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Downtown Oakville Restaurants: Top 9 Restaurants

Downtown Oakville Restaurants

Downtown Oakville is a foodie’s paradise, with some of the city’s best restaurants serving wonderful meals in a refined setting.

Because of its charming atmosphere and gorgeous surroundings, Downtown Oakville restaurants are a perfect location for supper with loved ones. The eating spaces in these eateries are cozy and pleasant, making you feel right at home.

Whether you enjoy French onion soup or Greek salad, Downtown Oakville has some of the greatest renditions of these delicacies. For those seeking a more personal encounter, these establishments also have semi-private dining rooms. Breakfast is available from their large morning menu, which includes gluten-free selections.

9 Best Downtown Oakville Restaurants

1. Maro’s Bistro

Maro’s Bistro, situated in the heart of Oakville, is the supreme destination for scrumptious meals in a trendy ambiance. Patrons can witness the impressive chef craft their delicacies in the open-plan kitchen of the dining area.

The menu encompasses Mediterranean cuisine, Italian delicacies, steak, chicken, sushi, and fresh oceanic delights. The exceptional dishes comprise prime rib, lamb shashlik, and the renowned onion soup of French origin.

Courtesy Maro’s Bistro

The eatery is an optimal preference for any event as it provides gluten-free food alternatives and a broad wine collection. The bar serves happy hour specials and has a lounge area for customers to relax and unwind, whether they prefer cocktails or beer. Al fresco dining is perfect during the summer.

Maro’s Bistro also offers delivery services through OpenTable, making it easy to enjoy their great food from the comfort of your own home. In addition, the restaurant has semi-private dining rooms that are perfect for business meetings or special occasions with family and friends.

If you’re looking to improve your cooking skills, Maro’s Bistro also offers cooking classes where you can learn how to prepare some of their most popular dishes. The restaurant’s sister location in Toronto, Buca di Bacco, also offers similar classes.

Maro’s Bistro, one of the best restaurants in downtown Oakville, is conveniently close to Oakville Place Mall and is renowned for its vast menu and first-rate service. Maro’s Bistro is the ideal location to satiate your taste buds with fresh, delectable meals, whether you’re wanting to have breakfast, lunch, or supper.

2. Paradiso Oakville

Paradiso Oakville is one of the most popular downtown Oakville restaurants that offer a warm and elegant setting for casual and fine dining. The dining room is beautifully decorated and is perfect for enjoying delicious food with friends and family.

paradiso restaurant
Courtesy Paradiso Oakville 

The menu at Paradiso Oakville combines European and Mediterranean flavours and features mouthwatering prime rib, lamb shashlik, chicken, and pasta.

The restaurant’s signature dish, the French Onion Soup, is a must-try and will definitely tantalize your taste buds. You may also have their Greek salad, which is a delicious combination of fresh vegetables, sweet onion, and flavour.

As the kitchen is open-concept, you can watch while your dish is being cooked. Paradiso Oakville also offers semi-private dining rooms for business meetings and intimate gatherings.

Offering a wide variety of selections, including gluten-free choices, their breakfast buffet is a terrific way to start the day in the heart of Oakville. You may also indulge in their extensive tasting menu, which includes good wine that comes from every corner of the world. The cocktail bar is a terrific spot to spend happy hour with colleagues and friends.

Paradiso Oakville is conveniently located near the Oakville Place Mall for customers seeking Oakville restaurants. Cooking courses are also available at the restaurant for anyone wishing to improve their culinary talents. The restaurant’s sister location is in Toronto, and both are noted for their superb service and delicious food.

You may easily enjoy their delectable food from the convenience of your home thanks to their delivery services, which they also provide through Open Table.

3. Buca di Bacco

Buca di Bacco
Courtesy Buca di Bacco

For a romantic evening or a supper with friends in the centre of Oakville, Buca di Bacco‘s laid-back yet elegant ambiance is ideal. Together with pizza and pasta dishes, the restaurant’s menu features a variety of mouthwatering Italian specialties, such as prime rib and lamb shashlik.

Also, they offer a wide selection of great wines on their comprehensive wine list, which are a fantastic match for the flavours of their dishes. The restaurant’s attentive and amiable staff ensures that diners have a great dining experience by providing good service.

Buca di Bacco now provides delivery services via apps like Uber Eats and DoorDash for customers who prefer to eat in. Buca di Bacco is a welcoming ambience that is ideal for enjoying a delicious meal.

4. Corks Restaurant

For a range of events, Corks Restaurant offers a relaxed yet refined atmosphere. Their dining area is large and inviting, making it a fantastic place to gather with loved ones and friends for dinner.

The restaurant is a favourite among people trying to unwind after a long day because of its cocktail bar and wide wine list. Moreover, Corks Restaurant provides gluten-free alternatives to accommodate customers with special dietary requirements.

French onion soup, one of the restaurant’s hallmark dishes, is cooked with a savoury broth that is thick and satisfying. They also provide mouthwatering prime rib that will satiate your demands, a mouthwatering Greek salad crafted with fresh ingredients, and a scrumptious lamb shashlik.

Corks Restaurant furthermore has a morning menu, making it a handy location to eat breakfast before beginning your day.

At the Oakville Place Mall, one of the most well-liked retail centres in downtown Oakville, Corks Restaurant is conveniently situated.

5. The King’s Arms

The King’s Arms is renowned for both its delectable cuisine and its pleasant environment. The menu has a wide range of choices, including more upscale items like grilled fish with a sweet onion glaze as well as traditional pub cuisines like burgers and chips. You must try their French onion soup and sweet potato fries.

