The 16 Best Things to See in Toronto

Things to See in Toronto

Toronto offers a wide variety of enjoyable, intriguing, interesting, & exciting things to see in Toronto whether you’re visiting or a resident. The city’s greatest attractions and activities range from the CN Tower’s observation deck to the world’s largest collection of hockey memorabilia.

Things to See in Toronto

For a traveler, the best way to get around a new city is to have a little bit of knowledge at the ready so that you can be a little spontaneous, yet not so much that the mystery of the place is diminished.

Take a sneak peek at these best things to see in Toronto and interesting facts regarding the city among the biggest and most adored cities in North America, to get planning your next trip to Canada. Let’s start this list of things to see in Toronto.

1. Take a Journey to Toronto Island

Take a ferry to Toronto island when you need a break from the bustle of Canada’s largest city. This group of islands & islets adds a welcome splash of green to the skyscraper-dotted mainland of the metropolis and is one of the best things to see in Toronto.

As Centre, Ward’s, and Algonquin are all connected, you won’t have to worry about boarding and disembarking a boat to fully enjoy the area. When it comes to activities, Centre Island lives up to its moniker by offering the most.

Large picnic spaces, beaches, athletic equipment rentals, and the Centreville Amusement Park—which offers more than 30 rides, a petting zoo, and a boating lagoon—are all nearby.

Ward & Algonquin are more relaxed, with English gardens and houses in the manner of the 1920s. The sole clothing-optional beach in the region is found at Hanlan’s Point, which is also home to a lighthouse that locals believe to be haunted.

Hanlan’s Point is situated near Billy Bishop Toronto Main Airport at the northeastern tip of the island. Since most of the islands are car-free, they are ideal for strolls, bike rides, and picnics.

In addition, the Toronto Islands are a terrific spot for cross-country skiing & ice skating even though the winter months bring chilly winds and a lot of snow.

The Toronto Islands are popular with tourists and locals alike. Previous guests praised it as a wonderful getaway from Toronto’s bustling daily life.

Many claims that the breathtaking views of the city skyline are just enough to go. Yet other people thought it was crowded, especially on Central Island.

Others have complained about the exorbitant costs for services in and around the Centreville Amusement Park. Other than that, most guests, especially those who came with families, had a wonderful experience; one of the most exciting things to see in Toronto.

2. Things to See in Toronto- Shop at St. Lawrence

Since it was built in the 17th century, St. Lawrence Market in Toronto’s Old Town has witnessed a variety of people. St. Lawrence Market has functioned as both the city’s City Hall and social hub in addition to a market. Currently, the market offers a wide variety of goods, ranging from artisan jewelry to fine preserved meats.

The South Market, the North Market, and St. Lawrence Hall are the three structures that makeup St. Lawrence Market. 120 vendors selling a variety of food and retail goods may be found in the South Market.

The Market Kitchen also hosts culinary workshops, while the Market Gallery hosts exhibitions on the history, culture, and art of the city. While the North Market is well known for its famed medieval farmers market, St. Lawrence Hall accommodates retail companies.

2.1. History Behind

Since 1803, vendors from Southern Ontario have gathered every Saturday at the North Market to offer their fresh seasonal products. Almost 80 sellers sell antiques at the Sunday flea market that replaces the farmers market.

Travelers wholeheartedly concur with gastronomic experts who frequently cite St. Lawrence Market as one of the top food markets in the entire world. Recent visitors were astounded by the enormous selection of delectable meals available under one roof, as well as how inexpensively priced everything was.

Several tourists claim that the meal is only half the fun. Many people urged visitors to postpone their trip until Saturday instead when the market comes to life with vibrant sellers peddling their wares to tourists and residents alike.

Be careful to arrive very early if you dislike large crowds. Some tourists assert that you must get a peameal bacon butty at the Carousel Bakery before leaving the market. A staple food in Toronto, the sandwich is made simply with Canadian back bacon sandwiched between two Kaiser rolls.

