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Tribute to Radiohead in Boston this June, July & August!

Musical concerts that energize you and make you vibe with the music as well as the setting are an experience that one should not miss. Candlelight’s tribute to Radiohead at the Gordon Chapel in Boston on 16th June, 21st  July, and 18th August 2023 brings excitement that you can share just by buying tickets from Fever to this event.

1. Candlelight: A Tribute to Radiohead at the Old South Church

There is no better way to enjoy and have a live musical experience than to attend candlelight concerts. The performers in these concerts pay tribute to famous musicians, singers, and bands.

The concerts prohibit late entry and it is advised to everyone who has bought a ticket to reach the venue as early as possible.

This also becomes important and advantageous to the people as seating is designated according to their time of arrival.

Tribute to Radiohead / Source: FeverUp

2. Flow of the Event

The Rasa string quartet would be giving an honorable tribute to Radiohead. In the quartet, there will be two violins, a cello, an upright bass, and a viola.

Radiohead is a rock band based in England consisting of five members. The quartet will play 8 songs from the band. However, this is a tentative flow of the event.

If you decide to buy tickets to this musical event, you will surely appreciate the talented performers as well as the gorgeous ambiance and the electric vibe of the concert.

3. About the Location: Gordon Chapel

Gordon Chapel at the Old South Church is an infamous location where various events like weddings, lectures, and concerts are organized.

Old South Church is considered one of the most ideal venues as it has easy access. It is near various amenities and public transport is available within walking distance.

Also, it is essential to note that no tickets can be bought at the location and the venue does not permit entry to pets (service animals are allowed).

You can also book this venue for a private concert but you require more than 40 people for the same.

4. Tickets For the Event

You can buy the tickets for this once-in-a-lifetime experience for $50 from or you can also download the Fever app on your mobile phone.

No child below the age of 8 is eligible to attend the event.

Anyone who is below 16 years can become a part of the audience if they bring an adult with them. There are three zones, and the prices for each are different.

The band is being honored as it has released several amazing albums and has received more than 20 awards for their albums and songs. Their album OK also received three Grammy Awards for best alternative music.

5. Must-Know Details About the Candlelight’s Tribute to Radiohead at the Gordon Chapel in Boston

  • What: Tribute to Radiohead by Candlelight at the Gordon Chapel.
  • When: The event will be happening on various dates that are June 16, July 21, and August 18, 2023. The time slots are 7 PM and 9 PM.
  • Where: Gordon Chapel at the Old South Church in Boston.
  • Duration: This enchanting musical experience will last for an hour.
  • Tickets: To enjoy this event buy your tickets here at the lowest prices.


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