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Radium Hot Springs: 23 Interesting Things to Do

Radium Hot Springs

There are so many amazing things to do in British Columbia near Radium Hot Springs that will make your trip unforgettable. Radium is the place to be, and it’s only 1.5 hours west of the perennially popular Banff, in the gorgeous Columbia Valley.

This adorable community is surrounded by breathtaking landscapes, endless golf courses, lakes, and hiking paths, as well as heart-pounding activities like white water rafting.

Things to do in Radium Hot Springs

Radium Hot Springs is the ideal destination to visit and enjoy a vacation and in this blog, we’ll tell you about all the fascinating and enjoyable things to do in Radium Hot Springs so you can make the most of your trip to this charming town in Western Canada.

1. Contact the Visitor Centre at Radium Hot Spring

To get the most out of any trip to Radium Hot Springs, start at the visitor center. You can acquire free maps of the area, which include well-known hiking trails and so many things to do.

Photo by Ezra Jeffrey-Comeau on Unsplash

The kid-friendly location offers a pool close to the springs that are ideal for swimming and playing around in. Also, there is a day spa on the property if you truly want to pamper yourself.

2. Find the Bighorn Sheep Wandering

Radium Hot Springs is home to a variety of animals, some of which wander onto the nearby streets. While they don’t have a favorite hangout site, the Alpine bighorn sheep are quite well-known in the area and are usually simple to identify.

The herd, also called the Radium-Stoddart herd, consists of about 150 sheep in total.

Visitors frequently have the good fortune to see these remarkable animals, which may be identified by their enormous, curled horns.

Image by David Mark from Pixabay

The sheep are a sight to behold, particularly the males with their enormous, curled horns. Although becoming accustomed to people, it’s still vital to remember that these creatures are wild; keep your distance.

They frequently appear in & around the settlement as well as on the road leading away from Radium Hot Springs. If you come across one of these wonderful creatures, feel free to take pictures, but keep your distance when greeting them.

In the fall, when mating season is in full swing, you can frequently see fights breaking out among the enormous rams.

3. Explore the Radium Rotary Garden’s Flowers

The Radium Rotarian garden is a garden plot at Radium Hot Springs with a sizable number of plots that are hidden behind an old school building. The public is welcome to roam about and take in the many flora and blossoms.

You could notice locals taking care of their patches when you arrive. Some individuals produce vegetables, while others concentrate on flowers. Volunteers care for the lovely and scented rose garden.

Image by Mircea Ploscar from Pixabay

A tranquil stroll would be lovely here. There are benches scattered throughout the garden for you to relax for a bit, along with a picnic area & gazebo that are open to the public.

4. Bring the Children to Leo Burrito

Leo Burrito is a fantastic location for good fast food at Radium Hot Springs, serving up a range of delectable burritos in addition to tacos & nachos.

A delectable selection of gelatos is also available, and adults can relax on the patio while sipping beer.

Photo by Creative Headline on Unsplash

The mini-golf course is the main attraction here (particularly for younger people), not the food.

You may let your kids play while you relax in the sun because the area is fenced in and simple to monitor from the outdoor dining area.

5. At Valley Zipline Adventures, Soar through the Air

Valley Zipline Adventures provides family-friendly entertainment and is accessible to individuals of all ages. After receiving a thorough safety briefing and demonstration, proceed around the course.

You may ride seven thrilling zip lines. The first five take you through the Dry Gulch Valley’s picturesque scenery, while the sixth brings you to the start of a walking route.

Photo by Ezra Jeffrey-Comeau on Unsplash

Before ascending, take a quick stroll to the last zipline and take in the expansive views from the platform. You can race a friend to the finish line on the last zipline because it is the quickest and longest and has two lines; surely one of the must things to do in Radium Hot Springs.

6. Take a Golfing Swing

Playing golf is another enjoyable activity in Radium Hot Springs. There are numerous golf clubs in the Radium Hot Springs area, all of which are situated in stunning settings and provide everything you could want.

The Radium Course, as well as the Springs Course, are the two that are closest to the town and are managed by Radium Golf Group.

One of the most picturesque courses in the nation, the par-72 Radium Course offers stunning views in all directions. There is a lot of lush vegetation and fluffy white clouds frequently hang low over the towering mountain peaks.

