What to do in Prince Edward County?

What to do in Prince Edward County

Getting away from it all to spend a weekend away sounds like a wonderful idea, but dreading all the planning to do is excruciating.

Luckily for you, this article by Canada Hustle will help you plan the entire itinerary of your trip.

Are you planning to visit the incredible Prince Edward County? Then you should, without a doubt!

If you have never heard of “The County,” a region on the beaches of Lake Ontario situated between Toronto and Kingston, then get ready to explore the plethora of the most amazing things.

14 Best Things to do in Prince Edward County

Prince Edward County, one of Ontario’s premier wine areas, is a fantastic day trip from Toronto, but it offers more than just wine.

The County’s little towns, such as Picton & Wellington, to name just two, are wonderful for exploring and shopping.

Ready to explore what to do in Prince Edward County? Then delve in!

1. What to do in Prince Edward County

People looking for adventurous activities in Prince Edward County will be in for a wild journey.

Despite this, there is a unique aspect to exploring Prince Edward County that cannot be found anyplace else in the province because of the kilometres of magnificent beaches.

There are attractions in Prince Edward County for everyone, whether you are travelling alone, with a partner, or with a family.

2. What is Prince Edward County

The county of Prince Edward is a sizable island called Canada that protrudes into Lake Ontario’s clear waters, the majority of the region between Brighton and Kingston is covered by it.

Since the PEC island is actually quite big, you should only visit one or two villages if you are planning a day trip to Prince Edward County.

However, if you plan to visit Prince Edward County for a weekend or a long weekend, you may take advantage of many of the region’s top attractions.

Picton, Wellington, & Bloomfield are the three largest towns in Prince Edward County. However, Prince Edward County is made up entirely of a variety of tiny towns.

3. Things to do in Prince Edward County 

You can tell this is a special area as soon as you cross across to this lovely island as most of the scenery now consists of flat, green fields.

1. Visit Prince Edward County Sandbanks Provincial

One of Ontario’s most well-liked tourist destinations is Sandbanks Provincial Park.

There are fantastic campgrounds nearby as well, but reserve early because Sandbanks campsites fill up quickly.

Sandbanks stand as one of the nicest parks in Ontario for sunbathers, even when compared to neighbouring Presquile Provincial Park.

In the southwest portion of Prince Edward County, close to Wellington, is Sandbanks Provincial Park. It takes only around 25 minutes to drive to Sandbanks from Picton.

It’s difficult to imagine a location that more perfectly encapsulates the essence of an Ontario summer than Sandbanks Park.

Sandbanks Park seems to be a summer dream, offering fantastic camping, magnificent water, and picturesque paths along Sandbanks Beach.

What to do in Prince Edward County- Beachside
Image from Sandbanks

Because of how well-liked Sandbanks camping is, it has become one of the most challenging places for summer campers to reserve.

Where is Sandbanks Provincial Park Situated?

In reality, Canada has two Sandbanks Park campgrounds. One is on Newfoundland’s stunning southern beaches.

And the second, however, the more well-known Sandbanks Park is situated on the shores of Lake Ontario, further down in Prince Edward County’s southern regions.

From Toronto, it takes just less than three hours to get to Sandbanks, but from Ottawa, it takes significantly longer.

The verdant farmland, wineries, and charming old towns which have established Prince Edward County such a sought-after vacation destination surround Sandbanks Park.

This makes it difficult to determine whether Sandbanks is to blame for the County’sCounty’s tourism boom or whether it is the other way around.

Things to do on the Sandbanks Park

1. River A Outlet Campground

The River Outlet, one of the most well-liked beachfront locations, is a campground in Sandbanks. Despite having great seaside access, these locations don’t offer much seclusion.

Aim for Site 39 if you want the best location here because it has some seclusion and still provides easy access to the beach. These are the camping spots in Sandbanks Provincial Park that fill up the quickest.

2. River B Outlet Campground

The electrical installations along the outlet river are the greatest locations in this area. For those who own their personal canoe or kayak, you can launch directly from your location.

3. Cedars Camping Area

The Sandbanks campground that is closest to the park office is Cedars, it also has a layout that is the most family-friendly.

The campsites here provide decent protection and a bigger, more secluded camping experience.

4. RV Park Richardsons

One of the latest campgrounds in Sandbanks Park is Richardson. Here, there are 50 campsites, but only 19 have access to electricity.

5. Forest Campground

There is little shade in the open Sandbanks campground at Woodlands.

For those planning day visits to the vineyards in Prince Edward County, Woodlands is a fantastic choice because it is so close to the park’s entrance.

