Famous National Parks in Melbourne – 14 Must Visit Options!

Melbourne nestled within the urban sprawl, these parks offer a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of city life, providing a range of recreational activities and breathtaking natural landscapes for visitors to enjoy.

1. Famous National Parks in Melbourne

Image by David Mark from Pixabay

From pristine forests and beautiful waterfalls to rugged coastal cliffs and picturesque beaches, national parks in Melbourne have something to offer everyone. In this article, we will explore some of the best national parks in Melbourne along with highlighting their unique features and the things they offer. 

1.1 Grampians National Park

Image by Andreas Schau from Pixabay

The Grampians National Park is a breathtakingly beautiful place among the national parks in Melbourne with towering sandstones and peaks, stunning wildflowers and the famous Pinnacle Walk. There is no surprise that it’s a popular place for nature lovers.

The traditional Custodian of this land is known as “Gariwerd,” and it’s also renowned for its vast collection of indigenous rocks and art sites that make it one of the largest in southeastern Australia.

Address: The Grampians, Grampians, Melbourne 3314.

1.2. Wilsons Promontory National Park

Wilson Promontory National Park is the southernmost post of mainland Australia and boasts a beautiful national park that is abundant with beaches, lush greenery, and friendly wildlife.

Visitors can go for an overnight hike to “Sealers Cove”, a day hike up to “Mount Oberon” or they can simply relax at Tidal River Campsite. The park’s natural beauty is a sight to behold and is a must-see destination for all Melburnians among national parks in Melbourne.

Address: Wilsons Promontory VIC 3960, Australia.

1.3. Great

Image by John Vossen from Pixabay

If you’re traveling along the Great Ocean Road, a visit to Great Otway National Park is a must – particularly if you’re a fan of waterfalls. The park spans from “Torquay” to “Princetown” and up to “Colac”, offering visitors the chance to explore a cool temperate rainforest, making it one of the top destinations in Victoria.

By taking one of the park’s coastal walking trails, you can uncover serene sandy beaches and verdant forests and even spot a koala or two peeking out from the gum trees.

Address: Great Ocean Road, Lorne, Victoria, 3232.

1.4. Mount Buffalo National Park

Victoria’s High Country is a stunning destination that shouldn’t be missed. Mount Buffalo, in particular, is a popular spot as it is blanketed in snow for half of the year, providing ample opportunities for cross-country skiing and tobogganing on its 14km of marked ski trails.

During the warmer months, visitors can enjoy over five parks and 90km of walking tracks. For those interested in camping, the snow gum woodlands surrounding “Lake Catani” are a must-see among national parks in Melbourne.

Address: Mount Buffalo VIC 3740, Australia.

1.5. Little Desert National Park

Little Desert National Park, located approximately four hours away from Melbourne, is a serene destination worth visiting. To get there, drive down the Western Highway towards the South Australian border and take in the peacefulness of the park.

Although the landscape is relatively dry, visitors can enjoy numerous self-guided nature walks ranging from 30 minutes to three days in length, perfect for those who enjoy bushwalking.

Spring is the optimal season to visit, as it offers stunning views of wildflowers in bloom and comfortable temperatures. This is a must-visit place among national parks in Melbourne.

Address: Western Highway, Dimboola VIC 3414, Australia.

1.6. Yarra Ranges National Park

Escape the crowds and explore the Yarra Ranges, just two hours away from Melbourne. Enjoy a peaceful picnic at the picturesque Alfred Nicholas Gardens or take a leisurely bike ride along the historic “O’Shannassy Aqueduct Trail.”

For a scenic drive, take the winding Black Spur Drive between Healesville and Narbethong, where towering trees and lush mountain ferns offer a stunning view at every turn.

Address: Kinglake West VIC 3757, Australia.

1.7. Twelve Apostles Marine National Park

If you continue driving past the Great Otway National Park for three hours, you’ll discover one of Victoria’s most recognizable landmarks, the iconic Twelve Apostles closest national park.

