Does Drinking Water help with Acne Breakouts

acne breakouts

Water is known for bringing life to earth, making it the most crucial drink of all time. The human body contains cells, and all other organs need water so because of that it’s clear the role of water is really important for the proper functioning of the body. Does drinking water help with acne breakouts? Read more to know!

Recently many studies have been conducted on human diets and they suggest that water plays an important role in the skin’s health. Undoubtedly, it is essential when you get acne on your face. In this article, we will read about the effects of drinking water on the acne of your skin and does drinking water help acne.

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1. What are Acne Breakouts?

Acne is a common skin condition generally seen in majority of the population age between 11-30. It is generally said that this type of acne occurs and is due to puberty and hormonal changes. But these acne pimples are characterized by minute pimples, dead skin, and blackheads that cause discomfort and affect the self-esteem of people. It can occur on the face, chest, and upper back of your body.

Acne is generally caused due to accumulation of bacteria, oil, and dirt. Other factors that can cause acne are: It’s genetics in some people, the change in the levels of hormones that cause acne in most women, stress levels, excessive oil in the face of skin cells can cause acne, eating high-sugar items can increase blood sugar levels and cause acne, hormones to change during periods, air pollutants etc.

2. The Effect of Water on the Skin

It is generally said that our body’s five main organs are its sense organs but there is one other organ that is the largest of them all but still not recognized properly. The organ is the skin, like every other organ’s skin is made up of cells and tissues that contain water and essential elements.

When we stay hydrated our body functions properly but during the shortage of water intake our skin becomes dry, and it causes wrinkles on the skin. That is why it is important to use a perfect cleanser and moisturizer to maintain the skin’s hydrated balance.

The water we drink regularly goes to the organs of our body so when we apply any moisturizing cream or toner to dehydrated skin it’s providing the external moisture our skin and immune system need. Because of the availability of cosmetic products, it’s easy to provide hydration to our skin externally as well.

3. Tips on How To Use the Product Properly

  • Always use the moisturizer from your fingertips on moist skin because it affects the absorption of the product with better skin moisture rather than dry skin.
  • Use less amount for better results.
  • Include toner and Mists in your skin care, they are essential for the hydration of oily skin.
  • Massage and try to pat after applying any product on your face for better absorption.
  • Always choose the products according to your skin type.

4. Role of Water for Acne and Skin

4.1. Bacterial Acne

By drinking water, you can improve your skin texture and reduce the toxins present in the body. This will increase the chances of reducing your acne for a long time. Drinking water habits affect the skin directly and indirectly. People who drink more water have a clearer and more hydrated face than people who don’t. Water is essential for skin health. It can help in reducing inflammation and skin blemishes.

It plays an important role in overall health and helps in maintaining the proper health of the skin. It helps in hydrating, cleaning, flushing out toxins, and the normal functioning of the organs that include the skin as well, although it is not yet directly confirmed that water consumption can remove acne there is enough evidence that staying hydrated skin has a positive effect on the skin.

acne breakouts
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4.2. Skin Moisture

Proper moisturization is possible with enough hydration. When our body is dehydrated the skin becomes dry and starts producing natural oil as a protective barrier.

This same excess oil production is responsible for clogging the pores and creating pimples on the outer layer of our skin so drinking enough water in a day can maintain a healthy balance to reduce the risk of acne.

4.3. Cleaning Impurities

Water is important for detoxifying the body’s blood sugar levels and removing waste products that remove toxins from our system. When we stay hydrated our kidneys perform better in filtering toxins and impurities from the blood. The blood is clean of toxins. It may help in reducing inflammation and acne.

4.4. Digestive System

The main important thing about acne is generally related to indigestion as well. When your digestive tract or stomach is not clean it generally breaks out in the form of acne on the face. A healthy digestive system includes drinking water and eliminating waste through a bowel movement.

Proper functioning digestive systems help prevent the buildup of toxins and other undigested foods inside the body and this will reduce overall skin health issues including acne.

4.5. Supporting Skin Health

Taking water is overall healthy for skin health because it improves blood circulation and oxygenation. By staying hydrated and taking the right amount of water we can ensure the dehydration of our cells by providing them essential nutrients and oxygen. Then these cells support skin health, regeneration, and repair processes.

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5. Tips for Water Intake

To get the proper benefit of water for Acne benefits it is important to maintain proper skin hydration too. Here are some tips to get water properly.

Most celebrities and fitness enthusiasts are saying that one should consume 8 to 10 glasses of water every day, however individual water needs may vary on a person’s basis, hormone levels, skin conditions of climate, and overall health.

By including water-rich fruits and vegetables in your diet, these foods can contribute to overall hydration and provide important nutrients for healthy skin and health.

Try to balance your caffeinated and alcoholic beverages that can have better effects and replace them with healthy drinks like lemon and mint.

One should drink water every hour. The problem with most people is that they just drink water only when they eat something, so sip water throughout the day rather than taking in large amounts at once. It will help in weight loss, better absorption, and utilization in a better way.

Pay attention to the amount of urochrome in your blood sugar and urine. Darker color urine indicates dehydration and the need for more water intake. The color of your urine should always be light yellow or clear.

6. Conclusion

Drinking water alone is not a magical cure for acne, it is just maintaining proper healthy skin hydration because of the overall health of the skin. It is important to stay hydrated so that you can support dead skin cells, your natural detoxification process and promote a healthy digestive system.

These little efforts help in using the acne break out and improve your appearance. Always consult a dermatologist for personal advice on your acne treatment according to your skin type and treatment options in case of severe acne.

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