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14 Exciting Things to do at Harrison Hot Springs

The quaint small village of Harrison Hot Springs is located in the stunning Fraser Valley in British Columbia. Of course, it’s close to the famous hot springs that gave the town its name and the magnificent Harrison Lake.

Although there aren’t many residents in this small town, tourists from all over the world, swarm the streets & beach every year to take advantage of the neighbouring skiing and sunny weather and also because there are so, many interesting things to do at Harrison Hot Springs.

Things to do at Harrison Hot Springs-

Here are some of the top things to do at Harrison Hot Springs, along with all the additional information you need to know before visiting, to help you plan your upcoming vacation, no matter what time of year it is and your comprehensive guide to things to do in Harrison Hot Springs is here!

1. Explore the Town

Harrison Hot Springs, which can be found in the lovely Fraser Valley, has long been a preferred vacation spot for Canadians. From Vancouver, it takes around 1.5 hours or roughly a half hour from Hope, British Columbia, and is one of the best things to do at Harrison Hot Springs.

Before the town’s official founding in 1886, the area had several mining camps. These miners laid the way for the community you see today by finding the hot springs.

The town has about 1,700 residents, but the number of tourists that come here each year far outweighs that. It’s easy to say Harrison Hot Springs is a well-liked location with an estimated 750,000 tourists annually!

The majority of the locals are employed in the hotel industry, and they have succeeded in making their community a desirable one for years.

2. Enjoy the Beach Day

Don’t skip a beach day if you’re in town during the summer! It can get crowded along the water, but this town is well-known for its extensive lakeside water recreation.

If you’ve never been swimming in a Canadian lake before, a beach day at Harrison Lake is significantly different from such a beach day spent in the Caribbean or other tropical regions.

To begin with, the water might be pretty chilly! In any case, it’s incredibly clear and reviving! Just remember that you won’t be swimming year-round.

The water in the Harrison Lagoon, a small man-made lagoon along the beach, is swimmable, but it isn’t the freshest.

The right side (facing the lake) is very popular because it’s usually quieter and has more space to relax. Both beaches include swimming areas that are cordoned off.

Along Esplanade Avenue, there is also an excellent picnic area with lots of tables and grass. Extremely family-friendly yet a little overcrowded in the summer.

3. Enjoy some Chocolate and Ice Cream

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

There aren’t many things in life that a huge cookie can’t improve and the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, the maker of Canada’s best monster cookies, is situated smack in the middle of Harrison Hot Springs.

Due to its unique assortment of chocolate figurines as well as other sweets with creative presentations, this cute little shop attracts a lot of travellers, especially kids, and is among the best things to do at Harrison Hot Springs.

And don’t worry if you are unsure as you can sample different flavours before choosing.

Additionally, they offer ice cream in big servings, and you have to admit that the fudge-dipped waffle cone is quite a treat in and of itself.

4. Enjoy the Waterpark

One of the best things to do at Harrison Hot Springs having fun at Harrison Watersports, a terrific inflatable waterpark located right on the lake. The park’s trampolines and bumper boats are typically touted for children.

We strongly advise wearing a wetsuit because the lake’s water is quite cold and because it makes you more slidable. From the age of 10, children are permitted to be on their own.

5. See the Public Hot Springs in Harrison

Warm up with a plunge in the natural mineral springs this area is famous for, even though the lake water can be a little chilly.

For thousands of years, the STS Ailes First Nations used the hot springs that pour into this pool as a site of healing. Later, in the 1850s, European explorers on their way to the gold mines discovered the warm mineral water.

Everyone is welcome to use the public pool in Harrison Hot Springs, which is conveniently placed in the middle of the city and open to non-hotel guests as well.

6. Visit Harrison Hot Springs Resort

The Harrison Hot Springs Resort is a great option if you decide to stay the night in. The 5 heated mineral pools, both indoor and outdoor, are all yours to use at any time.

Spend a night or two here to give yourself time to explore and enjoy the beautiful region of British Columbia which is one of the best things to do at Harrison Hot Springs.

Not only will you be able to explore the many hiking routes, and take in the stunning mountain vistas, you will have plenty of time to bathe in the lovely hot springs in between enjoying all the exciting activities on the lake.

7. Enjoy Boating

One of the popular ways to truly enjoy the grandeur of this area is on a boat tour of Harrison Lake and the Harrison River, which are true natural beauties. From the water, enjoy some of the greatest views of Harrison Hot Springs!

And you can even find something to enjoy at Shoreline Tours, like the year-round private tours, mouthwatering BBQs on the water, and speed boats for the more daring, and leisurely cruises with knowledgeable instructors.

