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7 Things to Do at Christmas Market in Brighton

Looking for things to do at Christmas Market in Brighton? Considering your next vacation to the South Coast? Particularly in the energetic metropolis of Brighton and Hove, there’s a tonne lot to do.

Get your buddies together, go out for a Christmas treat, and finish off your shopping.

Lacking inspiration? Some of our top holiday activities in Brighton and Hove are listed under no specified sequence.

1. Have a look at the Brighton Christmas Festival

Visitors looking for the Christmas Market in Brighton should come here. From November 18 until December 24, Brighton will host the Annuauntilghton Christmas Festival.

It evokes the Christmas atmosphere in the city with its brand-new and upgraded market, attractions, and entertainment! During five weeks, St. Peter’s Square and locations across the city will host holiday festivities for the whole family.

Have a look around their typical Christmas market, which is free to attend, and enjoy the enchanted ambience.

Invigorating the senses and evoking the sights, sounds, tastes, textures, and scents of Christmas, the market provides a vivid assortment of one-of-a-kind presents from across the world.

Also, there is a brand-new Après-Ski Bar at the event that is larger and better than before! There is no better place to spend Christmas with loved ones than one of the live music venues or among the seasonal beverages.

Great for holiday parties and after-work get-togethers!

The Elf Express Show

Santa Claus is taking a nap at the North Pole on Christmas Eve after feeling under the weather while distributing presents.

He was able to bring Christmas presents throughout the world with the aid of Rudolph, Vixen, Prancer, and all the reindeer, except the youngsters of Brighton and Hove.

To ensure that Brighton families don’t miss out, Santa’s Elves step in to save the day.

There’s is just one means of getting to the coast, and that is by reviving The Elf Express, but they’ve got first to locate it!

You’ll go on a fantastic trip as Santa’s elves save the day in this Elf-Express adventure!

3. Watch the Aladdin Pantomime

If you’re seeking the greatest Christmas Market in Brighton, this is a terrific location to check out.

With a magnificent new performance of Aladdin, Brighton production company E3 is reintroducing family panto to its hometown.

Christmas panto favorite Aladdin has several stunning aspects, featuring jaw-dropping scenery, stunning costumes, and amazing special effects.

It runs at the Brighton Center from Thursday, December 22, to Tuesday, December 27, omitting Christmas Day.

The theatrical adventure, which has tickets starting at £15 (plus booking charge), will encourage the audience to help Aladdin vanquish the villain Abanazar.

So panto goers should practice their gut-busting boos and strongest singing voices. They could even be invited to assist on stage.

4. See Santa, Ascend to the i360)

Visit an i360 if you’re looking for the greatest Christmas Market in Brighton.

Booking a Breakfast & Santa Flight at Brighton i360 will allow you to join them for the most wonderful holiday family experience this season.

Before entering the Brighton i360 pod to visit Santa and his snarky Elf Experience attendants at 450 feet in the sky.

Start your memorable morning as a family with a merry breakfast at a beautiful sea-view restaurant in West Beach.

A hearty breakfast and Christmas craft activities for kids are included in this festive experience, accompanied by a Santa pod trip just above the city and a present from Santa for each child.

5. Ice skating at the Royal Pavilion Ice Rink

Christmas Market in Brighton
Image Source: Royal Pavilion Ice Rink

The Royal Pavilion Ice Rink is the place to go if you’re looking for the greatest Christmas Market in Brighton.

The old Royal Pavilion building serves as the background for the very popular genuine ice rink, which is 800 square meters in size and has room for 250 skaters per session.

Visitors may enjoy the holidays and have a unique and wonderful Christmas experience.

To improve your abilities, take ice skating lessons! Little ones under the age of eight can use penguin assistance, like bobsleds.

In addition to kid-friendly dishes like spaghetti bolognese and bangers and mash, the rinkside restaurant will serve a top-notch family menu for the next two weeks, including during half-term.

For the adults, there will also be freaking amazing gourmet burgers, succulent steak, ale, and mushroom pie, as well as a delectable choice of pastries and patisserie.

Skate in the Royal Pavilion Grounds while you have the chance!

6. Participate in the Winter Solstice Burning the Clocks Parade

The city comes together to celebrate the shortest day of the year during Burning the Clocks, a special community celebration organized by Same Sky that takes place on December 21.

With the help of kits, locals create their own paper and willow lanterns, which they then parade through the city before being added to a roaring bonfire on Brighton Beach as a symbol of the year’s conclusion.

Burning the Clocks is a festive celebration of the new year that also serves as a moment for introspection and self-reflection.

What place have you been? How do you get there? What are your objectives for the city?

At about 6.30 p.m., in Brighton’s city centre, close to the Pavilion, the clocks will be set ablaze this year by 7.30 p.m.

Kemptown Beach will start to see fireworks and effigy burning. There will be public access restrictions on parts of the Beach and Madeira Drive.

7. Have fun at the Brighton Komedia Christmas Party

A Brighton Komedia Christmas Party is the greatest place to go if you’re looking for the best Christmas Market in Brighton.

If you want to celebrate the end of the year with your friends and coworkers, we have the perfect night out planned!

What is held? Freshly cooked three-course Christmas dinner, an award-winning comedy performance with two of the best stand-up comedians, an MC, and an afterparty where everyone can dance to the biggest party songs till the wee hours— ideal for both big and little groups.


This festival is an excellent celebration with a spectacular Christmas Market in Brighton Craft Fairs that are decked out in lights, décor, and everything pleasant.

There is a tonne lot to do and many locations to explore. The Brighton Christmas markets provide a wide range of options for trading gifts throughout this occasion.

Explore the top holiday craft shows close to Brighton to check out handcrafted skills, various gift ideas, and course, delicious food.



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