Campgrounds in Wasaga Beach: Top 8 Options

Campgrounds in Wasaga Beach

Wasaga Beach is a popular tourist destination located in Simcoe County, Ontario, Canada. It is situated along the southern shore of Georgian Bay, part of Lake Huron.

It is known for its beautiful sandy beach that stretches for more than 14 kilometers and is the longest freshwater beach in the world.

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Campgrounds in Wasaga Beach:

1. Wasaga Pines Cottage and RV Resort

The resort offers a variety of amenities to ensure that visitors have a pleasant and comfortable stay. A sizable pool with a water slide, a hot tub, a kids’ playground, a basketball court, a volleyball court, and a mini-golf course are available.

There is complimentary Wi-Fi for those who want to stay connected across the resort. The day can be spent swimming, tanning, and having fun in the sand.

The Nancy Island Historic Site and the Wasaga Beach Provincial Park are just some of the surrounding eateries, stores, and attractions. For anyone seeking an enjoyable and pleasant location to stay in Wasaga Beach, Wasaga Pines Cottage and RV Resort is a fantastic choice.

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Wasaga Pines Cottage and RV Resort
Courtesy Wasaga Pines Cottage and RV Resort

2. Blue Water Beach Camping

Blue Water Beach Camping is a perfect getaway for those looking for a serene and peaceful experience. The campground offers breathtaking views of the azure waters because it is situated directly on the beach. Swimming, fishing, and hiking the nearby nature paths are all possible while camping.

The campground has fire pits for nighttime campfires and tidy restroom facilities. Tents are available for rent on-site or can be brought by visitors.

A weekend getaway or a longer stay is made possible by the serene and calming ambiance created by the sound of the waves breaking on the shore.

3. Beachfront at Wasaga

Wasaga Beach’s beachfront, which is the world’s longest freshwater beach, draws tourists from all over the world. There is a flurry of activities around the coastline, including swimming, paddle boarding, and beach volleyball. It’s a terrific place for families to spend the day because there are so many eateries, stores, and picnic sites.

The sand is miles long, and the seashore is an ideal location to view a sunrise or a sunset. Anybody seeking a nice, relaxing day by the water must visit the Wasaga Beach coastline.

4. Wasaga Dunes Family Campground

There are several different types of campsites available at Wasaga Dunes Family Campground, including full-service sites, tent sites, and cottages. The sites provide campers with a tranquil and natural atmosphere because they are tucked away among the local sand dunes and woodlands.

Family-friendly features at the campground include a playground, swimming pool, and mini-golf course. Families can experience the area’s natural splendour on one of the many hiking trails nearby.

The Wasaga Beach sands can be enjoyed by those who stay at the campground, which is only a short drive from the coastal area. Families can have a great time and unwind while camping in the great outdoors at Wasaga Dunes Family Campground.

Read more about the campground on their website here.

5. Wasaga CountryLife Cottage and RV Resort

A popular holiday destination, Wasaga CountryLife Cottage includes all the amenities required for a comfortable stay, including air conditioning, kitchens, and bathrooms.

There are many facilities at the resort for visitors to enjoy, including a hot tub, sauna, and swimming pool. Families can also use the volleyball court, playground, and clubhouse, which also has a pool table and other games.

Wasaga CountryLife Cottage and RV Resort
Courtesy Wasaga CountryLife Cottage and RV Resort

A short drive from the coastal region will take you to the beaches of Wasaga Beach from the resort. The friendly and helpful staff is always available to answer questions and offer recommendations for local activities.

The resort also hosts a variety of events during the summer, including potluck dinners, BBQs, and live music. Wasaga CountryLife Cottage and RV Resort offer both family holidays and romantic retreats in a breathtaking natural location.

Read more about the resort on its website.

6. Springwater Park Campground

Tent sites, RV sites, and cottages are among the camping choices available at the tranquil and gorgeous Springwater Park Campground. It is surrounded by dense forests, and two lovely lakes are close by. There are several facilities at the park, including a boat launch, playground, picnic area, and swimming area.

In addition, there are several bicycling and hiking routes nearby, making it a great place for outdoor lovers. Springwater Park Campground offers both tranquil retreats and action-packed adventures, so there is something for everyone.

7. Cedar Grove Park Campground

Cedar Grove Park Campground
Couresty Cedar Grove Park Campground

A variety of camping choices are available at the family-friendly campsite Cedar Grove Park campsite, including tent sites, RV sites, and cabins. It is situated on the Nottawasaga River and offers a secluded sandy beach for swimming and sunning.

A playground, a basketball court, a horseshoe pit, and a picnic area are just a few of the amenities the park has to offer. It’s a terrific location for outdoor enthusiasts because there are also many biking and hiking trails nearby.

The campsite is well located for a family vacation that is full of fun as it is near several local landmarks, including Wasaga Beach Provincial Park.

8. Wasaga River Resort Inc.

The vacation resort Wasaga River Resort has a variety of lodging choices, including chalets, cottages, and suites with lovely Nottawasaga River views.

The resort is conveniently situated close to several local attractions, including Wasaga Beach and Blue Mountain, and is surrounded by nature with chances for hiking, biking, and fishing.

The resort offers a variety of amenities, including a hot tub, a sauna, a pool, and a fitness center.

For business meetings or events, conference facilities are also offered. Wasaga River Resort Inc. has accommodations suitable for both couples and families seeking a retreat.


Wasaga Beach, Ontario, Canada, has a lot of wonderful campgrounds that provide a range of amenities and camping possibilities. There are many outdoor activities available at both Springwater Park Campground and Cedar Grove Park Campground, including swimming, hiking, and biking. Both campgrounds are family-friendly.

A range of amenities, including a pool, hot tub, and fitness center, are offered by Wasaga River Resort Inc. for a more opulent camping experience. Kampark Camping, Birch Haven Campground, and Blue Water Beach Campground are a few more outstanding campgrounds nearby. When it comes to camping and outdoor activities, Wasaga Beach visitors have many possibilities.

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