Hiking in Abbotsford: 10 Best Hiking Spots

Although Abbotsford is a rural community, it is renowned for having a small-town atmosphere. Hence, there are numerous lovely farmer’s markets, mouthwatering bakeries, and fantastic restaurants all over. Also, all kinds of hikers can get their fill there!

In search of the top routes for hiking in Abbotsford? With many beautiful trails in the Abbotsford region, all trails provide something for everyone who wants to go hiking, biking, trail running, or doing other outdoor sports.

Hiking in Abbotsford

There are many places for hiking in Abbotsford and many places to visit like Fraser River, Matsqui trail regional park, Discovery trail, Glen Ryder trail, surrounding Cascade mountains, super steep hike, Riverbanks overlooking, Mill lake, Lost lake, Tranquil farmland on the west side and many easily accessible outdoor activities that you can enjoy while hiking in Abbotsford.

1. Abby Grind

Discover this 3.5-km out-and-back route in British Columbia close to Upper Sumas 6 and the place is counted among the best places for hiking in Abbotsford.

This trail is undoubtedly harder than moderate during windy or rainy days. The trail is rather rocky, and it might be challenging to see the progress markers. Enjoy the best hiking in Abbotsford here. The overlook gives a fantastic view of the valley and plenty of space to relax for a while.

The first half of the trek is extremely noisy due to the neighboring motorway and the gun range at the base, but the trail is well-maintained.

As the summer months are extremely crowded and fire smoke can often obscure the beautiful views of Abbotsford and the Mount Baker Range from the top, it is best to schedule your hike here for a day with a clear sky in the spring or fall. If it’s not too crowded when you reach the top, there are a few covered areas where you can sit.

Hiking in Abbotsford
Photo by Yasmine Duchesne on Unsplash.

Users advise taking a 4×4 because the final stretch of the trip to the trailhead involves a dirt & gravel road that can occasionally get muddy and icy. In cases where the trail is congested, parking can be challenging and far away.

2. Clayburn Creek Trail

Discover the 4.5-kilometer out-and-back track in the area of Abbotsford, British Columbia, and the place is counted among the best places for hiking in Abbotsford.

The Clayburn Creek Trail is a wonderful gravel path through woodland. The walk is well-kept, spotless, and dog-friendly because there is space to pass other users without running into them.

Hiking in Abbotsford
Photo by Austin Ban on Unsplash

Starting from Straiton Road, it is uphill; starting from Blauson Boulevard, it is downhill. Use the Auguston Stairs to increase your workout.

Use the Auguston Stairs to get great exercise and beautiful scenery. Be aware of your surroundings because bears and coyotes share this natural area with other animals.

3. Downes Bowl Trail

A picturesque region with a maze of hiking trails may be found in Clearbrook Park in Abbotsford. It is called Downes Bowl. Unique to the bowl-shaped topography is a sizable marsh featuring wooden boardwalks and little bridges spanning multiple streams.

Even though the park is close to busy roads and athletic fields, hiking in the bowl is also quieter.

Downes Bowl has a variety of trails and pathways you can use to explore the area. The outermost route will be covered in this description and is one of the best places for hiking in Abbotsford.

To get back to where you started, this description will cycle through the bowl along the outermost path.

Hiking in Abbotsford
Photo by Fabrizio Conti on Unsplash

The pathway starts next to Clearbrook Park’s parking lot and proceeds along a gravel path next to the baseball fields. Turn right onto the Exploration Trail when the route intersects with another trail to continue circumnavigating the baseball fields.

Don’t let the hike’s rocky beginning deter you. Look for a large gravel track to your left and follow it as you depart after traversing the gravel path around the baseball fields for around 400 meters.

At this intersection, turn right. A short while later, at a second intersection, turn left. Continue the trail as it makes a sizable circle to the left, cutting between two sizable marshes that, in the spring & summer, are frequently overgrown with skunk cabbage.

Follow the trail until it comes to a fork, then turn right to descend some wooden stairs onto a long stretch of raised boardwalks as the path gradually increases elevation. Go across the boardwalks, up the little slope on the opposite side, and you’ll come to a 4-way stop.

4. The Ledgeview Trail

From the McKee Road parking area, proceed to the metal fence and take the route that leads past it. Follow this wide gravel trail uphill because it climbs & heads into the woodland alongside a creek, turning right at the first opportunity.

