7 Amazing Coffee Shops in Nashville

coffee shops in nashville

The coffee shops in Nashville, a Music City, are just as significant as the hot chicken, honky tonks, and classic rock that the city is famous for. There are many options for coffee lovers in Nashville because there are so many excellent coffee shops there.

Whatever ambiance you prefer in a coffee shop, Nashville has something to offer everyone, and there are plenty of great Nashville coffee shops.

Be sure to read this list from the top to the bottom of the page to choose the amazing coffee shops with walk-up windows or little seating.

1. The Best Coffee Shops in Nashville

Nashville has a lot of coffee shops to keep you buzzing, grubbin’, and working, whether you’re looking for a caffeine buzz, a bite to eat, or a temporary spot to call your office.

Here is our list of Nashville’s top coffee cafes.

1.1 Barista Parlour 

Know all about this wonderful bar below.

1.1.1 Multiple Locations 

Gulch, East Nashville, Sylvan Park, and Germantown have Barista Parlor locations. Locals frequently work and hang out there.

Many people use laptops, and you’ll often notice small groups meeting for business. Finding Nashville musicians there is cool (they always go here), so you can enjoy live music here.

1.1.2 Aesthetically Pleasing Coffee Shop 

Each site in this coffee shop offers a clean, minimalistic ambiance thanks to its spacious rooms, beautiful woodworking, and attention to detail.

There is also outdoor seating at The Gulch, Sylvan Park, and the East Nashville location, where you can sip your coffee.

The speciality of Barista Parlor is serving premium coffee in a hip setting. For coffee admirers, it is a must-see coffee shop.


1.1.3 Service and Quality

There is no dispute on how seriously the baristas take their profession of making delicious coffee, despite the fact that locals make jokes (and complain) about how long they have to wait to obtain a coffee at any of the numerous locations of this chain of upmarket coffee shops.

The local coffee culture has undoubtedly advanced because of Barista Parlor’s commitment to high-quality, ethically sourced roasts. Their commitment to attractive decor incorporating regional designers and artists is also commendable.

1.2. Frothy Monkey

1.2.1 Various Locations 

This is one of the most famous coffee shops in Nashville. Besides this, there are many locations of this coffee shop such as 12 South, East Nashville, and Downtown.

This neighbourhood chain serves the majority of Nashville’s neighbourhoods.

Every place has a distinct, endearing feel. While most places have enough seats, they often get crowded when mealtimes are busy. Go to The Nations location if you need more room.

The 12 Southern location offers a fantastic front patio when the climate is beautiful.

1.2.2 Adorable Coffee Shop

What a fantastic discovery! The Frothy Monkey was where I found it when I went to 12 South to glance at the murals.

It is beautifully designed indoors as well as outdoors.

I was allowed to sit outside because it was such a lovely day. High chairs were also available. Try Frothy Monkey, an adorable coffee shop, if you want a delicious breakfast and great coffee.

This coffee shop, which was already a popular place for coffee and chatting at its original 12 South location, has grown its empire to include sites as far away as Chattanooga.

The big game-changer, though, was when they obtained their liquor licence, which allowed them to serve specialised coffee drinks in addition to their standard menu of wines at some of their outposts.


1.2.3 Service and Quality 

The drinks menu includes something for everyone, and the coffee is freshly roasted in Nashville. They serve high-quality coffee.

There are lots of baked goods available for breakfast, as well as heartier dishes like French toast, biscuits, and grits.

Even though there were other breakfast alternatives nearby, I absolutely adored the Frothy Monkey so much that I visited both days I was in Nashville.

It is one of my favourite coffee shops in Nashville.

1.3 Crema Coffee Roasters

1.3.1 Various Locations 

This coffee shop is a must if you enjoy decent coffee. Their coffee is award-winning and ethically sourced from all around the world.

Their devotion to the in-house coffee programme is contagious. Crema coffee shop has two locations in Nashville, one on Duke Street in East Nashville and another situated next to Lower Broadway in SoBro.

In SpBro, it is located in a low-slung building in a row of industrial structures on the Cumberland River’s banks, between Lower Broad’s base and the rising area past the Korean Veterans Bridge.

 1.3.2 Cosy Coffee Shop With Ample Seating 

This is among the most popular coffee shops in Nashville. There is lots of indoor and outdoor seating, offering a stunning city view.

I adore this location’s relaxed, nearby atmosphere. This shop has an excellent location for working, meeting friends or possible coworkers, and enjoying fine coffee.

Workers were also very attentive, which enhanced the customer experience. So I highly recommend a visit to this coffee shop in downtown Nashville.


1.3.3 Service and Quality

Crema has been the industry standard for Nashville coffee shops for over a decade.

Crema travels the world in search of the best beans, they carefully select the beans, which farmers harvest, and then roast the beans to the ideal temperature to bring out all of the subtle textures and aromas.

Do you also want to learn how to prepare such a decent coffee? If yes, then you can obtain coffee training.You can schedule a session on Friday to learn how to taste and prepare coffee expertly.

1.4 Sump Coffee

1.4.1 Location

It is a hidden gem between the West End and Charlotte Avenue in One City. Sump Coffee sells mouthwatering Dozen Bakery pastries every day and excels at the ideal pour-over.

If you value coffee quality, this is an ideal place for you.

1.4.2 Cute Coffee Shop 

This coffee shop is the only coffee shop that seems radically different from any other Nashville coffee shop thanks to its industrial-chic-meets-science-lab design.

The atmosphere at Sump Coffee is airy and trendy, with lots of glass windows, and the music selection is always on point.

Sitting inside this cute place, you can enjoy a quaint atmosphere and natural light here.