8. Booking a Jet Ski

Image by Jason Shivers from Pixabay

Riding a jet ski, also known as a sea-doo, is a highly thrilling method to go quickly across the water. With such stunning countryside all around, you wouldn’t believe how quickly an hour passes while you are operating jet skis.

Harrison Watersports on Harrison Lake offers jet ski rentals.

A 25 km (15.5 mile) region will be available for you to explore as you approach Echo Island. You can travel a little further around Echo Island & into Cascade Bay if you choose a 2- to 3-hour rental.

Note – If you wish to operate a jet ski, you must be at least 19 years old and in possession of a driver’s license. However, passengers don’t need a license and can be younger.

9. Kayak or Paddleboard on the Lake

You can hire paddleboards or kayaks to float along the lake if you’ve previously used the jet skis but want to take things a little more slowly while still feeling daring.

It accounts for one of the best things to do at Harrison Hot Springs and if you intend to remain for a while and spend a lot of time on the lake, you can also look for season passes.

10. Try Greek Cuisine while Enjoying the Scenic View

The ideal place to enjoy a drink is on a cozy rooftop with a beautiful view, and if you enjoy Greek cuisine.

Traditional Greek cuisine is offered at Milos Greek Taverna in ample amounts for a fair price with great customer service, too. Throughout the summer, it’s one of the busiest restaurants.

They provide a great assortment of wines, regional and foreign beers, classic cocktails, and a rooftop with views of the mountains and lake. Just search for the blue & white building; it’s impossible to miss!

11. Explore the Bridal Veil Falls

It’s one of the popular places to stop on the way from Vancouver to Jasper, but you have to stop at Harrison Hot Springs while you’re here because it’s so nearby.

You could easily plan a day trip around this visit because they provide a picnic place. And although you will be far into the forest, signals are placed throughout to guide you to the various pathways and you can return to the parking lot by completing a loop in less than 30 minutes.

You may take beautiful shots of the waterfall’s base, and there’s also a small natural pool where you can dip your legs for a while (this is cool in the summer!).

11.1 Bridal Falls Waterpark

Bridal Falls Waterpark, which is ideal for youngsters who like water, is located very near the falls. The fact that you can bring your food & spend the day in a relaxing picnic area whereas the kids have joy sliding and swimming about makes it a highly popular attraction throughout the summer.

Those who plan to enter the water must purchase tickets. Additionally, there is food available at the location, and the picnic area is free.

12. Enjoy a Round of Golf

The Sandpiper Golf Course is regarded as the premier golf course in the Fraser Valley for serious players or for those who merely wish to take a break from their holiday.

It features 18 holes and some of the nicest golf course vistas and is among the best things to do in Harrison Hot Springs.

Image by Markus Spiske from Pixabay

If you want to spend the night, you can book a room at the clubhouse, which also has a wonderful restaurant.

There is another golf course that is much closer to the city. The Harrison Resort Golf Course (it has 9 holes) is suitable for a leisurely game of golf despite not being an award-winning layout like the Sandpiper.

13. Enjoy Skiing

Several summertime activities have previously been highlighted, but many of the best things to do in British Columbia are winter-only activities because they are so popular in Canada.

Skiing, snowboarding, and tubing are just a few of the fun winter sports you can partake in at the Sasquatch Mountain Resort. They provide equipment rentals in addition to lessons for all ages. If you bring your ski gear, they can service it for you as well.

14. Take a Trip to Sasquatch Provincial Park

There are many different things one can engage in the Sasquatch Provincial Park, which is very well run. Fishing in freshwater, kayaking, riding, hiking, and other activities.

Make sure you choose a trail appropriate for your level of hiking experience so you can get the most out of your trip even when there is a lot of snow on the ground.

Renting snowshoes also allows you to explore the captivating mountain environment at your own pace, whether with or without a guide.

Furthermore, there are off-leash areas where your dog may run about and play with other dogs while enjoying the fresh mountain air if you’re travelling with them.

Final Note

There are many fun things to do at Harrison Hot Springs and it has been kept spotless despite having so many people, and with a sizable lake just outside your door and nature all around, I’d rank it among BC’s top tourist destinations!

Harrison Hot Springs is an accessible choice for a quick weekend escape because it’s only a little more than two hours from Vancouver. You’ll have plenty of time to enjoy the hot springs as well as visits to Fort Langley National Historic Site, an old railroad museum, and Bridal Veil Falls Provincial Park.

Happy travelling!

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