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Top 5 Best National Parks in Michigan

We are aware of how lovely our national environments are and how priceless their beauty is to us. Humans treat these resources very carelessly and begin to harm them.

As a result, the government starts to protect these areas as national parks. National parks are therefore well known since people can no longer treat them lightly.

These national parks in Michigan aren’t freely available or everywhere, therefore it’s one of the activities on our bucket lists that allows us to go on vacation and see the sights. People of all ages who are interested in the environment or who wish to view its beauty have the chance to do so.

Several fascinating and stunning national parks with either their historical sites or serve as examples of human creation may be found in Michigan. National parks in America have a long history, and Michigan is one of the states with the best national parks in the city.

There are seven national parks in Michigan, out of these we have selected the 5 best national parks in Michigan which allow you to explore their distinctive cultures and provide adventure and excitement for those who appreciate nature.

Four of North America’s great lakes are located in the state of Michigan, which is sometimes known as the state of the great lakes. It is divided into two peninsulas, the bottom one having the iconic Milton-shaped lower peninsula and the upper peninsula having an armed shape. However, you will tour the entirety of Michigan’s other side, which is home to a national park.

Each national parks in Michigan are unique and depend on the visitor’s preferences and levels of interest. You will have time to enjoy each national park. They are all incredible.

You can experiment with trekking, sea sports, and the history of battlefields. You can be sure that any national park will hold your interest. What are you waiting for, then? Let’s discuss the best national parks in Michigan that create enduring memories.

5 Best National Parks in Michigan

There are 5 National Parks in Michigan that we have specially curated for you. So why are you still waiting?

Let’s plan a trip to one of the best national parks in Michigan, or if you need some assistance and want to know where to go and where to stay, all of your questions will be answered here. Look it over!

1. Isle Royale National Park:

It is one of the Midwest’s coolest parks. An uninhabited island in Lake Superior off the shore of Michigan’s central peninsula is home to Isle Royale National Park. An area of 894 square miles, including both land and ocean, makes up the park.

There are chances to go riding, camping, hiking, and trying many other things here. Through the guide, you can learn about the history and preservation efforts of their island. Depending on your ability, both short and lengthy day hikes are recommended.

Due to the remote location and lack of road access, this park receives the least amount of tourists in the United States. Because of the lengthy drive, not everyone has the opportunity to go. Because of this, the location is quite tranquil, which attracts individuals.

There are about 18200 visitors to the park each year. There is nothing better than this!

One main island and more than 450 smaller islands make up the island that is home to the Isle Royale National Park. Isle Royale is the largest island and is marked by a wide network of inland lakes. One of the primary points is that there are no cars allowed, hence there is no chance of pollution increase.

National Park in Michigan
From Isle Royale National Park

How To Get There:

You can use a few different forms of transportation to get to this park if you’re coming from Michigan. You have two choices:

  • via seaplane or ferry from Houghton
  • via ferry from Copper Harbor

You may quickly get to this lovely Isle Royale Park and take advantage before people. You may wonder where to live or how much it costs to enter this beautiful park; don’t worry; we’ll answer all your queries.

There are only 36 campgrounds and three lodge options, so a lakefront lodge room will cost you $260 per night, a cottage will cost you $252, and a wendigo camper cabin will cost you $55 and each person must pay $7 each day to enter. You must pay this fee the day you arrive.

The best time to visit Isle Royale National Park is in June or the beginning of autumn because July and August are the busiest months. This park is only open from 16 April to 31 October and closed in the winter.

2. Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore:

This National Lakeshore is one of the best national parks and a unique one in Michigan. It was the first national Lakeshore in America and had some of Michigan’s loveliest shorelines.

With a long sight of waterfalls, sandstone cliffs, and an endless sea view, this park extends over 72326 acres of land and 42 miles along the coastline. This national lakeshore is the perfect place for people who want to discover the true wonders of nature.

