Queen West Restaurants: Discover the 4 Hidden Gems

Queen West Restaurants Zakkushi

Seeking new places which serve amazing delicacies with beautiful interiors but with a lesser crowd? We got you.

Everybody visits the cliché restaurants hence the long lines which take hours to even give a reservation. Let us introduce you to the 4 hidden gems of the Queen West culinary domain.

The majority of Queen West Restaurants are fast food franchises, generic sushi joints, and a couple of small food joints, but the bustling streets also have some genuinely outstanding eateries which may seem dull from the outside but are amazing from the inside.

Best Queen West Restaurants

Nearly any craving can be satiated at the top eateries on West Queen West.

There is something for everyone in this area, from unabashedly casual places serving delicious comfort cuisine designed for Instagram to sophisticated, low-lit boîtes ideal for sipping.

It’s an oasis for the hungry, the weary, or those who are just looking due to its plethora of boutiques, specialty bakeries, galleries, coffee shops, and more.

1. Alo

The thing about Alo I love the most is that apart from the fast service of delivering food, it also has a notable bar menu, with everything from whiskey to vodka to fancy cocktails.

The wine selection of Alo spans a wide variety of sustainable, small-production vintages.

The 10-course menu, including the occasional impromptu addition, makes it comparatively affordable (there is also a somewhat longer, more costly menu for customers who desire counter seats near the open kitchen).

As the night comes to a close and the elevator returns you to reality, you’ll already be thinking about your next visit.

Source: Alo Food Group

2. Aloette Queen West Restaurants

Aloette is similar to Alo except that the menu will never bore you.

Uncomplicated but incredibly tasty dishes include shrimp, scallop sashimi, diced apple, pulled lamb shoulder, and more.

The burger with fried cheese & pickled Vidalia onions, a house-made bun, and double-crisped fries is the talk of the town, though.

Source: Aloette Restaurant

3. La Palette

One of Toronto’s top French eateries, La Palette, is known for its excellent steak Frites.

The name was taken from the owner Shamez Amlani’s favourite pub in Paris, in which he used to hang out on his trips there, to bring a little bit of Paris to Toronto.

Before La Palette moved in, Taro Grill occupied the area. To create the ideal window seats for people-watching, they used the original bartop first from the Kensington location.

Although there is a major French wine dominance, biodynamic wines are a specialty. An example of one of these is the Pfeffingen German pinot noir.

La palette
Source: La Palette

4. Zakkushi

Zakkushi, on Queen West, is the most contemporary izakaya to join the well-known network.

This new eatery hopes to emulate the success of its original Carlton location by being the preferred choice for izakaya lovers on the west side of the city.

The room, which can only accommodate roughly 40 seats, has a certain intimacy about it. However, the atmosphere is friendly and family-oriented overall, even though reservations are not accepted here.

The yakitoris served in Zakkushi restaurants are famous for being cooked in an exposed kitchen at the back.

You must try the Mentai Carbonara Udon, a delicious pasta dish with thick udon in a delicious cream and cod roe sauce.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Queen West a good area?

For everyone travelling to the city, the area is a must-see because it is home to some of the best cafes, restaurants, local stores, galleries, and street art in the city.

2. Is King West a good place to live?

Everybody from working professionals to couples and empty-nesters who desire to be close to the excitement of downtown Toronto can be found in this neighbourhood, making it one of the trendiest, liveliest, and most energetic in all of Toronto.

3. What street in Toronto has a lot of restaurants?

In the biggest metropolis in Canada, King Street West has essentially had a stranglehold on the opening of popular restaurants for years.

Final Note

The section of Queen between Yonge and Bathurst is referred to as Queen West, where you will find everything from chic boutiques to high-end restaurants.

Here, you can eat great food, take in the amazing ambience, a friendly vibe, and, of course, insta-worthy pictures. Have fun exploring!

Also, explore the 19 best king street west restaurants for satisfying your foodie self.



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