What Does Hair Toner Do? 7 Wonderful Facts

What does hair toner do

We all have been familiar with the term ‘toner’, but have you ever heard about a ‘hair toner‘? What is a hair toner? What does hair toner do?

A hair toner is a preparation that aids in adjusting or customizing colour. After a skilled colour treatment, it is utilized to add organic or more obvious ones. It consequently improves the brightness of your hair. How? by producing a polished appearance.

Hair must first be pre-lightened or coloured for the toner to operate. Although brunettes and redheads can also benefit from it, it is most frequently used for hair colours that are hues of blonde.

A purple or blue shampoo used at home is less pigmented than a professional in-salon toner. These items, however, are fantastic for preserving a cool or bright colour in between salon visits.

1. Pre-lightening: What Does That Mean?

Pre-lightener is the name given to bleach by professionals. This is a reference to the technique of bleaching hair. Organic or coloured hair is lightened to the desired level when it is bleached.

The degree of lightness that can be achieved will vary depending on your hair’s natural colour, your experience with previous chemical services, and other factors.

You might get a creamy, sun-kissed, or light-white outcome from this method.

Image by Angie Sage from Pixabay/ Copyright 2015

Lifting your hair to an extremely pale-yellow undercoat can help you attain clean blonde results.

Toners will assist in removing any unwanted warmth that the pre-lighting process has brought to light. This will result in a customized, distinctive, and polished finish for your hair colour.

2. What Are The Different Types of Hair Toners?

There are various types of hair toner. It’s up to you to choose which kind you want to use even though they are all designed to reduce unwelcome brassy tones and enhance the hue you prefer.

Image by Ajay Goel from Pixabay/ copyright 2017
  • Gloss: Color-refreshing glosses work on both blonde as well as brunette hair. Following a rinse and conditioning, you apply these hair-toning glosses, let them sit for three minutes, and afterwards rinse them away. For colour-treated hair to be as vivid and glossy as the day you had it dyed, they strive to revitalize and rejuvenate it.
  • Salon-grade toners: These toners include a greater amount of pigment. Therefore, only professionals should use them. To keep your colour vibrant in between colouring procedures, make toning sessions at your salon.
  • Shampoos that have been tinted: Using purple and blue shampoos is as simple as switching out your ordinary shampoo for all these toning varieties. These solutions are specially designed to eliminate undesired brassy tones and enhance the brightness and vibrancy of your colour.

3. How To Use a Toner?

Toning your head is as simple as 1-2-3 once you know the exact type and colour toner to use.

Image by Silvia from Pixabay/ Copyright 2019

This is how to tone bleached hair while maintaining a natural appearance.

  • Toner and developer should be combined at a 1:2 ratio.
  • Work the solution into your hair with an applicator brush, paying particular attention to the regions with unfavourable undertones.
  • After leaving the toner on for approximately 45 minutes, rinse and rinse with a deep-conditioning shampoo that is hydrating.

Over time, colour-treated hair fades, and bleach-blonde locks oxidize and take on brassy tones. To maintain that natural, healthy-looking blonde, toner your hair every 6 to 8 weeks.

4. What Are the Options For An Ammonia-Based Toner?

Colour-depositing dyes that truly alter the colouring of your hair shaft are ammonia-based toners. They are available in a variety of colours, so understanding the fundamentals of colour theory is helpful.

Image by Mareefe from Pixabay/ copyright 2019

Pick a good toner that will work to neutralize undesirable pigments and achieve the cool, light blonde you desire after deciding on your desired final hue.

A blue toner is your best option if you’re attempting to eliminate orange tones to obtain a darker, ashy blonde or light brown.

Considering a silvery or silvery blonde hair colour? Make use of a toner with a violet base to get rid of yellow undertones.

Choose carefully. You risk having a green mane if you use the wrong colour toner.

5. What Color Outcomes Are Possible Using Toner?

There is no universal toner colour. In actuality, using a toner is a technique to customize your hair colour. Toners can be used all over the hair or in specific areas to give the hair distinct effects for a more individualized outcome.

