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Loon Mountain Resort: 7 Amazing Facts

Loon Mountain Resort is the best place to stay if you’re looking for a place to rest and enjoy with your family and friends. This place is well-known for Snow tubing, Cross country skiing, Snowshoeing, Gondola sky rides, and many more. 

A 2,100-foot steep slope plus 61 trails spread across three peaks define New England’s most popular big-mountain snowboarding and riding facility, which features a full progression of award-winning terrain parks and amazing topographical diversity for the entire extended family with free parking.

1. Where Is it Located?

Loon Mountain Resort is one of the finest places to stay, located at 60 Loon Mountain Rd. Lincoln, NH 03262.

2. Loon Mountain Resort

Image by Antelao from Pixabay

2.1 About The Resort

The Flying Fox trial’s brand-new snow-making pipes will update New Hampshire’s most formidable snow-making system this winter.

The additional pipes will significantly increase snow-making efficiency and expand the amount of early-season terrain that is accessible. They were relocated to the western border of the trail along with the trail’s snow guns.

Additionally, Loon is thrilled to report that it has added upwards of 700 square feet to the deck of the resort’s renowned après-hours destination, the Paul Bunyan Room.


After a day on the slopes, skiers and riders will have even more space due to the new deck to relax with a nice beer at the indoor pools.

Snow-sports School, Children’s Center, Adventure Center with zipline, Fitness Center, cross-country skiing, ice skating, snowshoeing, an indoor rock climbing wall, daytime and nighttime snow sledding, slope-side spa, outdoor pool, and lodging are just a few of the services and amenities available with services like a game room.

Free Wi-Fi services and free car parking services are available for all sorts of business travelers. It is located three miles from Exit 32 of Interstate 93 in Lincoln, New Hampshire, roughly two hours north of Boston.

The White Mountain National Forest is home to Loon Mountain Resort, which is said to be in run-in collaboration with the USDA-Forest Service property.

2.2  History Behind the Resort

The Loon Mountain ski resort’s history can be trailed to the New Hampshire native Sherman Adams and the former governor.

Adams attended the nearby Dartmouth College while spending the bulk of his youth in the New Hampshire town of Lincoln. Adams said in 1958 that he left his place as Chief of Staff in Eisenhower’s cabinet “to operate a ski lodge.”

He formed Loon Mountain Corporation after leaving Washington, D.C., and with its assistance, Loon Mountain started building in the fall of 1965.

Loon decided to pursue a Western settlement in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Although the United States Forest Service gave its approval to the proposal in 1993.

The expansion was put on hold after the United States Court of Appeals for the First Circuit tabulated two complaints about possible environmental effects.

In 2001, these were completely addressed. The South Peak complex, a scaled-down project that had been accepted, was ultimately finished in 2007. It now has seven trails and a fast quad.

With the majority of the availability of historic lifts refurbished, Loon Mountain now boasts 61 routes and 10 chairlifts. The installation of an 8-seat chairlift by Loon in 2021 made it the first lodge accommodations in New England.

2.2.1 How The Mountain Got Its Title?

It took the place of a high-speed quad, which will be upgraded and utilized once more to replace the outdated 7 Brothers Triple in 2022, boosting capacity out of the sometimes crammed Octagon base.

The development of a beginner’s section on South Peak, which would increase the resort’s skiable area by over 30 acres, was announced by Loon Mountain’s ownership in November 2022.

With this extension, the resort will overcome Bretton Woods and take the title of the greatest ski mountain in New Hampshire.

The mountain’s major western development, which might roughly massively increase in size and packed powder area, is also considered to be the initial phase in this process.

The mountain’s North Peak ski area will be further enhanced, as well as other regions of the mountain will have more snow-making capacity.

Image by AlainAudet from Pixabay

2.3 Ownership Tales

In 1997, Booth Creek Ski Holdings purchased Loon Mountain. In 2006, Booth Creek transferred Loon Mountain into CNL Lifestyle while still running the hotel.

Boyne Resorts, which is said to be a Michigan-based resort firm, announced on September 19, 2007, that it had purchased Booth Creek’s lease to run Loon.

At the cost of $1.4 million, it also boosted the number of snow cannons by 170, bringing the total to 600.

In 2016, CNL sold a number of resorts to Och-Ziff Capital Management, including Loon Mountain. Boyne bought the ski area in the March of 2018, and the area has been run by them ever since.

2.4 The Village Of Loon Mountain Resort

Loon Mountain Village is conveniently located in the White Mountains heartland. We are about 2.5 miles east of exit 32 off of I-93, across the block from Loon Mountain.

As you experience the White Mountains and just about everything the wonderful resort offers, this is the ideal place to serve as your home base for the weekend and weekdays.

2.4.1. Rooms

The Village of Loon Mountain is well suited for your needs, offering unit sizes that are ideal for families of all sizes. Make use of the free WiFi, cable TV, gas fireplaces, full kitchens, and bathrooms, as well as the balconies, living rooms, decks, and roomy comfort.

To meet the needs of every family, the Loon Mountain Resort provides townhouses, one-bedroom lodges, two-bedroom lodges, and one-bedroom loft lodges.

2.4.2. Resource Facilities

In addition to having some of the best facilities in the region, the Village of Loon Mountain is the ideal location for your trip to the White Mountains.

