could make us so happy. I can still clearly recall how delighted I was to receive my first hula hoop. One simple gadget has brought me so much joy!

The problem is that as we get older, our world gets broader, and we gain new experiences, we become overwhelmed and mistakenly believe that happiness is something that must be worked for.

Why does finding happiness become more difficult as we age?

Well, when we were young, all of our attention was on ourselves, and we did everything to make ourselves feel good. Adults allow society to determine what happiness is, but are we included in that narrative?

We need to stop doing activities that aren’t helping us and start searching for pleasure.

3. What You Should Stop Doing and What You Should Do Instead?

Image by annca from Pixabay

A. Stop Ignoring Your Own Needs

Being able to please everyone is impossible. You won’t be able to accomplish it. Who is taking care of your needs while you are attending to everyone else’s? No one.

Nobody will care about you or what you can do to be happy if you don’t. The harsh reality is that. You need to understand this as soon as you can.

Everyone is unique, and only you are most qualified to determine your own needs and wants. So, take a seat and contemplate your goals for a while. Your emotions will let you know what you need, so pay attention to them and ignore outside voices.

B. Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

No two persons are alike, and that’s an amazing thing. There is no use in comparing ourselves to others because we are all unique. We simply end up unhappy and jealous of others’ possessions. We should have faith in our life’s journey and the fact that everything we desire will come to us when it is time.

Stop wasting countless hours on social media envious of other people’s flawless lifestyles. Their lifestyles may not be so ideal after all, and they undoubtedly face challenges.

Instead of just staring at a computer screen, start making some genuine improvements.

Instead of just lamenting how some people seem to have it all, start making efforts to reach your objectives. Praise yourself for your small victories and occasionally take a moment to reflect on your progress.

C. Stop Resisting Your Fear

We are prevented from experiencing many wonderful things by our fear. It restricts us and keeps us from experiencing joy. You will cut yourself off from everything if you live in perpetual fear.

However, if you force yourself to face your concerns, you will find that there are no restrictions on what you may do and that your life is in your own hands.

Consider any circumstance you are afraid of as an opportunity to advance toward becoming a better person. When I couldn’t or didn’t want to do anything, I used to be frightened to tell people “no.” I was terrified that people would stop liking me.

I’ve since come to realize that not everyone can or should like me and that avoiding saying “no” was causing me to waste time and energy on things I didn’t want to do. Now that I say “no,” I feel a lot better.

D. Stop Feeling Bad For Making a Mistake

There are no challenges and no opportunities for personal improvement if you never make mistakes. You can’t do new things or learn new things if you don’t want to make mistakes.

Making mistakes can teach us important lessons that improve us in the long run.

Don’t consider mistakes to be awful or embarrassing. Due to my faults in my first translation work, I felt quite humiliated. But those blunders taught me a lot, and they also helped me gain experience and boost my confidence in my ability to translate.

Just keep in mind that every time you do, it will come in handy and that you will eventually be happy you did.

E. Stop Putting Your Happiness into Other’s Hands

Nobody else can make you happy if you don’t love yourself and understand how to achieve it on your own. You need to understand this as soon as you can.

Happiness is a quality you already possess. If you’re unhappy, nobody else can make you happy. Nobody else is in your skin and can judge what’s best for you, anyway.

Spend a few days by yourself, alone with your thoughts. Find out what makes you happy and what you can do to pursue happiness without anyone else in the picture by doing something peaceful.

No one can decide what’s best for you since it’s something you have to live with, not someone else.

F. Stop Trying To Take Control of All Aspects of Your Life

Life is unexpected, which is one of its charms. It is impossible to try to manage everything in your life, just like it is impossible to try to control the weather.

Yes, there are storms and rain, but there are also rainbows and sun. It serves no purpose to worry about things you can’t do anything about.

The secret is to embrace the unexpected and go with the flow. If everything could be planned out in advance, life would be so monotonous.

Try not to plan every aspect of your day. My experience taught me that there are always unforeseen circumstances, and if things don’t go according to plan, I just become frustrated.

I, therefore, don’t set specific plans and leave myself plenty of opportunity for improvisation.

G. Stop Trying To Make Others Happy and Forget about Yourself

You have to prioritize yourself. You will be unhappy if you always put others before yourself since you won’t have time for yourself.

Being a little bit selfish now and then is acceptable. People around you will feel better if you are content and joyful. Do something kind for yourself every morning when you wake up. Do something you enjoy doing and put everyone else aside.

Every time you complete a difficult activity, reward yourself with something enjoyable. Do yourself a favour; no one else will.

H. Stop Feeling Bad To Be Alone

Staying in a relationship solely out of fear of being alone is wrong.

You must first develop a meaningful relationship with yourself if you are sincere about seeking a meaningful relationship. So, if you’re single, take advantage of the time to reassess your priorities.

Instead of relying on your spouse to make you happy, you will then know what you want from your future relationship.

4. Affect on Physical and Mental Health

Image by Александр Александров from Pixabay

There is a lot of focus on physical fitness and for good reason. A healthy body can help you stay independent as you age and also stave off diseases like diabetes and heart disease.

Maintaining both physical and mental fitness is essential and shouldn’t be disregarded.

Mental fitness is the state of being in the best possible physical, mental, and emotional health. It does not entail mastering an IQ exam or practising for the “brain Olympics.” It alludes to a set of activities that can help you slow down, unwind, and sharpen a deteriorating memory.

Do more of what makes you happy by helping your body indirectly helping your mind, which shouldn’t come as a surprise. It also increases the “feel-good” hormones known as endorphins in your brain.

This is why it makes sense that those who maintain a healthy physical state also frequently exhibit higher levels of mental agility.

By engaging in intense exercise, you can combat depression and cultivate a more positive outlook on life. Stress may be harmful to your mental and physical health, but it’s also a fantastic strategy to combat it.

Don’t only work out your body—work out your mind, too. A study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences claims that specific memory workouts can improve “fluid intelligence,” or the capacity to reason and solve novel challenges.

Exercise and meditation are both good for the body and the mind. A different approach to treating depression is through meditation in conjunction with other techniques. You can approach issue-solving in a more comfortable manner by calming the mind.

The importance of maintaining your mental health cannot be overstated, especially as you age. You can practise mental dexterity in a variety of ways without going to the gym.

They include both engaging activities like playing a game or learning a new song and relaxing ones like meditation and visualization exercises. Schedule a brief period for mental exercise right after your workout. Your body and mind deserve it.

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5. Conclusion

Being a better version of yourself is perfectly acceptable; we all have areas we wish to develop. These changes are all perfectly acceptable and it’s good to be able to evolve as a person.

Try to give yourself a few more compliments, stop making excuses if you frequently do so, try not to hold on to your resentment too long because it can consume you, and try to practise forgiveness because even though some things may be wholly unforgivable, it’s important to realize that you can forgive if you choose to.

Being entirely honest is better than lying completely or waffling on about something for too long because those actions would only serve to make the situation worse. Be honest with yourself and others.

Your everyday routines and behaviours all contribute to your pleasure. Do more of what makes you happy keeping these 14 cheerful things in your everyday routine if you want to start living a happy life.

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