Buttermilk, peaches, or vanilla shades are examples of warmer colours. Silver, champagne, and marshmallow are examples of cooler hues. You can also get pastel hair in pink, lilac, and brushed gold tones.

Toners can be applied immediately following a pre-lightening procedure or as a top-up to maintain your colour’s freshness and gloss in between procedures.

6. How Long Would A Toner Last?

How frequently you clean your hair will determine this. The more your colour lasts, the less often you wash your hair; nevertheless, adopting expert hair care will prolong the life of your colour.

Toners can last from two to six weeks, depending on your hair type and condition. Hair that has already been coloured may occasionally hold toners for a shorter period than hair that was only coloured once, necessitating more frequent toning.

7. How Can You Extend the Life of Your Hair Toner?

Numerous variables can alter the colour of blonde, grey, balayage, or highlights, turning them brassy or yellow. These consist of:

  • Pollution of the air
  • Abrasive water
  • Exposure to the sun
  • Other compounds used in pools include chlorine
  • The typical fading process after colour treatment.

8. How to Protect Your Hair Toner?

8.1) For Hair That Has Received Color, Use Professional Haircare

A professional haircare line can assist in protecting colour-treated hair by preventing toner from fading between colour treatments.

A distinct spectrum is available just for blonde hair and will help keep the colour vibrant.

8.2) Shield The Sun from Your Hair

Watch out for how the sun may affect your hair in the summer. Your hair can be shielded from the sun by wearing a cap and limiting the duration of time you spend in the sun.

8.3) When Using Heat on Your Hair, Be Careful

In addition to the sun, regular use of heating appliances can also cause your colour to deteriorate. Every time you apply heat, don’t forget to employ a heat-protectant like Mythic Oil Original.

Argan oil, among other valuable oils, is used in its formulation, which nourishes and radiances colour-treated hair.

Additionally, it gives protection from heat up to 230°C/446°F. All of these techniques might assist in keeping your hair toned for longer.

8.4) Utilize A Hot Tool That Causes Less Harm

Some products, like L’Oréal Expert SteamPod 3.0, which is 78% less harmful and lessens colour fading, fall into this category.

9. Best Toners to Use for Your Hair

Sometimes you regularly switch up the hair colour. There may occasionally be traces of the former colour that could harm the current shade of hair like brown hair, dark hair, blond hair, grey hair, etc. A hair toner can be used in this situation.

A substance called a hair toner is made to enhance the colour of existing hair. This recipe is available in a variety of products, including shampoo, conditioner, masks, and toners.

Essentially, a hair toner preserves your hair’s tone, deepens the colour, neutralizes unwanted undertones and specifies the tonality of your hair.

9.1) Davines MINU Shampoo

Pickthorn prefers Davines’ natural formula since adding more chemicals to her damaged hair is the last thing she needs. These two components, which were combined to create caper sprout extract with Salina Capers (a beneficial amino acid), serve to gently wash, guard, and extend the lifespan of your coloured hair.

It helps to repair dry hair and manages unwanted shades.

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9.2) L’Oreal Paris One-Step Toning Hair Gloss

Do you miss having glossy hair? Gillen advises utilizing L’Oreal due to their “excellent technology” and “resurfacing effect,” which assist restore the hair’s once-healthy, smooth, and shining appearance. The company advises using it on all hair kinds, especially if you’re attempting to eliminate brassiness, warm up brunette hair, or stop fading.

It is one of the best hair toners in the market for bleached hair or any type of hair.

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9.3) L’Oreal EverPure Brass Toning Shampoos

According to Gillen, toners are most frequently used on hair that has been highlighted. According to him, bleach simply destroys pigment; to give the hair the appropriate “tone,” you must use a toner.

This toning wash is a fantastic choice for brightening brassy hues and bringing out a silvery look. With a paraben- and chemical formula, this toning shampoo seeks to balance brassy tones whether you are platinum blonde or a brunette with bleached hair. The company advises being used three to four times a week for best effects.