There is dangerous water here; thus, proceed cautiously with appropriate precautions. You may try scuba diving, rock climbing, skiing, and many other activities. This park receives the most snowfall, which is perfect for winter vacations.

People are quite glad to visit this location because it offers many recreational activities.

When compared to other national parks in Michigan, the Pictured Rocks national park is unique and gives the impression that you are entering a separate nation. It has a rich history that includes some of Michigan’s best highlights.

There are countless things you can do to create lifelong memories. The minerals limonite, iron, copper, and manganese give “the pictured rocks” its name.

There are many activities you can engage in at Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, such as taking a private boat and exploring the stunning coastline and seeing many heritage sites. You may visit several waterfalls, including Tahquamenon, Miners, and Munising Falls. A stunning view of the Au Sable and Whitefish Point light stations is also available.

National Parks in Michigan
From Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore/copyright

Where to Stay:

You may make your travel more comfortable in two ways:

  • You can stay in the city of Munising. Munising is a tiny city in Michigan that is next to the Pictured rocks national lakeshore. So, there are numerous places to stay in this city, including hotels and motels, including bed & breakfasts.
  • You can also camp out, which gives you options like staying at Twelve Mile Beach, the Hurricane River, or the campground at Beaver Lake. You can also enjoy fantastic lake views.

Likewise, you can take a car, motorcycle, or bicycle; there are no restrictions. The entrance cost is $5 without a vehicle, but it is $10 with a vehicle. Although the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore is available all year round, the area’s many roadways are closed in the winter due to excessive snowfall.

3. Keweenaw National Historical Park:

Keweenaw National Historical Park is established in 1992. It is one of the national parks in Michigan that holds 1700 acres in the Quincy Unit. It is close to a distinctive Michigan little town. Through the park’s visitor center, you can gain knowledge about history in several ways.

On Michigan’s upper peninsula, just outside of Houghton, is where you may find the Keweenaw National Historical Park. The Keweenaw National Historic park is made up of 20 smaller historic locations that together honor the rich legacy of the peninsula region. This national park is renowned for its historic sites since it offers insights into the past of the area.

You won’t be bored because there are many activities to do in this park, so let’s look:

  • Go to the Central Mine location of the Keweenaw County Historical Society.
  • Visit the lighthouse in Eagle Harbor.
  • Fort Wilkins State Historic Park and the National Park Service are also great.

Explore the Hanka Homestead to learn more about Finnish explorers.

National parks in Michigan
From Keweenaw national historical park/copyright

Where to Stay:

There are many places where you can stay and make your trip memorable

  •  The Keweenaw Adventure Chalet is an excellent option if you can go in larger groups. There are 5 beds available here, and the pricing for the winter special rates are fantastic.
  • Additionally, Fresh Coast Cabins in Eagle Harbor provides a charming redwood cabin with a view of Lake Superior.
  • There are cottages available in the nearest towns complete with a pit fire outside and a cozy inside with views of the trees, bird-watching views, and the water.

This park has no entrance fees. As a result, you can visit this historic park whenever you like, however, summer is the ideal season.

As everyone is aware, this park is on the higher peninsula, so June and August are the greatest months to come. June and September are still wonderful, but they are a little colder and less crowded. Although parks are still open during the winter, the freezing temperatures are not ideal.

4. Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore:

Glaciers created the dunes at these national lakeshores over thousands of years. The park has a total land size of 71187 acres. It is 35 miles long, spreading out, and will take you to both prehistoric and historical periods in a time that is both believable and memorable. It is one of Michigan’s best national parks.

Additionally, it is the most well-liked camping area in the entire country, which makes Michigan unique. You will have a lot of opportunities to learn about the region at the park’s visitor center. Anishinaabe folklore gave the name that is Sleeping Bear Dunes.

The sleeping bear attracts around two million visitors each year. The north and south Manitou islands are also part of it, and they are fantastic places to explore when you visit the sleeping bear dunes national lakeshore. This park has a variety of forests to explore, beaches, and an island lighthouse from the 19th century.