3. District Distilleries

The Gooderham & Worts Distillery, Canada’s largest distillery at the time, was located in this waterfront area. Now, this historic pedestrian-only district is teeming with art galleries, cafes, restaurants, and yes, a brewery.

It is bordered by manufacturing Victorian buildings and has cobblestone streets that were originally traveled by horse-drawn carriages. This is the place to go if you want to get a real sense of Toronto’s past. Participate in art classes, attend festivals and outdoor exhibits throughout the year, or simply unwind with a real Canadian brewski.

Photo by Matthew Henry on Unsplash.

Certainly, the cuisine is delicious, and yes, the stores are distinctive, but going just to experience the vibe at one of Toronto’s most well-liked hangout locations is worthwhile and one of the must things to see in Toronto.

Don’t worry if you can’t make it to Toronto during the summer; both locals and tourists agree that the Christmas Market is wonderful, especially when you have some mulled wine in your hand. Monday through Wednesday, 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. are the hours.

Businesses remain open until 8 p.m. on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, however, they are only open on Sundays from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. The Distillery District is located less than a mile from the King subway station, close to downtown Toronto.

4. Harbourfront Center

This 10-acre attraction, which is located along the shores of Lake Ontario, was once a deserted shipping dock but has now been turned into a posh neighborhood teeming with activities. It has a vibe similar to Baltimore’s Inner Harbor and Pier 39 in San Francisco thanks to the conversion of abandoned buildings into theatres and an art gallery.

Also, there are numerous restaurants nearby as well as several small parks, such as the Toronto Music Garden, which was partly created by cellist Yo-Yo Ma. Moreover, Sugar Beach, a formerly parking lot turned urban beach, is a great place to relax if you’re in the area during the summer. In addition, Harbourfront Centre hosts over 4,000 events annually to accommodate the 17 million visitors who come through the venue.

Both tourists and residents concur that Harbourfront Centre is a delightful spot to visit and is the ideal location for a tranquil stroll. No of the season, visitors should always pack an extra layer to withstand the lake winds, according to some travelers who praised the city and lake views; certainly among the best things to see in Toronto. Locals heartily recommend an ice skating adventure here if you happen to be nearby in the winter, just for the views.

5. See the Skyline from the Sea

One of the best things to see in Toronto and the best place to view Toronto’s incredible skyline is from Lake Ontario. Whether you hire a kayak or go on a stand-up paddleboarding trip, there are numerous options to get out on the lake while you are in Toronto.

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

If you want to paddle around in a kayak, you can locate rental shops such as the Boat House on Toronto Island, or if you’re feeling adventurous, you can join Oceah Oceah on a five-hour tour between Kew-Balmy Beach to Bluffers Park.

6. Go for Thrifting

There are several thrift stores in Toronto where you can sometimes find the nicest memento. At Gadabout, which sells things from the 19th century, you can browse the previous 200 years of fashion or shop for costume jewelry at Courage My Love. Moreover, Kingpin’s Hideaway has a nice selection of antique ties, fedoras, and suits if you’re seeking menswear; surely one of the must things to see in Toronto.

7. Things to See in Toronto- Visit the Elgin & Winter Garden Theatre

The Elgin & Winter Garden Theatre Centre, the last double-decker theatre in existence, was built on top of another auditorium and first opened its doors as a vaudeville theatre in 1913.

The Winter Garden Theatre is influenced by nature, with columns that are molded to resemble tree trunks & plants hanging from the roof, in contrast to the Elgin Theatre, which is glamorous with a red and gold color scheme.

If you wish to purchase tickets for a show, check the event calendar. Nevertheless, there are additional tours available that will allow you to learn more about the theatre’s history and get close to items like an authentic silent film projection from the early 19th century.

8. Eat and Shop in Little India

The substantial South Asian community in Toronto is celebrated daily in the Little India area along Gerrard Street.

