Begbie Falls- 5 Best Things To Do

Begbie Falls is a well-known beach, campground, and waterfall attraction that is situated in the gorgeous alpine town of Revelstoke, British Columbia. The falls are located at the point where Begbie Creek leaves the province and empties into Upper Arrow Lake, which is a part of the stunning Shuswap area.

A little waterfall called Begbie Falls is located at the Upper Arrow Lake’s Begbie Creek mouth. At the end of the Begbie Falls Forest Service Road lies the day-use area. You may drive to the falls via the Begbie Falls FSR or use the Bluff Route to reach the trail from the Begbie Bluffs Parking lot on Highway 23.

The 2,733 m (8,967 ft) monster of a mountain known as Mount Begbie, which has a subarctic temperature and carries snow on its tops year-round, is the source of the glacial flow that forms Begbie Creek.

Begbie Falls is a five-kilometre hike over heavily wooded terrain that leaves from Revelstoke, British Columbia, and follows Begbie Creek’s meandering waters until it reaches a beautiful cascade. This route is a fantastic choice for hikers of all ability levels since it has a well-maintained, simple-to-follow track and very minor elevation changes. At the Begbie Falls Recreation Site, spend the day lounging on the beach. Don’t forget your swimsuit.

Begbie Falls, as you might expect, is always ice cold, making the water around the beach chilly, yet on a hot summer day, it may be a good area to go swimming and cool down.

The falls and beach are located at the end of Begbie Falls Forest Service Road, and there is a day-use facility there. There are 25 campsites in the campground, which is close to the falls and costs $15.00 per night.

British Columbia is home to the stunning waterfall known as Begbie Falls. The falls are conveniently located and make for a wonderful day excursion. The vistas are breathtaking, and the climb to the falls is quick and simple. The gushing water and rich green forest that surrounds the falls provide a tranquil and soothing experience. You should visit this site.

Here Are 5 Amazing Things to Do at Begbie Falls

1. Explore Upper Arrow Lake

The hamlet of Revelstoke, British Columbia, Canada, is connected to Upper Arrow Lake, a man-made reservoir lake on the Columbia River. It is a long, slender lake surrounded by wetlands, marshes, footpaths, and mountains. The location of the lake is perfect for bird watching, wildlife, and leisure activities.

The Columbia River, Lake Revelstoke, and Lower Arrow Lake are all connected by a network of waterways that includes Upper Arrow Lake. Upper Arrow Lake extends from the town of Nakusp, British Columbia, in the south, next to East Arrow Park, to the inner streets and walkways of Revelstoke, British Columbia.

Summertime activities at Upper Arrow Lake include boating, swimming, camping, bird viewing, and fishing. It is a lake with a reputation for strong winds and floating garbage. So when investigating, be alert and organized. The lake is heavily stocked with fish, including Barbot, Whitefish, Gerrard, Kokanee, and Bull Trout.

The hamlet of Revelstoke, British Columbia, has expanded along the banks of Upper Arrow Lake on its eastern side. The community’s roadways and concrete pathways offer views of the Columbia and Illecillewaet Rivers. The nicest views and a few boat launches for Upper Arrow Lake are along Airport Way Road.

Highway 23S is a picturesque road that connects to a lake ferry and is located south of Revelstoke on the west side of Upper Arrow Lake. Except for areas surrounding parks and the lake ferry crossing, the roadway offers very few views of the lake.

The Upper Arrow Lake coastlines are accessible from the highway through a few paths and parks, although getting there requires exertion. Both the Begbie Falls Trail and the Begbie Creek Trail offer convenient access to the lake and both lead to the platform with views of Begbie Waterfall.

On Upper Arrow Lake, people frequently camp at the Provincial Campgrounds at Blanket Creek and Arrow Lakes. The beaches and boat launches at the campsite make it much simpler to get to the lake.

2. Begbie Creek

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

The Begbie Creek Trail is a two-kilometre, easy-going hiking path that leads to a waterfall, Upper Arrow Lake’s shoreline, and several mountain climbing routes. The well-known path may be found on the western side of Upper Arrow Lake, south of the hamlet of Revelstoke, British Columbia, Canada.

A multipurpose path, the Begbie Creek Trail is utilized by hikers, mountain bikers, rock climbers, and dog walkers.

