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Things to do on Yorkshire Coast : 16 Amazing Places

Yorkshire Coast

On England’s East Coast, the Yorkshire Coast stretches from the estuaries of the River Tees to the Humber.

You may find the perfect escape or short trip on the Yorkshire Coast.

If you’re looking for peace, walk along miles of golden sand beaches, an exhilarating adventure, or simply the chance to unwind and explore the various quaint Yorkshire Coast towns, villages, and stunning scenery, the Yorkshire Coast has something to offer to everyone.

You will have the opportunity to see other breathtaking neighbouring sites while visiting the Yorkshire Coast, like the ancient City of York.

16 Amazing Things to Do on Yorkshire Coast

Here is a list of places to visit & things to do on the Yorkshire coastline:

1. Spurn Lighthouse

Image by lumix2004 from Pixabay

One of the greatest natural attractions in the nation can be found in Spurn: the spring and fall show of bird migration.

The refurbished Spurn Lighthouse also provides a singular experience with breathtaking views of the Humber Estuary and the North Sea.

The lighthouse, which preserves as many of its original features as possible, has welcomed over 8,000 visitors since it first opened in April 2016.

It’s not unusual to count over 15,000 birds in a single day at Spurn, which is a significant landmark for migrating species, including swallows.

A humpback whale was a recent highlight of the incredible seas off Spurn.

Any trip there is sure to be exciting, whether you take the Spurn Safari, a bike, or on foot.

Spurn has endured storms across millennia, two world wars, and a changing climate while remaining robust. It will undoubtedly continue to attract tourists from Yorkshire and elsewhere for years to come.

2. Scarborough

Image by Michael Rönnau from Pixabay

There are many outdoor activities available, such as boating in Peasholm Park, riding on the miniature railroad, taking the bridge and beam course on the Sky Trail Adventure, having fun at the top-notch Alpamare Waterpark, and making penguin friends at the Scarborough Sea Life Sanctuary.

Scarborough doesn’t, however, dwell in the past despite its lengthy history. T

o maintain its position being among the most well-liked vacation spots in the UK, the town innovates frequently.

Scarborough Castle and the Geology Rotunda Museum still allow you to fully immerse yourself in Scarborough’s past.

To experience the ice cream shops and vintage arcades for entertainment, mussel booths, and beach huts, you could go down to the seaside.

3. The Star

Image by Geoff Gill from Pixabay

The Star is a tiny, family-run bar that strives to maintain a spotless environment.

They serve conventional pub fare as well as a few of their specialities. Six real beers, including lagers, ciders, guinness, and craft brews, are available at the bar.

They have a big selection of gins and tonics. The single malts are kept in Scotch Corner along with the wonderful spirit bar, which offers a variety of options, including rums and flavour-infused vodkas.

When the weather is nice, you may spend the whole day and long after sunset in the front beer gardens.

4. Bridlington

Image by Lee Murry from Pixabay

The day’s catch is being brought in by fishing boats, leisure cruises down the historic coast, speedboat excursions across the bay, and North Sea fishing trips available, the town’s lively harbour is a hive of activity.

A funfair, games, and beachside donkey rides are all part of the traditional entertainment at the seashore.

Visit Bridlington Old Town as well, which skillfully blends magnificent architecture, cultural heritage, and chic galleries.

The Bridlington Priory Church, which dates back to 1113 AD, was formerly a component of one of the most prestigious monasteries in England.

The Bayle Museum, a scheduled ancient monument and Grade I listed building, was formerly Bridlington Priory’s entryway.

The museum has artefacts that illustrate Bridlington’s socioeconomic past.

5. Whitby Abbey

Among the most beautiful attractions along the Yorkshire Coast are the remnants of Whitby Abbey.

In the seventh century, Whitby Abbey underwent a Benedictine Abbey conversion from a Christian monastery.

On the East Cliff, on the Yorkshire Coast, over Whitby, the abbey church was located with a view of the North Sea.

Courtesy – Whitby Abbey

Since then, sailors have continued to utilize the abbey’s ruins as a marker near the headland.

The considerable church’s ruins have been under English Heritage’s care since the 20th century and have been designated a grade I listed building.

The abbey appears in Bram Stoker’s Dracula as a location (1897). Count Dracula races up the 199 stairs to St. Mary’s Church’s graveyard underneath the remains of the abbey as a monster that resembles a huge dog and washed ashore at the Whitby headland.

6. The Star Inn, Harome

Andrew’s cuisine, where a farmer and a poet share a plate, is inspired by a specific northern rootedness.

A type of traditional British style employing anglicized classics and spiced-up old favourites made with seasonal ingredients from a reliable supply network, both professional and amateur.

Over time, The Star Inn restaurant has been expanded to include the chic, contemporary New Dining Room with both its chic cocktail bar and banquette seats, which overlooks the back gardens and the Kitchen Garden.

7. Scarborough Beach Yorkshire

Image by Tim Hill from Pixabay

When you are in Yorkshire, you cannot miss some of the most iconic beaches in this area. Some of them are mentioned below.

7.1. North Bay, Scarborough

One of the two bays in Scarborough is North Bay Beach. If you want to delight in just sand and sea, head to the northern of the two.

North Bay is a great place for water sports enthusiasts, particularly surfers.

It’s also an excellent location for rock pooling enthusiasts since, at low tide, you may find a rock foundation lining the shore.

Even better, families and groups of friends may rent or charter one of the renowned rainbow-coloured chalets lining the promenade.

Scarborough’s most well-known attractions, including the North Bay Railway, the Scarborough Open Air Theatre, and The Scarborough Sea Life Center, are also located there.

