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5 Amazing Bars in Venice

What are some of the best bars in Venice? Venice is densely populated with nearly every form of the facility a traveler could desire. The best bars in Venice, where one can have a delicious aperitif and a pleasant ambiance, are the city’s primary source of income.

Venice (Venezia) can be found in the northeastern part of Italy. Venice is a genuinely particular city that is one of a kind in the entire world. It is situated in the narrow Venetian Lagoon.

The finest thing to do in Venice is to visit a rooftop bar to view all the historic structures, canals, and bridges from a fresh angle.

The bar scene in Venice comprises a variety of quiet outdoor patios, cozy bars with good drinks, and the occasional club where Happy Hour turns into dancing to hip-hop remixes from 2010. The charm of the bars in Venice, Italy, lies in the fact that they offer both high-quality drinks and a welcoming atmosphere.

If in doubt, head to one of the many bars near Campo San Margherita or along the Fondamenta degli Ormesini in Venice, Italy. The best way to enjoy a bar or club in Venice is to sit outdoors with a drink, and some cicchetti (snacks) and take in the view.

Almost nothing can compare to the richness of drinking a classic cocktail while sitting on the Grand Canal in Venice. The pubs in San Marco, the area of Venice that attracts the most visitors, are excellent.

1. Check Out These 5 Best Bars in Venice, Italy

San Marco is home to various drinking establishments, from age-old Venetian wine bars to cutting-edge cocktail lounges, making it an ideal location for spending an evening in Italy drinking and chatting.

If you want to take in sweeping the river views while sipping, sample skillfully made Venice-inspired cocktails, or interact with the locals at one of the city’s finest yet most cheap facilities, this guide includes 5 of the best bars to check out in Venice.

1.1. Harry’s Bar

Harry’s Bar is a restaurant owned by Cipriani S.A. located at 1323 Calle Vallaresso in Venice, Italy. It has been recognized as an official reference point due to its location on the Grand Canal.

1.1.1. What Is This Bar Famous For?

A legendary bar established in the 1930s that is famous for its carpaccio, Bellini cocktails, and customers consisting of famous people. It is a location to sample traditional drinks and a setting where tradition rules the ultimate and where quality is not a topic for discussion.

By Harry’s Bar

In addition, the ambiance will take you back to a more traditional time in the culture of coffee drinking in Europe. The Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage designated it a National Landmark in 2001, recognizing its significance.

It is well acknowledged as the spot where the Bellini drink was first created; hence, you should take advantage of the opportunity to sample it and its illustrious carpaccio. Another famous cocktail is the dry martini.

As one of the grand old ladies of Venice nightlife, it is unsurprising that the bar has drawn many a lyrical soul (it was once Ernest Hemingway’s favorite hangout), but it extends the same warm welcome to everyone.

Harry’s focuses on something other than the newest mixology fads when serving drinks. It involves drinking well-made traditional cocktails instead. At Harry’s Bar, a barman tends to a Bellinis production line.

The Prosecco and white peach purée-based cocktail was created there and is still the top seller. At Harry’s in Venice, the martini is likewise a staple. However, it’s served here in a unique stemless glass. Any person who enjoys history or traditional cocktails must visit this bar.

1.2. Skyline Rooftop Bar

This hotel’s rooftop bar offers guests magnificent views of the city, is a popular spot for taking photographs of the sunset, and has an extensive list of upscale beverage options. It’s located at Giudecca 810, 30133 Venezia VE, Italy.

1.2.1. Why Is This Bar a Must-Visit?

Classy cocktail bars feature a variety of seating options, including soft lounge sofas, bar stools, and tables closer to the room’s borders.

In addition to various Italian salads and small meals, the rooftop bar offers a selection of prepared beverages influenced by several different localities in Venice.

The rooftop terrace will host live performances, and DJ sets on certain summer weekends. The deck is also home to one of the trendiest rooftop infinity pools found anywhere globally.

The focus is on classic cocktails like the smoky old-fashioned and inventive creations like the Giudecca, which takes influence from the classic Manhattan. Incredibly delicious drinks, as well as breathtaking vistas of Venice. The staff was outstanding, and the location was beautiful.

Giudecca Island is home to Venice’s only rooftop bar and some of the city’s most picturesque vistas, including the city’s bustling waterways. Make every effort to get there before the sun goes down; seeing the sun set behind Venice and the city come to life afterward is likely to rank among the most romantic activities available in the city.