Begbie Creek’s terrain is followed by the woodland trail. It is a boulder- and tree-root-strewn route made of hard-packed soil. Bring sturdy shoes, since the mist and dampness that Begbie Creek spews into the route may make the rocks and trail quite slick in certain places. Several unmaintained pathways descend to the stream on your right. Some provide secure vistas of the stream, while others are merely time wasters. Stay on the stream route for the finest hiking experience; it will bring you to a connecting trail that will take you to Begbie Falls, Upper Arrow Lake, and an observation platform above the falls.

Mountain bikers, hikers, and cross-country skiers use a modest network of trails in the region, including the Begbie Creek Trail. Highway 23, the MacPherson Mountain Trails, and the Begbie Falls FSR are all connected to the trail network (Forest Service Road).

On your left, as you travel the route, various branching paths lead to well-known bluffs that climbers frequently visit. If you don’t climb, bring your equipment and use binoculars to look for climbers on the cliffs.

3. Bluff Trail

Only experienced hikers should attempt the 30-kilometre Bluff Wilderness Hiking Trek, which is a rough, difficult 4-loop wilderness trail. It will take 3 to 4 hours to finish each circle. The trail travels through a variety of terrain types, including fens, open granite barrens, and small pockets of hardwood and evergreen woods. The barrens have large populations of broom crowberry, a coastal plain plant that is threatened elsewhere, and the uncommon mountain sandwort. They also have glacial outcroppings and granite deposits. On the route, lichens of over 100 different species have been identified.

The trail often travels along high land, providing regular views of the surrounding forests and lakes that are breathtakingly magnificent. Between Pot and Cranberry Lakes, it passes through a section of substantial old-growth red spruce at one point. The Bluff plateau, one of the highest locations close to Halifax, is traversed by hikers on the third loop. Paddlers can also access the wilderness lakes through canoe and portage routes.

4. Downtown Revelstoke

Image by David Mark from Pixabay

The downtown area of Revelstoke is lovely. Most of our stores are tiny specialized businesses run by neighbourhood businesspeople. They provide distinctive goods and services. The local emphasis on health, wellness, recreation, and environmental sustainability is reflected in the businesses and services. The pleasure inhabitants have in keeping the neighbourhood after its rebirth is evident while taking a stroll around Revelstoke’s historic district.

After a full day of outdoor activity, the enjoyment continues. Experience Revelstoke’s culture by going to our galleries, museums, and breweries, or by shopping at one of our top stores. Explore our nightlife, grab a drink at the neighbourhood bowling alley, put your wits to the test in an escape room, or give axe throwing a go.

5. Hike Begbie Falls Near Revelstoke

Image by David Mark from Pixabay

Begbie Falls is the walk you should take in Revelstoke on a wet day. There is nothing wrong with exploring a wonderful, lush forest with an incredible waterfall at the end while it is pouring, however, you don’t want to get stuck on top of a mountain in the rain.

You walk alongside a small river the entire way down the route, and you can just make out how loud the water is. On the other side, this is a great walk to go that is near Revelstoke if it is not raining. The journey from the town of Revelstoke only takes around 20 minutes. As soon as you arrive, you’ll enjoy the tranquillity of the surroundings. The trail itself has excellent upkeep. Even if some individuals tend to get lost, you’ll discover that photographing the route map at the start of the trip will be helpful. Additionally, if you have the app Trailforks, utilize it.

With its GPS technology, Trailforks helps you remain on the proper track and makes it simpler to know where you’re going.

The trail is quite lovely and simple to follow, with the possible exception of getting lost once or twice. On the way there, there is little to no inclination. On the way back, there is a slight slope, but it lasts just a short distance. You’ll be in the midst of some amazing beauty, and you’ll love spending time on the path.

The proximity of all these amazing hiking trails near Revelstoke is one of the many reasons you’ll always adore it. Begbie is no different from the other gorgeous national or provincial parks that may be reached in as little as 15 minutes of driving in either direction.

You must go south on Highway 23 for about 10 minutes to reach Begbie Falls. The Begbie Falls Recreational Area parking lot will then be on your left-hand side. It’s easy to see the parking lot and you could even notice other automobiles there. This is one of the nicest sites to climb in Revelstoke, and other hikers like you and some climbers would probably have been enjoying it. In the surroundings of Revelstoke, Begbie Falls, like Sutherland Falls, will provide a fantastic mini-adventure.


After a lengthy journey, it will be a brilliant idea to explore the waterfalls there too. If you were to remain in this region, the two campgrounds (one near Begbie Falls and one at Mt. Macpherson Recreation Site on the way there) would also make excellent bases. I hope you enjoyed reading about Begbie Falls and were motivated to go there and enjoy yourself.

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