Best 22 Layered Haircuts with Color Highlights

Layered haircuts are a versatile hairstyle for every season or occasion if you want to spruce up your hair but don’t want to deal with the time-consuming process and maintenance of applying colors and having to deal with a whole host of chemicals.

Whether you have long hair, medium-length hair, or short hair, adding layered for volume, shape, and structure will help you achieve a new and intriguing appearance.

Layered haircuts with color highlights? Continue reading for more information.

The adaptability of layered hair is what makes it so enticing. Layered hair may suit any aesthetic or style, from ultra-feminine and beautiful looks to androgynous ones. You can go for an asymmetrical cut, play with accessories, or use layers to give a head of curls more volume.

Image by Adam Winger from Unsplash Copyright

Scroll down and check out these best hair color ideas and shades for women and also older ladies, which range from quirky 70s look for older ladies to layered pixie cuts with bright fashion colors. They’ll motivate you to make salon appointments right away.

When used properly, a hairstyle with subtle color enhances your characteristics, improves the appearance of your skin in every ensemble, and boosts your self-assurance.

However, when haircuts with new hair colors are off, they might be off. Consider inadvertent haircuts with other hair colors, strange colorations, major damage of hair loss, and breakage from bleach and gray hair, not to mention mental and financial losses.

1. Choosing the Best Hair Color for Your Skin Tone

It would be best if you thought about which colors best complement your tone and undertones before choosing a hair color. Undertones give your skin tone a warm, cool, or neutral color, and skin tones refer to whether your tone is fair, medium, olive, or deep.

The best lighting to determine your skin tone is indirect, natural light. The results can be skewed by the warm and cool impacts of indoor lighting on your skin tone.

Have you ever detected a slight green or yellow tinge when looking in a public restroom mirror? That is because your skin tone has a greenish tint due to the artificial lighting. So begin by sitting near a light window away from the sun. To find out if your skin has any undertones, you can perform a few tests:

1.1. The Vein Examination

Examining the veins in your wrist is the simplest approach to identifying your undertone. Your veins are so near the skin’s surface that the contrast draws attention to the undertones.

1.2. The Test for Jewelry

You will look better in any gold or silver color, depending on your skin tone. See which shades are more natural on your skin tone by trying both on.

1.3. The Test of White or Beige Shades

Put on a white and an off-white or beige T-shirt. The white t-shirt intensifies the yellow undertones in your complexion if you have them. The beige tee makes your skin appear washed out and grey if you have cool undertones.

2. Best Layered Hair Cuts with Color

Women with layered Hair may achieve some complement of the greatest women’s hairstyles, also increasing their styling options and boosting volume. Different hair lengths may be included in haircuts by using layers.

The top layers are trimmed shorter than the ones laying below, creating a voluminous appearance that is textured and stylish. Due to its ability to flatter all women by giving the appearance of length, volume, and fullness, layered haircuts are quite popular.

Here are 22 different layered hairstyles with hair color trends and eye-catching hair colors and highlights.

2.1. Short Feather Layers with Dark Brown Hair

Do you think of long hair right away when you think about layered short feather hair? So, it’s time to consider it again. These fluffy layers with sparkling amber highlights with dark brown hair add even more cuteness to this pixie cut.

Additionally, the perfect way of choppy front fringe matches the rest of the design well.

2.2. Layered Bob Cut with Platinum Blonde Hair Color

Especially in the summer, this bob hairstyle with platinum blonde hair color is a great way to add layers to your short or medium-length hair.

When it’s hotter than 88 degrees outdoors, the thinned-out layers along your neck will help relieve some of that heavy weight, and the light top layers will be very simple to style into fun curly or wavy styles.

2.3. Loose Curls with Blonde Highlights

Contrary to popular belief, adding layers with blonde highlights to your hair may make it appear more consistent in length and thickness, as shown in these blonde-layered loose curls.

However, be aware that the sort of layers with gorgeous blonde shades will depend entirely on the type and porosity of your hair. The blonde hair color nevertheless seems uniform on any tone and full down, even though these curls aren’t all hanging at the same length.

2.4. Retro Hairstyle with Blonde Hair Color

People, the 1970s are back, whether you like it or not. This layered, vintage hairstyle with blonde hair color has me completely smitten.

