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The 20 Scariest Roller Coasters in the World


There is no match for theme park fun in this world. But all of us love roller coasters a little too much, from our childhood school trips to now, as adults, everyone wants to try a roller coaster. There are two types of people in this world: those who want adventure from a roller coaster, and those who are so sour that they don’t even go to any theme parks. Scariest roller coasters in the world? Read more to know!

This article is about people who are looking for a thrill. It is fun to know that roller coasters have a history, and they came from Russia. The Russian royals used wooden cards, placed a human on them from the hill, and used them as a coaster ride.

By the 20th century, engineers had started using roller coaster technology, and the world started making theme parks containing roller coaster rides. To make a roller coaster fun, the things that make sense and are most important are speed and the twisting around the ride.

By Somruthai Keawjan / From Unsplash 2021

1. The 20 Scariest Roller Coasters in the World

Enough thrills are increased in under a year, so nowadays the best way to create a roller coaster is based on the design number of inversions, its speed, and how thrilling it is. These rides are used to excite people. Many rights contain up-and-down zooming and speed as a thing.

This is just the artwork for engineers to give all of us a thrilling experience down below. In this article, we will learn about the fastest, tallest, scariest, and loopiest roller coasters around the world.

1.1. Formula Rossa

The gem is present at Ferrari World Dubai, UAE. When we look for a roller coaster, the main thing that makes us scream is its speed.

It is present in Formula Rossa, and the speed of this roller coaster is the fastest in the world. Its speed is 0 to 250 miles per hour in 5 seconds. This ride is only for 1 minute and a half, but it is the most thrilling 90 seconds you can ever feel in your life.

1.2. Kingda Ka Six Flags Great Adventure, New Jersey

When we go to a theme park, the thing that scares us the most is the ride’s height. This is the fastest roller coaster in the United States of America.

It is also considered the scariest roller coaster in the world because of its height and speed. For this ride, the track takes you to a height of 456 ft, which means almost 45 stories, before sending riders down at a speed of 128 miles per hour, meaning it will send you down in just 3.5 seconds.

1.3. Jersey Devils Coaster 6 Flex Great Adventure, New Jersey

Another American roller coaster is the Jersey Devil Coaster, which started in June 2021 and is one of the world’s tallest, fastest, and longest single-rail coasters.

When you take this ride, it allows 12 passengers to sit low and one writer, one down leg, stands each other on a monorail track. The thrill rides are below and drop you 134 feet with zero gravity rolls at a maximum speed of 58 miles per hour.

1.4. Steel Dragon 2000

This roller coaster is present at Nagashima Resort, Japan. This roller coaster is known as the world’s fastest roller coaster, the highest roller coaster ride at such a point, and the longest roller coaster in Japan. The roller coaster took 52 million dollars to construct and is presented at a height of 8000 feet.

1.5. Steel Vengeance, Cedar Point

It is present in major cities in North America. Cedar Point has other exciting rides as well. It is a hybrid ride, which means that part of it is wood, and part is steel. The roller coaster gives the rider 30 seconds in the air.

1.6. The T Express – Everland Resort

This roller coaster is present in South Korea. It is like our conventional, old-school, but still scary roller coaster ride.  This area is present in a hillside because when I ride down it is a 150-foot drop, the speed is 65 miles per hour, and it stands you in a car and you feel a 77° drop.

1.7. Pantheon

It’s a thrilling house for adventure lovers. It is present in a pantheon at Busch Garden, Williamsburg. The speed is 73 miles per hour and the height is 180 feet. The rider experiences weightlessness on five hills when they ride on these roller coasters.

1.8. Goliath, Six Flags America, Illinois

This is a roller coaster famous for its drop. It is considered the tallest wooden roller coaster, in which a person drops 180 feet.

The speed of this roller coaster is 72 miles per hour, and it takes two terms during this time; the right starts from the underground tunnel and comes out on the other side.

1.9. Smiler: Alton Towers

This roller coaster comes with many swinging steep drops with tall vertical inversions, and it has the maximum inversion that any roller coaster in the world can have.

For this ride, the person has to go through loops with a top speed of up to 53 miles per hour, and these loops are the heart line, roll dive, drop off, loop, and corkscrew.

1.10. Full Throttle

It is the tallest and fastest vertical loop ever seen in the world. In this ride, the writer goes 70 miles per hour in a loop and then goes to a height of 160 feet. This ride is unpredictable, and you don’t know what is going to happen or which direction it will take, so once you are in the middle of the loop, you will feel scared.

Try to rethink the idea that roller coasters are just suitable for minors. Currently, the vast majority of roller coasters do not even allow toddlers to go on them. It is dangerous for everyone due to free falls, extreme speeds, and zero-gravity experiences. The hardest among us may scream at the top of their lungs from the adrenaline boost they bring.

