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10 Best Electric Motorcylces in This Era

Electric motorcycles are plug-in vehicles that have rechargeable batteries to drive out the electric motors. The technology of developing electronic bicycles grew with different designers manufacturing motorcycles.

Both electric motorcycles and electric scooters work on the battery that comprises lithium-ion batteries, which function as fuel.

Image by Andreas Lischka from Pixabay

1. The Rise of Electric Motorcycles

Electric vehicles are the best sustainable technology for the future that is environment friendly and controls air pollution with no carbon emission. Electric-powered vehicles such as electric sports bikes, scooters, electric cars, and motorcycles are reshaping the transport sector.

As it has a much lower running cost than petrol and diesel. The new motorcycles and scooters are being manufactured more than ever as companies are making them more riders center on growing the product design.

With its popularity in Asia and Europe part the motorcycle is taking its new experience in the Australian market. The registration of electric motorcycles has surged from 59% to 107%.

Savic motorcycles were the first-born motorcycle company in Australia manufacturing in Melbourne and Taiwan. Australia now witnesses a new market for electric motorbikes. Let us dive into the best 11 electric motorcycles of the era. 

1.1. Cake Kalk INK Electric Motorbike

Image by Jess Foami from Pixabay

Cake Kalk by mimicking has created dual sport motorcycles that are cheap enough to be used now. Although it started with an off-road feature now with the up-gradation, it can run on the streets.

The recent up-gradation allowed this bike to be registered as a 125cc bike in USA and Europe. Even though this bike does not provide any comfort for the rider, you know this bike is the best bike in this segment.

It includes three ride modes that can adjust speed and power to get the different range of battery levels.
And then the other three Braking modes adjust the accelerator very well.
Photo by redcharlie | @redcharlie1 on Unsplash
1.2. Energica Experia

Energica Experia has become the best choice as a motorcycle for the reason of its battery power. The bike overall gives us good handling features with a charming body and is well known for its aerodynamic style.

It has the longest range of products in the market with 261 miles of city driving on one charge.
This motorcycle is made to experience touring on the highway, with a spectacular range of 130 miles.
There are three different charging methods that act as the backup charging option for this vehicle.
1.3. BMW CE 04

BMW is a well-known bike for everyone as it has great variants. The German automaker introduced a futuristic-looking Electric Vehicle that continues to influence the motorcycle industry.

BMW CE 04 is a compact yet powerful motor.
It has a thin battery pack and holds plenty of room for seating passengers and extra gear space.
1.4. Onyx RCR

Onyx RCR holds the features of an e-bike and an electric motorcycle. It brings back the nostalgic cafe-racer looks with woodgrain decals. However, it is considered more suitable for slower speeds and local streets.

It is available in two different models one for street and the other for trail riding.
Preferred for on-road travel.
1.5. Vespa Elettrica
Photo by Lanski from Shutterstock

The Vespa Elettrica is a fully electric motor, which makes the ride absolutely joyful. This Italian brand gives a perfectly smooth ride with an excellent brake system.

1.6. Lightning LS-218

Lightning LS-218 is the fastest electric motorbike and is more suitable to run on the highways. The cost of this powerful motorbike is high, but because of its incredible speed and style, it is perfect.

1.7. Pursang E-Tracker

Image by Julius H. from Pixabay

If you want to go off the roads and ride a chic look bike with a powerful motor, then Pursang fits best. It offers a relaxed driving position with a powerful battery for a smooth adventure.

1.8. Damon Hypersport

The Damon Hypersport warrior motorbike is not for the faint heart of a person, as it is the best electric roadster. It is engineered to take us faster and further and it works on the curves really better.

An inbuilt copilot system in it uses artificial intelligence to keep everything well-managed and controlled.
It has 200 horsepower with 60 mph acceleration.
It also runs longer with an impressive 200-mile range.
1.9. Livewire S2 Del Mar

The Livewire S2 Del Mar is the best electric street bike designed drawing inspiration from Harley Davidson. This is a good bike for Harley riders who think that EV motorcycles are the way to a new future.

The motorcycle with robustness gives few cues of it being electric. The interesting thing is the heat transfer fins although with lighter and less expensive versions.

1.10. Evoke 6061

Electric vehicles always have an issue with the battery getting discharged quickly. But, Evoke has solved this issue. As it uses the 336-volt battery pack to recharge 80% of the battery just in 15 minutes.

This new tech with minimalistic design is bringing a revolution to the electric motorcycle segment. The impressive 160- horsepower with 62mph is powerful enough to move fast.

2. Conclusion

Soon we can expect the electric motorcycle to be the future of vehicles as the emerging new models are comfortable for people’s rides and the world is witnessing the power of electric motors.

We hope the new brands will change and bring new competition into the world. The electric scooter is widely used now because of its fast charger capacity.

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