Courtesy The King’s Arms

The eating area is cozy and pleasant, and the helpful staff provides top-notch service. For people with dietary needs, The King’s Arms also has gluten-free choices.

Being ideally situated on Lakeshore Drive, the restaurant is reachable from downtown Oakville. In the warmer months, the terrace is a nice place to eat, and the restaurant also provides delivery.

Overall, The King’s Arms is a great choice for a casual yet delicious meal with family or friends.

6. Colossus Greek Taverna

In Oakville’s downtown, Colossus Greek Taverna is a hidden treasure that offers delectable cuisine in a chic yet relaxed atmosphere. For special events, the restaurant’s lovely dining area has semi-private dining rooms.

A delectable lamb shashlik, a crisp Greek salad, and wonderfully prepared pasta dishes are among the traditional Greek meals on the menu. You’re guaranteed to like the restaurant’s vast wine selection and beverage menu.

For early risers who wish to eat breakfast in the European Mediterranean setting of downtown Oakville, Colossus also has gluten-free alternatives and a breakfast menu.

With family and friends, you may unwind and savour exquisite wine, beer, or cocktails in the lounge area and bar. Colossus also provides culinary workshops if you’re interested in learning how to make your own Greek meals.

You can readily access the restaurant thanks to its prime position on Lakeshore Road, and you can take advantage of its delivery services to savour its excellent cuisine in the convenience of your own home.

Colossus Greek Taverna is the ideal location for lunch, supper, or a special date night because of its superb service, welcoming atmosphere, and fresh ingredients. Their prime rib and French onion soup are to die for, so don’t forget to taste them!

7. Jonathan’s

Jonathan’s is a must-go-to restaurant for individuals who value delectable cuisine in a relaxed yet sophisticated atmosphere. They have semi-private dining rooms for more private parties in addition to their dining room, which is ideal for a special occasion or romantic supper.

Courtesy Jonathan’s

If you’re a morning person, make sure to check out their breakfast menu, which provides a variety of alternatives to suit your palate.

Anybody searching for a prime rib supper or gluten-free choices can find it on Jonathan’s broad menu. The French Onion Soup and Greek Salad on their menu, which are crafted with fresh ingredients, are two meals you really must try.

After a long day, their cocktail bar is the ideal location to unwind. It has a large wine list and high-quality wines that would amaze any wine aficionado. Don’t miss their happy hour, and be sure to try their lamb shashlik, a fan favourite.

Maro’s Bistro, Jonathan’s sibling establishment, is situated in Oakville and serves European and Mediterranean food.

Their delivery services and reservation options via Open Table make it easy to enjoy their great food and excellent service from the comfort of your own home or on a night out.

Jonathan’s is ideally situated in the centre of Oakville’s downtown, adjacent to the Oakville Place Mall and other dining establishments.

Overall, Jonathan’s is the ideal place to have dinner with family and friends thanks to its pleasant atmosphere, open-concept kitchen, and helpful staff. Italian food is readily available at Buca di Bacco, which is close by.

Alternatively, visit Paradiso Oakville to sample their award-winning food. Whatever kind of food you like, Oakville has it all in its eateries!

8. Seasons

Courtesy Seasons

At Oakville Place Mall, Seasons is a must-try restaurant that provides a delightful dining experience in a stylish yet relaxed environment. The environment is given a special touch by the restaurant’s open-concept kitchen, which allows customers to watch the fresh ingredients being utilized in their meals.

Seasons‘ comprehensive menu includes a sushi bar and a superb breakfast buffet, making it a great place to start the day or end the night. For people with dietary limitations, they also provide gluten-free choices.

Seasons is one of Oakville’s best restaurants for gathering with friends and family because of its great service and handy location.

9. Oliver’s of Oakville

Oliver’s of Oakville is conveniently located in the centre of downtown Oakville, making it a popular place for both locals and tourists.

The restaurant’s classy environment provides the ideal ambiance for a great night out while still retaining a relaxed mood. They use only the freshest ingredients to prepare their delectable meals, and their vast menu offers alternatives for individuals with gluten-free dietary concerns.

The prime rib, lamb shashlik, and French onion soup at Oliver’s of Oakville are legendary in addition to their steak and seafood specialties. Each dish may be paired well with one of the many wines on the restaurant’s vast wine list and cocktail bar.

Oliver's of Oakville
Courtesy Oliver’s of Oakville

Guests can choose from a variety of wines to perfectly complement their meal or opt for a handcrafted cocktail from the bar. Oliver’s of Oakville also offers delivery services through apps like Open Table, making it easy to enjoy their delicious food from the comfort of your own home.

For those looking for a more intimate dining experience, Oliver’s of Oakville offers semi-private dining rooms that are perfect for special occasions or business dinners. Their excellent service ensures that every guest feels welcome and taken care of.

In addition to Oliver’s of Oakville, the same team operates Maro’s Bistro in Toronto, which offers a similar upscale dining experience. Overall, Oliver’s of Oakville is one of the best restaurants in Oakville, and a must-visit for anyone looking for great food in a warm and inviting atmosphere.


Downtown Oakville’s restaurants offer a choice for every customer. These restaurants have all that you could possibly desire, even if you’re looking for just a relaxed or formal setting, tasty meals, pricey wine, or a cocktail lounge.

Italian, Greek, Mediterranean, and sushi restaurants are widely available in downtown Oakville. Thus, be sure to reserve a place and treat yourself to dinner in one of these great restaurants.

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