At eateries like Leela Indian Food Bar or Desi Burger, which serves spicy burgers along with sweet, creamy, & fruity drinks such as mango lassis, you may discover more traditional Indian cuisine.

At Nucreation, you can browse gorgeous sarees and kurtis and perhaps find new copper jewelry, which is one of the best things to see in Toronto.

9. Things to See in Toronto- Niagara Falls

You must visit Niagara Falls, which is located around 80 miles south of Toronto on the opposite side of Lake Ontario if you haven’t already crossed it off your bucket list.

Niagara Falls
Photo by Bianca Ackermann on Unsplash.

There is a tonne lot to do in the area around the big waterfall, whether you want to gamble or shop. If the weather is suitable, take a boat trip to experience the misty spray of the waterfall up close, or dine at a restaurant with a view, such as Top of the Falls or Fallsview Dining, to take in the view from a distance; surely one of the best things to see in Toronto.

10. Philosopher’s Path

The Philosopher’s Walk at the University of Toronto is a beautiful walkway that passes through several of the city’s cultural icons, including the Royal Ontario Museum and Trinity College. The Alexandra Gateway, constructed in 1906, is located nearby and falls under the best things to see in Toronto.

It’s a terrific area to appreciate Toronto’s educational atmosphere and escape the tourist hordes in the city’s other popular sites because of the students swarming around. Every bench along the path has a plaque commemorating a historical figure or a line from a book.

11. Things to See in Toronto- Kensington Market

The Kensington Market in Toronto is a must-see if you don’t mind a little bit of craziness. The market began to exist in the 1920s when families began to set up kiosks in front of their homes to trade items. The area had previously been a Jewish community. This market has expanded in both size & diversity throughout time.

Shops and eateries may be found lining the streets, offering a wide range of products from Asia to Europe and beyond. Not an actual outdoor market, Kensington Market is the name of the area where these stores and eateries are located. The only time you can enjoy a traditional market is on the final Sunday of every month.

Many recent visitors praised Kensington Market for its diversity, claiming that the area truly has everything. Fashionistas will enjoy the abundance of vintage shops, while foodies will drool over all the delicious (but frequently expensive) alternatives available.

Many claims that a stroll through the eccentric, art-filled area is more than enough to satisfy visitors, even if they aren’t big shoppers.

12. Hall of Fame for Hockey

Without some type of hockey exposure, no trip to Toronto (or to Canada in general) is complete. Thousands of Torontonians visit the Air Canada Centre to cheer on the Toronto Maple Leafs, even though hockey is not Canada’s national sport.

Just a few blocks east of Union Station, at the Hockey Hall of Fame, you can still satisfy your hockey-related needs even if you’re there in the summer. This enormous location, which is 65,000 square feet in size, is a treasure trove of memorabilia, with displays that include the first Stanley Cup and Terry Sawchuk’s goaltender equipment.

See the replica of the Montreal Canadiens dressing room while you’re there, as well as the Puck Wall, which features more than 1,000 pucks that have all been gathered from various international competitions.

Recent visitors said the Hockey Hall of Fame was fun to visit and one of the must things to see in Toronto. The breadth of the material and items on show astonished many tourists, both domestic and foreign.

Nevertheless, if you’re not a lover of hockey or sports in general, this might not be the greatest location for you. Most visitors to this attraction reported a moderate to intense interest in the sport, whereas those who did not admit to growing bored after a while.

13. Visit the Toronto Zoo- Must Things to See in Toronto

Travelers claim that the Toronto Zoo is popular with families (and most adults). One of the biggest zoos in the world, this huge establishment in Scarborough has more than 6 kilometers of walking pathways spanning 700 acres.

There is a lot to see with 5,000 animals living here. The zoo is divided into seven geographical areas, But visitors shouldn’t leave without seeing the park’s prize exhibits, like the Gorilla Rainforest, which is the biggest indoor gorilla display in North America. Also, there is a tonne of seasonal activities to partake in.

