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21 Adventurous Things to Do in Toowoomba

There are numerous things to do in Toowoomba, including gigantic flower festivals, eccentric railway museums, and the city’s developing cultural scene.

There are several attractions and events found in Queensland’s largest inland city, which draws visitors from near and far at all times of the year.

Toowoomba tends to be known in children’s books, which often have happy endings and stress-free lifestyles. It nevertheless seems to allude to a place of that name in Australia.

Only 125 kilometers separate Brisbane, the state’s capital, and Toowoomba, a provincial city in Queensland. It is known as the “Queen City” of the Darling Downs and is one of the major commercial, industrial, and academic centers of Queensland.

To learn more about all of its exhilarating attractions, simply visit Toowoomba! Choose your favorite excursion from this list of the best local activities.

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1. Things to Do in Toowoomba regional art gallery

You should visit the Toowoomba Regional Art Gallery if you’re seeking things to do in Toowoomba.

The Toowoomba Regional Art Gallery is the oldest public art gallery in rural Queensland, it open since 1937.

Use its central location as a jumping-off point to explore the CBD’s charming inner-city parks, unique eateries, and well-known street art murals.

Frederick McCubbin, Arthur Streeton, Tom Roberts, and Rupert Bunny are among the most well-known artists from Australia comprise in the gallery’s three permanent collections.

To tour the gallery’s extraordinary collection, which contains rare books, maps, and travel diaries, make an appointment in advance.

These diaries include letters from early European explorers to Australia, including Ludwig Leichhardt. It endorses reserving a guide a minimum of two weeks in advance for individuals as well as groups.

2. Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers

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Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers is a terrific site to browse for intriguing information about activities to do in Toowoomba.

The parks and gardens of Toowoomba are beautiful, as is well known. The best time of year to visit these gardens is in the spring.

Every year, the Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers includes a ten-day spring festival. The festival runs this year from the beginning of September to the end of September 2023. The metropolis begins to live in the spring.

Among the colorful blooms honoring spring are poppies, tulips, roses, magnolias, and stocks in every shade imaginable. Enjoy Toowoomba’s celebration of joy and laughter.

Street parades, live music, delicious cuisine, arts and crafts, and other events will be among the available activities. Keep in mind that you require to reserve your hotel accommodations in advance.

3. Cobb and Co Museum

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The Cobb & Co. Museum is a great place to visit if you’re looking for things to do in Toowoomba.

Why not spend the day at Cobb & Co. Museum if the sky is becoming a dreary shade of grey? How much information you can learn about the past here will fascinate you. Cobb & Co Museum’s admission price offers excellent value.

Why not check out some more attractions in the region after making some wonderful memories at this well-known collection of historical artifacts in the mountainous East Toowoomba suburb?

City Golf Club, Grand Central Shopping Centre, and Empire Theatre are just a few of the neighboring attractions.

The top tourist spot in Toowoomba! Find out more about the National Carriage Collection at this Queensland Museum Network institution that also has several interactive exhibitions and workshops for historical trades.

Immerse yourself in the cultural and natural beauty of Toowoomba as you experience an earlier era of Australian travel.

Discover how the 47 horse-drawn carriages give significantly to Queensland’s development as you stroll through the appealing National Carriage Collection.

4. Things to Do in Toowoomba Empire Theatre

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If you’re searching for things to do in Toowoomba, the Empire Theatre is a terrific choice.

In Toowoomba, Queensland, there is a magnificent specimen of art deco construction known as the Empire Theatre. The National Trust of Queensland has known as a heritage site.

The location can accommodate 1,567 people, making it Australia’s largest rural theatre. A stunning piece of architecture, the Empire Theatre also serves as a thriving center for the performing arts.

The Empire Theatre is a state-of-the-art theatre featuring plays, concerts, and ballets making up various entertainment plans. It has main stage seating as well as various smaller locations suitable for more intimate events.

5. Laurel Bank Park

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Laurel Bank Park is a great spot to go if you’re seeking intriguing information about things to do in Toowoomba.

Samuel Stephens’ kind donation of the property in 1934 was upshot in the creation of Laurel Bank Park. The 12 000 bulbs in the garden bloom every spring during the Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers under the care of a superb group of volunteers.

The gardens feature every color of the rainbow, and this year’s theme was “Under the Sea,” complete with mermaids, seahorses, shipwrecks, and even a map of treasure that was grown with 70 000 flowers.

