How to Create Outlook Email Groups in 1 Easy Way

If you frequently email the same group of individuals, creating an email group in Outlook is tremendously helpful. When writing group emails, you won’t need to manually add the email addresses of the members any longer.

This guide on how to create Outlook email groups, it is explained how to make an Outlook group out of your Microsoft Outlook contacts for email distribution. You’ll also learn how to modify these groups and send emails to them as well.

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How to Create Outlook Email Groups

Creating an email group with Outlook contacts is easier than you think. How to create Outlook email groups for Windows and MAC users is mentioned below.

From Windows:

  1. Open Microsoft Outlook.
  2. Go to Home, then from the Groups section, select the New Group icon.
  3. A window will appear which will allow you to create an email group in Outlook. Fill in the Name, Email address, Description, Sensitivity, Privacy, and ‘Send all group email and events to members’ inboxes’ boxes.
  4. Once you are done filling in the information, tap on the Create button to create a new Email group in Outlook.
  5. Add members to your Email group once you create the new group.

From MAC:

  1. Open Microsoft Outlook.
  2. Head to the navigation bar, and from there, click on the People icon.
  3. Now tap on Home, then select New Contact List from the navigation bar. This will create a new group.
  4. Choose your group name for the list of contact emails.
  5. To add a contact to the contact list, choose Add from the menu that appears just below the navigation bar and choose members by selecting their email address. Through the members’ box, you may continue to add multiple people to your new group. Even an existing list of email addresses for contacts can be added to your new list.
  6. The members’ box will vanish once you select members and add contacts to your contact list by clicking Save & Close. Once you’ve clicked Save, you can test your contact group by sending a fresh email to the addresses on your contact list.

In the Groups tab of Outlook, the newly established Email Group will be accessible. Additionally, every invited participant will get a separate email notification explaining how to access the new Email Group and how it works.

Now you may add the email group automatically to new messages or meetings in Outlook by using the email group name or the newly generated email address.

How to Use Outlook to Send an Email to an Email Group

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Using Outlook, follow these steps to send emails to an email group of recipients:

  1. Open a new email message in Outlook
  2. Enter the title and body of the message.
  3. Start putting the group ID in the To field rather than mail addresses.
  4. Your email will be sent to the inboxes of the members as soon as you hit Send.

Email Group vs. Contact Group: What’s the Difference?

You have the option to organise your business or personal contacts using two different sorts of groups in the Outlook application.

Email Group

Everyone in the company can utilise the email group as an email group, and it becomes a global Microsoft 365 group. It also possesses a unique email address that is just for this group. You can include members of the organization’s email addresses, and further, it can consist of more features for the Calendar, SharePoint site, Planner plan, and other components.

Contact Group

Creating a local group in your Outlook application is termed a contact group. It was formerly known as a distribution list. This local group doesn’t have a separate email address. Email addresses can be added anytime you wish.

How to Create a Contact Group in Outlook

An email group is for an organization. But if you are planning to create a local contact group (distribution list) in Outlook with your saved Outlook contacts, scroll further to read about how to do it.

These procedures can be used to create a new contact group if you’re using the Outlook desktop application:

  1. Click the People (Contacts) icon after starting the app.
  2. Click New Contact Group in the ribbon under the Home tab.
  3. At the top, give your group a name.
  4. Select From Outlook Contacts or From Address Book when you click Add Members on the ribbon. If necessary, you may also modify this in the following menu. In Outlook, include people in a new contact group.
  5. Select the members you want to add from the list, then click the Members button in the bottom left corner. You can also double-click on their name.
  6. Holding Ctrl while selecting each person allows you to add more than one member at once. Then click Members. Both persons and groups can be added. Click the drop-down arrow next to Address Book in the top right corner to switch to a different contact list.
  7. When everyone has been added to your Outlook contact group, their addresses will appear to the right of the Members button. If you’re finished, click OK.
  8. Decide who will be in the group. Once you have reviewed the group name and members, click Save & Close in the top-left corner.
  9. In Outlook, save the contact group.

Your People (or Contacts) list will now include the new group. You may see the current members by clicking the list. Pressing the Send email button will also send them an email immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can I create my own email group in Outlook?

You can create your own email group in Outlook with very simple steps. In this how to create Outlook email groups guide, we have mentioned the procedure. Head above to read and create an email group with old or new e-mail contact.

2. How do I create a contact list in Outlook?

Creating a contact list and a contact group is the same. We have mentioned above how to create a contact group.

3. What is the difference between an Outlook contact list and a group?

A contact group, contact list, or distribution list are all equivalent when referring to Outlook. The phrases are synonymous.

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4. Can I make a new contact group in Outlook?

Yes. Outlook allows you to create a new contact group easily. There is no particular limit to creating a contact group.


We regularly use the Microsoft Outlook application to help us with our office work. We make use of many helpful features, such as Outlook signatures, email delay, and email encryption. However, we would like to simplify our lives as we send more and more emails. The ability to group email recipients is one of the most practical time-saving strategies.

We believe you have discovered how to use Outlook to create email groups and contact groups from this how to create Outlook email groups. You will be able to easily send emails to a group of individuals by using a contact group or distribution list you’ve built in Office 365.

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