Just outside of the shop, there is always something to do! like yoga, markets, and other entertaining events. This is a premier location for gourmet coffee, served in cool glass cups.


1.4.3 Service and Quality

The name of this coffee shop may not be the most enticing, but their collection of coffees from around the world is nearly incomparable in town.

If you’ve ever wondered what a $10 cup of coffee tastes like, give them a try to experience the strong fruity and flowery flavours that exotic beans can produce.

Although the barista will assist you in choosing the ideal drink if you let them know what you enjoy,In short, staff service is great in this shop, and they offer soft serve. Although this is among the list of my favourite coffee shops in Nashville, the iced chai latte is my favourite.

1.5 Bongo Java

1.5.1 Various Locations 

The first roaster in Nashville to offer organic Fair Trade brews was Bongo Coffee, which is regarded as the city’s oldest coffee firm.

Bongo Coffee is widely available in Nashville’s retail establishments, making it difficult to overlook the brand. Bongo Java is present at two locations.

The first Bongo Java site is on Belmont Boulevard; the other main locations are in East Nashville.

The first board game café in Nashville is located in East Nashville and offers a free play of more than 500 games to coffee drinkers; thus, you can enjoy free Wi-Fi.

1.5.2 Beautiful Coffee Place 

This is among one of the best coffee shops in Nashville.

I wholeheartedly recommend this location if you want to spend time with your family or are going to meet friends while temporarily escaping reality. Although I love the coffee made by their experts.


1.5.3 Service and Quality

Nearly three decades ago, when Bongo Java first began operating on Belmont Boulevard, the neighbourhood was unsure of what to make of it. Customers were astounded to find such good coffee in a home because there had not yet been a robust café culture.

They serve the best coffee in Nashville. No place in Nashville offers better, more expansive front patio seating than Bongo’s, where you can watch as huge crowds of Belmont students rush by and neighbours play a game of Frogger in which life or death is at stake as they try to cross the busy Boulevard. Many other fantastic coffee places have opened, but nothing can beat Bongos.

1.6 Americano Lounge 

1.6.1 Location

The term “Americano Lounge” arose after the fusion of American and European cultures in the 1930s during World War II.

It is located in downtown Nashville. Americano Lounge has both, whether you’re looking for a caffeine-fix coffee or a buzzing cocktail.

Cody Pellerin, the proprietor, constructed this lounge in the New York style. Pellerin and his group completely finished the lighting, woodwork, design, buildout, and construction.

Everything, from pastries to coffee and sodas, is made on-site, so the hard work doesn’t end there. If you appreciate quality coffee, you must go to this location.

1.6.2 Beautiful Cafe 

This is among the top coffee shops in Nashville.The American Lounge is a fantastic place to chill out. Jazz is played on weekends in the evenings, and the atmosphere has an old-world vibe.

The only coffee that has been certified as being grown ethically and responsibly is used in the lounge.

If a cocktail is more your style, the old fashions are very well-liked. Whatever time of day, you may unwind with friends at this hip coffee cafe.


1.6.3 Service and Quality

They strive to provide the best coffee beverages and cocktails. After this war, a new culture of cafés, coffee shops, bars, and cocktail lounges emerged.

They intend to return with outstanding beverages and a chic lounge setting this time. Thus, their aim at Americano Lounge is to return to the origins of what a barista was.

1.7 Red Bicycle

1.7.1 Various Locations 

It is among the top coffee shops in Nashville and serves delicious coffee. Red Bicycle is renowned for both its coffee and its delectable crepes. Germantown and The Nations are two coffee Nashville locations.

You should visit The Nation’s location if you’re travelling with a big group.

1.7.2 Beautiful Coffee Spot 

It has a cosy environment. A group of friends could enjoy meeting there for coffee and cakes.This is the only coffee spot in the vicinity of Nashville that serves crepes.

This is a lovely local hangout with a variety of live music, and there’s even a tiny “take a book, leave a book” library inside a red phone booth.

1.7.3 Service and Quality

They serve the best coffee in Nashville. Great cuisine and drinks can be found at Red Bicycle. One of the greatest breakfast sandwiches we’ve ever tasted, in our opinion

Red Bicycle delivers inventive coffee drinks, including Butterbeer and enjoyable seasonal drinks.

They offer a wide selection of food, such as savoury and morning crepes, tacos, avocado toast, paninis, and other dishes. The sweet crepe with Nutella and bananas is my all-time favourite.

2. Frequently Asked Questions

Q2.1 Where is the Ugly Mugs Coffee Spot Situated in Nashville?

Ans. Ugly Mugs is located at 5307 Centennial Blvd., Nashville, TN 37210. It serves great coffee.

Q2.2 What is the Speciality of Killebrew Coffee?

Ans. Cold brew and cappuccino are special coffee purchases in this shop.

Q2.3 What is the Special Coffee Served in Hanna Bee Coffee?

Ans. There are many, like iced caramel cappuccinos, Nutella lattes, etc.

Q2.4 Which Coffee Shops in Nashville are Located in East Nashville?

Ans. There are many, like Elegy Coffee, Retrograde Coffee, Barista Parlor, etc., and they all serve good coffee.

Q2.5 Which Cafe Serves the Best Black Coffee in Nashville?

Ans. Steadfast Coffee and Portland Brew serve the best coffee.

Wrapping Up…

Nashville, a music city, has a tonne of great options for coffee. In fact, choosing one of the many excellent coffee shops can be challenging. Fortunately, there is enough variety that each of the best ones is the best at a specific skill. So we can choose easily!

Don’t worry, you don’t have to visit each shop to select the best coffee for you; I’ve done this for you! You just have to read this list. That’s it!

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