6. Cottages & Roofed Accommodation for Sandbanks

Maybe you want somewhere a little cozier and don’t like camping in Sandbanks.

Fortunately, there are a few cottages and roofed lodgings for rent in Sandbanks. For groups or families looking for a cool environment and a comfortable bed, the Sandbanks cabins are fantastic.

Being a guest in this house implies that your linens and towels are provided, unlike yurts, another well-liked roofed lodging option in Ontario Provincial Park.

7. Historic Maplerest House

A Victorian-style house with vintage furnishings and amenities is called Maplerest Heritage House.

In contrast to the other campgrounds in Sandbanks, it provides a sense of luxury. Laundry facilities, a TV, stereo, a fireplace, a barbecue, and more are available.

8. Beach And Swimming At Sandbanks

The main reason people come to Sandbanks Park is the beaches. While my children play and construct forts or run around on the sandy beaches of Sandbanks.

Dunes Beach offers restrooms and vending machines, as well as a cafeteria offering palatable fast food.

Boating in Prince Edward County
Image from Ontario Parks
9. Beach at Sandbanks Dunes

In the northwest corner of Sandbanks Provincial Park, there is an 8 km (4.8 miles) long expanse of white sand known as Sandbanks Dunes beach.

This beach in Sandbanks Provincial Park is well-liked by families because of its calm, warm waves.

However, after a short distance, the floor suddenly drops, so inexperienced swimmers should take caution.

The enormous white sands for which the park was named are Dunes Beach’s main draw. Visitors to Sandbanks Park must see them since they are stunning and amazing.

The comfort station at Dunes Beach contains Currah’s diner, flush toilets, and vending machines.

The diner serves quick meals and tasty snacks. Additionally, there are picnic tables as well as a playground for kids.

10. Beach at Sandbanks

Sandbanks beach typically has rougher waves and more wind. However, a lot of tourists to Sandbanks Park enjoy the beach’s tropical atmosphere.

This is the area to take some Instagram pictures so you can tell your pals you’re in the tropics. Other than outhouses, Sandbanks doesn’t have many amenities.

The greatest options for a private length of gorgeous beach are Sandbanks beach, which is a little more difficult to access compared to the other beaches in the park.

11. Outlet Beach at North Beach Provincial Park

At the entrance of the Outlet River, at the southernmost point of the park, is where you’ll find Outlet Beach.

This beach is highly well-liked by swimmers because of its soft, white sand & gentle drop-off. Compared to Sandbanks Beach, the water in Outlet Beach is typically warmer and quieter.

Additionally, the Outlet River campsite is nearby. However, it is near a comfort station featuring flush toilets and restrooms, as well as the park’s cafeteria and store.

12. Wandering the Sandbanks

The park offers some fantastic hiking paths for exploring some of its most stunning locations.

With great, level pathways that combine boardwalks and natural trails, hiking in Sandbanks park is simple. Easy hikers can take the Woodlands trail from Outlet beach to Lake at Sandbanks beach.

Another well-liked hiking route in Sandbanks Park is Cedar Sands. The Sandbanks marsh and Baymouth dunes may all be seen from several vantage points.

Along the route, there are informative plaques that highlight the important aspects of the park’s environment.

The favourite trail in the park is the Sandbanks Dunes Trail. It’s challenging enough to keep your feet occupied while also passing through some of the most incredible sand dune formations in the park.

The Sandbanks Dunes walk also follows the edge of lovely wetlands, which are a popular resting place for migratory birds in the park. For spectacular vistas, a few of the larger dunes have stairs that climb them.

13. Sandbanks Biking

The best method to navigate Sandbanks Provincial Park is by bicycle. Cycling is permitted on several of the paths, so you may either travel those or whizz around the campgrounds.

Prince Edward County is an excellent place to go cycling because of its low terrain, and the park and the neighbourhood are frequently busy with cyclists.

14. Family-Friendly Sandbanks Park

Sandbanks, Ontario, almost feels like it was made for families. The postcard-perfect vistas, huge beaches, and flat, vibrant landscape could have come from the Caribbean.

Image from Ontario Parks

The farms’ expansive fields, the sand dunes, and the hiking and biking paths provide families with numerous hours of entertainment.

Pack your fishing gear if you’re taking kids to Sandbanks because it’s a terrific activity to do in the shade on hot afternoons.

15. Mountain Lake

Speaking of trails, although there are other parks and conservation sites to visit in the area, the lake on the mountain is one that is frequently crowded.

The location is exactly what it appears like: a lake that is perched high above Lake Ontario on a ridge. The absence of powered boats on the lake likely contributes to its cleanliness and beauty.