Despite this, the idea of rides for “amusement” began in Russia sometime in the 16th century, and China and America currently claim the greatest number of rides. People utilized giant ice slides on wooden carriages back then for entertainment. The French became the first individuals to utilize trains and follow them in the early 1800s. It enhanced the entire design by including rails that vehicles like sleds or cars could slide over.

Cyclists can ride from above as they descend the slope. We got the most basic roller coaster there is. Here is my personally chosen list of the world’s quickest, tallest, longest, and craziest roller coasters that will appeal to the inner child and adrenaline seeker.

1.11. Takabisha, Fuji-Q Highland

This roller coaster is another world record-breaking roller coaster from Japan. This is the world’s scariest roller coaster; it’s the deepest roller coaster, and it gives you the scariest roller coaster experience in the world.

Takabisha’s ride starts in the dark tunnel, and then it gets scarier after that. This is a ride that bends your mind, has a 121-degree vertical drop, and contains many loops and inversions.

1.12. The Great Scenic Railway in Luna Park

It’s a roller coaster from Australia. It is a scenic, beautiful ride at a theme park around the world. The great scene on the railway does not give you a heart-moving thrill, but it is the world’s oldest operating roller coaster.

The track started in December 1912 and is one of Australia’s oldest amusement parks. The roller coaster is one of seven historical roller coasters still functioning.

1.13. Gravity Max

It is present in Taiwan. It’s considered one of the scariest rides. This ride can scare the toughest riders. Its nickname is Cliffhanger. The roller coaster is present at a tilting height. This track contains a 90-degree-angle, pitch-black tunnel. It’s not for everyone.

1.14. Silver Dollar City: Time Traveller

This place is in Branson, Missouri. The speed of the roller coaster is 50 miles per hour, and the height of the ride is 100 feet. Riders sit in cars and then invert three times.

1.15. Tower of Terror

This is the roller coaster ride of South Africa. This is one of the scariest roller coasters. It’s so scary that people can pass out after a ride in it. The highlight of the ride is a 49-foot drop from the mine shaft. The force felt by the rider on this ride is greater than the rocket launch.

1.16. Banshee

Banshee has the longest inverted track in the world. Banshee, another roller coaster at Cincinnati’s King’s Island Park, is the perfect coaster for anyone who loves riding upside-down.

It’s not all about loops and inversions. Banshee is also the fastest inverted coaster. Its speed is 68 mph. That’s enough to make anyone scream.

1.17. Superman Krypton Coaster

It’s present in Texas. There is a popular saying that “everything’s bigger in Texas”. By looking at this roller coaster, the Superman, Krypton Coaster at Six Flags Fiesta Texas in San Antonio, we can clearly say that this saying is right.

The DC hero-themed ride has one of the world’s tallest loops. Its height is 145 feet, and it has a 96-foot-tall dive loop. As far as Superman simulations go, it’s hard to think of a coaster that does it better.

1.18. Alaska: Master Blaster

If you are looking for a traditional roller coaster in Alaska, then the probability of finding one is zero to none. You will not find a traditional roller coaster anywhere in Alaska. They just don’t make any old-school roller coasters. But the H20asis Indoor Water Park includes certain chilling surprises. It is present in the master blaster. This theme park is full of water adventure.

On this ride, you don’t need to climb stairs and then jump with a tube. For this ride, you and your friend will need to climb 50 stairs to reach the tube. You and your partner will be launching from the 43-foot-tall Launch Out Station via the most of this tube. This will be set strategically around you and will move you horizontally and crosswise.

1.19. Alabama: Rampage

Those seeking adrenaline rush It’s one of the wildest rides on the wild side of the deep south, heading to Alabama Adventure Amusement Park in Bessemer. Here, tourists stand up to go on Rampage, a 120-foot-tall hardwood roller coaster that includes a 102-foot drop.

If that isn’t enough to get your blood pumping faster, the roller coaster can reach a top speed of 56 mph when it hits the ground. Despite this horrifying portrayal, the response is yes.

Scariest Roller Coasters in the World
By Luis Ruiz /from Pexels copyright 2017

1.20. Connecticut Boulder Dash

Roller coasters in Connecticut are highly adventurous and fun. Lake Compounce in Bristol, England is the location where you will discover the Boulder Dash. In terms of wooden roller coasters, this is rated as one of the best wooden roller coasters.

It is capable of traveling up a cliff at a top speed of 60 mph while tossing passengers around. On rating portals like Trip Adviser, this roller coaster always gets the highest possible rating for excitement. The rider goes into the train and starts climbing the slope of the mountain.

2. Conclusion

The list will go on and on, but if you are looking for an adrenaline rush and the best experience of your life, then this list was full of record-holding roller coaster rides. With light, these spirals and shifts are the ideal combinations of excitement and horror.

For kids and adults all around the world, these fun activities are a good way to bond and experience something mind-blowing for a few minutes. For a thrill, these roller coasters are built by engineers with all safety measures in place.

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