Ask your hairstylist to trim big front parts for curtain fringe that gradually taper down and add depth to the length to duplicate this look. Then all you need to tease in that back volume is a fine-tooth comb and some hairspray.

2.5. Light Golden-Brown Hair Color with Curtain Bangs

We can’t say enough good things about curtain fringe with light golden blonde shades of brown hair color. Because the front bangs with brown color are low-maintenance relative (ideal for preventing bangs from growing out), and they also just so happen to look great and bright with brown longer layers, as shown in this adorable photo.

Thanks to the incredibly smooth and gradual transition, it is difficult to determine where they cease, and the layers begin.

2.6. Face-Framing Layers with Dark Hair Color

Layers with dark shade hair color that frame your face is always a terrific choice. In addition to your face skin tone and tones look their finest (think: cheekbones and jawline), shorter pieces also give the impression that your hair is longer than it is. Isn’t hair magic?

2.7. Side-Parted Layers with Green Highlights

The nicest thing about layers is that sorry, Gen Z, they look fantastic with either a deep-side part or a middle part. Dry ends are the only thing to watch out for.

Your ends will be visible if you have layered hair with a green shade, so be sure to keep them hydrated with a deep conditioner or hair oil.

2.8. Choppy Haircut with Pure Diamond Hair Color

Pure Diamond Hair Color
Image by Tim Mossholder from Unsplash Copyright

Remember a few years back when we were all using homemade salt sprays to give our hair natural beach waves but ended up with hair that was too salty and heavy?

My point is that getting shorter, choppier layers in your hair will allow your hair to form a wavy texture without adding extra weight (with the help of your favorite styling cream and texture spray, of course). This is one of the lesser-known secrets for achieving beach waves.

2.9. Pixie Haircut with Light Golden Blonde Hair Color

Layered hair may be cut in any length, as seen in the pic. The thin layers with light Golden blonde hair color shade add a lot of natural beauty and volume to this pixie cut.

Make sure to incorporate a texturizer or styling cream in your post-wash regimen if you want to get this kind of natural textured look.

2.10. Long-Feathered Layers

We get that you want to create layers in silver hair but don’t want to give up too much length. DW, other than the curtain fringe that tapers down the sides, which is completely optional.

There won’t be any anxious twitching in the salon chair when you receive this trim because the layers are restricted to the Hair’s ends, allowing you to still put it all in a scrunchie.

2.11. Layered Blue Black Hair Curls

How adorable is the little fringe in this side-parted style with blue-black Hair, first of all? A very sweet response. Second, in addition to the other steps in your extensive curly hair routine, such as plopping your curls with blue ombre highlights, and using root clips for fun, adding layers to curls is a great way.

To achieve this light, bright, fluffy style and prevent having your curls feel extremely heavy at the bottom and flat on top.

2.12. Layered Long Bob with Classic Blonde Hair Color

haircuts with color
Image by Element5 Digital from Unsplash Copyright

These long, layered, traditional blonde bobs are really popular right now, and layers are essential to getting the look.

The various hair lengths give you a tonne of texture and warm shade throughout and go incredibly well with the darting half-waves.

2.13. Layers with Volume and Dark Auburn Hair Color

Everyone wants to go to a jazz club and lie dramatically across a keyboard because of this layered haircut with dark Auburn Hair Color. The layered hair gives it all the volume and fullness to get there, and it has such a great throwback vibe.

Use a volumizing product on your hair for warm shade (such as Briogeo Blossom & Bloom Ginseng + Biotin hair Volumizing Conditioner and Amika Plus Size Perfect Body Mousse) to keep the volume up.

2.14. Dark Hair with a Long Layered Haircut

While blunt cuts are everyone’s favorite, long hair that is all the same length might seem and feel heavy. Longer layers with dark hair throughout, starting at your clavicles and tapering off lower with dark roots and low maintenance, can help lighten your strands’ load.

2.15. Feathered Layers Hair with Caramel Highlights

Feathered layers perfectly evoke the spirit of the 1970s in women. Even people with fine, straight hair should try light layers with caramel highlights like this one since it will lift and create volume without significantly weakening the hair.

2.16. Natural Hair Color for Shoulder Length Layered Haircut

That layered strands don’t have to be all up in your face can be seen by this medium-length haircut for women with natural hair color tucked behind the ears.