This is a pleasure to behold if you enjoy flowers. For the occasion, a viewing area has been built so that attendees may take in the magnificent flower arrangements from above.

To keep the youngsters cheering, there is a fantastic playground with swings, seesaws, slick slides, and tiny rock climbing.

There are snack vendors at the Carnival of Flowers, or you may stop by the Laurel Bank Croquet Club for freshly made Devonshire Tea.

6. Queens Park Toowoomba

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Visit Queens Park Toowoomba if you’re seeking exciting information on things to do in Toowoomba. A public reserve was set in Toowoomba’s Queen’s Park and Botanic Gardens in 1869.

The Queens Park and Botanic Gardens were not built on this property as distinct but associate institutions until the middle of the 1870s.

While the Botanic Gardens were meant as a location for botanic research, Queens Park was made as a space for public recreation.

Urban public parks grew in popularity as a platform for public health campaigns in the 19th century.

They gave those without access to private gardens a space to enjoy outdoor activities and enhance the atmosphere in busy core city and town regions.

Botanic gardens have been built as the scientific study of nature has grown in popularity.

7. Toowoomba Botanic Gardens

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If you’re looking for things to do in Toowoomba, visit the Botanic Gardens. Queens Park, which is adjacent to the city’s CBD, is one of the many lovely parks in Toowoomba.

The northeastern part of the park is home to a formal, grasp botanic garden as well as a well-kept floral garden.

While the northwest and south offer sizable grassy areas ideal for sports, they also have accessible swings so that children with disabilities can have fun.

There are walking routes, a bicycle track, and children’s play structures on the southern side. The 26.3-acre park has long been the location of countless community events, activities, and festivals.

8. Things to Do in Toowoomba Speedway

An excellent spot to go in Toowoomba if you’re seeking things to do is the Toowoomba Speedway.

built by Made Too Go Pty Ltd, the Toowoomba Speedway is proudly built there.

From Formula 500s to quick V8 sprint cars, one may discover vehicles here that fit every kind of vehicle.

If you want to attend a specific event, you can go through the speedway’s calendar, but you should organize your trip to coincide with “The Ultimate Pink Night.”

It’s one of several activities that Toowoomba Speedway sponsors to fund research and enhance women’s awareness of breast cancer.

The Toowoomba Speedway has to be at the highest point of your to-do list as soon as possible if you appreciate both auto racing and adventures!

9. Russell Street Historical Walk

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Visit the Russell Street Historical Walk if you want to learn fascinating facts about things to do in Toowoomba.

At Historical Walk Through Russell Street with Attractions in Toowoomba, you may make direct reservations with the owner for all of your travel and attraction requirements.

The main attractions of this self-lead walking tour of Russell Street in Toowoomba will take you through several stunning examples of old houses, many of which are from the 1860s.

The stroll begins at the Railway Station on Railway Street and moves west to Kensington Street before turning around and returning east to the most intriguing stores in the city.

For a copy of the pamphlet to help you on your journey, stop by Toowoomba’s Visitor Information Centre at the junction of James and Kitchener Street.

10. Crows Nest National Park

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Crows Nest National Park is a flawless place if you’re examining things to do in Toowoomba.

At the border of the Great Dividing Range, in Crows Nest National Park, you’ll find breathtaking views, granite outcrops, a beautiful waterfall, and remnants of a eucalyptus forest.

Visit Crows Nest Falls on the Crows Nest Falls Lookout path to see the 20-meter waterfall that plunges over sheer granite cliffs.

The original 2.1-kilometer circuit may be grown by including the Kauyoo Loop in addition to The Cascades, Kauyoo Pool, and Bottlebrush Pool, where you can cool down on a hot summer day.

11. Things to Do in Toowoomba Preston Peak Wines
image source – Preston Peak Wines

The Preston Peak Wines are the most acceptable zone to go if you’re glancing for things to do in Toowoomba.

The lush, sweeping vistas of Preston Peak Wines’ cellar door and function center are just ten minutes outside of Toowoomba down Preston Peak Lane.

The estate, which includes 330 hectares of land and a vineyard, is set on a stunning hilltop overlooking the Lockyer Valley and the Great Dividing Range and gives a panoramic view of the region. It is the ideal location for conducting memorable events.

