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Best Wine Bars in London 18 Must Visit Bars

Best Wine Bars in London

The beautiful city of London is mainly known for the “Big Ben Clock Tower”. It is a dream destination for people who love architecture and history.

After roaming around the city when the body gets tired, nothing tastes better than a glass of old sweet wine.

Sitting on the counter of a relaxed wine bar, with soothing music playing in the background, looking at the food menu is all we need. 

The Best Wine Bars In London

The variety of delicious food menus, offerings, and wine dinners you can choose from is incredible.

London wine Bars offer various flavours to choose from directly brought to you from the wine cellar.

For instance, orange wines, organic wines, natural wines, and secret mystery wines. And most exciting wines or origins of wine are French, European, and biodynamic wines.

The wine selection in these great wine bars is top-notch.

Along with the sweet taste of wine, these hotels provide you with casual dining and fine dining, for example, classic french bistro food, french food, cheese plates, fresh pasta, and seasonal small plates.

After long research, we picked up the best options for you.

The Best Wine Bars in London are mentioned here:

1. Passione Vino, Shoreditch

Passione Vino is a wine bar cum bottle store filled with many Italian producers’ wines with less involvement, all selected by grape enthusiast Dusi Luca.

It is not an area for management freaks. For this, you must submit to the team’s profound, endless knowledge, which allows them to offer you a glass of anything you believe is appropriate rather than relying on a menu.

It may well be poured from a double wine bottle; it may well be one thing you’d never perceive off the shelf – however it will be delicious.

2. Hackney Coterie, Hackney

At Hackney Coterie, very inventive food is paired with an organic, minimally processed wine list.

The menu now includes cured pork belly, mushroom XO, pickled cox and crème Fraiche. Octopus cooked in kimchi with fermented plums, and charred fodder is some of the dishes served. So don’t anticipate a boring cheeseboard!

3. Traders Wine Bar, St Katherine Docks

The proprietors of Shepherd Market Wine House and Pall Mall Fine Wine have created Traders, a freelance store, cafe, bar, and tasting room for wine that views out over the scenic Central Basin not far from Tower Bridge.

Courtesy – Traders Wine Bar 

The idea is good stuff at a reasonable price, served at outdoor tables with a shelter on the top or indoors in a cobbled-together casual bar alongside mouthwatering cheese and charcuterie boards.

It is a lovely location to sip wine on one of London’s unusually bright days.

4. Acqua7, Dalston

Between Acqua7, Newcomer Wines, Weino Bib, eat, and many others, you are extremely spoilt for alternatives if you are looking for a nice glass of one thing in Dalston.

A thesis may be written on how this London enclave became a hub for wine talent.

However, it’s been a few times, and Acqua7 has been here for the long term, not simply gushing glasses but conjointly hosting events, room takeovers, and exhibitions to support native artists.

The wine list focuses on Italia for the foremost half, served with an easy cheese, food shop, and antipasti menu.

5. The Laughing Heart, Hackney

Because of Adam Boon’s inventive cooking, Charlie Mellor’s Hackney Road pub rubs elbows with Morito and other East London establishment elite.

The wines begin with a page of options for by-the-glass selections that are refreshed every day before going on to a wide range of bottles from throughout the world.

If you lollygag around drinking for long enough, build your method downstairs, through the wine search, and into ‘La Cave’The Laughing Heart’s micro-disco.

6. Sager + Wilde, Bethnal Green

It would be best if you were grateful to Michael Sager and Charlotte Oscar Fingal O’Flahertie Wills Wilde for founding Sager + Wilde, a dimly lit, exposed-brick establishment that manages to be stylish without trying too hard.

While returning from a stay in the Golden State, you will see it alert on the corner of Hackney Road.

Unable to obtain their preferred wines, they lined up the hunt by shipping their renowned grapes from the CA to London.

Courtesy – Sagar+Wilde

Aboard a range of easy little plates, they provide a wine selection that changes daily with options for both bottles and glasses.

They also have several fantastic Meet The Maker events where you can enjoy wine in a casual atmosphere with the winemakers on hand to answer any questions you may have.

7. P Franco, Hackney

This wine store, P Franco and Bar in Clapton, could be the greatest in all of London.

It swiftly transformed into one of the most popular restaurants in town thanks to the new management and one or two of London’s most talented chefs from being simply a great location to pick up a quick bottle on your resolution or travel for a quiet drink with friends before dinner somewhere.

It all began in 2015 when William Gleave, the head chef at Garagistes, then one of Australia’s greatest restaurants, took over the space, which still has two induction hobs today.

You may suddenly enjoy various seasonal small meals with your wine while perched on a stool at the one communal wooden table and basking in the glow of low-hanging pendant lighting.

Since then, the location has welcomed former Rochelle Canteen head chef Tobias from Pakistan, and former Clove Club cook Tim Spedding from that country.

8. Bright, Hackney

From the Noble Fine Liquor team behind P Full General, Bright follows the same vein as P Full General; however, the additional house permits for an expansive wine list are still an associate degree at the billing menu.

Courtesy – Bright

The primary cooking method is the charcoal barbecue, focusing on fish and other seafood. However a lot of selections for both vegans and meat eaters.

Therefore, the dishes modification is often modified as new seasonal ingredients return to the fore. A reservation at the bar will allow you to see your cuisine being prepared in real-time.

Best Wine Bars in West London

9. Amuse Bouche, Fulham

Few places are as ideal for a neighbourhood champagne bar as Amuse Bouche.