Image by Markus Spiske from Pixabay

Wide greens, tall trees, sand bunkers, high tee boxes, & undulating topography are all features of the course.

Another par 72 course is The Springs Course. This course offers stunning views as it is situated close to the spectacular Rocky Mountains & high along the brink of the roiling Columbia River.

It comes as no surprise that it consistently ranks as one of BC’s best courses and the path appears to merge into the surroundings, and wildlife frequently strolls by; keep an eye out for deer and bighorn sheep.

These golf courses include top-notch practice areas and well-supplied pro shops.

7. Enjoy the Artwork at Redstreak Gallery

Darrell Ibach, a Canadian artist noted for his bright oil and watercolor paintings of landscapes and wildlife, maintains his studio and gallery at RedStreak Gallery.

His works are heavily influenced by the Columbia Valley’s sceneries. He has experience creating art and has a background in photography.

Image by David Mark from Pixabay

The gallery also showcases pieces by the artist and art instructor Angelique Gillespie, who has a background in commercial and graphic art.

8. Visit the Nipika Mountain Resort for a Day

For lovers of the outdoors, Nipika Mountain Resort is a true playground. Beautiful log homes with breathtaking mountain views are available for rental, and all of them are off-the-grid, eco-friendly, and built to last.

But, staying at the resort is not necessary for having a good time. You can reserve a variety of guided activities, including lessons in winter skiing, mountain hikes, & canoeing along the Kootenay River.

Courtesy: Nipika Mountain Resort

There are several wonderful hiking and cross-country skiing paths in the area surrounding the resort. The use of the trails is free. There are more than 30 miles of trails spread across 1,500 acres.

The well-marked trails lead right into the heart of the natural world. Mountain bikes can also use certain routes and if you forgot to bring your own, don’t fret; the resort offers delicious food.

9. Spend Time at the Main Park

One of the best family activities in Radium Hot Springs is to take the kids to Main Park, which includes a variety of vibrant play structures for the little ones.

The park, which has been open since 2013, is primarily designed for children aged two to twelve. Some locations are appropriate for people of various ages. Age-appropriate climb walls, slides, and swings are all part of the playground equipment.

Image by Ulrike Mai from Pixabay

There is a trail that leads to the neighboring Legend’s Field, which has lots of open room for kids to run around and burn off energy.

10. Go to the Olive Lake

Olive Lake is inside the Kootenay National Park’s limits and is only a short drive from Radium Hot Springs.

Wheelchair & pushchair users can fully enjoy the boardwalk’s accessibility while taking in the breathtaking sights and serene atmosphere of the lake.

Photo by Aleesha Wood on Unsplash

Native American groups used to camp and hunt near the lake in the past. These days, there are numerous opportunities to capture the ideal images for the Instagram feed thanks to the sunlight reflecting off the stunning azure waters.

Observe the streams for brook trout swimming across them.

11. Take a Hike

There are many hiking trails with breathtaking views around Radium Hot Springs and we hope your hiking boots are with you. There are numerous ways to go outside. There are many hiking paths in Radium Hot Springs, ranging in difficulty from short and easy to work-for-your-view difficult.

With breathtaking vistas of the Columbia River, the 9-kilometer (5.6 miles) long Old Coach Trail is an extremely popular trail. It is simple and open to hikers of all skill levels. There are markers along the road to help walkers learn about this intriguing history. In the 1920s, Ford Model T used to travel this historic path.

Photo by Eric Sanman on Pexels

The route can be started close to the visitor center, on the southern border of Radium Hot Springs hamlet, and there are signs to direct you along the way.

Check out all the Kindersley Pass & Sinclair Creek Loop if you’re ready for a true challenge with an entire day to kill. With an elevation rise of more than 1300 meters, this trip is 20 kilometers (12.4 miles) long; the vistas are breathtaking.

12. Go Rafting on Whitewater

A ride down a river with flowing rapids is the best way to get your heart pumping. This is a special way to experience the natural splendor of the area, taking in a significant portion of the wilderness and breathtaking sights like Pedley Falls.

Whitewater rafting adventures suitable for the entire family are offered by Kootenay River Runners out of Radium Hot Springs.

The Kootenay River has a set of class 2-3 rapids that you may experience on half-day or full-day tours. A half-day vacation costs $97 CDN on average.

