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How to Charge a Fitbit Without a Charger: The Easy 11 Steps


With the rise of healthcare health awareness and fitness, the most trending device for fitness is Fitbit. It is a popular gadget that you can wear on your wrist, and it will monitor your activities like your heart, put your steps the whole day, and will give you a healthy way of life. How to charge a Fitbit without a charger? Read more to know!

But there are times when you need its battery, but it’s not fully charged. This can happen because you forgot to charge it at home, or you lost your charger. Don’t worry, there are many ways you can still get it on without your charger.

In this article, we will discuss solutions and methods that can help you change your Fitbit device without charging it from your charger. Though I must say everyone should always use the original Fitbit charger, in case of an emergency here are some suggestions to help your Fitbit track you again without even having to go with your charger. 

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1. How to Charge a Fitbit Without a Charger: Steps to Follow

Read our suggestions in case you don’t have a second battery level or substitute charger with you to make sure your Fitbit remains charged and ready to work towards your fitness goals in emergencies. Follow these steps:

1.1. You can use a USB Port

It is the most common way to charge your Fitbit even when you are traveling or away from home. You can charge your Fitbit without a charger using a USB port and there is another variation called wall adapter. Many devices like laptops, desktop computers, and LED TVs offer the current generation with the USB power plug that will make it a third and fourth-generation device.

Connect the Fitbit charging cable to any of these ports and then charge it similarly, you can convert with a USB cord and connect to the power source then turn the button on. This is the most common method to charge your Fitbit without even your charger. Make sure that your device is properly connected to the USB device, and it is the perfect code for Fitbit to check if the button is green or not for proper functioning. 

1.2. Using a High-Battery Power Bank

That’s the tricky part with Fitbit. This device is made up of a lithium-ion battery that is used to charge in 1 to 2 hours with computers only. You can charge it with the power bank as well. You can connect your Fitbit charging cable to the power bank wire called a USB connector and then charge it. You need to check the battery of the power bank itself before charging your Fitbit.

Power Banks come in many varieties so you can pick your favorite power bank which you need for your devices because it can be used for multiple devices. So, you must use a Power Bank that you can use for all your gadgets. 

1.3. Charge From your Desktop or Laptop

Nowadays all of us carry our laptops with us or in case you are at home or in your office you can easily find a desktop computer. You can charge your Fitbit from a computer; you just need a USB cord. Then insert one side of the cold into the USB port of the computer and one side of your Fitbit device.

Your device will start the charging process if inserted correctly, if not then check if the computer is switched on properly or if it’s in sleep or highway mode hibernation mode, these modes will not allow your Fitbit to charge. Check if your Fitbit is enabled to charge from an external device.

1.4. You can use Wireless Chargers

These are the most trending alternatives for a real wireless original charger. You can use the Everest charger as an alternative if your Fitbit device has an option for wireless charging. These devices securely deliver energy in the form of wireless technology.

You just need to put your Fitbit on your wireless charger pad and make sure you have placed it in the right place. It should be placed between the charging pins and the coils. It is important to remember whether your Fitbit model has wireless charging mode enabled or not.

You can check this out on the internet by Google about your device or you can check it out on the box given to you when you bought this charger in the description box. 

1.5. Try using Charging Pads

This is again another version of wireless chargers they also use radiation to increase power without using a physical connection, their easiest and most wireless way to charge Fitbit devices.

You need to check your device specifications or user manual to see if your Fitbit model allows this type of charging. If your answer is yes, then you can align your Fitbit device with the wires and confirm if you put it straight on the pad given on its surface. With the use of these LED indicators and audio-visual tracking, comma inductive charging is easy to use. 

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1.6. Portable Solar Charges

With greater accessibility to sustainable lifestyle goals and environmentally friendly devices. Nowadays in the market, you can buy portable solar panels. The Solar Panel requires solar energy to charge and then this converts this into electrical energy that can charge any electrical device like a smartphone’s Fitbit watch in the outdoors.

You can use these solar panels because they are easy to carry and perfect for a small gadget like a Fitbit watch that requires energy and does not require hours of charging. It shows full 100% by charging for 1 to 2 hours so you can try this method of charging for your outdoor trips.

1.7. Fitbit Charging Stations

If you live in a major city or any part of the world that is more advanced, you can easily find a charging station near you that can enable devices. These stations have multiple slots, and you can charge your multiple Fitbits from any company on a wall charger at the same time and they are easily accessible. 

1.8. Fitness Charging Adapters 

You can find out more about Fitbit charging adaptors. This USB adapter converts a USB cable into a fool charging cable and is compatible with your specific Fitbit model if you don’t have access to a special charger. These adaptors will provide you with a substitute charging station solution.

We cannot just put in any charging cable for its charging so these Fitbit charging cable adaptors are charging for specific models only.