This trendy location features creative mixologists, live bands, and DJs after the sun sets over the canals. The Skyline Rooftop Bar offers the best view of Venice, so you may enjoy a drink there while admiring it.

1.3. Venice Jazz Club

The Venice Jazz Club is a famous jazz venue in the Italian city of Venice. It is situated in Sestiere Dorsoduro, 3102, 30123 Venezia VE, Italy. Live music is provided at the concert hall every night by the VJC quartet and performances by guest entertainers.

A wide selection of drinks is available, and the lighting is kept dim to provide a more private atmosphere.

A club that exudes effortless coolness has live music almost every night of the week, has a touch of unusual behavior, and serves acceptable food. This evocative club is one of the few venues in Venice where you can hear live music written after 1900. The theme comes out of the interior of the club itself.

This Venice Jazz Bar, where Venice’s top musicians frequently gather to improvise, is remembered by visitors as one of the city’s highlights. It features exposed duct work, tiny lighted tables, and people got elbow to elbow.

Five weekly nights are dedicated to concerts with a regular quartet, bossa nova, and Latin nights. Not only is there excellent music and cuisine, but there are also superb wine offerings.

1.3.1. Why Is This Place A Must Visit?

The lighting design in this space is executed with a high level of sophistication. It’s the only club in Venice that plays music with an artistic flair, giving the area a cozy atmosphere. A fantastic night out.

Even though reservations must be made in advance, we had to do them the day before. The music was incredible, and Federico, the host, was excellent. It is well worth visiting. It was quickly one of the most memorable nights of the trip to Venice bar.

1.4. Bar Longhi

Bar Longhi is a stunning, sophisticated, and cozy bar inside The Gritti Palace, situated on the renowned Canale Grande. It is situated in Campiello Traghetto, 2467, 30124 Venezia VE, Italy.

1.4.1. Why Is This Bar A Must Visit?

Bar Longhi is a vibrant spot where locals and international customers mix and mingle while enjoying a cocktail or a bottle of champagne, thanks to its elegant Venetian decor and global environment. The Grand Canal can be seen inside and outside Bar Longhi, thanks to its waterfront patio.

Bar Longhi is a symbol of elegance and luxury; it is one of the locations you will visit if you are looking for one. It was named after the painter Piero Longhi, several of whose works can be found hanging on the pub’s walls. It is elegantly ornamented with Murano glass chandeliers.

You may take in the lovely view while relaxing on the balcony. This place is fantastic because of the capable employees, who put forth a lot of effort and never lose their optimistic attitude. One of this place’s most significant benefits is quick service. The costs are affordable here. Its breathtaking atmosphere makes this place famous.

1.4.2. What To Order?

The Martini serves as its defense. Longhi, regarded as one of the top bars in Venice, features ten unique takes on the classic Martini cocktail. Drinks include Basilica, a gin, lemon, St. Germain, basil leaves, and a bitter orange concoction. Craft drinks are an absolute must-try.

1.5. Enoteca Mascareta

A little-known restaurant called All’Arco may be found tucked away in a side lane just a few short minutes walk from the well-known Rialto bridge. In this location, one can indulge in traditional Italian fare and drink wines with a smooth taste.

The bar is always packed with locals, but just a few visitors make it there. The tourists are led here by locals who are very knowledgeable about the area.

For many years, this Venetian institution has attracted faithful patrons. A popular restaurant with a complete menu, serving organic wine and traditional Italian fare, has grown out of what was once a modest, run-down wine bar. It’s a place for superb wine, engaging conversation, and premium, freshly made bar snacks.

However, customers come not only for the carefully curated range of Italian wines but also to interact with the proprietor, Maurizio Lorenzon, who is friendly and outgoing. He has been known to saber champagne bottles for his favorite visitors.

1.5.1. What Does This Bar Offer?

It would be best to sample their cicheti, plates of fried calamari, sardines, and prawns, as well as their fried langoustines and langoustine-like dishes. They have a vast wine collection, and this is one of the few locations in Venice where you can find affordable, high-quality wines. This is the place if you’re searching for somewhere to drink before dinner.

2. Conclusion

This bars guide should have assisted you in choosing the ideal Venice bars. You will always be satisfied visiting Venice, a popular tourist site.

In addition to its beautiful surroundings, mountains, excellent seafood, and Italian cuisine, Venice provides many fantastic bars.

So visit the bars on the above list, sample their best wines, and satisfy your appetite for unique and modern cuisine. These are the best bars in Venice, and they will never disappoint you.

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