The Stone Forest China- All You Should Know Before Visiting

Do you enjoy exploring thrillers and exciting locations? Stone Forest China is a place you should visit. No doubt, China has other incredible tourist destinations, but Stone Forest will provide you with an unforgettable experience.

If you are still unsure, read the entire article, and you will discover the reasons why you should come here.

So, in case you don’t know much about the location, we’ll start with an introduction to ‘The Stone Forest China.’

1. An Introduction to the Stone Forest China

Stone Forest is one of the most interesting places in China’s Yunnan province, attracting a large number of tourists each year. This location is full of scenic beauty, so if you enjoy nature, this is the place for you. Not only that, but the Stone Forest has a strong historical connection that will be fascinating.

More than one factor is responsible for attracting tourists to Shilin Stone Forest; however, Stone Forest has a unique collection of magnificent karst caves and their formations that should not be missed. Aside from that, China’s Stone Forest is designated as a national park.

1.1. How Was It Formed?

Did you guys know that the Stone Forest is among the earliest forests in the Karst? The majority of the forms in the limestone or rock, including the most well-known tourist attraction, are thought by geologists to have developed around 270 million years ago as a result of upliftment, pressure, erosion, and sedimentation processes.

According to, UNESCO has designated the Stone Forest in China as a global geological park, and the area of this forest was discovered long ago by an ancient sea. Thousands of meters of cruciferous shells were found in that ancient sea, which eventually turned into limestone and dolomite. After a few more times, it eventually turned into a stone forest.

Shilin Stone Forest
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2. What Are the Reasons to Visit Stone Forest China?

Given how fascinating a site China’s Stone Forest is, you would be missing out if you did not go there. In addition to the chance to explore and take in some beautiful locations and their beauty, this location has a lot more to offer its guests.

2.1. The Naigu Stone Forest

Do you realize that the Stone Forest is made up of several forests? To be clear, Naigu Stone Forest is one of many diverse sites that make up China’s Stone Forest. It is not just a forest site, but also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. So you can’t skip it.

The Naigu Stone Forest is one of the most lovely and gorgeous places, and once you’ve seen it, you’ll certainly love it. This area is considered good for spiritualism or for people who want to sit quietly because it is less crowded. As a result, it’s a great place to spend some peaceful time with yourself or with your companion.

You can find some amazing black-stone formations in addition to the picturesque locations here. Baiyun Cave and Lake are also located in this region. Yet in addition to all of these features, it also includes two of the lake’s tiniest islands, Penglai and Yingzhou.

2.2. The Major Stone Forest

Panoramic view of the stone forest
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If you wish to experience a unique natural landscape, the large stone forest region will be your best bet. Most of the visitors to this part of the forest are tourists who wish to see or learn about Kunming’s geography.

Major Stone Forest is the most impressive and should not be missed because it has a fascinating geological history. Just like the Naigu Forest, Major Forest is also recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

The Lizijing Stone Forest, which includes the Greater and Lesser Stone Forests, is another must-see location in China’s Stone Forest. These locations provide stunning views of a variety of objects, including flora, stone formations, animals, and human figures.

2.3. Moon Lake

This site tends to steal your breath away; it’s a lovely place in the Stone Forest of China, and every year a lot of people come here and do a lot of things. In addition to the breathtaking vista, it’s a beautiful location for self-portraits. Isn’t it impossible to travel without taking photos?

This location offers amazing photo opportunities for photographers since it allows them to capture the Stone Forest China scenery from a variety of angles, resulting in some breathtaking and unique images. Because it is so beautiful, no one can take their eyes off this lake.

In addition to praising its beauty, you can relax here for a bit and take in the tranquility. Yet, you can also spend time here with your lover. Because of this, it’s a good place, and everyone should experience this terrible beauty at least once in their lives.

2.4. Zhiyun Cave

Zhiyun Cave
Photo by viendomundo from Depositphotos.

You can get to a thrilling area of Stone Forest China within a few kilometers of the Minor and Major Stone Forests. Exploring the cave will be one of the most thrilling experiences. Compared to the others, this cave is unique because of its interior decoration. Its structure is “L”-shaped, as you can see if you pay attention to it.

