5 Awesome Temples in Adelaide to Add to Vacation Itinerary

There are several temples and groups throughout Australia that embrace immigrants. If you’re seeking your people abroad, we’ve selected a few well-known temples in Adelaide for you to add to your vacation itinerary.

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1. Famous Temples in Adelaide

Do you want to know about the fascinating temple cultures of Australia? Then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we have listed five enthralling temples in Adelaide

1.1 Shri Ganesh Temple, Oaklands Park

Adelaide Ganesh Temple is located at 3A Dwyer Rd in the suburb of Oaklands Park.

The Hindu Society of South Australia administers this temple. In 1985, the Hindu Society was established to help the Hindu community. The holy consecration of the Ganesh temple took place within a year of the society’s formation. The Lord Ganesha Granite statue was ceremoniously unveiled after it was imported from South India. This was South Australia’s first Hindu temple.

The temple began using the services of a priest in the early nineties, who assumed the responsibility of performing daily rituals and prayers.  Every day, there are ceremonial morning and evening worship services. Devoted worshippers have helped the temple grow from modest beginnings into the stunning complex it is today.

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The elephant-headed Lord Ganesha’s idol is located in the main Temple Sanctorum. Idols of Lord Shiva, Goddess Shakti, and Lord Hanuman are also installed within the complex for devotees to offer their prayers.

The Temple Complex, which includes function rooms, kitchens, and a reading room, has emerged as the hub of Hindu worship in Adelaide. It offers followers a space for religious practices, celebrating festivals, and scholarly research.

The Temple building is currently protected as a heritage site. The Temple Committee conducts group educational tours of the temple and lectures on Hindu philosophy constantly. Everyone is welcome to the Temple to experience the vibrant ceremonies of devotion.

1.2 Adelaide Australia Temple, Marden

Located at Lower Portrush Road, South Australia.

The Adelaide Australia Temple is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints’ 89th working temple (LDS Church). This was the second in the list of temples built in Australia by them after the Sydney Australia Temple.

This temple is a prominent structure in Marden, a suburb of Adelaide. The granite monument is surrounded by trees and gardens, with courtyards at each of its four corners. A gold-leafed figure of the angel Moroni crowns it.

Courtesy: Adelaide Australia Temple

The temple does not provide patron housing, clothing rental, a cafeteria, or a distribution center. It is advised that visitors bring their personal temple clothing. The temple features a chapel, two sealing chambers, and two commandment rooms.

1.3 Shree Swaminarayan Temple, Salisbury East

Situated at Clayson Road, Salisbury East, Adelaide, South Australia.

One of the well-known Hindu temples in Adelaide, Shree Swaminarayan temple, can be visited on all seven days of the week. This temple’s origin is in Bhuj, Gujarat, a westward state of India.

Courtesy: Shree Swaminarayan temple

In July 2006, 12 student devotees began hosting weekly Satsang and spiritual discourses at their residences for fellow devotees. Soon many migrants and students from India and Kenya joined them. With time, their strength multiplied, and they purchased the property for the temple in 2012. The deity was ceremoniously consecrated in the temple in 2014.

This temple is a perfect place to meditate. All Hindu festivals are celebrated with great zeal, and Satsang takes place regularly over here. The other activities held regularly that one could participate in the temple are Bhajan and Kirtans, evening prayers, and storytelling sessions.

1.4 ISCKON Temple, Kilburn

The temple is in Bhaktivedanta Ashram, 25 Le Hunte St, Kilburn.

Also known as Hare Krishna temple. ISCKON is a global Hindu organization that promotes both Hinduism as a way of life and the grandeur of Lord Krishna. International Society for Krishna Consciousness built and managed the renowned ISCKON temple in Adelaide.

Lord Krishna is one of the most revered Hindu deities, and many worshippers come to this temple to offer him prayers. The temple hosts many cultural and scholastic events to introduce Hinduism to future generations.

You can also contribute to their Hare Krishna Food for Life program, which provides free tasty, warm, and wholesome meals at Hurtle Square on Mondays and Fridays. Within the temple complex, the Govindas restaurant serves amazing Indian vegetarian/vegan food.

The temple has a spiritual sky gift shop, which is also open from Thursday to Sunday. They also offer an array of additional regular programs. For more information on the regular and special poojas the temple offers, see the website or contact the temple’s management.

1.5 Shree BAPS Swaminarayan Temple, Greenfields

Located at 54-64 George St, Green Fields.

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The beautiful Swaminarayan Temple in Adelaide was constructed in 2014. The temple has its origins in Gujarat, a western state in India, and houses idols of Swamiji, God Shiva, and Goddess Parvati.

In Adelaide, Satsang Sabhas were formed, and as the years progressed, increasing numbers of individuals began to attend them. In 2012, a plot of land was bought for the establishment of the Swaminarayan Temple.

Courtesy: Swaminarayan Temple in Adelaide

The holy shrine strives to accomplish the purposes and mission of the BAPS Swaminarayan Sanstha and provides a vast platform for spreading Indian principles, social and cultural cooperation, and peace throughout Australia. This temple is open on all seven days of the week.

2. Conclusion

We need to discover inner serenity and stability in this world of constant pressure and anxiety. We might feel happier after visiting a place of worship. If you are visiting South Australia, there are numerous temples in Adelaide where you can unwind and achieve inner peace.

While planning a trip to Australia, one should keep the well-known temples in Adelaide described in this article in consideration. To appreciate what each religion has to offer, respect the teachings and cultural values of all faiths and religions5



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