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Make Your Girlfriend Want You More: The 12 Best Tips


In today’s world, everyone wants to feel loved, and every woman wants to become special to men in her life. Every guy wants to make his girlfriend want him more. So, there are many ways you can do it. She’ll see you show her you are the world you are the best. Here are some effective ways that she’ll get you hooked in no time with little effort. The little things always make girls feel very special. How to make your girlfriend want you more? Read more to know!

In the time you spend with your girl don’t forget to show her that she is very special whether you are meeting her for a little time or you are going to spend the whole day with her. Never feel scared of showing up when you are feeling down. Always listen to her carefully and try to understand her feelings.

These little efforts can do such work that big things are not able to do. Always try to make him understand little things are also important as well as big things this will give her more time with you and she will be able to think very nicely about you.

1. Tips to Make Your Girlfriend Want You More

Try some of the tips in your own dating life with your partner and always remember to learn to love yourself first and then everything will come to you time this may sound system to focus on only yourself first but it’s not the point if you believe you are better than others or accepting as yourself you are ready to accept the change and it is developing it’s all about developing a healthy relationship with you when you love yourself you come it to yourself.

1.1. Romantic Surprises

Romantic surprises are the best way to make anyone happy which will make her feel like she is the most important person in the world. For you, the efforts behind your surprise always inspire a girl. The thing is women love big gestures and effort. All the things that you can do to give her time and effort. This will make her day and life very comfortable and happy with you in it.

For the relationship as well as for the guy planning a birthday date or anniversary is a good way to do this. because it will show you are caring and more affectionate. She’ll feel the love without saying anything by mouth.

You can do this in a public place as well as in her home to get your girlfriend to love you more. Paying attention to her makes your girl feel more special. You can start with small surprises like lighting up some candles, some flowers, a romantic dinner, or the like food or your favorite food.

Every person wants to feel a connection and by doing this. It is enough to put a woman in a great mood. Then she’ll laugh and dating you will be fun to her as well. She will miss you when you are not around. She will appreciate all the efforts you put in to make the day or the evening more special.

You can also try some romantic music or a letter to express your feelings. And surprise her with this unexpected gift that your girlfriend loves. There are some other ways also to make her very much special as if she will live in another city. Just to make sure she and you are on the same page.

You can try a surprise visit or just send her some good morning or special love messages. By using social media or on mobile you can also plan a surprise by sending your girlfriend a little gift in the mail. This will surely make her very happy and special because every day when she sees it after getting back from work. She’ll look forward to doing something new. This will make her feel more special and thoughtful about you. She will start thinking about you being cool often after seeing you express your feelings with gifts.

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1.2. Self Care

Before going for any effort first of all self-care or taking care of yourself is very much important. Just not physical health, mental health is also very important. Every woman’s self-worth is more important to her than most guys.

By being her partner, you make her feel better than other women if she is feeling down. Make her the hero of her own life. Always remember to listen to what she’s feeling and communicate when she’s cold.

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1.3. Bring Style

The way you present yourself is also very important, it is generally seen that girls always have to put effort into life. So, for a change try to dress when you are dating, style your clothes, and put effort into dressing up nicely. And the hairstyle also matters in the looks.

Try doing color coordination and you can do tuning with your girl in the color code of your dressing sense so you can go out together, you will want to dress nicely for work and when you go out in the town together. This will also make you look like a man who prioritizes his woman.

1.4. Give Her Compliments

Being a perfect boyfriend is a responsibility. So, to make her feel seen and heard properly. You need to compliment her dress as well as her. Always express that she is special and that you want her more than anything in your life.

Notice her new hairstyle, one of the best ways for the girl to want you more is to get a new look that suits you. Women usually love their men looking good. because women are consistently being just by the way they look nice or not, this will show them.

1.5. Expression of Love

You can make your girlfriend want you more by never being afraid of showing your love for her and date night. You have to tell her how much she means to you, and that she is your number one priority in life, make sure to remind her about the efforts you guys have made together and make her thankful in situations where she helps you and tell her how lucky you are that she is by your side.

You should be there to support her in this difficult time in her life. Telling your girlfriend about little things can help boost her self-esteem. and you know people have high self-esteem, they won’t their partner always be with her, it’s very much important to never feel shy about expressing your love publicly, something you can do with your love and everything publicly as much on today’s social media.

Most women are active on social media, and it will make them more competitive when they see other women in their social circles succeeding on social media. It can be an inside feeling in a way so if you want her to be as into you as possible. Make sure you post a lot of selfies with your girlfriend and tag her or more important her friends so friends can see how important she is for you.

1.6. Be Vocal in Front of Your Friends

And there is also important advice to cheer up your relationship by expressing feelings in front of other people. It is also a good way to make her feel like she is the only woman you love, or you want more if you are going out for dinner with friends then show her how attractive she is and that you are lucky to be dating her.

Then ask her to show off a little bit, this will also make her feel good and also inspire others to accept her. Complementing her in front of everyone makes her feel validated and accepted. Always try to know more about her interests and hobbies in life.

For example, if your girlfriend loves dancing or she dances very well then find a place to mention that she is a very good dancer or knows about the details of dancing, make your girl special by telling her talents to the other.

1.7. Keep Patience 

 Your girlfriend loves to know that you are always there for her at every step. Whenever she needs help this means you have to keep patience with her. Some women have a hard time opening up. In that case, don’t feel offended, try to be genuine.

And give her time and your attention to her. By showing up for her you will become an all-time strong pillar in her life. What you can always do for your partner is let them know when you are there for them communication is the best key to building a strong relationship.