This park is named after its high limestone stacks that protrude from the coastline, but it actually boasts 17km of stunning coastal scenery and a vibrant reef that thrives beneath the waves.

Address: Great Ocean Road, Princetown VIC 3269, Australia.

1.8. Budj Bim Cultural Landscape

The site contains the remains of 300 basalt stone houses, providing a glimpse into a former permanent settlement of the “Gunditjmara people,” as well as panoramic views of the impressive rock formations and slushy green valleys below.

Address: Mount Eccles Road, Macarthur VIC 3286, Australia.

1.9. Croajingolong National Park

Image by Jeb Buchman from Pixabay

If you’re searching for a remote getaway, consider packing your camping gear and driving towards the far-eastern coast of Victoria to visit Croajingolong National Park, which is located just below the New South Wales border and approximately seven hours away from Melbourne.

Croajingolong’s ecosystems and landscapes are of immense value that it has been designated as a World Biosphere Reserve by the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

This national park in Melbourne offers secluded coastal camping spots that are ideal for fishing and boating enthusiasts, as well as eucalypt forests and heathlands that are perfect for beach walks and observing native animals.

Address: Gales Hills Track, Wingan River, Victoria, 3891.

1.10. Kingslake National Park

The Australian Alps, also known as the “Great Dividing Range”, is home to Kinglake National Park, the closest park to national parks in Melbourne on this list. Visitors to remote coastal parks can enjoy scenic views of the Yarra Valley, You Yangs, and even the Melbourne skyline.

The park is a popular destination for activities such as camping, mountain biking, and picnicking. Masons Falls is a must-visit spot where visitors can appreciate the stunning fern forests and valleys around it.

Address: Masons Falls Road, Kingslake West VIC 3757, Australia.

1.11. Dandenong Ranges National Park

Dandenong Ranges National Park offers their visitors a chance to explore various types of flora and fauna. The park’s “Doongalla Forest”, situated near Mount Dandenong, offers a stunning view of Melbourne City.

This is one of the great national parks in Melbourne. Fitness enthusiasts can enjoy the “Ferntree Gully” if they want, which provides them with an ideal walking trail with steps built to commemorate the “Kokoda Track battle.” 

Address: Sassafras VIC 3787, Australia.

1.12. Port Campbell National Park

Port Campbell National Park is an incredibly picturesque location among national parks in Melbourne, resembling a work of art. With a stunning coastline of towering cliffs and captivating rock formations, it’s a perfect getaway from the monotony of daily life.

Address: Great Ocean Road, Port Campbell VIC 3269, Australia.

1.13. Mornington Peninsula National Park

Image by falco from Pixabay

Take a walk coastal walk to “Bushrangers Bay,” head up to “Arthurs Seat” for spectacular views of Port Phillip Bay, or you can spend your day on the ocean beach or relaxing at hot springs in “Finegal.”

The park boasts stunning ocean views and dense coastal foliage, making it a perfect location for trekking. The beach is also ideal for strolling, with numerous tidal rocks to explore. 

Address: Boneo Road, Cape Schanck VIC 3939, Australia.

1.14. Tower Hill Wildlife Reserve

Tower Hill Wildlife Reserve, located inside an extinct volcano that formed 30,000 years ago, is home to a variety of animals, such as koalas, emus, kangaroos, and waterbirds that roam freely.

Tower Hill was declared Victoria’s first National Parks in Melbourne in 1892, making it a perfect spot for visitors to immerse themselves in the Australian bush and enjoy the spectacular scenery while experiencing up-close encounters with some of Australia’s most famous wildlife, such as kangaroos, wallabies, emus, echidnas, and seasonal reptiles.

Address: Princes Highway, Tower Hill, Victoria, 3283.

2. Conclusion

National Parks in Melbourne offers a variety of activities, from the stunning landscape of Yarra range national park and Croajingolong national park to the lush forest of Dandenong Ranges and Kingslake national park, as well as the opportunity to get with Australia’s native wildlife at Tower Hill Wildlife Reserve.

These parks are important for exploring the natural beauty and cultural heritage and an opportunity for eco-tourism. 



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