Toronto Zoo
Photo by Zhifei Zhou on Unsplash.

The Zoomobile Ride, which travels through some of the park’s numerous zones, including Africa and, of course, Canada, is available in addition to the ropes course and is one of the best things to see in Toronto. With its theatre, 2-acre water play area, and kid-friendly interactive animal experience, The Discovery Zone is another popular family destination.

13.1. Opening Time

The zoo is typically open daily between 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., with longer hours on the weekends. Hours change depending on the season. Your entrance price is waived if you have a CityPASS. The only complaint visitors had was that it was difficult to get to due to the absence of subway stations nearby; only buses are available.

About 22 kilometers north of Toronto’s city center is where you’ll find the Toronto Zoo. Remember that owing to the chilly weather, certain animals could not be present in the exhibits during the winter. On-site amenities include restaurants, bathrooms, and several gift stores.

14. Tower CN

The 1,815-foot CN Tower, a prominent feature of Toronto’s glittering skyline, is regarded by the American Society for Civil Engineers to be among the Seven Wonders of the Modern World. Stunning views of the city below are made possible by the tower’s height.

Transmission towers for radio and television had problems transmitting as the city’s skyline expanded amid a construction boom. When the CN Tower was finished in the 1970s, transmissions could move through it without any difficulty.

Nowadays, elevators take guests to the summit in just a minute. While there, you can select between four observation locations: the Glass Floor room (1,122 feet), the LookOut Level (1,136 feet), the rotating 360 The Restaurant (1,150 feet), and the SkyPod (1,465 feet), which is among the highest public observation areas in the world.

Undoubtedly, comes on the list of best things to see in Toronto and those who are courageous can enjoy the highest palms external walk on a skyscraper with the EdgeWalk.

Participants can walk on a ledge encircling on top of the tower’s primary pod 116 floors above the ground while being connected via a harness. A commemorative movie, printed images, a certificate of achievement, and a ticket to enter the tower again are all included in the exorbitant admission price of CA$225 ($174).

15. Visit Casa Loma

Like castles? The same was true for Sir Henry Pellatt, a military veteran whose lifetime ambition was to erect a castle atop Toronto. The early 1900s construction of the 98-room Casa Loma took about three years and more than $3.5 million to complete.

Image by freebie from Pixabay

This magnificent mansion, which is the only filled castle in North Toronto, has everything you’d need to feel like a king, including turrets, horse stables, hidden passageways, and a sizable wine cellar.

There is also a spotless 5-acre garden with statues, fountains, and, when the weather is appropriate, wildflowers.

Recent visitors claim that families, history lovers, and museum-goers will all enjoy this unique site. Even if you don’t qualify as one of those tourists, the impression that the castle’s gorgeous interiors have left on visitors is enough to make you want to go and is one of the interesting things to see in Toronto.

16. Royal Museum

History enthusiasts must go to the Royal Ontario Museum (commonly known as the “ROM”), which is perched on the northernmost tip of the University of Toronto campus. The ROM, which was founded in 1912, has amassed more than six million objects, making it Canada’s greatest museum of cultures and civilizations, and natural history.

Among the best things to see in Toronto; the museum has a wide variety of artifacts on show, including, to name a few, an exhibit on Canada’s First Nations, ancient Roman sculptures, and dinosaur bones.

You’ll need to schedule your time carefully because there is so much to see. If you don’t, you can end up exploring the museum longer than you intended. Yet, visitors concur that the museum’s diversity is a gem and that their time there was well spent.

Also, if you are traveling with kids, you don’t need to worry about amusing them; children may touch the skin of the snake, get up close & personal with a shark’s teeth, and visit a fox’s den in the hands-on gallery at the ROM.

Final Note

We hope you liked this guide on some of the top things to see in Toronto.

Also, there are other many more fun things to see in Toronto like visiting the Toronto rogers center, Enjoying the annual Toronto Christmas Market and Toronto international film festival, going to the old city hall, and seeing the street art gallery.

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