1.8. Take Care of Things

Make sure that your girlfriend knows that you have everything under control. You should assure your woman. That she doesn’t have to worry about anything wrong or in the bad times. Whenever tough situations come in your relationship, she feels more relaxed by knowing. That she can count on you at any time whether it is good or bad sometimes.

It is not easy to handle being patient and remaining calm all the time, but you might try to maintain patience when speaking to a professional or also at a personal level. Relationship coaches provide a more genuine understanding and professional advice. Try reading self-help books and learn your communication style.

By improving the trust and love care and value with your partner if you are not able to be patient sometimes then you should also talk to them and receive advice about your situation fixed pamper her praise her is a great way to tell your girlfriend love that she is very much important to you can compliment her on things she looks the way she handles the thing the way of working and how much support she is for you

When we get complimented, this will always make us feel good about ourselves and boost our self-esteem. These little things like the way you dress up, make you look so good to make people want you more. As a partner, it is your job to boost your partner’s confidence by making her feel good about herself every chance you get.

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1.9 Respect Her Independence

This is one of the best ways to tell your girlfriend that you can take care of yourself and depend on nobody else to do it. This will improve her self-confidence and feel proud of you.

It is more important to show the more valuable you will see in her eyes. Here is one more important point about giving space in your relationship. This is especially true when you are in a long-distance relationship.

If you want her to feel valued, it’s best to call or text your girl to know her whereabouts. Be a good listener and show interest in her daily life. what she is doing without space between you and other guys allows her to miss you and this will make the time very special you spend together.

Also, the space between you guys meeting to make her realize that you are equally important for her trust is built at this time when she’ll realize you are at a distance in your relationship. Become friends first and make her laugh.

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1.10. Be Super Affectionate

It is very important to know what your women want. If you are being overprotective it may not make her feel so good so if you are being too protective. That may not be the best way in terms of making her want you more. This might make her feel controlled or suffocated in the relationship with you.

Alternatively, if she wants more affection or more possessiveness from you. Then don’t hesitate to give her so people say actions are more important than words for a reason this will mean a lot if you always say only for doing things and not doing so this will make your girl not happy.

This will even create a massive gap in the relationship if she wants some quality time with you or if there has been a lack of that. Then take the initiative of planning something good. If you ever get the time to understand it less with the example like if you are not able to spend time with her during the day due to some personal work for the official work, then plan quality time together at home at night or in the early morning just to tell her that she is very much important, but you can’t manage things due to the workload.

Ask her if she wants quality time with you, then manage a proper date to feel special if she needs more space from you at that time except for her request not to be offended. And try to understand, by giving her all the space she needs. Try to find an idea of when and where she can find you again, if she wants you, you are open to talking.

You should not worry because at that time she was at peace. And this distance often brings love back and she will come back when she misses you. Being less affectionate in your relationship is a bad thing. You need to know to love her unconditionally. Make sure every day with words or a little effort always make your girlfriend feel loved in your presence and spend time with her.

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1.11. Acceptance

Your girlfriend is also another individual with her feelings. that you have made changes accordingly. So accept her for who she is exactly. because she is not always going to be the most understandable person in your life. She needs a support system as well.

Sometimes maybe she would not understand you. Instead of playing hard to get and rude. You need to find the big difference in your love language. In those times you must discuss the matter with her and make an effort to solve the situation.

It is good for everyone to show some affection and being a supportive partner is very much important in a relationship. Never make her feel small, try to make her feel comfortable.

Whenever there is a hard time between both of you she does not understand how to do things that time doesn’t try to be so Her and does not conclude things right now time comes down and make sure things go away for some time then make you more come in your relationship and to understand the relationship.

While acceptance of the situation is very important. Your girlfriend will appreciate you for being with her even when you are busy with that thing in a little time between you both sometimes.

It’s perfect to understand that not everybody is perfect. And for those not-so-perfect situations in life, your girlfriend is the only person that helps you see the clear picture. This understanding becomes wonderful and she will also care for you a lot.

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1.12. Make Her a Part of Your Life

This is the most important way to make your girlfriend want you more is by making her a part of you. This means you want to talk and spend quality time with her. Also, include and encourage her in your daily life activities.

Whether it is on social media or in the home space. It’s not always very easy to do it for time with your partner, but it will make sure it ends well. It will be good if this pays off in the end.

You can make it with other aspects of your life like your activities like going to the gym together or the same kind of areas of interest. For example, if you both like romantic movies, you can plan a date for a romantic movie. If she is a fitness freak and wants to learn new skills so you both can join the gym together.

One other thing that is also very important to discuss in a relationship is talking about what she feels about the future, it might be the same as an awkward conversation, but it will let you know exactly what she wants from you or in her future if she wants to take things slow. Then it might be time to recognize your feelings for her, don’t be so hard when you hear her opinion by saying I don’t care.

This will show you that you are willing to not make efforts for this relationship or any kind of compromise with her if you want your girlfriend for a long-term relationship then you have to make sure that you tell her about your plans. You let her know that you want to marry her and want to spend your life with her.

Make Your Girlfriend Want You More
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2. Conclusion 

In the above article, we learned about the best ways to make your girlfriend want you more in her life and to have a perfect relationship just like in the movies these tips will help you make her feel important in real life and be excited about being around you if you follow these tips in your relationship she will know that she has the support which she was looking for always and you are with her for a long time take inspiration from the tips in the article.

Unfortunately, no one taught us how to love ourselves from a young age, and when we don’t get the validation, we start caring about what other people think of us rather than focusing on what we need for the fundamental development.

Remember to be kind and always smile to keep the dynamic in your relationship easy and fun, try doing simple things together. Start listening patiently, avoid angry replies, and try to apologize whenever you can for the bad things you say in anger. Your kind words can bring kindness and make your girlfriend happy and fun again.

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