Try a variety of red, white, sparkling, and secure wines when you visit the cellar door.

Opening with a glass of Serisier 2009 bubbly wine, which offers smooth flavors of natural honey and strawberry, or a 2016 Verdelho with hints of tropical fruit is a good idea.

Then, experience the 2011 Reserve Shiraz’s aromatic scents of raspberry sorbet, cloves, pepper, and vanilla spice.

12. Picnic Point Lookout and Parkland

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The Picnic Point Lookout and Parkland are excellent zones if you’re glimpsing at things to do in Toowoomba.

A short drive from the city’s commercial center is where you’ll find the state-record Picnic Point Parklands, which offers breathtaking panoramic views of Table Top Mountain and the Lockyer Valley to the east.

The famous Picnic Point Lookout, alight high atop the Great Dividing Range, offers a mesmerizing nighttime view of Brisbane’s city lights.

The viewpoint is set at the highest point in Picnic Point Parklands. There is a long, curved retaining wall that acts as a promenade for tourists to capture magnificent photographs and enjoy the far-off panoramas.

The park’s surrounds also contain well-nourish grass, a concrete area, a navigational plaque on a stone plinth, and plants.

13. Ju Raku En Japanese Gardens

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A great place to go if you’re looking for fascinating details on things to do in Toowoomba is Ju Raku En Japanese Gardens.

The 4.5-acre Japanese Garden at the University of Southern Queensland ranks as one of Toowoomba’s finest tranquil and picturesque parks. Ju Raku En is “to enjoy tranquility and prosperity in an accessible space.”

Rocks are frequently nearly new in Japanese gardens to produce three-dimensional designs. Professor Kinsaku Nakane of Kyoto, the garden’s creator, put all of the enormous boulders in Ju Raku En seem organically spread and random.

Visitors may meander through the garden or rest on a bench near the Dry Garden; it’s not unusual to find photographers out early, artists silently sketching a scene, or youngsters providing bread to the fish.

Swans, ducks, geese, and smaller local birds are among the bird species. Japanese maples give a riot of fall color, while masses of lilac blooms hang from the Wisteria Pergola in spring, making it the ideal background for a marriage.

14. Things to Do in Toowoomba Salt Cave

Salt Cave is a fabulous spot to visit if you’re pursuing impressive facts about things to do in Toowoomba.

Had you ever been to a Salt Cave? Try it out on your next trip to Toowoomba. Many athletes use salt therapy to relax muscles and pace up recovery. It’s also really soothing. Massage and Tai Chi lessons are also available.

The Toowoomba Salt Cave, right in the center of our city on James Street, is the ideal trip. You’ll notice that the cave’s atmosphere is quite tranquil, which improves the therapeutic advantages of Salt Therapy.

Safe for all ages implies pleasure for all – nevertheless it may be wise to leave the small ones at the park with a different relative and enjoy yourself!

15. Toowoomba Flower Festival

The Toowoomba Flower Festival is an excellent spot if you’re aiming for engrossing facts on things to do in Toowoomba.

For the street fair of flowers and the food and wine festival, springtime in Toowoomba is always a highlight. Several parks and gardens have been grown throughout the city in anticipation of September when everything will be breathtaking.

Private gardens are frequently at their finest, along with well-known destinations like the Japanese Garden and Picnic Point.

In contrast, public gardens like Laurel Bank Park and the Botanic Gardens always put on a colorful display. On the floral front, the calendar is pervading with bonsai exhibits, the parade, and several other major events.

However, the food and wine component is significant, and most eating establishments in the city participate somehow.

16. Sauce Toowoomba

If you’re looking for fascinating facts about things to do in Toowoomba, Sauce Toowoomba is a great resource.

Unlike culinary schools, where the primary focus is, well, cooking, restaurants have a dining-related goal.

In contrast, The Sauce Toowoomba aims to deliver both! Customers laud the trendy café’s fantastic culinary selections and exceptional coffee.

A variety of cooking classes and lessons are also shown by them. Along with baking and children’s meals, there are also lessons on how to prepare Asian cuisine.

It is a well-known school and café in Toowoomba that is open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Saturday, and is also available for birthday celebrations and other special occasions.

17. Highfields Pioneer Village

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If you’re looking for fascinating details on things to do in Toowoomba, Highfields Pioneer Village is a great place to go.

