How to Do Acrylic Nails at Home: 5 Easy Ways to Try Out

How to do acrylic nails at home

How to do acrylic nails at home? It may cause many difficulties. As many of us love natural nails but are so afraid of breaking them that we are forced to take other methods, sometimes it also happens that we need more time to go to the salon or our pockets are empty. At such times, the only option left is to make acrylic nails at home.

But before thinking about how to do acrylic nails, we need to keep some small things in mind. Because nails are something that is easily seen by the human eye, if we do it too painfully, it will not look good at all. And when our pockets are empty, we also have to see that the thing is durable, and the price is not too high.

However, there are many types of solutions available in the market these days for our solution. And many of them are workable. But before starting work you should be well aware of the risks of working with both educated and especially uneducated. After all, we are working with our favorite nails.

We have to be careful and learn and then work patiently without rushing too much. Professionals frequently assume that they could complete tasks at home, but it is rarely that simple. Because nail care is delicate, exquisite work requires expertise, and expertise demands patience and time. So, let’s say so much, now I will take you to the practical side, how to do acrylic nails.

1. How to Do Acrylic Nails at Home

One of the most well-liked varieties of artificial nails is acrylic. These are nail extensions that can be used to alter the natural shape of your nails in addition to lengthening them.

The same dental technology that was utilized to create bridges and crowns has been applied to the development of these nails. Acrylic nails improved in attractiveness as technology advanced, eventually emerging as a fashion statement.

There is a step-by-step guide for you.

1.1 Prepare the Natural Nails

First of all, if you have any nail paint applied before, remove it with a good nail paint remover. Since we are doing manicures, here we have to prepare the nails. Before knowing how to do acrylic nails, if you have gel nail paint on your nails, you must soak it to remove it.

After a while, you will see that the gel nails are starting to fade. Now you have to rub the moisture on the nail with any nail file. But do the process very gently otherwise it can be harmful to you if it sticks to the side of the nail. In the next step, we will gently push the cuticles back.

Here’s what I mean, many manicurists recommend pushing the cuticles back while they’re dry, but there’s a chance you’ll cut your nails, which can sometimes lead to infection. However, if you want to get your fingers wet for how to do acrylic nails, you can. Gently push the cuticles of your fingers back with light pressure.

In the next step, we will use nail scissors. Many people call these nail scissors nail cuticle clippers. Now with this tool, we have to trim the semblance line of our nails, beyond the end of the nail. Now if you have a nail drill at home then you can use it. If not, you can skip it.

Since we will be using acrylic nails here you will want to cut your nails as short as possible to attach the acrylic tips. Through this procedure, our natural nail has an advantage. And that advantage is, behind the artificial nails our natural nails grow very nicely without any breakage. Again, shape your nails with any nail file.

Then we come to the last step of preparing the natural nails. Now we need to moisturize our nails for how to do acrylic nails. And you can use any topcoat or base coat on natural nails to add moisture. You can use any nail primer if you want since we will be doing acrylic nails here.

1.2 Prepare the Acrylic Nails

Then we have to choose acrylic tips for how to do acrylic nails. Choosing this acrylic tip depends largely on the type of artificial nails you are using. However, we need to choose the acrylic tip according to the length, width, and size of our natural nails. Also, I say you can use any type of acrylic nail kit.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that it’s preferable to cut your nails before applying acrylic tips to them. Now if for some reason you can’t find your acrylic tips to the size, we have a file to use to shape them. Naturally, nail artists can do this very well. So, you have to be very careful about how to do acrylic nails at home, so you have to apply acrylic tips.

Now you will apply a very small amount of nail glue to the back of an acrylic nail. Then spread the nail glue all over the nail. Then hold the acrylic tip over your nail and press. Wait for about 10 to 15 minutes. This way you will quickly become proficient at applying acrylic nails at home.

1.3 It’s Shaping Time!

By: Soana Beatriz/pexels/copyright 2022

Now if the acrylic tips you applied are not shaped as you like then you have to shape them. You can use any kind of nail clipper or nail trimmer for this.

First, you will cut the nails and then shape them with a nail file to your liking, going through many steps on how to do an acrylic nail.

Similarly, once all these shapes are given to your nails, this time you will apply nail primer. Remember that the nail primer you are using should be dehydrated.

1.4 Let’s Coat the Acrylic Nails with Acrylic Mixture

By: natkin From depositphotos Copyright

Before starting this procedure, apply a procedure to your surroundings according to how to do acrylic nails at home. Keep acrylic powder on one side, a bowl of liquid monomer on the other, and a brush and dry towel or paper towel on the other. By doing this you can do the work quickly.

First, you have to dip the brush in the monomer bowl, take the acrylic powder, and then you have to apply it to the nail.

