Fun Guide to Burleigh Head National Park

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Plan a family trip, then have a look at Burleigh Heads National Park. People with historical and scientific interests often visit national parks. It preserves many species of plants and animals.

Burleigh Head National Park is one of the best national parks in Gold Coast, Australia. This national park has a rainforest circuit, rocky foreshore, oceanview track, Tallebudgera creek, walking track, eucalypt forest, echo beach, pandanus groves, and Goodwin terrace.

This national park is the best place for a family trip. It is a good and serene place surrounded by nature. It has many panoramic views and lookouts. This place has spectacular coastal views with dense vegetation.

1. History of Burleigh Head National Park

Burleigh Head National Park is located in the City of Gold Coast in South East Queensland, Australia. It is a small national park in Burleigh Heads. This national park was established in 1994.

The managing authorities of this national park are Queensland Parks and wildlife services. It came under the protected areas of Queensland. You can reach this national park by following the route of Gold Coast Highway.

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2. Geography of Burleigh Head National Park

Burleigh Head National Park is located 90 km south of Brisbane. This national park has various habitats. This national park is very famous among joggers and walkers. It has a rainforest circuit which is located 88m above sea level.

It also has a headland which enhances the beauty of this national park. The waves of oceans touch the hearts of the visitors. You can stay hours at the shores of the ocean, it will give you different vibes.

3. Landforms at Burleigh Head National Park

The landform of Burleigh Head National Park is very unique. It started 23 to 25 million years ago. It was initiated at the time of Tweed Volcano. The volcano’s molten lava flowed down into the valleys and eroded them completely.

After that, the valleys were recovered with the hardening of sedimentary rocks. The Tallebudgera Creek is the rocky platform of this national park which was formed at that time. The upstream of Tallbudgera Creek has a mangrove environment.

The seaside of the national park has scenic scenes of the oceans and tides. It has sandy beaches. This national park is a cultural site for the Minjungbal people. These people are the local aboriginal tribe of this national park.

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4. Flora at Burleigh Head National Park

Burleigh Head National Park is very rich in vegetation. It has many species of herbs, shrubs, climbers, creepers, and many more. It also has coastal heath, which means the herb-rich healthy land. In this healthy land, the vegetation is highly influenced by the spray of salt.

It has mangroves and rainforests. The managing authorities preserve the areas of forests. The species of flora found here are Norfolk pine trees, conifers, ferns, cycads, pastel flowers, river lilies, bellbird vines, banana bushes, kauri pine, and hoop vine.

It also has common Cotula, cabbage tree palm, brush caper berries, broad-leaved boxwood, white cherries, sword grass, grey ebony, red Kamala, bulwark, sea rush, ball fruited walnut, white Bolly Gum, vanilla plant, and many more.

5. Fauna at Burleigh Heads National Park

Burleigh Head National park is very rich in wildlife. It has many different species of wild animals, birds, and aquatic animals. You can see forest bats, black flying foxes, eastern grey kangaroos, short-eared possums, central greater gliders, koalas, and many more animals.

You can also enjoy birdwatching here. This national park is home to many birds, such as zebra finch, white-backed swallow, fairy martin, silvereye, little grassbird, rose robin, Corvus Orru, torsion crow, spangles drongo, Australian magpie, golden whistler, little friarbird, sea eagles, and many more.

You can also listen to the sea eagles soaring here. You can also see many amphibians and fishes here. Some of them are diamond fish, bull trout, whale shark, sea mullet, glass wing, tusked frog, ornate burrowing frog, common green sea frog, legless lizard, lace monitor, three-toed skink, land mullet, green tree snake, freshwater snake, and many more.

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6. Walking Tracks in Burleigh Heads National Park

There are three famous walking tracks in Burleigh Heads National Park. All the tracks are easy and exciting. You can encounter animals and birds during these tracks. These tracks go from oceans and forests.

The first track in Burleigh Head National Park is Burleigh Head Oceanview and Rainbow Circuit track. This is a short and easy track. In this track, you can see the waves of the ocean and many aquatic animals. You will also encounter many species of snakes and frogs.

The second track is Tumgun Lookout and Jebbribillum Lookout Loop. It is a moderately challenging walk. It is a 2.9 km long walk. You will see many large green rocks, exciting terrains, looped paths, and big, snagged trees.

The third track is the Tallebudgera Creek walking track. This is also a moderately challenging track. It is 4km long and has partially paved ways. You will also see a bridge on the creek. This track has out and back.

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7. Final Note

In this article, we discussed Burleigh Head, National Park. It is located on the Gold Coast, in  Australia. You can enter this national park from the Northern entrance if you follow the Gold Coast highway.

This national park is highly rich in wildlife and vegetation. You can see many different types of herbs, shrubs, healthy lands, animals, birds, and aquatic animals. You can also watch the migration of humpback whales.

The main attraction of this national park is the rainforest circuit, Tallebudgera Creek, beaches, and ocean views. There are many activities which you can enjoy here. You can go hiking, walking, swimming, and many more things.

Give some time to your family and explore the Burleigh Head National Park.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Why is Burleigh Heads National Park so famous?

Ans. Burleigh Heads National Park is well known for its surfing world and ocean view track. It is located at the oceanview track skirts, which enhances its beauty.

2. What is the longest hike in Burleigh Heads National Park?

Ans. The longest hike of Burleigh Head National Park is Burleigh Hill Walk. It is 2.3 km long. You can complete this hike in just one hour. There are many other hikes in this national park.

3. Where is the parking lot in Burleigh Heads National Park?

Ans. Parking is present at the park entrance when you enter from the southern entrance. You can also find parking at Goodwin Terrace. In this parking lot, you have to pay for the service.

4. What is the best time to Visit Burleigh Heads National Park?

Ans. The best time to visit Burleigh Heads National Park is in winter and spring, from June to November. This is because the temperature of these months is very comfortable for all outdoor activities and adventures.

5. What is the opening and closing time of Burleigh Heads National Park?

Ans. The national park is open 24 hours from Sunday to Saturday.



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