The majority of the Stone Forest China locations can be independently explored, but you’ll need assistance from the guide to explore this cave. The expense may be high, but the outcome is worthwhile.

Do you know of another element that makes the Zhiyun cave more thrilling? Several other caves are connected to this subterranean stone forest, which is an underground forest. The Stone Forest Scenic Area’s beautiful scenery should not be missed.

2.5. The Ashima Stone

Shilin Stone Forest in China
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Stone Forest China covers some astonishing areas, and Ashima Rock is one of them. Now, you must be wondering, what’s so special about it that people from different places come here to witness this.

The well-known Ashima Rock, located in the lesser Stone Forest region, tells a lovely and fascinating tale of a kind-hearted Sani girl named Ashima, who is thought to be a guardian of the Sani people, an ethnic group of people living in the region of the Stone Forest China.

If you want to discover more about the Ashima story in depth, go to the Stone Forest in China and its lesser Stone Forest. The Ashima story is so lovely that it will touch your heart.

2.6. Karsts Topography

It can be regarded as the primary cause of Stone Forest’s high popularity among travelers. Things in the Stone Forest China are the result of a landform caused by the dissolution of soluble rocks in the water. Shilin County is home to some of the world’s most magnificent examples of karst topography, including karst lakes, cliffs, sinkholes, and caves.

3. Top Activities to Do in the Stone Forest China

Together with exploration, this location provides guests with some exhilarating and daring outdoor activities. The enjoyment doesn’t end there, as there are also several joyful and entertaining events to look forward to. This location is prepared for you if you appreciate engaging in outdoor activities. Here are a few things you might think about doing or having a taste of.

Walking in the stone forest china
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3.1. Walking

Wouldn’t it be lovely to have a walk with your partner on a stone-paved path while holding each other’s hand? The Stone Forest China spans a vast expanse of land, but only a small portion of the forest is accessible to visitors, and that portion also includes walking paths, reports

3.2. Hiking

Although Yunnan Province’s Stone Forest near Kunming is a fantastic location for trekking, it won’t be simple for a beginner. Don’t worry about it though—you’ll discover other people there who are similar to you, and you won’t feel alone. Although the trekking route is challenging, don’t you think having a companion with you will make it more exciting?

3.3. Torch Festival

The Stone Forest China offers the Torch Festival, considered a special celebration there in addition to its distinctive stone pillars, and seeing a festival like this will be worthwhile.

According to, the Torch Festival of the Stone Forest China is the most necessary and national festival of the Yi people. They hold their festival behind the protection of massive rocks. You must now be curious about how they observe this occasion.

People participate in various enjoyable activities during their national festival, such as dancing and singing, but the enjoyment does not end there; many more events take place. Although there are many other events, dancing is essential because it is the best way to express joy. Other competitions include pole climbing, wrestling, bullfighting, and much more.

3.3 1. Why Is It Named the Torch Festival?

Many torchlights are ignited throughout the night during this festival, and their light reflects off the silhouettes. It appears to be a fire dragon parade as it begins to light up. Its name was derived from this.

Scenic view of the stone forest china
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4. FAQs

4.1. Is It Challenging to Find Lodging Near Stone Forest China?

Finding a suitable location to stay is not difficult, as there are hotels conveniently located nearby due to the area’s popularity as a tourist destination. But, to minimize risk, reserve your space in advance, as the slots can be taken during busy travel times.

4.2. Which Season Is Best to Visit Here?

Due to various factors, all months should be preferred, but if you want to experience something special about the Kunming Stone Forest, visit from March to October, as this is when the renowned Torch Festival takes place and the majority of the festivals are held.

4.3. Is Stone Forest China Expensive?

The Stone Forest in China is not an expensive location since everybody can comfortably afford it. Don’t you think it’s a wonderful deal to visit an exceptional location that is exceptional and within your price range—a fantastic package deal for you?


The Stone Forest China is a dense forest with numerous scenic areas from which no one can take their eyes. Not only for exploring but also if you enjoy learning about geology and history and being in nature, this location is a great choice for you.

On an island in the middle of a lake, you may also see underwater stalagmites in the Stone Forest China. You will have a memorable experience that you will cherish for the rest of your life if you travel to the Stone Forest in China.

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