This is how the acrylic mixture is applied to the entire nail. I’ll now go into great detail about how to achieve that. First of all, take your brush and dip it in the monomer bowl, break and dip the brush three or four times. So that the monomer sticks to every part of the brush, now shake that brush lightly.

Now you will coat that brush in your acrylic powder well. Dip so that a perfect bead of acrylic is formed through this process. Always remember that this time you have to keep the acrylic mixture on the brush in the middle of the nail. Now slowly spread it towards your cuticles. Now you will slowly pull it from the cuticle side to the tip of the nail.

There is a fear of it getting hard in the middle as the monomer dries so you can dip the monomer again and brush it lightly. Another thing to remember is that when you coat the acrylic tip with acrylic powder, the brush must be wiped with a dry towel or paper towel now and then. I am sure that once you master this process, you will never have a headache about how to do acrylic nails again.

Nail artists advise dividing the nail into three parts. Essentially in the first part, they say to use tiny beads of acrylic for free ends. And this bead should be used on the second part where the tip meets the natural nail. And the third step is to pull this acrylic mixture down to the cuticle of the natural nail.

1.5 Finishing Time

how to do acrylic nails
By: EdZbarzhyvetsky from Depositphotos Copyright

Be aware that the higher the temperature in your room, the faster your acrylic will dry. The primary explanation is the temperature sensitivity of acrylic. Of course, if you want to, you can use the UV device. However, acrylic nails require about 10 to 15 minutes to dry your temporary nails. You can also submerge your hands in ice-cold water if you want if you are not in the coldest place.

This speed up the drying time of your acrylic. Now a question always comes to our mind how to understand that acrylic tips are dry? Not a very complicated question but the answer is just as simple. That is, after a while, you press lightly on the acrylic, if they make a sound then your acrylic is dry. Now when it dries you can touch your tips comfortably.

Since we have already shaped our natural nails before. However, you can easily shape your nail tips to your heart’s content if you feel it’s not perfect yet can be shaped a bit. But for this, you need to buff very lightly with any nail file. While doing this, you will see how to do acrylic nails so that the nails do not come off. Of course, if you want, you can then paint over your acrylic nails, apply nail paint, and do any kind of nail art.

2. How to Maintain Acrylic Nails

Acrylic nails look awesome if done right. But the question then comes how you maintain it. The main reason is that many people get acrylic nails done, but don’t know that they need to be maintained.

As a result of how to do acrylic nails, sometimes their hands peel off, sometimes our natural nails are damaged, and many more.  If you take care of these nails in a proper manner, then surely you will not face any health problems. Not only this, but you will also avoid any injuries and nail infections if you maintain hygiene.

When you have fake nails, the first thing to keep in mind is to always treat them tenderly. Never treat them like you are a nail technician. Be sure to be gently present when opening or picking things up with your fingernails at all costs. And if you don’t do this, your artificial nails can come out with natural nails. Hopefully, you understand just how painful the situation can become for you in an instant.

However, you should wear gloves when doing any work to take care of your nails according to how to do acrylic nails. By doing this, you can save yourself and your natural nails and artificial nails from accidents. On the other hand, always remember that when you apply acrylic tips, you should not over-wet them.

It may sound bad to you, but if it is too wet, these artificial nails can even grow fungus. Essentially, this is because exposure to water weakens the glue on the artificial nail and it comes off, leaving a chance for bacteria to come in contact with your natural nail. So, whenever you wet your hands, try to dry them thoroughly with a dry towel or paper towel.

Avoid acetone as much as possible after applying artificial nails. Because acetone is the most harmful for acrylic nails. Acetone contains high heat and harmful chemicals like turpentine. And in all these materials acrylic is the same as Yamaraj. So how to do acrylic nails, after doing this you can use things like rubbing alcohol if you want, but never acetone.

Try to keep the entire area around your nails as healthy and clean as possible. We eat food with our hands, that is, we have nails in our hands, and when the dirt accumulates in the nails, it naturally goes to our stomachs. So, whether you have acrylic nails or keep your natural nails, you need to keep the entire area clean. This increases your chances of staying healthy.

Also, if you want you can run an alcohol swab under the nails before going to bed. Of course, you can also use cotton balls for this if you want. Using this stuff gets rid of any bacteria that somehow got on your hands and cleans up the area around your nails even more.

3. Wrapping Up

Artificial nails are still in popularity and won’t give up their top spot as the preferred nail design. Acrylic nails appear to be a popular option among the different artificial nails that are currently available in the beauty business.

This acrylic nail guide seeks to explain everything about them, with a focus on what acrylic nails are and where to buy them. So, without further delay or thinking too much, go to your nearest salon or get ready at home with all the things to do acrylic nails.

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