A magnificent outdoor museum found about 20 minutes from Toowoomba is known as Highfields Pioneer Village.

At one location, more than 50 historic buildings and structures have been restored after being kept from demolition.

These very same buildings—the majority of which are from the Darling Downs region—serve as visual historical archives of Australia for visitors to view.

Other attractions include the Ambulance Museum, the Fire Brigade Museum, and the Queensland Energy Museum.

Due to their monthly programs, which always fall on the final Sunday, the Myrtle May model train and Henry the Model T Ford bus hold a particular place in the hearts of travelers.

18. Things to Do in Toowoomba (Darling downs zoo)

If you’re seeking things to do in Toowoomba, go visit Darling Downs Zoo.

From Brisbane’s city center, the Darling Downs Zoo is about a two-hour drive away. Found halfway between Toowoomba and Warwick in a picturesque rural area of the eastern Downs.

Visitors at this zoo will be able to stroll through the Australian, Southeast Asian, African, and South American animal kingdoms.

The Zoo is home to a variety of animals, including African Servals, giraffes, cheetahs, baboons, monkeys, marmosets, vulnerable Sumatran Tigers, tropical birds, and kangaroos. It also has the only colony of African Lions in Queensland.

Aside from the Brazilian tapir and capybara, other imperil South American animals include White Wallabies, Deer, Crocodiles, Alligators, Boa Constrictors, Tortoises, and more.

Every day at 9 a.m., the zoo is accessible to the general public. The shop is shut down completely on Christmas Day.

There are picnic areas, an EFTPOS machine, a gift shop, and free parking for all vehicles, especially buses, and caravans. The entire zoo is accessible for those with wheelchairs.

19. Cowboy Up Horse Riding

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If you’re searching for things to do in Toowoomba, check out Cowboy Up Horse Riding.

The “Cowboy Up” section is an excellent place for trail riding. They offer the best services, the most gorgeous surroundings, and the most gorgeous horses.

You get to run all around their neighborhood, across hills and gullies, and through ponds and gullies.

They have some of the most well-manner horses people have ever seen. They pick the best horse out of a large selection for you and take good care of it.

Peter and Gill are generous and supportive. They cover all you must know and even teach you how to trot, so you are not essential to be an adept rider.

Cowboy Up is well-admire and highly put forward by visitors.

20. Try delicious burgers at Phat Burgers

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If you’re looking for interesting stories about things to do in Toowoomba, Phat Burgers is a great place to go.

Don’t overlook Phat Burgers while you’re on Ruthven Street. Local hero Alan is the owner of the most well-known eatery in the community.

You may have a terrific time in this restaurant’s warm, pleasant, and entertaining atmosphere. The booth-like lounge may make you feel cozy while you unwind, indulge in your dessert, and listen to some vinyl records.

The wide variety of burgers shown by this establishment is its major draw. There are options for traditional, premium, and vegan burgers. Additionally, you can sample their mouthwatering milkshakes and tomato chutney.

21. Things to Do in Toowoomba Farmer Markets

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Visit farmer’s markets if you’re looking for informative details about fun things to do in Toowoomba.

Don’t miss to go Toowoomba Farmers Market if you want to enjoy weekend market events with your families.

Additionally, you can visit the Cobb-Oakley Museum. Here, you may indulge in some of the well-known Darling Downs’ mouthwatering flavors. Additionally, you can purchase items from local farmers’ markets and food producers.

There are many handmade products available, including bread, chutneys, jams, pasta, honey, fresh herbs, local meat, freshly pot-roast coffee, and other cosmetics.

If you assume that this market just offers vegetables, you are mistaken. In this market, you can buy and sell leather goods, handmade items, and jewelry.


Toowoomba offers a wide variety of activities and has the atmosphere of a little town. Create the perfect program for your visit to Toowoomba with this list of enjoyable activities.

The Darling Downs is the ideal weekend retreat, and it’s set around 90 minutes west of Brisbane. Here are some of the top things to do in the Toowoomba area.

Take advantage of Toowoomba’s superb culinary scene, featuring a variety of restaurants displaying the best products from the area, as well as wandering around the lovely parks and gardens and admiring gorgeous old homes that exude an old-world charm.

Dazzling summer days and fresh winter air are only two examples of this town’s constantly evolving beauty, which offers a different viewpoint for each season.



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