13. Visit Panorama Ski Resort and Hit the Slopes

Panorama Ski Resort is a must-see if you’re fortunate enough to travel to Radium Hot Springs during the winter. At a top elevation of 8000 feet, this area’s over 3000 acres of land offers some of the most stunning vistas in the world.

Skiing is made simple by Panorama’s handy location in a ski-in/ski-out village. The ski hill is just outside your door if you book a place to stay in the village.

Courtesy: Panorama Ski Resort

From the nearby town of Invermere, Panorama Ski Resort can be reached from Radium Hot Springs in about 30 minutes. A day of skiing or snowboarding costs roughly $120 CDN, but depending on when you travel, there are several possibilities and discounts.

14. Learn about Kootenay National Park

The breathtaking Kootenay National Park can be entered through Radium Hot Springs and you won’t be able to put the camera away during this visit.

Take Highway 93, which passes directly through the park, out of Radium Hot Springs town. It may be explored via an hour-long scenic drive where you can pull over at various locations to take in the scenery.

Image by Jackie Burton from Pixabay

The Vermillion River and the enormous 11,234-foot Deltaform Mountain are two attractions.

There are lots of backcountry paths to explore if you’re searching for something more strenuous. After finishing it in just 1.5 hours, you are greeted with a breathtaking vista of the majestic Tokkum River chiseling down the canyon.

Kootenay National Park is managed by Parks Canada, and entrance fees apply. You can either pay the day rate of $10 or the annual Discovery Pass price of slightly under $70 to enter all national parks. We can assure you that spending a day here is worthwhile.

15. Have some Fun at the Beach

Invermere, British Columbia’s James Chabot Provincial Park, a woman enters the water. A visit to the lake is indeed an absolute must give the scorching, dry summers that Radium Hot Springs experiences.

There is simply a tonne of options to consider. Windermere Lake, shown above, and Columbia Lake are two popular surrounding lakes.

Photo by Kristopher Kinsinger on Unsplash

The town of Invermere, where Windermere Lake is located, is about 15 minutes away. We advise hiring a boat in town & spending an entire day on the lake if you’re feeling adventurous.

Test your hand at wakeboarding or skiing! If you’re traveling in a group, renting a boat for less than CAD 500/day is incredibly affordable.

The largest warm-water lake in the East Kootenay region is Columbia Lake, which lies a little further south, and canoeing, kayaking, and windsurfing are all popular activities on this lake. Three kilometers of unspoiled beachfront are ideal for enjoying the outdoors and seeing wildlife.

16. Decide to go Tubing or Wakeboarding

If you think renting your boat could be a bit stressful, you can also reserve this Airbnb adventure with Mike, our host on Airbnb. In this manner, you can unwind while the difficult labor is done by someone else.

Image by Freddy from Pixabay

Their trip costs only $200 a person for 4 hours of pleasure on Columbia Lake and has a gorgeous ski boat. The boat is far nicer than the rentals, and you won’t need to hire additional wakeboarding and tubing gear or a designated driver.

The tour is significantly less expensive than you may anticipate given that it is listed on Airbnb experience.

17. Shopping at Funky Junk

Searching for a memento? In the center of Radium, be sure to visit Funky Junk. Beautiful stained-glass artwork is available at this unique store. Choose from the options or ask for something unique.

Image by NoName_13 from Pixabay

There are additional locally produced crafts available, including paintings, soaps, birdhouses, and refinished furniture.

In addition to being one of the top things to do in Radium Hot Springs, purchasing at Funky Junk also helps support regional small businesses.

18. Big Horn Café Serves Great Coffee

Why not enter the Big Horn Café now that you’ve greeted the actual Big Horn Sheep? After a tiring day of shopping or strenuous climbing, it’s the ideal spot to unwind and refresh.

Big Horn Café is a brand-new coffee shop that takes pride in using local ingredients in both their food and drink as well as the wall art.

19. Go to Invermere

After exploring the downtown Invermere area on foot, stop by the Ulrr Pub or the Arrowhead Brewing Company for a drink.

Even a distillery became well-known, thanks to Dragons Den. Some of the best-tasting infused vodkas we’ve ever experienced are produced by Taynton Bay Spirits.