Let your women’s salon stylist take that into account while customizing your cut natural red hair at a salon visit if you still want to keep your hair up in a ponytail without parts coming out.

2.17. Swedish Blonde Short Hair

A few layers with a lighter shade of blonde hair may add depth to any women’s haircut without requiring a lot of dedication. If you have straighter and short hair and want to create a little body, that won’t take much effort to style.

2.18. Chocolate Brown Layered Curly Hair Color

The great thing about layers is that they let you give your dark locks volume without shortening your long, curly hairdo. Curls of the same length tend to fall flatter at the roots when hair grows and forms your face into a triangle.

Ask for layers to be added right above the top of your chocolate brown hair for quick movement and subtle bounce.

2.19. Piecey Layers with Honey Blonde Hair Color

Piecey hair with honey blonde hair color or highlights can be challenging to style, but a tossed, tousled look can be dressed up or down for any situation. For a beach hairstyle, an NYE hairdo, and anything in between, try this piece layered design for short natural hair with gorgeous shades.

2.20. Gray Hair Color with Brunette Hair

Once your strands have dried, if you like how this brunette Hair with gray hair color looks, use your fingers to separate any bigger brunettes to give the appearance of fuller Hair all around.

2.21. Blended Layers with Burgundy Hair Color

Ask your stylist to blend your cut for a more rounded form so there are no gaps or steps between the burgundy hair color and the layers. Fill on the subtle moisture spray whenever your curls need a boost between wash days to restore the natural form, so your roots never go flat.

2.22. Layers with Caramel Balayage Hair Color

Another hot trend you must check out is a layered haircut with balayage hair colors. Balayage highlights that assist in framing your face and provide some warmth make face-framing layers with low maintenance.

3. Why Layered Haircuts Have Endured Through the Ages?

So, there’s a reason why layered haircuts with color or with stunning hair colors have endured through the ages. They have undoubtedly changed since 2003 (haven’t we all?) from the jagged, flipped-out layers and hair color ideas with the great skin tone we were used to seeing into something softer, less extravagant, brightened, and more contemporary.

Since the ages, we’ve had layered haircuts virtually every year with different hair colors, highlights, and shades. They’re a great way to give your hair a little more subtle structure and volume, regardless of its texture or complexion.

So no, you’re not the only one who still wonders whether to have layers in their best hair when reading through Instagram. There are a ton of eye-catching bright layered hairstyles available right now that will help give you the perfect example of the best hairstyle with popular hues.

4. Care Instructions for Colored Hair

Layered haircuts have endured the test of time despite changing fashion trends in hairstyles. Although hairstyles with layers look lovely, if you are used to having a single length, you might be apprehensive to make the step.

To make the greatest choice for your hair, be sure to educate yourself about the advantages and disadvantages of layered hairstyles before making the switch.

These recommendations can help your color last longer after you’ve spent all that money and time at the salon:

  1. Wash your hair one to three times per week. Regular washing accelerates color fading.
  2. If it’s required, use a dry shampoo in between washes.
  3. Purchase high-quality shampoo and conditioner for your particular hair type.
  4. Invest in a decent purple shampoo for blonde, brown, and purple hair to prevent brassiness.
  5. To wash your hair, always use lukewarm water, and to rinse, use cool water. The cuticle is kept shut by cool water, keeping the moisture, nutrients, and color molecules inside.

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5. Conclusion

Hairstyles with layers capture the attention because they add movement and structure to flatter any face shape. numerous people opt for numerous layers, but the typical layered hairstyle consists of two layers with shorter hair outlining the face.

Your haircut can be customized in a variety of ways, from choppy ends to smooth ends. It’s not surprising that you can find a truly lovely appearance that you haven’t attempted before and will complement your style by playing with different layers and finishes.

Let’s wrap up. There are numerous approaches to pick from, no matter whether you’ve decided to get a haircut and color your hair (to cover grey hairs, completely transform your image, or refresh your hairdo with the most recent color, etc.).

These include solid hues, highlights, ombre, frosted tips, and unusually creative hues. Particularly now that you are aware of how to lessen the damaging effects of chemicals on your hair, how to maintain your new color after a salon visit, and even how to effectively do an at-home dye job.

All worries have vanished, right? Every time you color your hair with a new layered haircut, we wish you fantastic results! Good fortune!

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