Leave the wide gravel trail and turn left into the Amy Fisher Trail. Soon after, turn left once more onto the Mixed Bag Trail, walk down the little hill and over the creek, and then continue to Abbotsford along the woodland trail.

The place is counted among the best places for hiking in Abbotsford. You are now traveling in the right direction; continue on the Mixed Bag Trail to reach McKee Peak’s summit.

Continually ascending and meandering through a dense forest, the Mixed Bag track can be followed. At a 4-way intersection, keep going straight as the trail accelerates its ascent.

The trail ultimately comes to another junction, followed by several more junctions. Generally speaking, the secret to taking the right path is to stay on the Mixed Bag pathway and to keep going uphill.

Within a minute of one another, there are three junctions. At the first junction, turn right, then turn left, and then turn left again.

5. Trail up Sumas Mountain

The best places for hiking in Abbotsford. The 16.9-km out-and-back Fraser Valley G path can be explored nearby. While jogging and hiking are fairly popular activities here, you can run into other individuals while doing your exploration.

On the access road and route to the summit from Chadsey lake, the track is clearly defined for the most part, but there are a few tricky twists, especially close to the Chadsey lake direction. Most of the trail is narrow, and in warm weather, bug spray is advised.

Although several reviews mention getting lost, simply proceed by following the orange tree tags. It’s an excellent idea to stop at Chadsey Lake for a snack before climbing to the peak because it’s so gorgeous there.

Beginning on the north side of the lake and circumnavigating the lake, the trek to the mountain along the eastern overlook involves a few difficult switchbacks.

Hiking in Abbotsford
Photo by Brayden Winemiller on Unsplash

On the gravel road next to the trailhead, there is plenty of roadside parking. At elevations above the lake, microspikes are advised because the trails can be harder to detect in the winter.

6. Taggart Peak

Very, extremely steep: Sumas Super Grind, marked in a very obvious manner. Some ropes in the more challenging areas. At about 600 meters, snow begins and is turning. One of the best places for hiking in Abbotsford.

Spikes are a must if you go. Knob Gobbler. Little hard pack and ankle-deep, mushy snow. There have been sufficient users that it is simple to follow. Spikes aren’t necessary. Snowshoes could be useful.

Hiking in Abbotsford
Photo by Ophélie Authier on Unsplash

The snow cover on McTaggart Peak is fair and slushy, but it is shallowing. While probably not essential, spikes were helpful. Too little snow for snowshoes. It’s the grind, says Abby Grind. Excellent footing, runnable downhill, and very simple to follow.

7. Climb Loop & Lazy Boy

See this 3.4-kilometer circular trail that is close to Abbotsford, British Columbia.

You’ll see many people here if you go mountain biking, hiking, or birdwatching. The place is counted among the best places for hiking in Abbotsford.

8. Ambidextrous Lower and Upper Trail

This 4.0-km loop trail is accessible close to Abbotsford, British Columbia. The best places for hiking in Abbotsford.

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

This trail is a part of the McKee Peak multi-use trail network. Just across from Bassani Park in Highlands, the trail begins.

Please be aware that mountain bikers frequently use the loop of the Ambidextrous Trail. Mountain cyclists should be observed because they can move quickly. This trail system offers stunning geological features.

9. Track through Willband Creek Park

Visit this 2.4-km loop route close to Abbotsford, British Columbia. While allowed, dogs must be leashed. The place is counted among the best places for hiking in Abbotsford.

Farmland and swampy wetland are also encountered along this walk. It has a few bridges, benches, and a platform with mountain views along a very easy gravel walk!

It’s a pleasant loop that’s suitable for bikes and strollers as well as runners or a leisurely family stroll.

10. Berminator Waterfall Trail

Learn more about this 1.1-kilometer out-and-back trail in the area of Abbotsford, British Columbia.

The best place for hiking in Abbotsford and even though it’s a well-traveled trail, you can still find some peace on it when it’s less busy.

Hiking in Abbotsford
Photo by photo nic on Unsplash

The two waterfalls along this short trail are spectacular. To reach the second waterfall, one must pass via the tunnel under the bridge.

A map would be helpful because there are numerous junctions for the various mountain riding routes in the area. You can enjoy hiking in Abbotsford here. There has been talking of a parking problem in the surrounding residential sector.

Final Note

Get trail maps, along with images from other visitors. There are many simple paths for hiking in Abbotsford that you can explore, or you can look up family-friendly routes. Examine several routes that go to historical sites. Hope you like hiking in Abbotsford.

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