Additionally, the renowned Scarborough Castle can be seen perched on the cliffs above, offering the ideal picture-perfect setting.

Another wonderful location to explore is the stunning Peasholm Park, which is only a 5-minute from the North Bay.

7.2. South Bay, Scarborough

Image by Tim Hill from Pixabay

Scarborough South Bay Beach is more well-known for its traditional seaside atmosphere, including amusements, dining options, seafood markets, ice cream shops, and donkey rides.

The harbour at Scarborough, which is located in the south, is populated by a variety of fishing trawlers and leisure vessels.

Here, you may ride a speed boat across the water or go on a journey aboard The Hispaniola.

The well-known Scarborough Spa and renowned Scarborough Castle are located on a hilltop overlooking the bay.

Both are wonderful sites to explore while you’re there. Additionally, you may lease or employ one of the breathtaking rainbow chalets on the south side.

8. Wild Coastal Foraging

Image by Peggychoucair from Pixabay

Coastal Foraging is the best place if you are interested in finding out the variety of rocky shorelines, edible seaweed, and coastal flora shores.

Return to the settlement with their foraged food after spending the morning on the sand and rocks. Lunch is a delectable two-course meal prepared using foraged and local ingredients.

Examine some of the delicious plants that grow in the lush walkways surrounding Robin Hood’s Bay in the afternoon.

This is a fascinating little stroll that features ecosystems in woodland, grassland, and streamside areas.

9. Filey Beach

Image by Tim Hill from Pixabay

Filey Beach is a beautiful five-mile stretch of golden sand, and the Sunday Times even awarded it “Beach of the Year” in 2018.

Along the shore are beach bungalows and an attractive promenade that crosses a historical route.

The Cleveland Way Walk ends and begins in Filey Brigg, near the north.

Filey Brigg also has some beautiful rock pools to explore.

10. Scarborough Bowls Centre

The Scarborough Bowls Center has excellent equipment for serious bowlers and family-friendly enjoyment.

The centre has eight indoor rinks of top-notch quality. The centre has free admission.

Two outside crown greens serve as the venue for the Gambart Baines Challenge Trophy.

There are also pool tables available, and you can choose from a large range of moderately priced food and beverages to serve as the venue for the Gambart Baines Challenge Trophy.

11. North Yorkshire Waterpark – Cafe

The Café in North Yorkshire Water Park, 6 miles west of Scarborough and located immediately east of Wykeham, is open daily throughout the season.

In the Café, which has a view of the charming lakes at this undiscovered treasure of Scarborough, diners may savour delectable dishes.

Visitors to the Water Park may order food and drinks for the entire family from Wednesday through Sunday, with seasonal menus produced using locally sourced ingredients.

12. Scarborough Footgolf

Halfway between the coastal towns of Scarborough and Filey, on Cayton’s Killerby Lane, is where you can find Scarborough FootGolf.

Every few minutes, buses stop at the end of the lane. They have a sizable, free parking lot right there.

They provide two 9-hole FootGolf courses that have been specially created for fun.

The Adventure Footgolf course has a shorter route through woods with hazards on each hole, whereas the standard Footgolf course is set out on a 10-acre property.

Combining the two creates a hard game of footgolf that is a lot of fun.

13. Craft Activities

These include workshops in glass fusing and painting a pot. They also include fabric creation, decopatch, and canvas painting, all of which are extremely useful on rainy days.

You may choose from a variety of coffee and teas. There are milkshakes and soft drinks available if coffee isn’t your thing.

14. Ravenscar

Image by Nina Poismans from Pixabay

With its stunning clifftop vistas and rocky beach caves, Ravenscar is one of the most exciting locations on the Yorkshire Coast.

It’s the ideal location for hikers and fossil seekers to explore.

History buffs will find it to be an interesting location as well. Along this stretch of the Yorkshire Coast, it was previously one of the signalling stations used by the Romans.

The well-known Raven Hall Hotel, which is located higher up the cliff, was formerly the residence of Monarch George III’s physician, Dr Francis Willis.

It is speculated that the king may have stayed there while receiving treatment.

The famed alum works, formerly a significant component of our country’s fabric dying industry and now an intriguing National Trust Property is just a short distance from the cliffs.

15. Helmsley

Image by user32212 from Pixabay

Helmsley, one of the most well-liked market towns in the nation, just took home the prize for the Best Market Town at the Great British High Street Awards.

It includes a charming market square, historical architecture, a large variety of high-quality, independent stores, and a superb assortment of establishments that have won awards for their hospitality, including pubs, cafés, and restaurants.

Every Friday, a bustling street market fills the large market square, which also serves as the beginning point for the Cleveland Way National Trail and the Ebor Way.

Beautiful boutiques, gift stores, classic English pubs, and tearooms line the square’s edges.

16. Northcliffe & Seaview

Image by Julia Schwab from Pixabay

In the stunning North York Moors National Park, close to the Cleveland Way Coastal Footpath, are the award-winning Northcliffe and Seaview Holiday Parks, which are both family-owned and privately managed.

The Cinder Track, formerly the Whitby-To-Scarborough Railway and now a marked cycling, walk, and bridleway, is readily accessible from Seaview Holiday Park and leads to Whitby or Robin Hood’s Bay.

You can reach the village and tavern in Hawsker after a little stroll.

One of the nicest spots on the North Yorkshire Heritage Coast, with breathtaking views of the sea and the countryside, making it ideal for visiting the Moors, the coast, and the nearby countryside.


To spend some time in nature, you must visit Yorkshire Coast.

For people who enjoy a variety of adventures, Yorkshire Coast is the ideal location.

This is a perfect choice for vacations because of the additional activities, as well as the stunning views, beaches, mountain cliffs, water sports, and camping.



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