The sleeping bear dunes were awarded the “Most Beautiful Place in America” by Good Morning America in 2011. The largest moving dune in the world can be found there, leaving you speechless and overjoyed when you experience it.

National parks in Michigan
From Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore/copyright

The Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore offers a variety of activities:

  • Take pleasure in some of the 13 hiking trails.
  • Travel to the adjacent islands through biking trails, stopping at the lighthouse and the beaches.
  • Hike the dune.
  • Cross-country skiing and just go snowshoeing.
  • Wine sampling.

Where to Stay:

You have two options for where you can stay, and you can make your decision accordingly:

  • To begin with, you will stay in hotels. For example, there are several resorts in the vicinity of the dunes, including the very well-liked Bayshore Resort which is in the park itself, and the conference center in Park Palace in Traverse City, 45 kilometers to the east of the dunes.
  • There are other campgrounds where you may select camp, including the Platte river camping and the DH day campground, which are all excellent.

The entrance charge to this park is $25 for private vehicles, $20 for motorbikes, and $15 for bicyclists and pedestrians. Visit during the summer months of May through August to experience the dunes and swim in Lake Michigan and want to enjoy great lakes.

However, avoid the crowds by going in September and October. If you wish to visit the camp, it is only accessible from April to November.

5. River Raisin National Battlefield Park:

To preserve the history of the fights that occurred in January 1813, there is a national battlefield park called River Razin. People visit from all across to pay their respects and learn more about the battle because it is regarded as the US’s biggest loss. There is the visitor center for the park where you can find comprehensive information about everything about this park.

Heritage sites are also available. There is a tourist center museum with three sections: the main gallery, the east wing, and the west wing. For the benefit of your mind and spirit, stroll across the park’s grounds while listening to the chirping birds. Not merely the battlefield is the highlight of the park.

Traditional watersports are also available on the river, and the park is one of the best national parks because it is so well-kept. The region was home to native American tribes and French colonists before it was given to the British. However, the raisin national battlefield park is full of bike trails, historical museums, lush forests, and gorgeous greenery.

National parks in Michigan
From River Raisin National Battlefield Park/copyright

In this park, you can perform a variety of things, including:

  • Explore the field and learn more about the national heritage area.
  • Wander the entire eight-mile River Razin Heritage Trail crosses.
  • Benefit from natural wonders and cultural heritage

Where to Stay:

You can stay in a variety of hotels, particularly chains, in Monroe or Detroit, which is 64 kilometers from the site. By driving the 64 kilometers, you can visit the River Raisin National Battlefield Park as a day excursion, make your travel and trip unforgettable, and learn more about history. History buffs will adore this location.

You can enjoy this park for free, plan your trip for the lowest possible cost, or capture a special memory because there are no entrance costs. The fact that this park is open all year round is by far the best thing.

This park is open from 10 am to 5 pm daily, and after that, you can get to your hotel at a decent hour and enjoy the city also.


One of those states where you can travel all year round and never get bored in Michigan. All of these are the most well-known and important national parks in Michigan. You are free to make your own decisions, but in my view, you should visit every national park because you will be amazed when you do.

While some of the national parks in Michigan are closed throughout the winter due to severe snowfall, others provide considerable and picture-perfect views of the parks as well as exciting activities.

However, when traveling, consider safety precautions.

  • It will be impossible for you to travel during the rainy season, so avoid doing so, especially in June.
  • Apply sunscreen or insect repellant before entering a national park, and wear athletic shoes that will make it easier for you to walk cautiously.

All of these steps are optional, but taking them will benefit you.

Broadening your understanding of the national parks in Michigan, learning more about history, and using this as a wonderful example of how to care for our national park and environment.

Everyone should make it a priority to preserve the area as a national park and benefit the entire planet. Even young toddlers and adults must go there to learn the right information.

Additionally, each visitor aids in the park’s growth, increasing both its protection and its revenue. and the opportunity to clean up and remove some of the mess we made. So why are you still waiting? Come and have fun.

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