Exclusive use of the nearby, exclusive Village Swim and Tennis Club is available to their visitors ( two seasonal outdoor pools, sauna, indoor and outdoor hot tubs, fitness center, two indoor pools, seasonal ice rink, and twelve tennis courts).

Along with these amenities, they also provide a business center, a playroom with pool tables, a playground, a BBQ area, a basketball court, coin-operated housekeeping, free valet parking, and a free of cost wonderful winter ski shuttle. Your next vacation should be spent in the Village of Loon Mountain.

2.5 Mountain Club On Loon Mountain Resort

This place is a perfect match for people who are wanting to get a relaxing getaway. This place provides perfect spacious rooms for couples and families to relax.

Loon Mountain Resort provides the best skiing experiences, a playground to chill and enjoy, and wonderful views.

2.5.1. Rooms

The area provides all sorts of rooms to make your stay cozy and comfy. The club rooms are the ones that offer a very spacious and comfortable space for two people. Different styles of rooms involve whirlpool tubs and some eye-soothing views offering outdoor balconies.

The studio room comes with an extra option of an added kitchen to the room suitable for a family who intends to cook their own meals and relax there.

Then, there comes the option of a Suite and a Grand Suite, which provides a sleeping area for 6-8 people and by providing personal bedrooms and their own relaxing area.

2.6 Winter Activities Offered At Loon

Are you visiting the Loon Mountain Resort in December during the winter, then enjoy the following activities there.

2.6.1 Gondola Sky-rides

Family vacationers, lovers, and thrill-seekers looking to reach the mountain’s summit for the best skiing will all enjoy this must-do activity at Loon Mountain Resort (in winter).

During the ski car ride, you may enjoy stupendous views of the mountains and valleys. Six passengers at a moment and 600 passengers an hour can ride the gondola.

Image from Photo-MIX Company, Pixabay

2.6.2 Sno-go

Sno-Go mixes the exhilaration of snowboarding with the simplicity of bicycle riding. On a Sno-Go, discover the hill in a completely new way. Carve groomers or tear through powder on the only ski-bike brand recognized by the Professional Ski Instructors of the USA.

A free tour is included as part of the rental. Snow pants, winter jackets, winter gloves, insulated boots, and additional prices are applied if you rent them from there only.

Image from DanaTentis, Pixabay

2.7 Loon Mountain Park

The Loon Mountain terrain parks are located on either side of the White Mountain Gondola, parallel to it. Loon, which is accessed by the Seven Brothers Express as well as Kanc 8, is well renowned for having five distinctive parks for people of all skill levels.

One of the top tree skiing in North America, according to Snowboard Magazine. The primary park, Loon Mountain Park, has a few rails, ramps, and boxes each year and is located from off skier’s left along Grand Junction.

A sizable half pipe is also present not far from the gondola’s base.

3. Different Peaks

Explore these two peaks in and around Loon Mountain Resort.

3.1. North Peak

North Peak, a little open region with long intervening trails that is to the far left side of Loon, is fully accessed by the North Peak Express high-speed quad. Walking Boss, Sunset,  Flume, and Haul back are a few of the summit’s noteworthy routes.

The green path Broadway and the East Basin doubles, which can take you to the peak of Loon, are situated at the bottom of North Peak Express.

3.2. South Peak

The most latest expansion of Loon began in 1996 and was accomplished in 2007 after numerous difficulties. It is called South Peak. The Tote Road Connector makes it simple to get to South Peak, which has intermediate and advanced routes.

4. Conclusion

Loon Mountain Resort is one of the best ski areas in New Hampshire, and it’s only a two-hour trip from Boston. One of the favorite accommodation options for a weekend getaway to the White Mountains is this family-friendly resort, which is perfect for all ages.

Due to its close proximity to Boston, Loon Mountain is also accessible as a day excursion. It’s unquestionably one of the best family-friendly ski areas in New Hampshire.

While many people consider Vermont to be the ski center of Great Britain, New Hampshire ski areas and resorts can definitely compete with Vermont’s. There are many ski slopes in New Hampshire and stunning snowy mountains.

There are also many that are magnificent for families, with Loon Mountain being one of the greatest. 

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1. Is Loon considered to be a good mountain?

For beginners, Loon Mountain Resort is excellent. It’s among the grounds that rank one, it is considered the most family-friendly ski area in New Hampshire. Loon offers adult lessons in addition to its extensive ski and ride program for schoolchildren.

You may really buy a ski pass just to get into the novice area. Anyone who is just establishing their ski legs below them should choose this option.

2. How many trails are being drawn in Loon mountain resort?

There are 63 trails and glades overall on Loon Mountain, which includes three peaks. It is one of the greatest ski resorts in New Hampshire for families because of its wide range of terrain, which offers something for skiers of all skill levels, and its small team slopes.

3. Does Loon Mountain have a terrain park?

Loon Mountain Resort includes six terrain parks for all skill levels. One of its other family-friendly features is two unique terrain parks intended just for youngsters. The only Superpipe in New Hampshire is located in Loon.

4. Can skis and snowboards be rented at Loon mountain resort?

You can, indeed! Equipment packages and rentals are obtainable at the main rental shop. For further statistics, consult the Loon Mountain Resort’s rental page.

5. What is located at the top of Loon Mountain?

Amphitheatre at Summit – The outdoor amphitheater is a wonderful location to take in the scenery, organize a wedding, or attend a Sunday worship service with a view of the White Mountains.

Please keep in mind that wedding ceremonies take place outside the amphitheater.


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