The lake’s peculiarity is that it baffled geologists because there doesn’t seem to be a definite freshwater source feeding it.

In any event, parking is available across the street, and the walking paths provide views of the lake.

A favourite of ours, Lake on the Mountain, is waiting to greet you for a taste of their freshly made craft beer down the road toward the Glenora ferry!

2. Sunbathe at North Beach Provincial Park

One of the undiscovered jewels in Prince Edward County is North Beach Provincial Park. A visitor to North Beach could believe they are in the Caribbean at first!

The magnificent Lake Ontario and the serene waters of North Bay are on one side of this short stretch of golden sand, respectively.

Locals frequently refer to North Beach Provincial Park as “Little Sandbanks,” yet this beach offers a quite different experience from its more well-known cousin.

The sandy beach is 1.2 kilometres (.8 miles) long and is beautifully shaded by trees. Both the restrooms and the picnic spaces at North Beach Provincial Park are first-rate.

North Beach Provincial Park is located 45 minutes northeast of Sandbanks Park and just south of the community of Consecon.

3. Millennium Trail

Prince Edward County’s terrain is primarily flat, which makes riding a very well-liked exercise in PEC.

The Millennium Trail is one of the few locations in Prince Edward County that is ideal for biking (or walking). From Picton to Wellington, a 48-kilometre converted train route meanders through local wetlands, woodlands, and agricultural areas.

You can join the Sip & Cycle wine tour, which travels over an 18-kilometre route through the Millennium Trail and stops at a few vineyards in Prince Edward County.

4. The Best Wineries

One of the newest wine-growing locations in Canada is Prince Edward County.

Although Prince Edward County has only been certified as a VQA region, there are currently over 42 wineries there.

The County’s County’s wineries are great for everyone, whether you are visiting Prince Edward County alone, with family, or in a group.

Wineries in Prince Edward County offer a very different experience compared to those in Niagara-on-the-Lake, which are located further south.

There isn’t quite as much variety, and they are farther apart, causing a stronger preference for Prince Edward County wines than Niagara wines.

You can choose to take a Prince Edward County wine tour offered by locals, or you can do it yourself by taking a drive through the picturesque countryside.

These vineyards in Prince Edward County should be ones that you pay some attention to, depending on the region you’re visiting:

1. Winery Waupoos Estate

One of the most traditional wineries in Prince Edward County is Waupoos.

The Waupoos Estate tasting facility features stunning views of Lake Ontario as well as the vineyards, and its outdoor gazebo is among the most well-liked dining establishments in Prince Edward County.

The Waupoos Estate Winery is situated along Highway 8 in the County’s western section.

2. Winery’s Grange

Their tasting room is made of raw, unfinished barn wood, which has a vintage atmosphere.

The Grange winery has a great variety of wines, and the atmosphere makes it a great spot for the entire family to explore.

3. Three Dogs Winery

Three Dog Winery is the place for you if you’re searching for a small, cozy winery where you can chat with the winemakers while enjoying a glass at the tasting bar.

This winery in northeast Prince Edward County has only recently opened its tasting room, but business is already booming.

4. Winery Sandbanks Estate

One of the most esteemed vineyards in Prince Edward County is Sandbanks Estate Winery.

Sandbanks Estate is undoubtedly worth a visit if you’re seeking fantastic things to do in Prince Edward County, even if people frequently love visiting smaller wineries.

The surroundings of Sandbanks Winery are gorgeous, and they have a huge assortment of wines.

5. Go for a Stroll Around the Mountainous Lake

This charming lake is located not far from the town of Picton, 62 metres above the Bay of Quinte.

It boasts a constant flow of pure, fresh water which eventually spills over the escarpment and into the Bay of Quinte despite having no known water source.

Boardwalks, picnic areas, and other amenities are available to assist you in taking in the stunning surroundings. Visit the inn on the Mountain for delicious cuisine served on the outdoor patio.

6. Enjoy the Best Craft Breweries 

There are also some fantastic craft brewers in this area. You can take a Prince Edward County wine and beer tour or just stick to your preferred libation.

1. Eddie Prince

Look no beyond Prince Eddie if you want to learn more about the development of craft beer throughout Prince Edward County.

This brewery in Prince Edward County is perfect for you if you enjoy drinking hops.

Camping in Prince Edward County
Image from Ontario Parks

Prince Eddie does have a youthful surfer vibe, but it is clear that they have worked on their art for some time.

2. The Mountain Brewing Lake

The best brewery in Prince Edward County is Lake On the Mountain Brewery if you’re interested.