1.9. Fitbit Charging Ports for the Charging

You can try using charging ports such as charging stations. They offer many of the simplest ways to charge your Fitbit without a charger if it comes with a charging code and gives you a strong and dedicated space for your device. USB cable usually connects Fitbit trackers to the charging port and a power source.

1.10. You Can Try Using Fitbit-Compatible Charging Cases

Just like your earphones and EarPods, there are many varieties of Fitbit-compatible, charging cables and cases available in the market.

Some companies make Fitbit protection cases that can also be used for a Fitbit charging cable. This case contains inbuilt batteries that can charge your Fitbit and also protect it from getting damaged or lost.

1.11. Try Using a Fitbit Charging Bracelet or Band

These are cool ways to charge your Fitbit device. Using this method, you can also use the charging space. A band that includes a magnetic connector and a wire that can charge your Fitbit device. It is an innovative and new way to charge variable devices. This charging clip is the fastest and most convenient method to charge your Fitbit company and your Fitbit in your own private space.

Always remember that these options can be useful in an emergency, but you still need to buy a wall charger or a new charger if you have broken your old charger or if you forgot your charger in your home then you need to find it soon. We need your original charger because the original charger comes with maximum charging performance, battery life, and device safety regulations.

Power Bank
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2. Types of Fitbit Devices on the Market 

With the advancement of technology, many fitness devices come and go every day. However, if you like or want to buy Fitbit, you can use the above charging techniques to charge your Fitbit without a charger. Fitbit charging also comes in many different types based on your health and fitness goals.

2.1. Charge Series Fitbit

These are the Fitbit Charge series devices that consist of Fitbit Charge 4 and 3. This device helps in monitoring your heart rate, sleep tracking activity, tracking with built-in GPS, and other smartphone notifications given to you regarding your fitness by the fitness tracker present in it. These devices are very small and lightweight and come with a touchscreen display that makes them cool and easy to use. 

2.2. Fitbit Versa Series 

You can also try the Fitbit Versus series containing only three Fitbit smartwatches easily named Fitbit Versa, Fitbit Sense 3, and Fitbit Versa 2. They monitor heart rate and sleep activity and contain built-in GPS. You can make online payments and music storage to get the notification of your mobile on your watch.

This device is more advanced than other motor smartwatches. It comes in many color displays and the user has access to all the apps and can customize the appearance of the watch based on their personal choice.

2.3. Fitbit Ace Series

Fitbit Ace is a fitness tracker specially made for kids. It comes with two variables called Fitbit Ace 3 and Fitbit Ace 2.

This device is just for the kids, and you can track the activity sleeping activity movement reminders, drinking water reminders, and other steps of day-to-day life. This gadget’s main purpose is to adopt healthy habits for kids.

2.4. Fitbit Luxe

It’s a stylish wellness and fitness tracker that comes in a combination of fashion and health monitoring. It has a small design and a colored touchscreen display. This can help you see in monitoring heart rate activity, tracking sleep tracking, stress management tools, and female health tracking. You can get a mobile notification on it. You can also do the cashless transaction from it without a charger too.

It is always important to keep in mind that you often launch new products and the models you want you can Google, and one should always try to buy the most device friendly, the Fitbit. 

How to Charge a Fitbit Without a Charger
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3. Tips on How to Take Care of Your Fitbit Device

It is important to use proper methods to make your device last longer. Most people wear them all the time and sometimes they even forget they are wearing this device. They can easily come in contact with water or sunlight. These things are not good for your Fitbit gadget.

You need to keep your Fitbit device whether it’s in the form of a band or watch how you form dirt, sweat, or liquid trash. Before wearing it in the morning you need to make a habit of cleaning it with a gentle lean and cloth post or do not place it in any unsafe place where you can drop it or you can cause any electronic damage to the device.

Always wear these devices with dry hands. Although devices are tried and tested on working with extreme temperatures, you need to keep your Fitbit device away from high heat, fire, or cold conditions. This affects the overall performance of your device.

Do not place your Fitbit in direct sunlight or a cold snow place. Many fitness devices come with water-resistant properties, but many don’t. You need to check the box of your Fitbit device first to confirm that if your Fitbit is water resistant then only you are safe.

If your device is not water resistant, then make sure you remove your Fitbit before swimming or engaging in any kind of water activity otherwise it will stop working and a waste of your money will happen. You need to be gentle with electronic items like the Fitbit device. Never drop, retreat harshly, and always give it away from the pressure or impact that can harm the internal parts or the display screen of the device.

4. Conclusion 

Always charge it safely with the original charger as it will give you its authentic charging design for this model. If you use accessories for chargers that are not compatible with your Fitbit device, then it will destroy its performance and much of it will stop working.

So before you begin charging up your Fitbit with a cradle charger or just any local charger, make sure you follow the instructions given on the box about it charging and never leave it charging for hours. By following these tricks, you will be able to charge your Fitbit without a charger and keep your Fitbit smartwatch with you for a long time.

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