Amuse Bouche also makes a good impression as a relaxed and pleasant place to sip fine bubbly, thanks to its unadorned walls and low-hanging lighting.

Beginning with Mabis Prosecco, the list progresses beyond the venerable big-name Bollingers and Taittinger’s to Joseph Louis Barrow Roederer MDM.

Some rosés supply one thing differently, a variety of classic Champagne cocktails.

Nuggets of lobster and red oysters are useful for balancing out all the bubbles, but the main culinary action happens upstairs in Claude’s Chamber.

10. Margaux, Kensington And Chelsea

Margaux is one of the most famous places for wine in London. For easy matching, sixteen distinct house options in four different sizes are offered, and boy is there a lot more on this menu.

You’ll almost certainly style the wine you’ll drink before the bottles open, from a pork meal made at home to tuna tartare with umami-rich miso sauce to pappardelle with rabbit ragù or confit duck with chocolate, pear dessert, and blackberries.

Overenthusiastic workers can guide you towards alternative bottles from the 200-strong list, and there is lots of interest below £50 – although you could be tempted to splash out thereon soul Bordeaux.

The urban ornament – all Brooklyn vacant bricks and pendant lights – may not be the right fit for such as classic food and wine. However, the area is comfy and atmospherical.

Best Wine Bars in South London

11. Bar Douro, Southwark

The wineries on Portugal’s Large Douro Watercourse Square Measure are most illustrious for manufacturing grapes for port; however, there are far more than fortified grapes being poured at this azelujo-tiled area at Southwark.

Courtesy – Bar Douro

The wine list, which is entirely Portuguese, spans the size and scope of this typically underappreciated industrial nation and includes numerous unusual bottles.

Bar Douro also serves as a fantastic representative of Iberian cuisine. They offer wine tastings, fine wines, and rare wines for wine lovers.

12. The Wine Parlour at Chix & Buck, Brixton

Image by Mandy Fontana from Pixabay

For individuals who prefer white wine over white lightning or another less expensive remedy preferred by less discriminating SW9 consumers, wine stores Chix & Buck may act as a draw.

Most days, their cheery, little corner store also serves as a bar, and on weekends, it becomes crowded.

Due to the well-established preservation system, a minimum of eighteen high-quality wine area units are invariably accessible by the glass and 500ml piche.

Otherwise, you can choose a bottle from the store and enjoy it in the Solar Trap Yard for the retail price plus a service charge fee. 

Attractive extras include cheese and deli boards and exclusive educational sessions in the tasting room.

13. 40 Maltby Street, Southwark

One of modern London’s well-known nightlife locations, Maltby Street is also one of the hardest streets to navigate during market hours.

That does not stop folks from heading to 40 Maltby Street as a group to undertake and grab one of the top in-demand tables within the town.

Onsite alcohol specialists, the cuisine team at Gergovie Wines is led by Stephen Williams, one of The Ledbury; the company focuses mostly on low-intervention wines that eschew chemicals and pesticides. So everything is clever, which is no surprise.

14. Maremma, Brixton

Yes, there are alternative restaurants in London that offer Italian food; however, none with identical charm and heart of heart as Maremma.

Italian eateries that promote extreme authenticity are not briefly offered in London. However, this Brixton Village favourite is among the simplest because of some good cooking and heat service.

The wine list isn’t huge. However, it’s well-assembled and picks out some extremely special lesser-known producers over the classic Tuscan wines you’ll see in alternative restaurants.

15. Peckham Cellars, Peckham

A relative beginner to London’s eating scene, Peckham Cellars has done an excellent deal to bolster Peckham’s name as a significant sensualist destination.

Former head waiter at 28-50 Fetter Lane, Mountain McVeigh, is in charge of the wines. He has created a varied yet approachable line-up emphasising choice and price.

Still, it incorporates a few shocks, even for the foremost tough connoisseurs.

Back that up with a daring, unfussy change of state taking off the room, and it’s no marvel that Peckham Cellars has quickly designed a sizeable following in South London.

Best Wine Bars in North London

16. Porte Noire, King’s Cross

You might grasp Idris Elba best for his role as a hit drama theologist or perhaps for spinning the decks throughout any spare time.

Elba and David Farber, who founded Connaught Wine Cellars with him, established a bar that features Coal Drops Yard and serves their exclusive blend of Sublime Porte Noire wine, which they first introduced in 2018.

While munching on small meals, enjoy journeyman deli platters, pecorino, and truffle fries; customers may choose from over 800 containers here, from wines on taps to various rarer bottles.

17. Top Cuvée, HighburyStop America

Image by Geoff Gill from Pixabay

It’d be a shame to miss out on high Cuvée, a great, very little bar in a district that has historically been starved of fine food and drink.

As a result, the place is commonly packed, and tables will be exhausting to return by.

There are no noteworthy wine lists. However, sommeliers are very knowledgeable, and there is a tidy, very small menu of bar snacks and tiny plates to fancy aboard.

18. Primeur, Newington Green

This reborn forties automobile panopticon in Newington has become one of London’s favourite wine bars, notable for honest preparation, top-grade seasonal ingredients, and a low-intervention natural wine list that often wrinkles the nose of an eating house critic.

Dishes are revised after the day at the eating house, and every entry on the dynamical wine list (also chalked up) is obtainable by the glass.

Therefore Primeur is typically crowded: reserve much in advance to prevent disappointment.


A great holiday means great food, good drink, beautiful locations, and friendly restaurants and bars.

People who want to taste a unique variety of wine must visit some of the Best Wine Bars in London!




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