They not only make top-notch beers, but they also pair them with some of Prince Edward County’s most beautiful surroundings.

Children will adore the outside garden and the vintage Model A vehicle at the side of the road. At Lake on the Mountain Brewing Co., though, stay for the cuisine and take in the surroundings.

7. Indulge in some Cheese

One of the best-tasting activities in Prince Edward County may be found at Fifth Town Artisan Cheese Company, which is close to Waupoos on the island’s far eastern arm.

Fifth Town Cheese not only manufactures cheese products of the highest calibre, but it also does it in a production plant with Platinum LEEDs certification for environmental friendliness.

Additionally, they sell fruit, juice, and honey that are sourced locally.

8. Stop by Slickers for an Ice Cream Cone

You don’t want to experience what it’s like to go through Ontario’s Prince Edward County without stopping for a cone of ice cream at Slickers.

One of Ontario’s top ice cream shops, Slickers, is frequently praised, and some people even say they are better than that.

They use ingredients that are gathered locally to make the Slickers ice cream in small amounts.

Slickers also offer a wide variety of flavours, including apple pie, passionfruit, and toasted and burnt marshmallows. One is in Picton, and the Bloomfield location of the original Slickers is on Main Street.

9. Visit Dead People’s Stuff to go Antiquing

Prince Edward County offers a variety of locations to go antique shopping. However, the origin of those antiquities is only plainly visible in one area. And that is Bloomfield’s Dead People’s Stuff. You can get pine furniture, vintage trinkets, and other exquisite antiques in this location that were once the property of people who have passed away before us.

Dead People’s Stuff is a must-visit location in Prince Edward County if you’re looking for unique antiques.

10. While travelling at Fronterra Farm, Enjoy the Stars

In Ontario’s Prince Edward County, you are welcome to stay at Fronterra Farm for a few nights.

One of the most unusual lodgings in Prince Edward County is this lovely cluster of frontier-style tents, which is only a short canoe journey from North Beach Provincial Park.

Fronterra is one of the nicest hotels in Prince Edward County, whether you want to stay up late to watch the stars shine in the area’s dark skies or just unwind by a campfire while listening to the crickets chirp.

11. Visit the Drake Devonshire for a Meal

In Wellington, the Drake Devonshire is regarded as a local landmark.

Hipsters scouting the best Instagram images, families enjoying lunch on the lovely patio by the lake, and seniors engrossed in conversation even by fire in the library are all present in equal measure.

A room luxury hotel and restaurant called the Drake Devonshire was constructed on one of the most picturesque stretches of Lake Ontario shoreline.

The grounds are surrounded by a peaceful creek, artwork, a fire pit, & everything else that screams Canada.

12. Accommodations in Prince Edward County

Fronterra Farm is your best option for glamping. Try to secure a space in Sandbanks Provincial Park if you’re looking for camping in Prince Edward County.

Image from Ontario Parks

However, if you’re seeking the best hotels in Prince Edward County, the Drake Devonshire is unquestionably one of our top recommendations.

Here are a few additional Prince Edward County accommodations for you to consider because the Drake can fill up quickly.

1. The Picton Waring House

The Waring House is a fantastic option to take into consideration if you’re thinking about staying in the picture-perfect town of Picton, Ontario.

Weddings and parties are popular events at this beautiful hotel.

2. Sandbanks Provincial Park’s Isaiah Tubbs

The Isaiah Tubbs Resort on the banks of West Lake is unquestionably worth checking out if you’re seeking fantastic.

You can use the provided boats and canoes to explore West Lake or savour the local wineries. \

13. Family Travel to Prince Edward County

Just as enjoyable as visiting Prince Edward County as a couple or on tour is doing it with kids.

Children in Prince Edward County can play and run around in the parks and farms. Even the majority of PEC brewers and wineries welcome children.

For instance, Waupoos boasts a sizable yard, stunning views, as well as a candy store for kids (but the candy store is fantastic for adults as well!).

The beaches in Prince Edward County are also very good. There are miles of rivers, shallows, and sand dunes to explore.

And all over PEC, birds are swarming the skies and entertaining everyone with their antics. We think that taking families to Prince Edward County is fantastic, and you can do it almost every year.

14. Advice for Visiting Attractions in Prince Edward County

It is advisable to tour PEC by automobile or, for those who are more fitness-conscious, by bicycle unless you are staying close by in some of the major Prince Edward County villages.

Final Note

We advise spending at least a long weekend in Prince Edward County if you plan to stay put and explore as much of PEC as you can.

If you’re only spending the weekend there, you might want to consider spending one night in the Picton region and one night close to Bloomfield.

Have fun exploring!

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