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9.4) Clairol Professional Shimmer Light Permanent Cream Toner

After being combined with a developer, the creamy Clairol Professional toner is simple to apply. The product comes in three different colours: platinum ice, cool beige, and smokey pearl. You can use it for dark brown hair or add some blonde colour after pre-lightening to improve your overall appearance.

The entire procedure takes 15 to 30 minutes, and your hair comes out lustrous and silky.

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9.5) Pantene Silver Expressions, Purple Shampoo, and Hair toner

Your hair colour can be redefined with the help of this toner and shampoo. This purple shampoo aids in removing any yellow tones from your silvery or white hair. You won’t smell anything like ammonia because of the formula’s faint fragrance. It not only makes your hair cleaner but also brightens it up.

For chemically treated hair, it is among the best hair toners. Simply massage it in, paying extra attention to any places where a yellow hue emerges, and then rinse after three to five minutes.

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9.6) Oribe Silverati Illuminating Masque

This hairline masque is especially useful for preventing grey, blonde, white, and silver hair from turning grey. This composition is very nutritious for hair because it contains natural components like arctic root bark, snow mushroom harvest, ceramide complex, and argan oil.

Additionally, it has rice seed protein, which supports the cuticle’s strength and prevents dryness. This hair masque can significantly aid in improving softness and making smoothness for brittle, thin, and weak hair. This product has no parabens, sulphates, or chlorides.

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9.7) Shrine Drop It- Hair Toner

Whether your hair is golden, brown, or champagne, this toner enables you to enjoy its genuine, rich colour. It intensifies the colour tones that make your hair colour stand out brilliantly as any good toner should. You can intensify the colour of your hair with a few droplets of this toner.

Several hues of toner can be used depending on preference. This toner will help each strand’s fading tones, so you can trust on it. This toner does everything, from removing brassy tones to achieving a natural sheen.

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10. Do Toners Damage Your Hair?

Toner may harm your hair. Any chemical or strong bleaching product you use on your hair has the potential to harm it, especially if it alters the structure of the hair.

It’s important to keep in mind nonetheless that not all toners change the structural properties of your hair. In comparison to bleached or permanent hair dye, hair toner is less harmful.

The use of hair toner has both benefits and drawbacks. So, despite growing in popularity, this is still a pretty complicated product.

11. What to Do If Your Hair Is Damaged?

Don’t worry too much if the harm has already been done.

Image by Pexels from Pixabay/ Copyright 2016
  • There is no requirement for a dramatic haircut. By keeping in mind this advice, you can still keep your hair:
  • For colour-treated hair, use a shampoo that is especially prepared.
  • Keep your hair from going too light. Keep your hair colour within three tones of your natural shade.
  • Sun protection for your hair. Avoid spending too much time in the sun without a hat.
  • Consult a professional before using a relaxer or perm to prevent long-term harm.
  • Give your hair some time to recover between colouring, perming, or relaxing treatments.
  • After shampooing your hair, condition it, paying special attention to the ends.
  • Reduce the amount of heat your hair receives from hot showers or heat-styling appliances.
  • Select hair products based on the kind of your hair.
  • Keep your hair away from saltwater and chlorinated water. Put on a swim cap.

12. Can Toners Lighten Your Hair? What Does Hair Toner Do?

Toners can’t make your hair lighter. It’s a myth that if you shade after bleaching, a level 8 blonde may cover silver hair.

Image by Pexels from Pixabay/ Copyright 2016

Remember that only bleach will brighten. Toners are unable to take the place of bleaching in the process of lightning.

Toner is only used to clean up or enhance the colour you currently have on your hair and not to lighten the hair. The hair may now appear brighter after toning since they are cooler toned rather than lighter.

13. Conclusion

The practice of toning at home or salons becomes more common and practical. Toners must be employed cautiously, nevertheless. To assist the product travel through the hair easily, one best practice is to use toner, purple toner, silver shampoo, or tinted shampoos to clean, damp hair. This guarantees a uniform application.

Now, always visit a licensed hairstylist if you require a significant colour correction. You can prevent smudging your colour with this method. Let your stylist do the work while you kick back and unwind. Then, you can be confident that your platinum blonde hair will be vivid and healthy when you leave the salon.

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