Photo by Algi on Unsplash

Windermere Lake, beach and numerous more attractions may be found in Invermere. You’ll need a hat and sunscreen, so carry them both.

20. Relax at Fairmont

Check out Fairmont Hot Springs next if Radium Hot Springs has you hooked. It’s only a short 30-minute drive from Radium and offers a beautiful, tranquil setting to spend the day in.

The Fairmont Hot Springs are the biggest hot springs in Canada and are stunning, clear, natural mineral springs. The soaking pool, which is a soothing 39°C (102°F), as well as the swimming and dive pools, which are a little cooler at 32°C (89°F) & 30°C (86°F), respectively, are both available for relaxation. Breathe deeply as you observe the expansive mountain views.

You can spend the night at the Fairmont Springs Resort if you want to and it’s close to all the things on this list because it’s just a few kilometers up the road from Radium town. Also, you can explore the trails for hiking, cross-country skiing, or snowshoeing.

Photo by Ezra Jeffrey-Comeau on Unsplash

The Springs, which are artificial swimming pools stocked with spring water, offer a tranquil setting for relaxation. You can immediately jump into the cool pool to go swimming or you can lounge about and warm it up in the hot pool.

The hot springs are located inside Kootenay National Park and are open all year long. Since Parks Canada owns them, the price is kept modest at around $8 CDN. Even a punch pass that allows you to visit several times is available! The best aspect is that you can visit these hot springs year-round, so you can do so even in the cold.

21. Camp out on Radium Hot Springs

One of the most iconic Canadian experiences has to be camping. And the Columbia Valley is the ideal location to carry it out. Around Radium Hot Springs, there are a few camping possibilities.

Photo by Ezra Jeffrey-Comeau on Unsplash

About 4.5 kilometers (2.8 miles) south of Radium Hot Springs, Dry Gulch Provincial Park offers peaceful, tranquil camping. The little campground is shaded and cool during the sweltering summers due to the trees that surround it.

There are flush bathrooms, fire rings, drinkable water, and camping that is accessible by automobile.

Within Kootenay National Park, a 1.8-kilometer trail connects the town of Radium with the Redstreak campground. This campground is located on a sunny plateau at a higher height. Several facilities, including restrooms, drinking water, and kitchens.

22. Trail Riding and Mountain Biking

Try out the countless mountain biking & trail riding opportunities in this area if you feel at ease on two wheels! There are approximately 150 mountain biking tracks and an additional 61 e-bike-friendly trails (flatter, easier rides).

Image by Fabricio Macedo FGMsp from Pixabay

In the area, networks of trails may be found at places like Lillian Lake, Panorama Mountain Resort, and Swansea Mountain Recreation Park. Radium is about an hour away from all of these places.

Similar to ski slopes, trails are coded for difficulty using the terms green, blue, black, & double black diamond. Make careful to plan and select a course of action that fits your comfort and ability level.

23. Accommodations in Radium Hot Springs

The Radium Chalet is well-known at Radium Hot Springs. It is very reasonably priced while still offering some great amenities including suites with stunning mountain views, stoves, kitchens, and more.

It offers a quieter choice while still being central because it is situated just on the outskirts of Radium village.

But you can’t pass over Prestige Radium Hot Springs Resort if you’re seeking a true luxury getaway that offers a once-in-a-lifetime experience. This new resort is truly breathtaking. You had best believe that this private cabin has a private hot tub.

An inviting cabin in the woods? Register me! In Radium, there are so many options for vacation homes and Airbnb.

Courtesy: Radium Chalet

There are many excellent choices. On the deck, there is a private hot tub where you can warm up and unwind while taking in the scenery. The hosts are wonderful, and the average nightly rate is only $130 CDN.

Final Note

Radium Hot Springs, located in the East Kootenays and offers many things to do like visiting the hot springs pools, Banff national park, Natural hot springs pools, Kootenay valley viewpoint, Sinclair Canyon, Juniper trail, Old tyme candy shop, and so much more.

Many tourists opt to spend a few days exploring Radium Hot Springs because there are so many things to do there, especially in the summer!

Because of its proximity, several tourists will travel to the town for a day excursion from Golden, or Calgary. The must-visit hot springs close to the Kootenay Mountains are where the town gets its name. But, if you remain a bit longer, Radium Hot Springs has lots of things to offer.

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